Your Steak Questions Answered By Experts | Epicurious FAQ

  • Our panel of Epicurious experts returns, this time to answer your top questions about cooking a juicy, mouth-watering steak! Which preparation methods compliment which cuts? Cast iron skillet or open flame grill? Join chef Frank Proto, food scientist Rose, editor Anna, home chef Julie, and the one and only Lorenzo as they spin through your viewer-submitted questions on this episode of Epicurious FAQ.
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    Your Steak Questions Answered By Experts | Epicurious FAQ

Comments • 80

  • 27drink
    27drink 47 minutes ago

    Love my steak well done

  • Nhật Long Le
    Nhật Long Le 2 hours ago

    “Everybody knows that cooking a steak is like a sponge....”

  • Becker Elaywan
    Becker Elaywan 5 hours ago

    “Obviously you’re not gonna grill during the winter”
    Allow me to introduce myself

  • Amer Helmy
    Amer Helmy 9 hours ago

    love frank

  • Murlog
    Murlog 11 hours ago

    I'm really more for Cast Iron then Grill cause then i can get my Butter Garlic Thyme and Rosmarin on the Steak, while my Steak is searin theres no better then takin a Spoon and taking the butter out my pan to pour it over my steak so its really glosy shiny juicy and tasty

  • CarpFoon 0'Hydrate
    CarpFoon 0'Hydrate 13 hours ago

    You can absolutely cook a good well done steak.
    Is it better medium rare? 100% an opinion. Define better.
    If better means juicer and more flavor, yes. If by taste, then it varies.
    It's about having an open mind. food is food. The less you have to chew the steak, the faster the experience goes down and away.
    I rather savor it but having to chew longer. I don't care about the myoglobin or traces of bacteria (almost nonexistent in medium rare). If you bash someone else for their eating habits, it makes yours irrelevant.
    I'm a cook not a chef. My job is to feed you. You want it well done, I got you.

  • Crysmatic
    Crysmatic 17 hours ago

    I love medium rare (134F) chicago style 1.5"-2" thick ribeye. If you have a hot enough grill to sear the steak properly it will be raw on the inside. that's where sous vide helps. perfectly cooked edge to edge. sous vide for a couple of hours makes it even more tender. Dry brining overnight improves flavour and draws out some moisture, especially on thick cuts.

  • Blu Gaming
    Blu Gaming 22 hours ago

    The Well-done question comes up
    Me: *Sweats in usually eats it well-done*
    Listen, I get really anxious about the pink because I can't remember which meats you need to cook all the way through and which you don't. So I just play it safe and do anything well-done.

  • SpamX Xy
    SpamX Xy 23 hours ago

    Has anyone told you that you look like big show?

  • Ivan M
    Ivan M Day ago

    I like my steak well done. Fite me.

  • Alfian Fahmi
    Alfian Fahmi Day ago

    7:30 I think I know who asked this question......

  • Aca Tea
    Aca Tea Day ago

    The dream team for one of these episodes is Emily, Anna, Pink Shirt Guy, Lorenzo, Rose, and Frank.

  • Elyk Tsorb
    Elyk Tsorb Day ago +1

    I like good steak, but I do also enjoy the more expensive cuts with a marinade. I just like the taste of the steak + marinade.

    ZAHX GAMING 2 days ago

    Who thinks Frank should make his own channel?

  • Nickolas Jackson
    Nickolas Jackson 2 days ago

    Frank: you are not going to use a gil in the winter
    Canadien: wach me bi*h

  • Miralee01
    Miralee01 2 days ago

    I thought the answers were solid and well thought out...but I also laughed myself silly. This was truly an awesome video!

  • Isabela
    Isabela 2 days ago

    This video should be called "Why I season my steak, and NOT my cutting board"

  • MikoSquiz
    MikoSquiz 2 days ago

    Flip the steak or let it sit? Depends on what result you want. If you want evenly cooked, flip it every 30 seconds, if you want seared to a crisp and bloody in the middle, only turn it once.

  • NavyStorm
    NavyStorm 2 days ago

    Don't you compare the softness of your thumb to the steak? There's some parts of your thumb that represent medium, medium rare, rare, ect. But, you touch the steak and your thumb to see what rarity the steak is right?

  • Play That Again Bruh
    Play That Again Bruh 2 days ago +1

    6:25 is why you are here

  • FinalBoss Music
    FinalBoss Music 2 days ago +1

    Guga is one of some body who dislike this video.

  • Aiden Touchet
    Aiden Touchet 3 days ago

    If I have a cow I would slaughter it near the end of its life and give it its best life and let him live as long as possible

  • Justin Arnstein
    Justin Arnstein 3 days ago +1

    I feel like one day Lorenzo should level up and become the level 3 he deserves to be.

  • Commando303X
    Commando303X 3 days ago +1

    "I'm not cooking the cutting-board!" Love it.

  • Spence
    Spence 3 days ago

    No good well done steaks? You've all just immediately lost credibility.

