Dare Devil Dive Virtual Reality Roller Coaster POV New Revolution Six Flags Over Georgia


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Today we got a preview of Dare Devil Dive "New Revolution" Virtual Reality Roller Coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia. The experience was INSANE!

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Автор Moo Moo Puppy ( назад)
Do you have to use your own phone, or can you borrow one from them?

Автор Mikey Guerrero ( назад)
he said "A1" ....

Автор Brady Is awesome ( назад)

Автор FlightSimMovie ( назад)
Wow awesome...

Автор [Internal Screams] ( назад)
that's fuckin dope

Автор Gucci Versace ( назад)
The Nintendo 64 has better graphics

Автор Stephen 1982 ( назад)
Put in better graphics. Great idea; terrible execution.

Автор Jing Yang ( назад)
Wow this roller coaster is in LaRonde in Montreal!! Almost had my heart pumped out when I took the ride. Jumping down from top of building only appeared in my dream and now it feels so freaking real. Insane!!

Автор anye76 ( назад)
pretty darn cool

Автор Christian Mattos ( назад)
this is 2017 what kind of graphics are those??? come on six flags, you make a shit load of money to be making 90s graphic models

Автор Reggie Rodriguez ( назад)
It needs to be longer.

Автор Christianto Ming ( назад)
What's scarier real normal roller coaster ride or with the VR roller coaster ride ?

Автор Nazwa Salsabila Fadhillah ( назад)
di mana kamu naik

Автор Steak ( назад)
The roller coaster sounds like bass boosted music XD

Автор Barbara Tamayo ( назад)
Alguien de aquí habla español ?

Автор Ruth Egan ( назад)
that looks AMAZINH

Автор seywhut2985 ( назад)
I'm sorry. I'd rather just ride the coaster.

Автор Candace Michelle ( назад)
TBH the foster seems fun but omg the virtual stuff would give me so much anxiety😂😂😂

Автор Dualistic ( назад)
Lmao u can only do this with a galaxy edge

Автор Re Defy ( назад)
1:34 ear rape

Автор Re Defy ( назад)
1:34 ear rape

Автор 1guy 1meal ( назад)
my vr stopped working on the ride smh

Автор rochelimit's hangout ( назад)
what if the phone got blown away by the wind?

Автор Louirst ( назад)
I wanna try this but my Mom would kill me lmao

Автор RAIN ( назад)
Neat idea, but how uncomfortable was it when you keep hitting your head on that headrest?

Автор Onevibe 360 ( назад)
Awesome thank you for this video!!!

Автор Michele Zaremba ( назад)
I don't think this is the FIRST virtual reality "roller coaster" in North America. I went on something similar at Disneyland.

Автор Hector252.Hr@gmail.com Rodriguez ( назад)
what is that game call

Автор ALI KHAN ( назад)

Автор ian taylor ( назад)
What's the name of the song at the end of the video.

Автор Jill Smith ( назад)
A T L baby

Автор Carlo Jeferson ( назад)
can i Barrow that

Автор notyouravrgjoe ( назад)
They shouldn't add a VR on Dare Devil Dive.

Автор Polar Mine ( назад)
Wow you went the day before I did

Автор Chase Phillips ( назад)
What a stupid idea..

Автор Grewal Singh ( назад)
technology talking us on new levels every day

Автор Sea Hawks ( назад)
Have a fucking computer on each seat built in, then run a small 8 inch LCD screen into the VR, not a f'ing Galaxy phone, then youll have a real a experience with great graphics. Problem solved.

Автор PartyBoy101 ( назад)
I did the fright fest one with gargoyles today

Автор MADai XYLoh ( назад)
1:48 ew sweaty armpits!

Автор MissTia777 ( назад)
Damn they need to lift some weights! They are wimpy skinny!

Автор Ethan Owens ( назад)
I went on that with my  other 3 friends and it didn't work, instead of facing forward, our guys looked at their seats the whole time, it happened to all of us.

Автор PinkishBlueish Jamma ( назад)
i live in Atlanta. Me and my mom go to six flags almost every week end in the summer

Автор Backlog Productions ( назад)
nice 👌

Автор Colinz2 Gamming ( назад)
graphics are bad but WOW THAT MUST BE FUN

Автор Esther yxy ( назад)
The only thing I will worry about on the ride is my phone flying off. XD

Автор ZULCAM ( назад)
The wind sounds like an ear rape 😂😂👌

Автор Dave Marx ( назад)
I do not trust roller coasters enough to have my vision impaired while riding them.

Автор Dogsdanglers Gaming ( назад)
Search galactic Alton towers

Автор Mason Wade ( назад)
Sox flags over Georgia is probably the worst theme park in America

Автор Angela Bailey ( назад)
Holy shit I just rode this yesterday and when you're in the vr you can't even tell the graphics are bad

Автор Hilary Tran ( назад)
Do you guys feel the actual feeling of going down a roller coaster?

