Michigan State vs. Kansas: Josh Jackson drops 23 points as Jayhawks advance

Kansas state star forward Josh Jackson scored 23 points on 9-16

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Автор CORN-MAN ( назад)
Great player but why draft JJ if Lakers have a high chance of getting PG

Автор DB89 ( назад)
Let Melo go, draft this guy.

Автор FvnesseGvd 15 ( назад)
Nah he don't really remind me of kawhi
, jimmy , or Andrew... he play like t-mac

Автор PressPlayStace ( назад)
him and devin booker!!! with criss and ulis

Автор lancernightful ( назад)
Forget Lonzo and fultx. THis kid is perfect for Lakers. between Ivica, randle, ingram, Josh, we don't have to worry about cover anybody except russell. Defense is on a locked down LOL. Ingram, russell, josh cover 3 points leave ivica and randle to punish people inside with their beast mode.

Автор Darius Downs ( назад)
He's nice i been saying this he's the new dr j

Автор Scarlett O'hara ( назад)
Josh Jackson, "THE" Fabulous Freshman!

Автор MoRico27 ( назад)
I gotta say Josh Jackson reminds me more of Kawhi Leonard. Two way players are hard to find and often overlooked in NBA drafts.

Автор Chris Allen ( назад)
And we forget that he's had to take on more of the PF role when our other 5-star, Azubuike went down......This team turns frightening when you think about adding back a healthy 6'11 tree trunk to the defensive ranks....

Автор Timo Cruz ( назад)
Smaller Wiggins, with better handle

Автор Merlin Calo ( назад)
Barbecue chicken 🍗 everywhere. 😳 Maybe his best game of the year so far. He was doing it all this game. The handle and step back three were looking sharp.

I would really like to see UCLA vs Kansas in a game. I think that would make one heck of a matchup.

Автор Kash Flo ( назад)
if the lakers don't draft this kid my head will explode

Автор Xzan man ( назад)
Ball or jackson lakers gonaa have to think about this one really hard

Автор Phillip Jennings ( назад)
My boys in Kansas City next oh man o man, I stay right in Midtown KCMO down the street see you there.

Автор aepr84 ( назад)
looks like Kawhi JR

Автор Robby Farland ( назад)
Jimmy Butler 2.0

Автор Guy Sly ( назад)
Jackson was near flawless in this game.

Автор Jean Michael ( назад)
Josh Jackson will make a great complimentary player in the NBA. I hope he won't be stuck on a team that will require him to put up 30+ a night.

Автор timothy rodriguez ( назад)
this dude bounce is crazy hes going to be a problem in 5 yrs lol

Автор Nick Lopez ( назад)
Ball... Fultz... Jackson.... Tatum... im glad im not danny ainge.... who do you pick?

Автор Derek Buchanan ( назад)
Lakers could use him.

Автор Aaron Naidoo ( назад)
lonzo ball will be the number 1 pick

Автор OUtkast19782007 ( назад)
The Celtics should take this guy and by the way thank you nets..

Автор Big Factzz TV ( назад)
Josh Jackson more athletic but Miles Bridges more Mentally tough to me, I'll take Miles he could be the next LeBron, Josh Jackson has 4 Seniors and a beast in Frankie Mason to rely on less pressure on his game, Miles Bridges is The Spartans key player and still delivers Miles will win a NBA Title mark my words.

Автор frisco hanley ( назад)
Thank you Nets😆

Автор xart23x ( назад)
Too stiff and needs better handles.  Fultz and Lonzo are better.

Автор ka en ( назад)
JJ already better than Wiggins

Автор paperchaser1200 ( назад)
"Here comes Jackson" 😂😂😂😂
Let's Go KU

Автор Josh Burgan ( назад)
Lakers ! Russ , Jackson , Ingram , randle , zubac

Автор aldrin castronero ( назад)
better than wiggins defensively and passing

Автор Mr. Clyde ( назад)
He looked like an NBA player tonight.

Автор Alll Beee ( назад)
Miles Bridges got serious buckets put on him today.. JJ should be the #1 pick

Автор Ty Cole ( назад)
He's a cold piece!!!

Автор Diego Costa 19 ( назад)
Lakers do what you can to tank the season to draft him, this kids is unbelievable

Автор Benjamin Poston Jr. ( назад)
On Lie tho. Tonight Josh jackson was looking like T-Mac . His potential is Scary

Автор Mr. Splashteen #SaveUltima ( назад)
Future Sun

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