Nick cannon responds to Orlando Brown Claims about him

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Comments • 80

  • Sittn Sideways King Krooked Waves

    all that shit nick cannon said aint got nothing to do with the accusation that he was out here giving head...all that long industry speech is a deflection..orlando could have accused anybody out the blue sky but why would sound like a crazy rant if it was him saying some random but nick aint even deny it..he tried to give some phlebotomist psychoanalysis of why the guy may be off his rocker but why you nick..why he accuse you outta everybody crazy he couldve named?

  • ieattofu68
    ieattofu68 Month ago

    Orlando is broken in so many ways and it's awful....

  • ieattofu68
    ieattofu68 Month ago

    Those wild Hollywood parties...Katt Williams tried to tell us....

  • O G
    O G Month ago

    Orlando brown be on that new jack shit 😁

  • Temeca Richardson
    Temeca Richardson Month ago

    I believe Orlando Brown because Nick Cannon is going so hard at the Eminem 50 stuff to try to distract everybody from the Orlando Brownjust listen to Nick when he talks about it he does that fake you know you lying laugh

  • Big Breezy
    Big Breezy Month ago

    He basically is telling the truth yet it's a subliminal message that since nick is a Mason. That comment was only a threat that Orlando will be killed. This is some crazy shit in Hollywood. Nick been doing this shit to keep his career!

  • Carolina’s Thoughts Show

    Tbh you can tell this man is lying. Even when he first mentioned it he looked like he was trying real hard to stay serious but wanted to laugh the whole time... Orlando is just trolling. He been saying all kinds of outrageous things.
    I think he just wanted some of the Nick vs Eminem drama. Guess he wanted to give Eminem some bars or something since he didn’t mention it until right after the Eminem attempted diss lol.

  • isaac bueras
    isaac bueras Month ago

    I believe Orlando!

  • james depugh
    james depugh Month ago

    He finally got the attention he wants congratulations smh👊👊

  • Michael Codallo
    Michael Codallo Month ago

    Nick did that shit look at Nicks approach because guilty or not all that high road speech is nice but why would you watch some one and respond on it without a clear No. I dont suck dick. Because of all the deflection clearly funny business was in Nicks resume. But Nick still is funny.

  • Thami cele
    Thami cele Month ago

    You are this guy is not right in his mind ,and if is true why he said now?I'm no said it never happened but Orlando looking crazy 🤞

  • Diana Hughes
    Diana Hughes Month ago

    I think Orlando was having a strong hallucination. I am not sure what he was on, but clearly he was on something. He already lost most if not all credibility because of his drug problem. I like how Nick handled it, but I would have outright said that it didn't happen just so there was no type of misunderstanding. I do believe that video of Orlando is a cry for help. I hope he seeks it out before its too late, and doesn't try to keep using social media to stay relevant. I agree that he has talent and I would love to see him get his act together. He's better than this.


    Even if Nick did perform this act, this person Orlando Brown did not have to out him like that. You can't trust people. Apparently Nick is in the closet.

  • hyc485 Killuminate
    hyc485 Killuminate Month ago

    I don’t believe any of this shyt’s clearly dude has been spazzing out for a couple years now I guess maybe he forgot his meds or something but clearly he needs help ...

  • Hansen Says Take A Seat

    So nick only goes off on ppl who are white huh

  • Phyllis Long
    Phyllis Long 2 months ago

    Nick almost sounded too unbotherd.# suspect

  • Mary Motherofgod
    Mary Motherofgod 2 months ago

    Hey he’s a poet and didn’t know it !!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Elicia Banks
    Elicia Banks 2 months ago

    Nick denied the accusation when he said he's never met him but felt he was hilarious in Major Payne so that's that. His ex girlfriendvand mother of his child who is in the Hollywood social lite circle also denied the claim and said drugs are affecting his behavior and it's a shame that his drug abuse and social media antics are overshadowing his talent as a rapper which Nick also said. Orlando is the Raz B of actors and hopefully they get the help they need.

