Adam Schiff To James Comey: Did Obama Wiretap President Trump 3/20/17

Adam Schiff To James Comey: Did Obama Wiretap President Trump's Phone 3/20/17

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Автор Anna Harasym ( назад)
Schiff looks shifty to me

Автор Peter Teo ( назад)
Adam Schiff should head the Intel Committee.
He should replace Nunes.
Nunes should go back to his job with President Trump.

Автор Mark Toney ( назад)
A liar questioning another liar ...

Автор Captain Crooch ( назад)
Adam schiff, another peice of dog-shit pretending that he doesn't stink.

Автор Captain Crooch ( назад)
why is comey reading from a script if he is actually answering questions? This looks familiar.

Автор yongnam367 ( назад)
notice how comey reads the replies for schiff but not for Gowdy. Schiff gave him the questions ahead of time. Dirty play!

Автор THE PATRIOT ( назад)
liar liar pants on fire....

Автор R. Campfire ( назад)
What's so funny is Nunez is siting right next to him!? Nunez broke the news today that it is true and according to documents it is much worse than we thought! Many American citizens helping the Trump campaign had their names disseminated throughout the government.

Автор Lynn Dunseith ( назад)
Only a blind fool would not see the the trick and slight of hand at play With Comey and the abuse of the intelligence entrusted Him. (them i.e.: ? Hidden shadow powers he is helping) is absolutely treasonous

Автор theresa bomkamp ( назад)
scripted with clues for the right answer that comey was supposed to give.

Автор Brutal Aligator ( назад)
It was me I wiretapped him :)

Автор The day of Victory ( назад)
One more thing people, the one guy that can answer all these questions is Edward Snowden🤦🏿‍♂️ think people THINK!!!

Автор The day of Victory ( назад)
The real question is how and who told him that his phone was wiretapped? Think people think!!!

Автор DJshameless Val ( назад)
Cancer Trump supporters.

Автор David Mac ( назад)
Oh hey, we ask comey if it was true he says no so I guess it didn't happen lol dumb asses. Comey thinks Hillary didn't break the law.

Автор Knowledge equals freedom from slavery ( назад)
Its is wrong and those pushing this are un American.
Stand on on freedom, liberty and the American way. Investigate deep state!..

Автор Professional Banana ( назад)
this is all to distract everyone from trumps shitty Trumpcare plan

Автор Zachary Rome ( назад)
"No Info" does not mean it didn't happen. It also doesn't mean that any info will ever be found. Both sides need to calm tf down and let them continue to investigate and reach a final conclusion. Comey typically does this, very ambiguous statements, he never gives direct answers. It's frustrating to listen to him.

Автор Raphael Alba ( назад)
So the wiretapping of Merkel had to go through all branches of government?

Автор Nick Anderson ( назад)
TRUMP 2020!

Автор Roger Leo ( назад)
NSA operation Dragnet files proof Trump was monitored. This hearing is a joke.

Автор Leesmiles64 ( назад)
The beginning of trumps impeachment. who is the liar now.

Автор Richard Hightower ( назад)
What a piece of crap -- President Trump said "tapped" in quotes. Anyone who is literate knows and understands a word in quotes, that is not a direct quote, means it is not the standard meaning of the word. It is obvious that the Obama Administration (including Comey) are liars and corrupt.

Автор Jackson Joestar ( назад)
This comment section has shown me that Trump supporters are literally cancer.

Автор james nelson ( назад)
Google Eric Prince: NYPD Ready to Make arrest in the Anthony Weiner... Nov 4 2016. Don't trust COMEY

Автор Sherri Rouse ( назад)
bullshit it was our intelligence community that sent that to wikileaks it has been proven. coney is a liar

Автор Sherri Rouse ( назад)
James Comey is a liar. and he should be indicted for his coverup for Hillary. we know he is lying now.

Автор Joe Weis ( назад)

Автор Stephen Yount ( назад)
"I have no information "
It's called not answering.

Автор Alex F ( назад)
Of course he had him tapped, now it's up to Commey to prove them transcripts were now from some form of tapping or servalince, now Commey is fucked ,either 10 years or blow your head off dude, you think the people are stupid

Автор scorpio3749 ( назад)
Trump has no class very uncouth degenerate, psychopath. liar against the former president because he is a very smart Black man. another lie like the birtha bullshit

Автор ANONXZAR ( назад)
Proof of Adam Schiff's involvment in shipping weapons to Saudi Arabia and Millions of Dollars https://wikileaks.org/berats-box/emailid/55544

Автор John Culley ( назад)
President Trump ought to fire Comey, if he can, for dumping on his campaign and Hillary's campaign by revealing information about ongoing investigations initiated by President Obama. Both were private citizens who should be treated better than politicians. Comey did more to influence the election than the Russians even imagined.

Автор martin montanez ( назад)
lol there quoteing the tweets word by word dead

Автор Daniel Quincy ( назад)
Comey needs to be fired and jailed for life the bastard!!!

