VLC Media Player - How to Use [Tutorial]

  • Published on Feb 26, 2012
  • This tutorial covers how to download, install, and use VLC Media Player to watch virtually ANY multimedia file on your computer. No need for codec packs...it just works as is.
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  • Tae v
    Tae v 2 months ago

    Thanks bro it's really useful ❤️❤️💜💜

  • sbarnett37tiger Barnes
    sbarnett37tiger Barnes 11 months ago

    Brilliant and very helpful. How do you creat a media library in VLC which always remains in there even after you close VLC down and then reopen it? My music always disappears from the player every time and I always have to go back into the folder and reload it as a playlist every time, it's so so so so incredibly stuid and annoying!!! I just want my music to stay in there, in the VLC player if that makes sense. So I can just open VLC and, boom!! there's my favourite playlist ready to go. That's how it should be. But they've clearly designed it so you need a degree in software music players and 10 years experience in software development in order to play your music easily each time. It's incredible that it's deliberately been designed to be so unbelievably complex and difficult to simply maintain a permanent playlist/media library. Very frustrating!!

  • Maria Archon umipig
    Maria Archon umipig 11 months ago

    how to play a blu ray disc in vlc?

  • Paul Haywood
    Paul Haywood Year ago

    Perfect instructions!!! Excellente!!!!! I am putting you on permanent status.

  • XBOXADDICT:nextel244888

    is their any way to stop the tittle showing up every time it replays

  • Dominykas Kristauskas

    What to do if u want to check it but it cant play?it just automaticly stops and doesent show anything

    • belly tripper
      belly tripper Year ago


  • Lil Fiji Tha Malefactor

    this doesnt say how to make audio into video form to upload to youtube

  • Rosie C
    Rosie C Year ago

    I downloaded three times to get VLC media player work, but it's not working. Either it doesn't recognize the Destination. Or Converting works only once on my third download of this app on my other computer but it doesn't change to the File type I selected. It converted to MP4 instead FLV and I try to play the converted one, Doesn't play. Basically this App does not work for me. My computer's Window base and I downloaded window version. I am trying to change the MTS file to FLV file. Seems simple but noone knows how to do this. Can you help with your two cents. Thanks!! By the way, I try to retry and now VLC media player doesn't even response.
    Please help if you know how to get this done. Thanks!!

  • Marcel Jeannin II

    Good tutorial,but show some enthusiasm when talking.

  • shourba
    shourba Year ago

    waste of time

  • I. C. Spotz
    I. C. Spotz Year ago

    After downloading 2.2.6 I can no longer drag and drop multiple audio books to play in sequence...after the completion of the first book the player stops....what settings do I use for the player to continue to on to the next book automatically....Also when I drag and drop an audio book to the player then hit play the player skips the first file (or chapter) and starts playing the 2nd one, you must then hit the back button start playing the first file.

  • hadi malik
    hadi malik 2 years ago

    This is the best link for downloading this media player because i am already using this from long time. It have many advanced features like viewing, editing, making and many more features which every vlc player do not have. i recommend you to download it because its free of cost.

  • Roy Hodgson
    Roy Hodgson 2 years ago

    Good video. Well presented. Roy

  • Dragon Mijovich
    Dragon Mijovich 2 years ago

    Tutorial good for nothing. Explain how to download and install. And how to open with VLC player. Nothing else. Useless video at all.

  • Don Beton
    Don Beton 2 years ago

    shitty program which installs shitty 3rd party shitsoftware(since 2017) do not use it anymore until they remove this craps!

  • The Max Knight
    The Max Knight 2 years ago +1

    *VLC* is the best possible.

  • zrobotics
    zrobotics 2 years ago

    Delete this video, you are contributing to the problems open source has in gaining new users. You waste most of the video on an unhelpful, overly detailed guide to install. We can assume most users know how to go to a web page and install programs. However, you completely gloss over the actual use of the program, treating it as normal to need to use the file explorer to select media files. People start to use open source, and then view unhelpful crap like this, and we wonder why adoption rates are poor. Delete this garbage video, hopefully something more helpful moves up in the rankings.