  • David Green
    David Green 2 months ago

    Outstanding rebuttle from Nick,a real g does not have to reply to bullshit 2nd me personally would pull up break all of Orlando teeth in just saying🥊

  • Jenn Cummings
    Jenn Cummings 2 months ago

    I’ve come to realize that people are nothing but followers. Unfortunately our community, the black community, is the worst sometimes and it’s heartbreaking. We would rather gossip, knock each other down, want to see our own fail and believe some stupid bs rather that root for one another, pray for one another, stand up for each other or want to see our own succeed. It’s very very sad! People will follow whatever is trending, be on that person’s team one minute and turn their back on the the next minute. Somehow we have become followers even after all of the turmoil, strife, pain and suffering that our ancestors and black leaders that lost their lives and fought for US and OUR FUTURES! It’s beyond SAD and I really hate to say it but our black people cannot and will not win because we don’t know how to stick together and stand for or support our own! All of these other races know how to come together and support their own but we just can’t do it or get it together for some reason! Other races feel as though they can disrespect us because we disrespect us! We need to learn how to be stronger and stand up for our people, pray for our people, love our people and not tolerate the bs even when it’s comes from one of our own such as Orlando Brown’s ignorant ass! We gotta do better! I apologize for the long message but it just needed to be said! And I know you all don’t know me but I ❤️ you all! We need to say that more often and show true “Black Love” 🖤 to each other whether we know one another or not!

  • Nicholas manig
    Nicholas manig 2 months ago

    "Nick been suckong dick" hahahah

  • Mz.Sunshine Frances
    Mz.Sunshine Frances 2 months ago

    Please somebody paid him. The first video wasn't good enough so he had to include himself in the next. People show is asleep as fuck.

  • hanpeter25252500
    hanpeter25252500 2 months ago

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  • Leo The Indigo Mer Goddess 29

    I believe Orlando

  • Joe D.
    Joe D. 2 months ago

    5:23 he didn't deny it? He said he's never met the guy, he has only seen him on TV. Nick is talking about people like you that make money for RUclip to B's like this.

  • Faith and Hope
    Faith and Hope 2 months ago

    This is the same person that said he was Micheal Jackson son.. I'm praying for the young brotha

  • tenisha English
    tenisha English 2 months ago

    Shut up Deni what? He wants to b on wild-n-out it's his dumb way of joking. TF wrong with ppl that doesn't suffer from mental health issues, ur the one's that will fuck up a life an a joke. Damn!

  • L. D.
    L. D. 2 months ago

    Y’all so damn gullible in these comments lol, That n!gga did that shyt! Orlando down bad Ritenow & he knows A LOT of Hollyweird secrets he been wanting to expose... so why not just “blame it on the crazy” & put it on Social Media so h can finally get the attention he wants 🤔💁🏽‍♂️

  • Bryant Johnson
    Bryant Johnson 2 months ago

    Sound like Nick sucked that dick. Nigga ain't say nah

  • Cathy Shurelds
    Cathy Shurelds 2 months ago

    maybe you just want to get some attention and maybe that's only reason why you're doing it because you want to get attention and that's kind of sad that he wanted to get attention that way ☹️

  • Maria Slavinski
    Maria Slavinski 2 months ago

    I don't think Nick Cannon should do nothing but what he did.....however I think Orlando needs mental health.....he also should apologize to Nick or explain WTF he meant a joke ( is how I thought ) maybe explain I mean after all once it's on Social Media for us all to see ya made it everyone's biz so do tell us lol

  • Forster Andy Richard
    Forster Andy Richard 2 months ago

    I don't believe it but it is funny

  • Muscle Russell
    Muscle Russell 2 months ago

    If I was Nick Cannon. Orlando Brown would have gotten his ass whooped. You just not going to disrespect me in front of millions of people and keep walking around fine. Naw hands would be out on Orlando Brown

  • etova scales
    etova scales 2 months ago

    this whole situation is funny. these people must be on some hella of drugs

  • Lani’s World aka Queensgrindharder

    Nick is not being honest about knowing Orlando but the industry is a terrible place and causes mental illness but if we think everybody making these allegations about the industry is mentally ill!! No they aren’t

  • Mr. Gfresh
    Mr. Gfresh 2 months ago +1

    At the end of the day, if Nick Cannon is a cock sucker and did gave Orlando Brown fellatio, it is what it is, and that's his own business, unfortunately.