Автор rickgarner2000 ( назад)
Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

Автор Genda Minoru ( назад)
Arrogant ass Schiff -- Obama never wiretapped anyone's phone in his life!!!   He may have asked others who worked for him to do so, and there is in fact evidence in the public domain that wire tapping did happen, and Trump never said it was his phone.  So stop confusing people and spewing half truth innuendo nonsense.  Beyond this, you yourself have been lying about classified information in your public statements design to provide fodder for the media's effort to bring Trump down.  Anyone with a brain who reads original govt docs knows this and soon the media will have to report it as well.

Автор ZealfortheCross ( назад)
It's funny to me that when someone says that they've found no evidence for the "wire tapping" snowflakes scream: SEE! But when the same people say there is no evidence for Russian involvement in the elections they can't seem to shut their mouths.

Автор Jay Bee ( назад)
Silly Kangaroo court to insist the same standard as a court of law for one of Trump's opinionated Tweets. It's SO SIMPLE. Trump read in the NYT that he and his had communications INTERCEPTED and the HEADLINE of the article said; 'WIRETAPPING'. So Trump tweeted an OPINION based on the NYT article he read. His saying; 'Obama did it' is just BRIM AND BLUSTER for someone in Obama admin or someone on Obama's side as in hyperbole, highly figurative speech that gets his point across in the limited space of a tweet. You gotta look at the CONTEXT of the tweet which resolves to his OPINION.

The appropriate question to ask would be: 'What precipitated this outburst (in his tweet)?

The answer would be: 'A NYC article that said he was WIRETAPPED.'

It's ridiculous that he's being held to the same standard of evidence AS IF he were making the accusation in a court of law.

Jesus Christ. What type of formal evidence does one need to have to bust loose with an OPINION in a tweet???
None of those DODOS realized that.

Автор carmay3600 ( назад)
Trump supporters were confident that Trump would be vindicated in today's hearing. When they realized that they were wrong they then turned to slandering Comey. There was no surveillance of Trump and their is an open investigation into Russian hacking and collusion with the Trump campaign.

Автор Lennox1492 ( назад)
Comey has no evidence because the CIA did it

Автор Lennox1492 ( назад)

Comey is a liar! he is playing semantics

Автор Johnny Mnemonic ( назад)
James Comey helped Hillary Clinton to get away with her crimes and now he is helping Obama to do the same. One day this traitor Comey will be punished for all the damage he has done and i hope it will be the capital punishment.

Автор Jurassicparkrules96 ( назад)
The Trumptards are going crazy lmao.

Автор woodkern ( назад)
Trump and his russian rats are done. This will be a great show, and the ultimate humiliation of the GOP. They sold out America for 30 pieces of silver, and they will be held accountable.

Автор Tycr ( назад)
EXPOSED 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Автор Daniel Roig ( назад)
Comey engaged in rigging the FBI investigation of the Hillary Clinton email server. Can anyone trust anything that the FBI says?

Автор john smith ( назад)
Wow.....for a minute I thought comey was going to stay cold stone but he broke when asked about field agents.....like "how the fuck did u get that info"..... trump doesn't have anything my ass.....Russia has their cum stains all over this...goose2.....incredible

Автор Virginia Bozalina ( назад)
An ethical lawyer in Washington!!! Bahahahahaha!

Автор Jackie Burns ( назад)
This is so 'bipartisan...not...disgusting.

Автор zebjug ( назад)
Fuckers, Obama orchestrated the surveillance, Comey your a criminal liar.

Автор stevin47 ( назад)
hoping voter's remember the gop defending this behavior. IF YOU HELP COVER UP A CRIME YOUR INVOLVED IN THAT CRIME.

Автор noschool123 ( назад)
The phrase evil empire was first applied to the Soviet Union in 1983 by U.S. President Ronald Reagan,

Автор noschool123 ( назад)

After signing the petition the government will send you a message to verify your address.

Автор Warren Rendon ( назад)
Impeach Trump!

Автор John Fordice ( назад)
How about Plagiarism??

Автор Joseph DeVincentis ( назад)
Most of the questions asked of Comey are not questions to Comey, but political statements, posed as a question so the asker can make political points.

Автор Krash Ryckman ( назад)
Nobody thinks Obama did any of this LEGALLY. if you think he played by the book, i got some oceanfront property in Montana i wanna sell you

Автор Roger Rabbit ( назад)
So, time to kick the twittering nuthead out of WH ??? Why wait until 2020 ?

Автор robncasey1216 ( назад)
This is expected from the same guy who couldn't find any intent with Clinton. Is anyone surprised by this?

Автор montecristo ( назад)

Автор galen adams ( назад)
Fire all the obama hold overs!!!! adam shit is a libtard , and that's saying it nicely!!

Автор Hexsal ( назад)
LOCK HIM UP, lol thanks trumptards.