  • Pieter Dorhout
    Pieter Dorhout 2 years ago +13

    How to use starts at 3:00. Before it's mainly installation directions.

  • cameraman655
    cameraman655 3 years ago

    Will this convert audio files from one format to another? Specifically AAC/DRM from iTunes to MP3s (which Apple now prevents with their latest iTunes)? Like to listen to these files without having to drag around my iPad (I do not use an iPhone) say via a thumb drive in my car.

    DAIANE SOARES 3 years ago


  • Pawan Sapkota
    Pawan Sapkota 3 years ago +10

    PlZ here to go helpful for video open twitter.com/pawansa86180046/status/776384983229267969

  • Nishad Islam
    Nishad Islam 3 years ago

    cant forward and backward .pls help

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 years ago

    Trying to send a bug report has been made impossible because it says my email is invalid. So I guess I'm not really commenting on youtube because it's the same email I use to log into it. My bug is simple. VLC Player does not update itself if the source directory changes. A simple fix in the code. I add a new file to my media folder that VLC player is pointing to and VLC never sees it unless I close the VLC player and restart it. I consider this sloppy programming. Okay, I vented, I'm done.

  • L3tsF#N
    L3tsF#N 3 years ago +1

    Hi guys! Help me pls: I download music and rename, but in VLC Media Player name don't change. How fix it?

    • JACK
      JACK 3 years ago

      it is very helpful

    • Pawan Sapkota
      Pawan Sapkota 3 years ago +7


    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 years ago +1

      In VLC, right click on the file and click "Information". In the "Title" section type what you want VLC to display and then click "Save Metadata". I think that's what you're asking about with regards to the name of the file that VLC is displaying.

    ITSMREE 3 years ago

    VLC Is Shit

  • MrKerry98
    MrKerry98 3 years ago

    Great tutorial. My only wish is that you could update this for Windows 10. I am having a hard time with Pre-Recorded TV Files we have before we converted to 10

  • BJSteigner
    BJSteigner 3 years ago +1

    I would like to see this player accept TV Tuners where you can record live TV.

  • Erik Nieuwenhuijzen
    Erik Nieuwenhuijzen 3 years ago

    put the speed on 2..whaha;) he talks very fast whaha:P

  • Tariq Pir
    Tariq Pir 3 years ago

    will it work on Android tv boxes?

  • I get it other planets, I have no life either.

    If U play a picture file (jpeg) in this media player, the duration is always 10 seconds. Do U know of any way to change this? thanks.

  • Rickey Williams
    Rickey Williams 4 years ago

    Thank you for the video. I am curious if VLC will play .gif files. In particular a file list of .gif files tro create a .gif play list as a slideshow? Using WIN 10.

  • Superdossdave
    Superdossdave 4 years ago

    it is shit ,,dont use

  • Trần Hưng Ðạo
    Trần Hưng Ðạo 4 years ago

    VLC Media Player is the best ! Play all videos , no matter . locked or no .

  • TestTubeBabySpy
    TestTubeBabySpy 4 years ago

    so on this player, if i select 5 files to play will it open one vlc player and a list like windows media player or will it open 5 players like quicktime does?

  • jorge Arroyo-Avila
    jorge Arroyo-Avila 4 years ago

    where is the eject button after viewing a movie?

    • Winston L
      Winston L 3 years ago

      simply open file explorer or finder and right click the disc and click eject

  • epidemia2016
    epidemia2016 4 years ago

    Don't play vchd videos so this is not true.

  • milivoje bzenic
    milivoje bzenic 4 years ago

    i haved a problem playing any video file or pictur file it just want play in vlc what is the problem?

  • AJ2477
    AJ2477 4 years ago

    Curious on how the playlist function works, have been using Windows Media Player and have really gotten used to theirs. I use itunes as a backup but have heard this one is the best media player.