  • SiLo D S
    SiLo D S 2 months ago

    My thoughts, I think you or who ever else is slow if you didn't hear nick deny Orlando's lie in his reply to Orlando's statement.... Talk about click bait.
    And I believe what he says about not having a system for the young stars of Hollywood via Disney (past examples) and past actors/actresses have been in.... But my thing is this... I talk the same when I'm home in California in the hood's with young black mind's trying to curb their thoughts on other things than just gang banging drug selling but I do not have fund's like that. Someone said it takes a great man/woman to help those with his/her own money rather than enjoy all of his/her own money to themselves for the greater good of his/her own people.

  • Ivory Gilchrist
    Ivory Gilchrist 2 months ago

    Nick did deny it. He said he does not know the boy.

  • Dyna- Mite
    Dyna- Mite 2 months ago

    He said he didn't know him personally...So that was is denial. His response was epic and we'll written.

  • Valerie Morton
    Valerie Morton 2 months ago

    You can tell he was high. He needs to get help. It hurts my heart to see young people ruin their lives behind drugs. He is so lost. I have been through this with my sister. It’s a demon that will not let go. I applaud Nick Cannon for how he responded. You can’t handle it no other way. I pray that one day he will get his life together before it’s too late.

    MR. NOBODY 2 months ago +1

    I believe this shit! Nick Cannon is 39...Orlando Brown is 32...Nick Cannon keep referring to him as "young man" he's the fucking village elder and shit. Y'all not that far apart in age. Then he's talking about WHITE SUPREMACY...what the fuck does white supremacy have to do with you slobbin on that man's knob? Did the white man make you do it? Brah...stop trying to DISTRACT us from what was said. How is it that Nick Cannon can get all in his feelings about Eminem implying that he went up in Mariah's walls, and that allegedly happened BEFORE Nick and Mariah was ever a thing...but, another man saying you sucked his dick and you gone say you found it HILARIOUS? What the fuck is hilarious about another man saying you sucked his dick? HE DID IT! Maybe he didn't respond harshly to Orlando because a part of his CONSCIENCE feels guilt for the things he did when he was younger. Maybe he feels like some of his sexual behaviours with Orlando might have helped to destroy Orlando's psyche. Personally, I think a lot of these child stars who grow up and have terrible drug addiction problems, I think they are using drugs to dull the pain of the sexual abuse they experienced as children in the entertainment business. People like Amanda Bynes...I'm waiting for her to speak out, because I think she is a victim of that shit. Orlando is speaking out...but, we say he crazy...crazy people are the most TRUTHFUL people because they have no FILTER...they don't know what is appropriate to say and what isn't...they just say what they know!

  • Matthew Tyler
    Matthew Tyler 2 months ago


  • rebelL sprouT
    rebelL sprouT 2 months ago

    yeah he looks like he is on stuff.

  • Buzz Care
    Buzz Care 2 months ago

    but he didn't deny it though

  • king King
    king King 2 months ago

    he talkin like that because he feel everybody turn they back on him and left him out there by himself she shouldn't have said that about his old friend Nick probably would have reached out, but I wouldn't reach out to him now

  • Jacob Ashuri
    Jacob Ashuri 2 months ago

    He said "NICK". It doesn't mean it was THEE NICK CANNON.

  • Jacob Ashuri
    Jacob Ashuri 2 months ago

    Nick Cannon didn't deny the purported allegations of sucking dick. Please explain why he didn't deny the allegations therein.

  • Bigerv Express
    Bigerv Express 2 months ago

    Dumb ass chick!!!! He said he didn’t no him personally!!!! Messy ass ho!!!!

  • Dro Smith
    Dro Smith 2 months ago

    The music and movie industry is DEMONIC

  • Nosh Hed
    Nosh Hed 2 months ago +1

    Hands down Orlando sounds like a real looser.

  • john doe
    john doe 2 months ago +1

    Nick been caught by a few people in cali . Stop acting like this the first time nick been fruity . Love the demonic industry angle . Nice try nick ..we already knew .