Автор m Riddell ( назад)
No way will Comey say this was done by Obama. But all lies and spun around without actually saying no to anything. Nothing in the Constitution gives permission to any person to wiretap. Yeah, but Obama was well known to ignore the Constitution and did as he pleased and used other people to do it.

Автор glory htoo ( назад)
Can anyone tell me why President Trump still keeping Comey?

Автор Huntarama ( назад)

Автор Huntarama ( назад)

Автор Lar M ( назад)
Did Obama Wiretap President Trump ? Obviously answer is no. Goodness sake you want to get into trouble ?!

Автор Spookwagen The autist ( назад)
This comment section is cancer holy fuck

Автор Willam Unknown ( назад)
I don't know why anybody is making a fuss over this.  Those of us who have followed Trump for four decades plus knew a long long time ago that he was a liar.   This is not new.   I think a lot of people who voted for him know this too, but were okay with it.   Just because he gets caught lying what is the big deal?   Does anyone really think that just because he constantly lies that his followers will abandon him?

Автор Phil Puma Jr. ( назад)
Ask Comey about the wire tap warrant issued in Oct 2016, signed by Lynch to wire tap Trumps campaign associates!!!

Автор Victor Tarin ( назад)
Comey has proven that he cant be trusted. Whats he even still doing there?

Автор DFPercush ( назад)
Comey is really sticking with the Russian hacking facade, huh. Someone needs to explain Vault 7 to him, or he needs to show counter proof. Otherwise, my understanding is that Americans, former intelligence agents, are the ones releasing the info. It's the nsa and cia doing the hacking and making it look like the Russians. There is a lot of intrigue in those secret agencies and it's very frustrating to have to take someone's word for things.

Автор Stefan Andrzejewski ( назад)
Wait, they investigated the campaign for ties to Russia, but never listened to a Trump phone call? Bullshit.

Автор PsyOp Cop ( назад)
If Comey testified "Of course we found ~hundreds~ of illegal surveillance efforts against Candidate Trump but none ordered by POTUS Obama" I'd believe the FBI investigation was ethical and sincere but Comey chose to play _~THE INNUENDO CARD~_

Автор Sheerkat7 ( назад)
Schiff is concerned about Podesta the Molesta's emails being released, but of course, is not interested in having Skippy explain the content.

Автор daisyroots ( назад)
BS...answer designed to do damage and does not really answer the question...."I have no information "......so sick of the lies and manipulation

Автор Tommy's girl ( назад)

Автор Anna D ( назад)
ask; Sheryl Atkinson ...how she was hacked

Автор Sythe5665 ( назад)
How is this video on trending... IT LITERALLY HAS 359 VIEWS WTH???

Автор jlpolcat13 ( назад)
Liars how would they know that the fact that obama could have been listening to President Trump's building without a wire tap by using NSA records and would not have had any judge's order. Comey knows this because he had access to the records and is accomplice and is covering the people's butts involvement. Liars scumbags and they know the truth about the facts and how else would they know the General spoke to the Russians? Stupidity running rampant in the FBI and CIA and NSA. SEMPER FIDELIS

Автор tazzytiger77 ( назад)

Автор Arnautovic9 ( назад)
James Comey #Liar

Автор Paula Islandmom ( назад)
Fucker needs to be fired impeached imprisoned for treason.

Автор Cameron Smith ( назад)

Автор Marcia Archer ( назад)
Get rid of these two! They are worthless in their roles!

Автор Marcia Archer ( назад)
Comey's a liar

Автор dennis n ( назад)
NSA has taps on every citizen in america and abroad. Edward Snowden has already proved that. Wake up.

Автор Priestess Pachina ( назад)

Автор TEAMSTERS 4 TRUMP ( назад)
One of the Isms We know He doesn't practice is PATRIOTISM!!!

Автор Fernando Ceja ( назад)
"no president could"???
that bullshit does not mean that no asshole pimp WOULD NOT!! Obama behaved like the street corner pimp who destroyed his 'ho's when forced to do so. Comey is a damned puppet, left over from the previous administration.

Автор Fernando Ceja ( назад)
Comey is the same coward asshole that "could not" indict Clinton. Why are folks still paying attention to what Comey may have to say?
Two: Why does Comey still have a job with the FBI???
The obama administration lingers on as to where no one is held responsible or loses their job for being true fuck ups.

Автор Sara Matthews ( назад)
Spend money on the Arts, not Madness and Twitter evidence. Appreciate the efforts to the truth. Not sure that the views of surveillance will be changed. Amen to moving on and keep working with Allies...

Автор joe Hedez ( назад)
Pigs are flying! Very funny

Автор Ancient Hebrew ( назад)
"make america great again" LOL!

Автор Rickin Russia ( назад)
Adam Shifty the Shill.

Автор Wes Anderson ( назад)
This dude is homosexual....duh☝️🇺🇸✝🇺🇸☝️

Автор rambo Weed ( назад)
adam shill is insane. him and maxine watters have the same mentality

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