  • shriphrah zemog
    shriphrah zemog 4 years ago

    hi...something is not right with my vlc screen...the video's screen became smaller...pls teach me how to have a bigger screen in the vlc...tnx

  • OoItsAShark
    OoItsAShark 4 years ago +13

    Open internet explorer....Loses all credibility.....

    • Laird tr
      Laird tr Year ago +1

      its faster though

    • WTE Media
      WTE Media 4 years ago +3

      @OoItsAShark Most computer novices use Internet Explorer

  • Felipe Olvera
    Felipe Olvera 4 years ago +2

    excuse me sr. Could you tell me what is the name of the song in his video,the song which starts in 3:31?

    USTBUTLER 5 years ago

    How Can Do You Save A Cropped Video.. Iv Got A Video Of Blacked Out The Bottom And Top Using The Crop Feature.. But I Cant Seem To Save It.

  • Darren .Hunt
    Darren .Hunt 5 years ago

    yaaaaaay it works

  • Luke Kuykendall
    Luke Kuykendall 5 years ago

    Can someone please help me. I've been having issues with VLC the past few days, I tried installing older versions, newer versions, full PC clean up, nothing is helping. The problem is when I double click videos they won't always open, sometimes I have to open VLC first, and then drag the video into the player, and even then it plays a few second then the video freezes while the audio continues. The video eventually buffers to sync with the audio but its noticeably choppy. I LOVE VLC, but this is getting annoying :/

    • Ytiwatch
      Ytiwatch 5 years ago

      First determine the extension of the file you want to play
      Next follow these simple steps.
      Open My Computer or Explorer.
      Click the Tools in the file menu and then click Folder Options.
      Click the File types tab.
      Adding a new file type
      Click The New button.
      Type the name of the file extension.
      Click Ok.

  • Kevin Shimkets
    Kevin Shimkets 5 years ago

    Will visualizations from windows media player be included in VLC media player or not?

  • Dhruv DRJ
    Dhruv DRJ 5 years ago

    thanks for the video

  • Conor Mason
    Conor Mason 5 years ago

    thanks bro i love u I've been looking for a program to use..

  • Emily Gregory
    Emily Gregory 5 years ago

    i have been trying to download a online movie, and burn in windows DVD maker, the movie is downloaded but i don't know how to convert it to make a DVD that will play in a DVD player,any help?

  • ヤンギレGaWd
    ヤンギレGaWd 6 years ago

    MPC-HC is much better imo, VLC had problems playing some of my mkvs even with my codecs updated. A word of advice from me, get: www.cccp-project.net/ ‎

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 6 years ago

    thanks for all the little tricks it was good

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 6 years ago

    are you from jax is that where the name came from? sure miss mr. tom coughlin

  • Beo mere
    Beo mere 6 years ago

    thanks for wasting my time, this is one of the worst tutorials ever

  • TheRealMrBeercan
    TheRealMrBeercan 6 years ago

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    Here's how to use a VLC player to watch RUclip on Windows 95, 98 and ME.

    First insert the line of text below in the RUclip Search INCLUDING the QUOTES:

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  • The5MGzz
    The5MGzz 6 years ago

    but i ve done all of dis but when i go 2 download any music de windows media player always occurs cause of dis i cant play anything on TV pls help me

  • Austin Kast
    Austin Kast 6 years ago

    u talk like a robot
    but good tutorial

  • nelu barbieru
    nelu barbieru 6 years ago

    Download VLC Media Player mb01.com/lnk.asp?o=5086&c=58261&a=88424

  • K Gyan
    K Gyan 6 years ago

    ni pic is coming up

  • montereydentist
    montereydentist 6 years ago

    Great tutorial!

  • Robert Spiller
    Robert Spiller 6 years ago

    Despite the warning about some Claro internet page, I'm going to try this, so thanks for the video. But tell me how can I get that picture of that beautiful tiger and put it on my desktop? I love Tigers.
    Thanks again.

  • Ismael Djibrilla
    Ismael Djibrilla 6 years ago

    thanks you..!!!