• Published on May 8, 2018
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Comments • 64 636

  • Onism ,
    Onism , 14 hours ago +1

    I would love to hang out with Graveyard girl 💀She's real as hell

  • The_Forth_Wall
    The_Forth_Wall 18 hours ago

    I thought Benjamin's favorite food was bugs

  • Ariana Callan
    Ariana Callan 18 hours ago +2

    It doesn’t matter about views! Don’t compare your views to someone else’s! Just entertain whoever watches!

  • The Conspiracy Theory’s

    I live for Shane’s laugh!

  • zappa frank
    zappa frank 21 hour ago

    I really fucking love the baby doll room SO MUCH.

  • itsjust seren
    itsjust seren 22 hours ago

    I know this might sound weird but I wish Shane was my dad

  • Keko Karma
    Keko Karma Day ago

    I remember watching her videos when I was down and she cheered me up and I eventually forgot about her because she didn't show up in my recommendation anymore...

  • Equestrian Olivia Schmechel

    My great grandma was born in 1931 and she’s still alive❤️ 9:18

  • Jordyn Mckenna
    Jordyn Mckenna Day ago +2

    I remember when I used to obsessively watch graveyard girl, and it’s weird because it wasn’t like I gave up watching her or I didn’t like her anymore or something but when I moved away from I best friend I stopped watching her because it reminded me of her. I feel bad though because I completely forgot about her channel.

  • Nozomi Jordan Adachi

    Shane:WE LOVE ABUSE!!!
    Me:Well we love Shaneee/Yooouuuu!!!💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛

  • Kaza Kikimaru
    Kaza Kikimaru 2 days ago

    This hurt my heart so bad, I don’t want people feeling bad about themselves. Who cares what people think, I say do what you want as long as it’s not too dangerous. Life goes on and that’s all that matters. Just go do anything you love and it’ll be better.

  • Leah Benak
    Leah Benak 2 days ago

    It does not help that it is midnight and I am alone in my dark house

  • Jayla Iyana
    Jayla Iyana 2 days ago

    bookmark 7:08

  • IDK.
    IDK. 3 days ago

    i fell so bad for her :( i watched her all the time! then i started watching mincraft.

    1.4M views 3 days ago

    12:05 ooo that's a dildo

  • varmintslayer_ 22
    varmintslayer_ 22 3 days ago

    I seriously hope you channel dies out

  • Sareeah Mckenna
    Sareeah Mckenna 4 days ago

    Grav3yardgirl will literally be me when I’m older because I will want to buy a bunch of toys when I was younger

  • Falangee Regina
    Falangee Regina 4 days ago

    I first found out about bunny when down the rabbit hole made a video, I was really interested eversince and even though I wasn't a fan of her before and she obv a little more mad than average person, she needs to realise that that doesn't scare a lot of people away, crazy people are often more interesting than your best friend. I want what Shane is saying, she's such an onion so many layers

  • Hayley Jordan
    Hayley Jordan 4 days ago +2

    I think the problem with Bunny is she didn't mature with her audiences
    I loved her when i was younger, would watch her videos for hours
    But as I got older she became annoying to me
    A lot of people I think just outgrew her style

  • mya Jackson
    mya Jackson 4 days ago

    8:25 omg I did that as well XD

  • Meme Goddess
    Meme Goddess 5 days ago

    I have a FAT fear of dolls... why am I an idiot.

  • Lilly-Ann Oswald-Barnes

    I need Shane to come over my house and talk to me about my problems 😭

    • Dory Belle
      Dory Belle 3 days ago

      Lilly-Ann Oswald-Barnes me too lol

  • hi3244
    hi3244 5 days ago +1

    you should do a documentary video on liza koshy, because we don't know what happened to to her?

  • Cassi Cas
    Cassi Cas 5 days ago

    I relate to Bunny so much. It breaks my heart that she felt so alone.

