TheHUB Live - Amazing Facts That Will Truly Blow Your Mind!!

  • Published on Jun 20, 2018
  • Join us on this live episode as we walk you through the most amazing and crazy facts that will blow your mind.
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    10 Mind-Blowing Facts About President TRUMP'S Vehicle
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    Foods You'll NEVER Eat Again Once You Know How They're Made
    10 Crazy Security Features in The White House
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    10 Homes That Will Mess With Your Mind!
    10 Ridiculously EXPENSIVE Abandoned Houses
    Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is A Lie
    The Most Heavily Guarded Military Bases
    10 Sci-Fi Shoes From The Future That Actually Exist
    10 Lies Parents Tell Kids That You Still Believe
    And Many More interesting and Mind-blowing videos!
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  • dj osearth
    dj osearth 2 hours ago

    WTF "preferred" blood type?..

  • lepayen
    lepayen 3 days ago

    Trillionaire? Shit, if someone becomes a trillionaire they could afford to pay the entire population just for existing and still pass down money to their kids. So why aren't billionaires creating homes and jobs and feeding the poor?

  • lepayen
    lepayen 3 days ago

    Nope, looking up and to the left means you're lying and licking your lips or having a dry mouth could just be nerves or that you're the one doing most of the talking.

  • Jocelyn Wang
    Jocelyn Wang 3 days ago

  • B
    B 3 days ago

    September 19 2014 a guy jumped the gate and walked into the white house. Lmao all the sequrity and he just walks inside 😂😂😂

  • george duncan
    george duncan 4 days ago

    I woke up to this today. That trips me out that all these other people have been waking up to it too. Four and a half million views of something not many people would watch. Especially two and a half hours of it.

  • Mac Ten
    Mac Ten 6 days ago

    7.20 Obama in backseat!

  • Zee Brown
    Zee Brown 6 days ago +1

    I just noticed that this actually came up on a whole different tab than what I was im really thinking this is some subliminal brainwashing does a new tab just all of a sudden pop up...that's never happened before...not even with youtube...SHADY BUSINESS...

  • Zee Brown
    Zee Brown 6 days ago

    it's strange that soooooo many people, including myself, woke up to this. When I fell asleep i had paused my computer on a whole different show. I think this shit is to brainwash and send subliminal messages in our sleep....fuck that bs...i'm glad it was paused when i woke up...but again, how did it even end up on my screen...things that make you go HHHMMMMMMMMMM...

  • darron hedges
    darron hedges 6 days ago +1

    Lock him in it,throw the keys down drain.but park it somewhere quiet,his gymn..

  • Ann Comstock
    Ann Comstock 8 days ago

    and see these rich people dont want us to have our wall but they can have all thier walls

  • Bete Noire
    Bete Noire 13 days ago

    What about when Trump farts?

  • Marcus hungidas
    Marcus hungidas 15 days ago +1

    They should had made it so that the truck would spill fake blood to trick the attacker

  • unikittylover101
    unikittylover101 17 days ago +1

    ummm wot the oof i legit opened my laptop screen and this wa playing

  • Teressa Adams
    Teressa Adams 17 days ago activatemastercarcardvalidthru04%161st#tac💳deposit

  • Kevin Stafford
    Kevin Stafford 17 days ago

    me to

  • General Disarray
    General Disarray 18 days ago

    For all it's tech and gadgets it was immobilised by a bit of a bump while leaving the US embassy in Dublin Ireland...

  • Defaultplayz 101
    Defaultplayz 101 19 days ago


  • Defaultplayz 101
    Defaultplayz 101 19 days ago

    21 dang bedrooms..

  • agentorangexxx
    agentorangexxx 19 days ago

    I'm not joking or hoping on the band wagon, but I woke up to this too .

  • Miranda McCoy
    Miranda McCoy 19 days ago +1

    I fell asleep and woke up to this

  • Unknown Cat
    Unknown Cat 20 days ago +1

    I didn't sleep and wake up to this, though I came back home to this.

