Surprising Applications of the Magnus Effect

How far would a basketball with backspin go?
Rotor wing experimental aircraft: https://youtu.be/Ra8y6gGotwY
E-ship 1: https://youtu.be/qJ7haGqXs_E
Corner kick by Kyle: https://youtu.be/YIPO3W081Hw

How Ridiculous World Record Basket: https://youtu.be/H9SF2YIKRY8

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Автор Yannick P. ( назад)
Glad to see that you finally get all the views accredited to your channel dereck !

Автор xanadu172 ( назад)
A rising fastball!

Автор Teddy Norrell ( назад)
is this a jojo reference

Автор Gavin Prince ( назад)
Do a backflip off of the dam

Автор jiří Šeps ( назад)
same effect use airsoft guns. Hop up

Автор Duncan Frost ( назад)
Only 855 disliked out of 34.4 Million Views... HOLLY CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!!!

Автор James Mead ( назад)
Does the Magnus effect apply to non-circular objects? Would a spinning cube also be deflected? Could you address this in a future video? Thanks!

Автор unwuvwevwebwe Ossas ( назад)

Автор makarand shreelochan ( назад)
Amazing It helps alot in my project.So thanks for making this video

Автор MICHAEL NAVE ( назад)
this is cool. Imma go report the other upload of this cuz copying you

Автор Mr.Skrub ( назад)
This has 1 million more views than the stolen one

Автор JP RC ( назад)
I fell like a genius after watching your vids...until I realize I'm watching another person be smart because I'm not smart enough to do what he is doing

Автор Mateusz Kwiatkowski ( назад)
o skurwensyn :)

Автор RagingPotato 125 ( назад)
dude perfect stole your record...

Автор ReubenGamerz ( назад)
I'll bet you $26378382727278383827163839261573996152783927 dollars that u didn't read that number

You probably didn't even notice that I put a letter in the number

Looking back you realize that there is no letter

I want my like (or sub)

Автор Cyclical Room357 ( назад)
Someone stole this and got over 32 MILLION views

Автор yugioh guy ( назад)
Can I use this to beat the president?

Автор Woodwender455 ( назад)
Are you guys serious? Veritasium stole 30m views from how ridiculous. Unless they are getting a part of this revenue idk who to blame.

Автор MoeOverload ( назад)
Could this effect be improved by increasing the surface area in a similar fashion as a tesla turbine?

Автор tubeist- dan ( назад)
0:47 The Magnus effect also has the little-known property of sometimes making sounds travel at the velocity of light.

Автор Gaaah! ( назад)
Good. now go get those basketballs back. go on, chop chop

Автор Mike Cammiso ( назад)
Rename your video to: "Watch what happens when a spinning basketball gets thrown off a dam"

Автор guesswho kk ( назад)
Bouncing ball on water next to a dam. Hmm..... sound very familiar......

Please do a complete breakdown of Dambuster effect?

Автор 和博清原 ( назад)
I can study english and have more knowledge !

Автор Aditya Kumar ( назад)
hey isn't magnus effect application of the Bernoulli's principle( pressure is inversely proportional to velocity)

Автор marianopicco ( назад)
I saw the stolen video, then came here to give you the proper view...

Автор Jacob Phillips ( назад)
vids , the youtube channel, stole your video!!

Автор Braxton Mann ( назад)
vid has been stolen

Автор ZigZag Bilim ( назад)
l m from turkey.please help me Usa please

Автор Nathan Young ( назад)
Watch what happens when a spinning basketball gets thrown off a dam - 31 million views by channel vids

Автор Liberium ( назад)
Hi! What's going on?
I am an upcoming YouTube creator who works hard to produce some quality content. I am not asking you to subscribe or like. But if you could leave some feedback on my video(s), I would greatly appreciate that. Thanks. You won't regret it!

Автор Exelios ( назад)
I always thought that effect had been described by Bernoulli in his equation linking fluid velocity and pressure differentiels

Автор bobiboulon ( назад)
Your video has been stolen by another channel "Vids". Look for a video named "Watch what happens when a spinning basketball gets thrown off a dam"

Автор Secret Cop ( назад)
that is science, science always cool or HOT!