    • Zulu marul
      Zulu marul 22 hours ago

      Can a well done stake taste good? Sure, if you like dry meat stuff. But, If you want Meat that taste like a steak, that's not dry and has flavor? You go medium, Medium Rare.
      I mean, when you get a chicken sandwich. Do you want a nice juicy sandwich? Or a dry, have to drink between bites, sandwich?
      Well, it's not as bad as some people ive cooked for. One guy wants, no, loves, Burnt Onion rings, like, Burnt burnt. I mean, i could have scraped the breading from the bottom of the fryer and served it with a sprinkle of Onion powder, and he would probably love it. People are strange, and taste even more so i guess.

  • Licorne Narcoleptique

    I used to hate steak when I was younger (and still do) but I still had to eat it, so what I'd do was covering it with a legit CRUST of pepper and salt (until I couldn't see the meat anymore) and dunk it in (store-bought) béarnaise sauce or Savora (a condiment close to mustard).
    I still tasted and smelled the meat, and in my head would think "HOW CAN I MAKE YOU GO AWAY YOU EMETIC TASTE OF HELL?!!"
    (sorry for the violence and the swearing) I hope you have a great day.

  • Kyle Conley
    Kyle Conley 4 days ago

    How is a expert chef going to tell me a good cut of steak shouldn't be sous vide when many high end restaurants are doing exactly that 🤔

  • Mack1231231
    Mack1231231 4 days ago

    2:24 gave me anxiety. I thought she was gonna stab her hand

  • Yusuf Khoja
    Yusuf Khoja 4 days ago

    how do they do 4 levels do they have separate rooms or 3 rooms at the same time

  • Ryan
    Ryan 4 days ago

    I came here because of 7:32

  • JMD Productions
    JMD Productions 5 days ago +6

    Epicurious: disses seasoning the board and sous vide
    Adam ragusea: prepare for trouble
    Guga foods: and make it double

  • Marvie4
    Marvie4 5 days ago

    No sous vide, doesn't know what myoglobin is, "move the steak as little as possible"...

    Really starting to question the credibility of this "chef".

  • Natalie Rojas
    Natalie Rojas 5 days ago

    i was scrolling thru the videos under and adam ragusea comes up as “recommended for you” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • CC
    CC 5 days ago

    But HEALTH wtf😂😂

  • TheBigLime35
    TheBigLime35 6 days ago +12

    Chefs: "Cheffy stuff"
    Food Scientist: "Sciency stuff"
    Emily: "Ketchup"

  • AspLode
    AspLode 6 days ago

    Yo here's my steak question: When is the next Price Points episode?

  • MAstered Arefair
    MAstered Arefair 6 days ago

    At 5:34
    Welp no one could answer for what's the best sauce for the meat or beef
    Gonna answer it, it's Mushroom sauce. Cause mushroom sauce that been added as flavor like you don't need seasoning like just add butter mushrooms and water and also Pepper. There you go enjoy it. But I think I missing something Wrong lol.
    I don't know how to make mushroom sauce lol. Sorry

  • The Dali Llama
    The Dali Llama 6 days ago

    I season the plate that carries the steak to the grill. I don't like to season one side, flip the steak, then touch my salt and pepper grinders.

  • Little Bear
    Little Bear 6 days ago

    Yeah... Cows are really nice animals..

  • RocketRed Glare
    RocketRed Glare 7 days ago

    Anna Stockwell in the red turtleneck is pretty hot. Kinda reminds me of the Susan Parish character from "2 Days in the Valley"...

  • Alfhimself
    Alfhimself 7 days ago

    This video is just..... Bad.

  • Tom Guarisco
    Tom Guarisco 7 days ago

    You do not need a vacuum sealer to cook sous vide. It is the best way to get a tender juicy steak. You don’t need to cook it in additional fats and butters, but it tastes as if you did. Finish off in cast iron and it’s perfect.

  • TheOdd1sOut
    TheOdd1sOut 7 days ago

    "Is sous vide a good method to make a steak?"
    Of course not! It makes you have diarrhea all your life.

  • Allen Sanderson
    Allen Sanderson 8 days ago

    If you don't think sous vide is a good way to cook a steak, literally just look up a video then try it. Its literally a great way to cook, especially for a beginner who is worried about overcooking a $40 cut of meat.

  • deoxxys
    deoxxys 8 days ago

    chichurri sauce is amazing. peruvian steak lets go

  • TheOtherNeutrino
    TheOtherNeutrino 8 days ago

    All of them throwing shades at well done steak.

  • Darrin Ritter
    Darrin Ritter 8 days ago

    Actually Google how much sugar in raw steak and it says 0g/100g

  • IGuessVince
    IGuessVince 8 days ago

    “More wine” tap tap ding

  • ronb2008
    ronb2008 8 days ago

    So happy they put in a few Lorenzo laughs in there 😂

  • Tia Haygood
    Tia Haygood 8 days ago

    I.Love. Lorenzo! Just love love love love love. *Dinging that bell for each and every "love"

    KUYA JOSHUA 9 days ago

    4:22 - Myoglobin.