  • Delisa Israel
    Delisa Israel 20 days ago

    Weird. I was taking a nap and woke to this too. Not sure what to make of it after reading other comments about waking to this.

  • richstarx
    richstarx 21 day ago +6

    I didnt wake up to this...i was trying to sleep when this came on

  • rasta monsta
    rasta monsta 21 day ago

    😕Wtf? I fell asleep and woke up to this. Seeing that everyone else in the comments did too, now i wonder how and why tho? Damn technology, u scary frfr

  • Gage Phillips
    Gage Phillips 21 day ago


  • 411 media
    411 media 21 day ago

    Sacry asses if somebody want you dead you gonna get got no security can stop a bullet‼️

  • Paul Blackstock
    Paul Blackstock 23 days ago

    Diego Garcia is beautiful. I was there when in the Royal Navy.. There are NO terrorists stored there.

  • beamerUSA
    beamerUSA 24 days ago

    Its garbage. Remember stupid Obama was stuck in London for an hour over a speed bump?

  • Georgie Ippolito
    Georgie Ippolito 24 days ago

    trump doesn't even deserve a armored car. he deserves rollerskates instead.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 24 days ago

    @8:59-the “luxurious” interiors are due to the fact every penny and every bit of labor by his slaves in the prisoner camps and his slaves that live “freely” throughout the country, goes towards his nuclear weapons and keeping his family comfortable as humanly possible, and some of the heads of various government groups kept bribed, so their underlings will never question and obey orders without the slightest hesitation or thought.

    @8:55-they are not royals by ANY interpretation of the word!!! They are a family dictatorship that came to power when his grandfather instigated a terrible war and went on to rack up massive war crimes, especially in regards to prisoners. I despise the whole idea of “royals”, respect is earned, not a lucky draw of which vagina you emerge from, and hell, they’re inbred as fuck when you talk about the British royals.

    8:45- they’re loathed more than “feared.” You sounded like a fanboy in awe. You used it in the context of respect, as in “they are the most respected and not-fucked-with country in the world”-kinda crap. They are feared over the way they treat their citizens and feared that they will murder millions of innocents with a nuclear weapon and with their brainwashed society, happily die due to having NOTHING to live for.

  • No Name
    No Name 27 days ago

    There is no such thing as bullet proffer 😤

  • EBoy The Great
    EBoy The Great 29 days ago

    Who watched the whole thing? I'm about 50:00 mins in rn 😂🥱

  • tony newcomb
    tony newcomb 29 days ago

    At 4:31 there is an image of Obama in the Presidential vehicle. Could you please remove his face from the video. As I find it offensive. As he was not a true President or a legal American.

  • Lucky luck
    Lucky luck Month ago

    Shit this video got me knock out, wake up and still on this video. This crazy ass video.

  • Andy Dudley
    Andy Dudley Month ago

    COME ON people kim hired her own stalkers lol

  • Ta Toh
    Ta Toh Month ago +3

    This damn vid was my was in the background when i woke up

  • Kaname Stackhouse
    Kaname Stackhouse Month ago +1

    Disney taught us how to kiss a frog not a toad silly 😂


    Who the hell cares really?

  • Heil Starly
    Heil Starly Month ago

    guess they learned after jfk

  • Those Two Stupid Soldiers

    .44 mag? How about .50 BMG?

  • Vin Lop
    Vin Lop Month ago +4

    Felt a sheep and toked up two fish. (not lying)

  • HenDog WILSON
    HenDog WILSON Month ago +3

    Just woke up to dis. Crazy

  • Todd Wambach
    Todd Wambach Month ago

    I wonder if this thing has a self destruct button , If someone would hit it at just the right time

  • liam fell
    liam fell Month ago

    or it gets the hose again

  • caye cushing
    caye cushing Month ago

    me to

  • kenny24631
    kenny24631 Month ago


  • H Justice
    H Justice Month ago

    I fall asleep every night listening to vids like this or documentaries♡I came across your channel & the length of the vid. I woke up this morning & now watching where I left off last night lol.Thank you for your hard work & for sharing

  • Freeway
    Freeway Month ago +2

    Looking at all these comments about people waking up to this video. 😂 I did too. It's 5:19 in the morning. So funny!