Автор Luca Bosi ( назад)
the ship with spinning cilinders... is it really more efficient than a "standard" ship? you need fuel to provide the necessary energy needed to spin those for hours... and they look like they weigh a lot. My point is, to make a ship move forward you have to make a lot of air go backwards. In order to do that, you need cylinders to spin very fast, and that needs an energy source to overcome internal drag due to more moving parts. Is the vantage of having those cylinders worth it? (i could be way wrong, i haven't made any calculations)

Автор Mike Hunt ( назад)
a few days ago, a Harlem Globetrotter let a basketball go from the Tower of the americas in San Antonio, straight into a basket. looked very cool

Автор Jordan Beagle ( назад)
Awesome video, congrats on the 34 Million views! Too bad this got freebooting so much.

Автор diaboliqbeast ( назад)
Is there a reason that I got an ad with vertasium in it or am I just extremely lucked

Автор Some Random Person ( назад)
would the air going with the ball be moving slower relatively compared to the air going against the spin of the ball causing the high pressure on the front to push it the other way? or where am I wrong on this

Автор The Trio ( назад)
so this is how the gta5 bike glitch works

Автор elon lulaj ( назад)
Dislike becuz u Said soccer

Автор VitaliUS EN ( назад)

Автор i like pizza ( назад)
0:27 Gav? Is that you?

Автор captain Obvious ( назад)
I won't love to ride on magnus plane

Автор Itz Ozone ( назад)

Автор kupowniczek ( назад)
Does Magnus effect affects time of falling? I mean does it kind of "break" the law of falling objects-when two objects on the same height are dropped, one with vertical speed, they hit the ground at the same time....

Автор Jelly Biscuit ( назад)
This is how the 23rd president was killed, ya know

Автор Jill Peachy ( назад)
I just watched this from another person and I totally recognized your voice, so I came here instead.

Автор dontzenyourselfout ( назад)
...amid all the Wonders of the World: the greatness of Gravity, the Spin and Rotation of matter, the very Bending of Time and Space, The Magnus Effect itself, yet what matters most is...the netting of a basketball. That's what makes us dance. Absolutely fabulous. Einstein himself. would be chuckling like crazy ...

Автор Ronald Tetsuo Miura ( назад)
0:52 Hakugei!

Автор Husky PVP ( назад)
Someone copied your video name Vids just so you know

Автор Sami Tuffaha ( назад)
hey derek, there are new Propellers in the Market called "voith Schneider Propellers", are they related in anyway to the magnus effect?

Автор dekallium ( назад)
WHO ELSE IS FROM TASMANIA? I'm lonely?????????

Автор Messenger 94 ( назад)
Also used in paintballs

Автор Геннадий Танин ( назад)
Мой лайк !!! модератору сайта. Углядел связь с эффектом Магнуса.
cs@df Подшипник быстроборотистый
На обоймах ролики не формируют Магнус-смещение. Не образуются магнус-задиры между роликом и обоймой. Соответственно не образуется трение и , соответственно, тепло. Ролик и обойма не сплавляются даже на быстрых оборотах.

Автор Геннадий Танин ( назад)
cs@df подшипник быстрооборотистый. Нагрев удалён на основе эффекта Магнуса.

Автор Bilderberg CEO ( назад)
If I jump out of a plane, and curl up in a ball, should I spin forward or backward?

Автор MinionNoMore ( назад)
Why is it that I like watching a ball rotating that much? :)

Автор Colby Becker ( назад)
Hi Veritasium and subscribers, I just want to let you know that there's this other channel that has posted your video and is claiming it as their own. All of us Veritassium followers should go get that channel banned. See info below:
Other Video Title: Watch what happens when a spinning basketball gets thrown off a dam
Channel: Vids

Автор Magnus ( назад)
I like the name of this effect ;)

Автор ChuaShaoCong ( назад)
Hey Derek, I have an engineering question that is not related to the video, but I hope you can help:

Why are there so many different types of wings, especially on fighter aircrafts. Shouldn't there be a standard wing whose shape is optimised for a particular task, be it speed, manoeuvrability, efficiency etc? If you look at the YF-23, which is supposed to perform the exact same task as the F-22 Raptor, they both have very different wing designs. Is one really better than the other?