  • Chris Clevenger
    Chris Clevenger 9 days ago

    Resting a steak: however many ounces your steak is, divide that number by half. That number will be the amount of minutes you let your steak rest. So an 8 Oz steak needs to rest for four minutes. A 16 Oz steak will need to rest for eight minutes.

  • Daniel Ong
    Daniel Ong 9 days ago

    "Is there such thing as a well-done steak"

    Jesus has entered the chat

  • stupid bread
    stupid bread 9 days ago

    everyone reading the questions: hmm...
    rose reading the questions: *HISSES*

  • saber379
    saber379 9 days ago

    I love this!

  • QuizzicalGames
    QuizzicalGames 9 days ago +1

    Frank: Sous Vide is not a good way to cook a steak
    Guga: I know it doesn't look good right now, but watch this!
    **burns frank alive**

  • Nimos Rellak
    Nimos Rellak 9 days ago

    Au poivre sauce can’t get any love?

  • Mark R.
    Mark R. 9 days ago

    Bromelain the most common food fraud way to tenderize meat..

  • Stephen Lozada
    Stephen Lozada 9 days ago

    The “science” lady which I don’t know why she’s even on the show half the time didn’t even say what the red juice is called. It’s called myoglobin.

    • L López
      L López 7 days ago

      She said the juices themselves are a combination of proteins, which myoglobin is, and fats, sugars, water... She's right, because the juice isn't just myoglobin.

  • Eli Beard
    Eli Beard 9 days ago

    Whenever I see Frank in a video it makes it instantly better

  • Hana •
    Hana • 9 days ago

    realized i have a bad obsession with food videos when i know who everyone is talking abt in the comments 😂

  • Clayton Young
    Clayton Young 9 days ago

    Doesn’t Julie sound like rupaul

  • Pink Asteriodea
    Pink Asteriodea 9 days ago +1

    “Is sousvide a good way to cook steak”
    Frank: No
    Guga has entered the chat

  • Winston Chay
    Winston Chay 9 days ago

    Sorry, Frank, but your professional chef's opinion about touching the steak as little as possible is wrong. See page 38 of Modernist Cuisine Volume 2. The main benefits of flipping a steak every 15s are more even cooking, less gray band of overcooked meat, and it cooks the steak faster. The golden crust we all love is not sacrificed by flipping more often; that's just a myth. Goes to show flipping excessively does not hurt but have all to benefit from it.

  • Ailin Ell
    Ailin Ell 9 days ago

    Frank: and if you don’t like it like that maybe you don’t like stake
    Me: *surprised pikachu face*

  • Harry Depova
    Harry Depova 9 days ago

    Sous vide is a great method for cooking steak. Whats this guy talking about?

  • MP Wellness
    MP Wellness 9 days ago

    I've tried expensive cuts of steak from 5 star restaurants and everytime I come to the same conclusion.
    My sous vide makes a much better, much tastier steak.

  • Scripture ML
    Scripture ML 9 days ago

    I literally came here for frank💖

  • Drive knight
    Drive knight 9 days ago +1

    Frank says he doesnt raise cows because the cows raised him

  • RustyDust101
    RustyDust101 10 days ago

    "I know, it doesn't look that good right now, BUT WATCH THIS!"
    cue searing head-banger music

  • jeffrey wu
    jeffrey wu 10 days ago

    these videos have gotten a lot more informational than before

  • Evelyn Lozano
    Evelyn Lozano 10 days ago

    Let’s be honest Frank,Lorenzo, and Emily are the o-gs

  • joshua belanger
    joshua belanger 10 days ago

    am i the only one that grills in the winter. in canada. northern canada? É

  • Tyrone Blackmeat
    Tyrone Blackmeat 10 days ago +1

    Reverse sear with ribeyes and a temp probe = perfection every time.

  • jazon vorheiz
    jazon vorheiz 10 days ago

    Two of the questions I love to see and love the answers!
    Is there a good, Well Done steak?
    What sauce goes on a steak?
    Love all if their responses to these questions

  • Damonkeyboy
    Damonkeyboy 10 days ago

    ...Bearnaise sauce.

  • Blake Meche
    Blake Meche 10 days ago +5

    "You're not going to grill during winter"
    Me: Laughs in South Texas

  • Luciffrit
    Luciffrit 10 days ago

    If you can't cook a welldone steak without drying it out then you shouldn't be let anywhere near a steak to begin with...

  • Bb Nn
    Bb Nn 10 days ago +1

    Doesn’t anybody else thing that Lorenzo after all these years should get a lv3 chief title

  • Brandon C
    Brandon C 10 days ago

    "Is there ever such thing as a good 'well done' steak?" NO.
    I took a really nice girl out for Valentine's day to a Steak house last year where the steaks are like $80-90 each which was fine cause I do okay and it was my first time taking a girl out for Valentine's day since high school. I'm friends with the owner and he comes over to the table to take our order and doesn't she order a $90 Filet Mignon WELL DONE. The owner almost teary eyed like he was saying "please don't make me do that to that poor steak" but that's what she wanted. Some peoples children I tell you...