  • N M
    N M 5 days ago

    get a real job. RUclip is not forever. they don't want u when ur old

  • Gacha Dragon likes trees

    Ryland: "Toilet of pennies."
    Me: "i SmElL pEnNiEs"

  • Oliwia Wocial
    Oliwia Wocial 5 days ago +1

    I love how shane wears the exact same top in most of his videos I know that he has a lot of those same tops :)

  • Jessica Cooper
    Jessica Cooper 6 days ago

    She is fun and i love watching her i am one of the fans she is amazing and she makes me laugh when i am sad

  • Glitter Soup
    Glitter Soup 6 days ago

    I lover her personality

  • Logan Huck
    Logan Huck 6 days ago +1

    33:00-33:30 -
    This is why you are now my favorite youtuber of all time. Thank you Shane for being you. Subscribed for life.

  • The hate u five Give life

    If this is hurtful to anyone I’m sorry but she say like a little to much please don’t give me hate it my opinion and I’m sorry if this is hurtful to anyone

  • • Clawless •
    • Clawless • 6 days ago

    I'm sorry I don't watch grav3yardgirl but when the went to the bathroom I saw a little girl walking away is that like her sister or something? At 14:27

  • Blanca Hergueta
    Blanca Hergueta 7 days ago

    I feel so sorry for her but that´s the thing with youtubers who grew so fast four or five years ago and they have not been able to evolve: they are loosing their audience because they have outgrown them and now they are starting to realize that they don´t know how to do anything else apart from RUclip. Its very sad actually.

  • Isabella Mousakheel
    Isabella Mousakheel 7 days ago

    *take a shot every time bunny says “like”*

  • Deborah Larocco
    Deborah Larocco 7 days ago

    your the best bunny keep going
    your amazing, caring and smart

  • Ella Murphy
    Ella Murphy 7 days ago

    Omg I’ve been bored on RUclip and I went to bunny and I was so entertained so please help her 👏👏❤️❤️

  • pizza pie
    pizza pie 8 days ago

    20:46 though HAHAHAHAH

  • aqua blueberry wolf
    aqua blueberry wolf 8 days ago

    I feel so sad for people that in the comments say "your channel is dying"😓

    MELBETH RANKE 8 days ago

    GRAV3YARDGIRL is super relatetable

  • Nonna Whotaker
    Nonna Whotaker 8 days ago


  • Collin Caz
    Collin Caz 8 days ago

    love how he mentions iisuperwomanii

  • HCKiwiGirl
    HCKiwiGirl 8 days ago +1

    I feel like youtube isn’t the right career for her. She might really love it sometimes but she needs a job where she feels safe and happy. I hope for her sake she does the right thing❤️

  • slutberry shortcake
    slutberry shortcake 8 days ago +37

    Shane: Let's dig deep and find the root of your problems
    Bunny: Let's play a board game!

    • NirvanaKartana
      NirvanaKartana 12 hours ago

      slutberry shortcake your comment seems a smidgen misrepresentative.

  • Your guilty Conscience
    Your guilty Conscience 8 days ago +14

    What she needs is a Shane, a Garret and a Ryland in her life

  • Ronron Gumabon
    Ronron Gumabon 9 days ago +1

    Fortnite killed all of the channels

  • MarinasFuckedUpLife
    MarinasFuckedUpLife 9 days ago +1

    I have pediophobia :) but i still watched

  • Jimin Is My Daddy
    Jimin Is My Daddy 9 days ago +2

    I watched graveyardgirl when i was a kid

  • Fiona hurst
    Fiona hurst 9 days ago +1

    I think your right Shane

  • Kelsey Toledo
    Kelsey Toledo 10 days ago +2

    Shane is like a therapist that doesn't help just listen
    But sometimes he says some helpful stuff

  • Catalie H
    Catalie H 10 days ago

    When it comes to RUclip it’s like you live for everyone else but when it comes depression you’re trying to live for yourself. People become selfish when you live for yourself. And I hope everyone learns to LIVE FOR YOU. Youuuu are the only person who can make yourself fully happy. Make sure there is a middle mark. Love you first. Always

  • Ariaz
    Ariaz 10 days ago

    13:35 😂 this part was so funny for me lol wtf

  • GrumpyCiel
    GrumpyCiel 10 days ago

    How can she be so dumb? She asking why all these bad things are happening to her when literally she likes creepy things that have bad energy. All that bad energy is fucking with her. Throw all that shit away. Cleanse yourself before it's too late.

