first christmas shopping adventure of the year!! vlogmas day 2

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • its the first christmas shopping adventure of the year! bought some christmas presents and can't wait for everyone to open them! what are you asking for this christmas? xo -alisha marie
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  • Courtney Mallia
    Courtney Mallia 9 days ago

    Who is TK?

  • Alicia diversões e brincadeiras

    Sou a única do Brasil?????...

  • Harper Harema
    Harper Harema 23 days ago

    smart whach

  • Laura Yoder
    Laura Yoder 26 days ago

    Dang, them brows though!

  • Laura Yoder
    Laura Yoder 26 days ago

    Pls do a makeup routine! ILY Alisha!!!!❤️😍💕

  • Negis Nengoma
    Negis Nengoma Month ago

    Alisha 'five fout three two ooooooooooooooooooone' 😂😂😂

  • Samantha Clancy
    Samantha Clancy Month ago

    The “Alisha Marie RUclip Sorority House”

  • Laura Yoder
    Laura Yoder Month ago

    OMG, I have the 2019 vlogmas mug! ILY Alisha!!😍😍💕

  • Potatoes are hot!
    Potatoes are hot! Month ago

    When you said "time to throw on some make up" I was like you dont have make up on I thought you just didn't do your eyebrows I was so confused

  • Cascy Burden
    Cascy Burden Month ago

    I'm asking for a makeup brush set

  • Sydney Davis
    Sydney Davis Month ago

    Yessss get it Chloe!

  • Day Charles
    Day Charles Month ago +2

    i didn’t really ask for anything this year but my parents surprised me with a trip to pittsburgh for the ncaa volleyball semi finals & championship 😩🤍

  • Ashley B
    Ashley B Month ago

    I love the attitude 😂

  • Tori Allen
    Tori Allen Month ago


  • Mahnoor Fatima
    Mahnoor Fatima Month ago


  • Unique Side
    Unique Side Month ago +1

    Her intro was Pretty Basic 🤣

  • Queen Nicole
    Queen Nicole Month ago

    Alisha at 4:00

  • Genesïs's Beauty
    Genesïs's Beauty Month ago

    Why was this one only Chloe

  • HeyJay
    HeyJay Month ago

    But forking is from the good place 🥺

  • Amy Skye
    Amy Skye Month ago

    This is mind numbing.

  • Anna Erickson
    Anna Erickson Month ago


  • Neha dutt
    Neha dutt Month ago

    Alisha I am just like u in packing for small and big trip aaaa 🥰🥰😏🥳🤩

  • Nicole B.
    Nicole B. Month ago

    Currently Binging buuuut the fa la la llama vlogmas cup is my favorite ever ! 😅

  • I'm lonely too
    I'm lonely too Month ago

    Your merch is rlly cool

  • Анастасия Ющенко

    I am from Russia. I know English a little bit, but for me seems Alisha talk like Eminem 😃😃 very very fast

  • Shannonsunicorns Life

    I was asking for makeup room stuff and surprised and an iPad 💞

  • iheeartyoux3
    iheeartyoux3 Month ago

    You need to get microblading ! Your shape will be there already and you will barley have to touch them !

  • Emily Bean
    Emily Bean Month ago

    I generally miss old alisha

  • Pilar Gómez Bodego

    I actually asked for a so extra hoodie for Christmas, i hope i get it!

  • LEGACY Sisters
    LEGACY Sisters Month ago

    For Christmas I want AirPods, iPhone 11 Pro, a tv, and a ps4,.... but I’m going on a vacation instead

  • SarahAnnLiam Cleary

    I want an Apple Watch but I know I’m getting it 😂😂

    iKONIQUE KON Month ago

    Can I ask what's the song of the introoo

  • babygrils1000
    babygrils1000 Month ago

    Love this video

  • Amanda Velasquez
    Amanda Velasquez Month ago

    this Christmas I want a mint Keurig because i'm obsessed with coffee and uggs #vlogmas day 1

  • Monty Krueger
    Monty Krueger Month ago

    I want for Christmas LED lights

  • Rebecca Dagar
    Rebecca Dagar Month ago

    What is the tune in the intro??
    Can anyone tell pls

  • Arabella Elharouni
    Arabella Elharouni Month ago +1

    There should be merch that says ok Andrew

  • Tamika Stephenson
    Tamika Stephenson Month ago

    Camera and makeup

  • Anna Gerber
    Anna Gerber Month ago

    HOW did you get Chloe to sit so still?

  • Gwyneth Yung
    Gwyneth Yung Month ago

    a polaroid printer!

  • thesilkymango
    thesilkymango Month ago

    shane and andrew merch? i just came here from morgan lol

  • Miyah Thomas
    Miyah Thomas Month ago

    I'm asking for airpods🤞

  • Bec Bartz
    Bec Bartz Month ago

    Loving the vlogmas this year ☺️ btw I struggle with packing for a few days as well I always Waayyyyy over pack 😂😂

  • Paige Metcalf
    Paige Metcalf Month ago

    What I asked for for Christmassss was money, i need my phone fixed and clothes😚✌ Also Your makeup is cute!😍

  • Seth Brentano
    Seth Brentano Month ago

    I want a phone case and a new bed set

  • Lexis Dodson
    Lexis Dodson Month ago

    I am asking for money for a car and rent. #adultchristmas2k19

  • shelbitedeschi
    shelbitedeschi Month ago

    I feel you. Vlogmas is EVERYTHING. I can't even catch up on my sub box, and that's the way I like it.

  • Hai Peeps
    Hai Peeps Month ago

    I already got 2 of my presents but I asked for 4 things which are a John Galliano dress(already got it);an Armani Exchange denim skirt(got it);A Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt(Didn't get it) and a white shirt with blue stripes from Abercrombie 😂 I- because of this I look like a brat omg but like I am not and I am not even rich oof

  • Abby Walters
    Abby Walters Month ago +1

    I love your intros

  • sribika senthilkumar
    sribika senthilkumar Month ago +1

    That enterance😋😋😋

  • Brooklyn Vandenberg
    Brooklyn Vandenberg Month ago +1

    The intro for this one 🤣 Chloe!!

  • ItsAlaia
    ItsAlaia Month ago

    Alisha you make me so happy everyday even if I’m having a bad day love you girl keep up the good work btw your makeup look beautiful even with out makeup you look good

  • Peter Kaufman
    Peter Kaufman Month ago +4

    How did they get Chloe to stay on that throne

  • Brandy Gould
    Brandy Gould Month ago

    Omg Chloe is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • Amanda Carlson
    Amanda Carlson Month ago

    I love your pink hoodie! Is this sold in your merch shop?

  • Diane McAdams
    Diane McAdams Month ago


  • Rania Woodward
    Rania Woodward Month ago +1

    lol it looked like you had side bangs for a second and i was like


  • Rania Woodward
    Rania Woodward Month ago

    Chloe looks like a kweennn