I have been puzzled by this question or a long time and I can't seem to find the answer to my question anywhere. Do you know where I can learn more about wing shapes and how they affect the performance of an aircraft? (Or perhaps could you make a video on wing shapes? :))

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read through all the comments. I hope you can help answer my burning questions :)

Your videos are educational and informative, not to mention awesome. I have watched every single one of them! They have helped inspired me to be mire curious about my science and the world, and Veritasium 2 is extremely thought provoking, hope you keep producing awesome stuff!

Автор Greek Zone ( назад)
"Then ot crashed" lul

Автор moondoggy1987 ( назад)
Ever seen a baseball pitcher throw a curveball.... >_>

Автор Anish Shrivastava ( назад)
DUDE! Someone reuploaded ur video and is making a TON of views and likes!
Just wanted to let you know...

Автор Retro Geckos And More ( назад)
someone stole your vid and has hundreds of thousands of likes

Автор V.H ( назад)

Автор Wilson Ong ( назад)
It was a nice damonstration

Автор Islamic Stereo ( назад)
Woow. I need to kick the football as using this magnus effect ;)

Автор Alex Smahlex ( назад)
No titan will be getting over THAT wall!

Автор Timothy Wong ( назад)
That was so satisfying

Автор Yash ( назад)
SIR,could you please post a video about the BIG CRUNCH, If possible

Автор Aevan Candelaria ( назад)
Can the Magnus Effect have a ball do a loop?

Автор Sad ( назад)
Hey bro a guy by the name of vids stole your video completely and got 25m views. It's also now on the front page (at least for me) but I think you should strike the video down because he's completely stealing your great video.

Автор Gerald K ( назад)
I cant believe you have to actually explain this to people...

Автор Rachel ( назад)
Great experiment! Loved your explanation :)

Автор takeadayofff ( назад)
There is a god and his name is Isaac Newton.

Автор Zaffron ( назад)
Nice idea
i am going to try throwing the ball :)

Автор derek7717 ( назад)
That basketball has one goal in life: to mock the laws of physics.

Автор Robotic Keyboard ( назад)

Автор Danes Zalor ( назад)
the stolen video got more views because, it's title is more catchy.

Автор Moto Thumper ( назад)
table tennis

Автор Archduke Dirty Dan ( назад)
Physics.EXE has stopped responding

Автор Nickgunson ( назад)
i live in tasmania

Автор Pablo Salvador López Parragué ( назад)
excelent Men!! great job!

Автор RandomUser043 ( назад)
Derek. What if:
The spinning basketball had a perfectly smooth surface? Wouldn't that create a frictionless environnment and nullify the magnus effect because the passing air has nothing to grab onto?

Автор John McJohnson ( назад)

Автор Noa Sjöstrand ( назад)

Автор Azure ( назад)
stolen video with 22 views and 30K more likes...

Автор Aadya Dewangan ( назад)
That moment when you realise that derek has taught u more physics than ur physics teacher....

Автор rocket sprout1212 ( назад)
Yo veritasium I have important news, somebody used this EXACT video and got 22 mil veiws off it

Автор GaMMaLiKKeR ( назад)
got a tingle in my spine when u showed to top of the dam :)

Автор XXxEdgeBoixXX 9000 ( назад)
Someone stole your video and the channel is called vids, get the video taken down or get the monetization from it

Автор Argenis ( назад)
Well, time to be like all the other hundred commenters on this video. Veritasium, someone stole ypur video

Автор G Supreme ( назад)
I was waiting for a loud moan when the ball hit the water

Автор Zeb Kaye ( назад)

Автор string Name.YouTube(googleplus) ( назад)
I was half expecting Dikembe Mutombo to jump out the water and smack the ball away before it landed.

Автор whatabk ( назад)
Veritasium, someone stole your video. Get it flagged! The channel goes by the name of "Vids" the copied video has over 20 million videos!

Автор WaffleDinosaur ( назад)
Someone called "Vids" stole this video!! Go take 'em down.

Автор ZombiePig1569 ( назад)
Vids copied this video and got over 20 million views

Автор n12ch4l _ ( назад)
There is this guy on YouTube that has completely copied this video. His channel name is "Vids" he's made about 21 million views on it. Please go and take it down. I'm pretty sure most of his videos are copied off others.

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