  • Janickins Anna
    Janickins Anna 10 days ago +2

    Shane/I hate everyone expect of you
    Me\ cries side inside

  • Vanessa Amanda Iker
    Vanessa Amanda Iker 11 days ago

    Who else thinks Garrett ruins everything when he’s in videos ... cause he’s isn’t funny! and is just ANNOYING !!!!
    .... so after all that i decided to stop watching

    • Dory Belle
      Dory Belle 3 days ago

      Vanessa Amanda Iker shut up you fcking idiot.

  • Heather Billy42
    Heather Billy42 11 days ago

    Is it actually weird Bunny asked them not to film her street or outside of her house? I don’t get what’s weird about that. I’d do the same.. for obvious reasons. And not wanting to give a tour of her house is also not weird. Too many crazy ppl in this world. They could learn where they live and a layout of the house.... can’t trust anyone.

  • Rawr Dino
    Rawr Dino 11 days ago

    Why do they have a strange thing of saying tea alot

    DYLAN 11 days ago

    I still fucking think RUclip is for talented people 😂

  • macy2380 macy2380
    macy2380 macy2380 11 days ago


  • Ana Woods
    Ana Woods 11 days ago +6

    I remember watching the wubble bubble video with my sister

  • dannie1528
    dannie1528 11 days ago

    The reason her channel is dying is because she is not being herself...I could tell in the first 8mins. she should allow her subscribers to see her life and who she is...hence why she hasn't filmed her gorgeous house?!?!?!

  • Calnan & Anhoj
    Calnan & Anhoj 12 days ago

    You should be your self and care about what you think is right

  • get that outa here
    get that outa here 12 days ago +1

    I really relate to bunny. I have panic attacks when i meet new people, i can't fit in, i cant cry, i cant talk to anyone. Hello thats ME...

  • Mara Crassweller
    Mara Crassweller 12 days ago

    Keep in mind that im listening to this w headphones on. Right so I had no idea who she was until I saw the footage of her with Cheetos in her hair and then I literally screamed out "oh my god its the cheeto girl" while I was mid brushing my teeth at the sink in my dorm w a girl at the other sink and I literally think I gave her a heart attack

  • Anra R.
    Anra R. 12 days ago

    You know what’s sad 😔

    Her views today are still the same as they were when Shane made this series 😕

  • Music 4Life
    Music 4Life 12 days ago +8

    4:11 when she said "Dr. Shane" I immediately thought "No! Doctor Dawson"

  • Marina McHenry
    Marina McHenry 13 days ago

    i used to be OBSESSED with graveyardgirl but now w the babies i think shes a phycopath

  • Kelly Hiller
    Kelly Hiller 13 days ago

    sorry bunny you are the best i love you.Bunny your videos are the best Shane you are the BEST TO I LOVE YOU BOTH you are so good do your best. Shane YOU ARE NOT UGLE

  • Louise Jackson
    Louise Jackson 13 days ago

    I literally died when Shane blew that thing out the tube onto the floor 😂😂😂

  • Louise Jackson
    Louise Jackson 13 days ago

    We can show bunny some love right? ❤️

  • jessica Bruvv
    jessica Bruvv 13 days ago

    I thought the one baby was real! 😂😂😂💀

  • Kaitlin Rose Grande
    Kaitlin Rose Grande 13 days ago

    bunny says "like" sooooo much

  • Michelle Sifuentes
    Michelle Sifuentes 13 days ago

    Shane is cool, but when is he going to drop his pallet?!

  • phils eyelash
    phils eyelash 13 days ago

    Shane the therapist ❤️

  • Alex Sager
    Alex Sager 14 days ago

    well guess what graveyard girl yous got a new subscriber(:

  • Vicky Garcia Alonso
    Vicky Garcia Alonso 14 days ago


  • BoDagitt 79
    BoDagitt 79 15 days ago +1

    My father in law was born in 1933, he’s alive and well.