  • Ms.pinkdiamond
    Ms.pinkdiamond 2 months ago

    Mannn...come on now! In my heart💔 I don't believe this crap, y'all heard Orlando Brown got mental problem, just like Tobb, and the other young teen back in the days, he's broke and wants some attention, Nick Cannon he did handle it very well. I don't believe it's true.

  • walter mojica
    walter mojica 2 months ago

    You're annoying

  • Starr Company
    Starr Company 2 months ago

    Whats wrong with my black people!? She read his answer 2 Orlando Brown but still will say:
    (He didnt deni it) SMFH wtf go bck to school

  • TheTrayz83
    TheTrayz83 2 months ago

    He is a talented rapper 🤔🤔🤔 wtf off this channel never to return

  • winter Primeaux
    winter Primeaux 2 months ago

    He also said Raven aborted their baby

  • Youtube Punisher
    Youtube Punisher 2 months ago

    Okay but Nick never denied it 😂😂😂 bahahaa

  • Krissy T.
    Krissy T. 2 months ago

    Absolutely love Nick’s response!!! Very mature of him. #Deep

  • Lisa Allen
    Lisa Allen 2 months ago +1

    denying it he didn't
    If it was me i would have shotted from the roof top that shit did not happen. Nick wants to act all mature and thats great its the God in him. Still if it was me and it didn't happen I would have said so

  • Lisa Allen
    Lisa Allen 2 months ago

    Nick your gorgeous !!!!!!!!

  • Lisa Allen
    Lisa Allen 2 months ago

    He said he liked it does that make him bi

    MONEY HOARDER 2 months ago


  • Diwaylon
    Diwaylon 2 months ago

    Orlando still a better rapper then most of the people in the game 😆

  • Angi Music Is Life
    Angi Music Is Life 2 months ago


    BLOOD COVENANT 144 2 months ago


  • ola Fawehinmi
    ola Fawehinmi 2 months ago

    Of course he outright denied it. He said he did not know him personally.

  • Lanette Williams
    Lanette Williams 2 months ago

    This young man is telling the truth 👂👂👂👌👌👌👌💯💩💩💩

  • Karloz KoolMC
    Karloz KoolMC 2 months ago +1

    So did he Swallow...?

  • Ernest Robinson
    Ernest Robinson 2 months ago

    Nick really dislikes whites. That’s another sad topic no one is addressing.

  • China Doll
    China Doll 2 months ago


  • Leefo 3
    Leefo 3 2 months ago

    If you believe anything Orlando Brown say you need help as well! It’s obvious he needs help!

  • Julie Keto
    Julie Keto 2 months ago

    It you want to know how someone truly feels about you just give them a couple of drinks and watch the words roll off their tongue freely. One of the most honest people in the world is a drunk as they quench their thirst. Of all the names in the world why did he chose Nick Cannon, I believe something happened there and now Orlando is left with the hunting of these demons. Don't ever forget Nick Cannon was apart of this so call Hollywood. Sometimes addiction is the aftermath of pain.

  • Toni Alex
    Toni Alex 2 months ago

    People really be believing this dude? That video shows a mentally unstable young man. Smh

  • CeJayVe - Gaming
    CeJayVe - Gaming 2 months ago

    The response nick canon made was good until you realize this is the same mentality and approach he had when dissing eminem. Pulling a race card in rap? Smh

  • Lyna Beena
    Lyna Beena 2 months ago

    Idk why but I believe him.

  • Jass First&Last
    Jass First&Last 2 months ago

    Why do we even give feedback to nonsense like this ? Real shit is going on in the world 🌎 everyday.
    This is nothing but demonic behavior. I will not entertain.pray for dude and nick handle that like a man: real strong 💪🏾 black man I salute.

  • Belltown Daisy
    Belltown Daisy 2 months ago

    I'm sorry, this is funny as hell! The way he presents it. He seriously should consider comedy.
    Back to the point. If this didn't happen or if they were both adults when it happened, he should be sued, if possible.
    Nick doesn't deny it. Weird.
    If this is false, I feel sorry for Nick. I really do.

  • Walter Mondon
    Walter Mondon 2 months ago

    Lets tighten him up???the fuck nick?

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  • jill bernard
    jill bernard 2 months ago

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