  • Monmon Castro
    Monmon Castro Month ago +4

    Raymond brown & root mowhlem, diego garcia
    My dad used to work there wayyyyyyyy bckkk.
    No stories bout wot u sed bout that place was told to me tho'..

  • Zero
    Zero Month ago

    I think most of the likes are assassin

  • SharpDiaspro
    SharpDiaspro Month ago

    I woke up to this to why did so many people wake up to this

  • Arie Rhae
    Arie Rhae Month ago +2

    So I feel asleep playing 10 people who lived in houses and woke up to this, umm

  • Brother
    Brother Month ago

    how did I get here...?

  • Dominik Furkevics
    Dominik Furkevics Month ago


  • FjordFish
    FjordFish Month ago

    ehm.... "in fact, it is doubtful that there is a more heavily armoured vehicle anywhere in the world"....? like.... tanks? never heard of? actual combat vehicles of multitudes of sorts? ok........

  • Liquid Nitrogen
    Liquid Nitrogen Month ago

    Man spreading is simply not wanting to sit on your balls there is no predominant male conspiracy going on

  • Your Real Estate Expert

    This woman's voice is annoying.

  • M Stomtroopers
    M Stomtroopers Month ago

    could be buggered researching timeline so lets call it olden times

    • David K
      David K Month ago

      whoa no. this is definitely the here and insane now.

  • Lars Vingum Jensen
    Lars Vingum Jensen Month ago

    a pure idiot it seems

  • Daniel Peterson
    Daniel Peterson Month ago

    I went with 2 1/2 hours of sleep each day for two months then I would seep for one weekend and then do it all over.

  • Chocolate Thunder
    Chocolate Thunder Month ago

    :hey its hot in here roll down the.... Oh right

  • sandra hernandez
    sandra hernandez Month ago +1

    Went to sleep watching something else and hours later , I’m Just woke up to this 🤔 (twilight zone) weird 🙄

  • john hopkins
    john hopkins Month ago

    quite impressive... until it gets hung up, stuck, exiting the U.S. Embassy, Dublin... any personal expressions regarding the current primary passenger are illegal.... While "offensive chemicals cannot seep inside.." what about offensive slime from seeping out?

  • Christian Ledbetter

    red pill??

  • TheKraken
    TheKraken Month ago


  • Larry Holloway
    Larry Holloway Month ago

    Who the fuck you calling peasant

  • Charles Holimon
    Charles Holimon Month ago

    sooo int the first five minutes...they said that only the driver side window goes down....but you show pictures of trump waving out of the window?

  • Exodus
    Exodus Month ago

    Wow... I thought this was going to be a good video. Then the manspreading part popped up. This is obviously a biased video.

  • Simon The Kid
    Simon The Kid Month ago

    How dafuq do you wake up to this?

  • Cutter Spaulding
    Cutter Spaulding Month ago

    *fast forwards video* Not gonna have choclate for me......nope....not happening!!!! lol

  • Cutter Spaulding
    Cutter Spaulding Month ago

    41:23 Just fricking EWWWWW!!!! lol

  • Gabz keenobi
    Gabz keenobi Month ago

    Toenai l

  • Dano Man
    Dano Man Month ago

    if you let these people sway you from eating certain things ,you are an idiot and may you never enjoy fig bars or peanut butter again . they are notorious for having the highest bad things per gram . all agricultural things have some icky stuff and EVERYTHING you eat is agricultural .

  • MrBeard17
    MrBeard17 Month ago

    11:11 "This drawbridge is the only way in or out" .. 11:17.. shows the house with multiple doors and windows.