  • Hasel Cakes
    Hasel Cakes 15 days ago +1


  • Marcus Lenson
    Marcus Lenson 15 days ago

    Its about time their paycheck drys out. These people made millions now they realize you need to get real jobs.

  • Sambero_skelly -I make cringe videos

    I only realized the babies were dolls when they mentioned it to bunny .im so dumb 😭

  • Diy and us at fun Channel

    I watched thi video and almost broke down in TEARS!!! I also went over to bunny's channel and subscribed. hope her channel gets and better and i wish her luck! Also shane thanks for helping through tough times. Love u sis!

  • Victoria Osborne
    Victoria Osborne 16 days ago

    I know for a fact that my best friend and I would think Bunny is super cool. She collects creepy stuff too. It scares the shit out of me, but I love her lol

  • never_ born_child
    never_ born_child 16 days ago

    Im so sub her

  • Ava Dillo
    Ava Dillo 16 days ago

    *She's so pretty, it actually isn't **_funny_*

  • Cookie Gacha
    Cookie Gacha 16 days ago +1

    9:24 the room tour is almost bigger then my housexD

  • Karma Chadwick
    Karma Chadwick 17 days ago

    Pause at 8:09 ... is she from She 1880s

  • loverrlee
    loverrlee 17 days ago +1


  • Galactic Galaxy
    Galactic Galaxy 17 days ago

    When I saw the baby chandelier, it reminded me of Book of Circus. One of my favorite movies :)

  • Molly Kerwick
    Molly Kerwick 17 days ago


  • Amy’s Life
    Amy’s Life 17 days ago +1

    Because of this I feel like I let her down because I did watch her when I was younger and now this I haven’t noticed that she was like this because she is showing herself as the same person that everybody on RUclip is like and then they talk to somebody who knows what they need to make them better is actually being themselves and I have a RUclip channel and I get how she is because it’s like you want to fit in but everyone is born to stand out and be proud of who they are and if they don’t like you tell them to fuck themselfs because I am who I am and if you don’t like it then don’t watch me and I know that everyone says that but it’s true you are the best grav3yardgirl and know you have shown who you are and what tip of person you are I hope everyone who reads this subs to ur channel and likes all you videos to show the support that they have for you 💗💗💞❤️👍🏻👍🏻

  • Janette Rico
    Janette Rico 18 days ago +4

    bunny needed this pep talk. literally my favorite youtubers❤

  • Minniemouselover25 P, respectively

    Make a series with simplynailogical!

  • Anita Cavazos
    Anita Cavazos 18 days ago

    They really should make shirts that say that

  • Vlatiania TheWolf
    Vlatiania TheWolf 19 days ago +2

    *wait, what are we gonna do without our couch?!*
    Classical Garret...

  • ѕυѕнι уαу
    ѕυѕнι уαу 19 days ago

    Y’all ever wonder if the baby dolls just came alive at night and just watch her sleep at night?
    I got scared thinking about that for a second

  • krysta mahmod
    krysta mahmod 19 days ago +1

    I love her no matter what!!! ❣️😍.

  • Alexandra Sheah
    Alexandra Sheah 19 days ago

    Why are me and bunny so much alike I understand her on such a deep level, shes a huge inspiration to why I wanted to start a channel and I'm sad to see her still going down but shes happier than she was at this time and that matters more than views ever will

  • Alexandra Sheah
    Alexandra Sheah 19 days ago +1

    What is the music for the baby doll tour I need it in my life

  • mwuah sheila
    mwuah sheila 19 days ago

    Bunny sounds like me when I’m having a hard time opening up to anyone when I’m going through something. Having that trust. I’ll smile & laugh it off rather than cry about it. A coping mechanism.

  • xiaoman yu
    xiaoman yu 20 days ago

    why am i watching this at night?

  • Tyler Rowe
    Tyler Rowe 20 days ago

    Her bathroom is so freaking cool can I just say that like with all the pictures I love her