Автор GD Crossfire ( назад)
Sounded Like A Nuke Just Exploded.

Автор MonkeyDood ( назад)
The UK park Alton Towers had the first VR ride in the world

Автор Nathan Ring Star ( назад)
there doing this for akarham asylum rollercoaster in Australia in September.

Автор VXCV ( назад)
I wanna try this and do acid. But mostly do acid.

Автор wolf11 ( назад)
I think this is perfect for someone who scared of coaster because u in a game and not seeing the real world so u mind is more focus on the game and world u are in super cool

Автор Michael Clark ( назад)
All I can think about is whiplash

Автор Purranormal ( назад)
Much more visually interesting than that superman one :P

Автор ไลค์ คุง ( назад)

Автор Claudia Miceli ( назад)
Video game + fast motion = extreme nausea!!!!!

Автор Anonymous01959 ( назад)
Why do people stick their hands in the air like that? I never did that riding a roller coaster. Also the guy seemed unclear on the concept he was supposed to be shooting the aliens during the ride.

Автор Osom Legends ( назад)
I've tried this down at Six Flags in Eureka.

Автор shayne stone ( назад)
nobody wants to watch you goofs,put the whole video split screen.

Автор Ceasar Langley ( назад)
That was good.

Автор Elizabeth Guilarte ( назад)
Omg i go to the same six flags that you guys when to 😄

Автор critic ( назад)

Автор VelocityGrimZ ( назад)
Stop complaining about the graphics you 10 year olds

Автор Ernest Reyes ( назад)
AWESOME!!! I'm going to six flags tomorrow and I'm gonna try it out!! :D

Автор Ko Technik ( назад)

Автор Gotmo CZ ( назад)
Nice Samsung sponzoring...

Автор Dymere Grave ( назад)
i went on this it ws scary at all but it was cool 😘😍😃😄😊

Автор Burak Biten ( назад)
game name

Автор The RPG ( назад)
fuck you

Автор Femmy Is Queer ( назад)
Who else thought the sound of the roller coaster sounded like the extreme bass boost in dank memes

Автор Adam Firdyansyah ( назад)

Автор MadTParty ( назад)
No... The first virtual reality roller coaster is in six flags magic mountain...

Автор Brandon Briones ( назад)

Автор THE LAST SHADOW ( назад)

Автор abubakr siddiq ( назад)

Автор komodomoe ( назад)
I was with it until he landed going backwards on an aircraft carrier. Come on.

Автор Grace Son ( назад)
Can you not use your glasses when you use the headgear

Автор Shank Weiler ( назад)
They barely showed the game

Автор mim telecom ( назад)
Take action guys: use this link ...before they runs out !! Links Here!! --- https://twitter.com/f83123d176bab5432/status/720508815771312128?id=c096e824-7f6b-4384-91f0-29ca015f12b7 === !! Guides placed right here commonly working. Dare Devil Dive Virtual Reality Roller Coaster POV New Revolution Six Flags Over Georgia

Автор Furious Paul ( назад)
I assume that you wont get any motion sickness since the ride makes the reactions in VR feel more natural

Автор Talyjimmy ( назад)
I had anxiety from watching that lmao

Автор Dubberz ( назад)
I experienced this and i can say this was the most fun ive had with video games in a while.

Автор Cole Sibley ( назад)
When I went, I had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes and the VR didn't work during the ride. Pissed the heck out of me

Автор Ashton Lancaster ( назад)
That's lit

Автор The EnderPigs ( назад)
1:34 Drop The Fokin Bass.

Автор iSnipe Zombies ( назад)
Galactica is better

Автор nerdsarecool ( назад)
Went yesterday. The line time was RIDICULOUS. It takes them a while to fix everyone's headgear to their heads. Couple that with the fact that the cars only seat six and it just feels like a failure. The line time for VR was roughly 2.5 hours on a slow day (Goliath times were about 15-20 minutes). Luckily they asked for some non-VR riders to thin the line out. Interesting in practice but I don't think it's efficient enough.

Автор cobr3n ( назад)
Yah, I could see myself throwing up on this lol!

Автор jenna5960 ( назад)
Having to shoot something while on a coaster seems stupid to me

Автор Omar Soto ( назад)

Автор George Austers ( назад)
Those graphics are like PS1 games lol

Автор Ronald McDonald ( назад)
awesome exlamation point

Автор Cassie-san (crmtheanimefan) ( назад)
i can see this working for people who are scared of roller coasters lol

Автор River 585 ( назад)
Those are the shittiest 2003 graphics I've ever seen

Автор Terry Kecxon ( назад)
I just don't like the idea of the scene. Aliens? Whaaaaaaat?

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