  • Ian herp
    Ian herp Month ago

    The beasts door handles are also capble of shocking the shit out of you if you fuck with them to

  • Roman Broude
    Roman Broude Month ago


  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    thats fucking weird... I also woke up to this video

  • Korben Winter
    Korben Winter Month ago +5

    Me too I woke up to this this other video was playing before this played 100 Unsolved Mysteries That Cannot Be Explained | Compilation.

    I went back to check what was playing.

  • Marco Buiks
    Marco Buiks 2 months ago

    This complete subject on the high security of the white house ,only reminds me of the part Joe Rogan did on this idiot running across lawn of the white house just to find out the doors where not closed and locked ..he could walk right in there ...took almost 10 minits to find this idiot running around in the highest secured part of America

  • Foxx Snow
    Foxx Snow 2 months ago

    ok, ill explain it slowly, men "Man spread" because they have a fucking DICK and BALLS. how about this stick two eggs and a carrot between ur legs and then try to sit like a woman. Yea it's not fun so fuck off we don't do it for "dominance" grow up and think of others and not just yourself. Now yes if someone is "manspreading" excessively and using it to move you away or annoy you then yes fuck them a :) good day!

  • Gut Fol
    Gut Fol 2 months ago

    'uninteresting security measures that probably won't blow your mind'

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon 2 months ago

    The only time that there will be gender neutrality is when the law is changed to remove women’s ability to have children and the laws are changed to remove the requirement of one gender having to support the other at the dissolution of the union

  • lia lorenzo
    lia lorenzo 2 months ago

    laugh at this guy
    he cant read
    mispronounced several important names and words
    but u do this for a living ?

  • fritzb43
    fritzb43 2 months ago

    The world's most expensive baby stroller.

  • Linda Lawrence
    Linda Lawrence 2 months ago

    'Bye. I refuse to watch videos by people who are incapable of pronouncing their own language properly. Lady, the word button has 2 ts in it. B u TT o n. Not Bu on.

  • ———GingerGravy2 ———

    14:46 does he say fuckingham palace?

    • Korben Winter
      Korben Winter Month ago

      Buckingham palace?

      Yeah I checked it is Buckingham palace

  • Ted Bates
    Ted Bates 2 months ago +2

    They left out an important fact about the drivers. One of the tests is that they can drive a car backwards around a race track while "drifting" to simulate multiple road surfaces, and do it going over 80 MPH.

  • monmixer
    monmixer 2 months ago +1

    What good is a trunk full of your blood if the professional in the vehicle that knows how to administer it is dead.

  • BestDayEver pipoNtita
    BestDayEver pipoNtita 2 months ago

    I fall asleep and woke up with this

  • Eimear Sanskrit
    Eimear Sanskrit 2 months ago

    I fell asleep and didn’t notice I was 41 minutes into this video

  • Christopher Fyffe
    Christopher Fyffe 2 months ago +2

    149:10 i live here right by Wright patterson airforce building its home to an amazing museam thats on base and open to the public. I love the museam and have been countless times. They have amazing aircraft there. EVEN all the stealth aircraft is in the museam.
    Presidential planes are one my favorite areas in the museam. Going inside and seeing what air travel was like for various U.S. presidents from diff eras.

  • Mal Iki
    Mal Iki 2 months ago +1

    why is this the wake up channel lmao i woke up to this too

  • CANALI Rodriguez
    CANALI Rodriguez 2 months ago +4

    Could u imagine being in a safe room with Kim k.??? It's a rap.

  • Springe Bing
    Springe Bing 2 months ago +3

    Am I the only one that didnt sleep from this because its actually very interesting?

  • Blackstone Media Collective

    I too woke up to this video, no cap

    • yeetboy23536456
      yeetboy23536456 2 months ago

      same i wake up to this when i close my computer

  • Sam Weston
    Sam Weston 2 months ago +5

    So weird woke up to this too

  • Blanketed Trust
    Blanketed Trust 2 months ago

    Can't tolerate the skank's tone

  • Trenasia Harris
    Trenasia Harris 2 months ago


  • Foforgfe
    Foforgfe 2 months ago