Marquise’s Interlude | Step Up: High Water, Season 2 (Official Soundtrack)

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • Marquise’s Interlude ft. Terayle Hill
    Written by Matthew Head and Terayle Hill
    Produced by Matthew Head
    © 2019 A Lion Music (ASCAP) / B Lion Music (BMI)
    (p) 2019 Lions Gate Entertainment, Inc.
    “Marquise’s Interlude,” from the Step Up: High Water, Season 2 Soundtrack, is available now to stream/download here!
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Comments • 82

    DAZHUREN DABOSS 13 days ago

    I hate I’m just getting up on this show!!! Now I’ve ran through all episodes seasons 1 & 2 and feenin for 3 like a rabbit dawg, can’t wait this show is awesome 👏🏾

  • Isis Johnson
    Isis Johnson 19 days ago

    im team marquise in season 3!!!! i really hope he blows up

  • Juliet Sparks
    Juliet Sparks Month ago

    Yasss !

  • Danielle Adams
    Danielle Adams 2 months ago

    You have a story to tell, and I love how you spit. It's proof that you hungry and you gone eat regardless.

  • Hermes UL
    Hermes UL 3 months ago +1

    Better than rigo

  • Suddenly Minimal Kat
    Suddenly Minimal Kat 3 months ago

    Petition to get Marquise out of prison and into Music please

  • Long Live Daveon
    Long Live Daveon 3 months ago

    He's so underrated....

  • Astra
    Astra 3 months ago

    Boyyyy Marquise cold af !

  • Liliane Pereira
    Liliane Pereira 4 months ago +1

    Step up High water ❤️

  • Joseph Scott-Roach
    Joseph Scott-Roach 4 months ago +1

    Marquis better not beef with rigo pls step up high water. Let them both take down sage

  • Donte Moore
    Donte Moore 5 months ago +1


  • Tyerah Green
    Tyerah Green 6 months ago +5

    He better than rigo his bars has a message

  • Harley Naseby
    Harley Naseby 6 months ago

    am i the only one that thinks he sounds like the game???? too sick

  • Amari Jamison
    Amari Jamison 6 months ago +1

    Well then!! I didn’t he could rap like that!!

  • Crystal Bax
    Crystal Bax 6 months ago +3

    Ughhh it keeps taking my like off! Wtf.

  • C. Pickett
    C. Pickett 6 months ago +6

    Wheelz selfish as sh**! A real friend wouldn't make you choose between our friendship and my dreams.

  • marskeins
    marskeins 6 months ago +15

    I think Marquise maybe actually better than rigo. But I hope wheelchair boy don't turn them against each other. But I see it coming.

    • Parrish Hosea
      Parrish Hosea 6 months ago +4

      marskeins I think marquise finds out that homie In the wheel chair set him up

  • Jdog Sweet
    Jdog Sweet 6 months ago +1

    i gotta say, im not positive about the ads i hear 14 times in 10 minutes

  • Riia-Maria Huhta
    Riia-Maria Huhta 6 months ago +1

    Go Marquise. LIT👊🔥

  • Boli Chan 愛
    Boli Chan 愛 6 months ago

    YA QUITEN SUS MALDITOS ANUNCIOS BASURA, enserio en todos los videos solo veo Uber y esta chingadera, enserio no pprque paguen por anuncios van a ser famosos, ya chingen a su madre

  • jose herrera
    jose herrera 6 months ago +7

    YEAHHHH Terayle goes hard on this one!!! My favorite track from the soundtrack...
    Never thought i would like Marquise so much, excited to see the develop of the character

  • YPC.NØLimit
    YPC.NØLimit 6 months ago +8

    Marquise don't need rigo I guess

    • YPC.NØLimit
      YPC.NØLimit 6 months ago

      @Cosmolore facts man got bars

    • Cosmolore
      Cosmolore 6 months ago +3

      My man Marquise is about that life

  • Lil Yak
    Lil Yak 6 months ago +3

    Drop season 3

  • Tyler Hunter
    Tyler Hunter 6 months ago

    Damn he go hard this fire can’t wait to see what he do in season 3

  • Indira Solis
    Indira Solis 6 months ago +29

    we need more of Marquise and we need season 3 like right now!

    • Indira Solis
      Indira Solis 6 months ago

      @TPG_VaZ i know. i just like being part of the hype

  • Angel Gamboa
    Angel Gamboa 6 months ago

    Me vale verga Rigo dejen de poner anuncios dobles de una mierda que no quiero ver

  • Assassin saints
    Assassin saints 6 months ago +10

    Sounds like 2 pac came back to life

  • coco marineblu
    coco marineblu 6 months ago +4

    One of the best songs and real and reminds me of back in the day

  • Thn Yt
    Thn Yt 6 months ago


  • Bre
    Bre 6 months ago +1

    Yeeees. We need this in season 3. The fact that he could actually rap though...

  • Chanel Badeux
    Chanel Badeux 6 months ago


  • Devine Music
    Devine Music 6 months ago

    Best song of the season

  • Growth & Developement
    Growth & Developement 6 months ago

    Knew there was more to Quise 👏

  • Mione134
    Mione134 6 months ago +7

    When he gets out?! Phewwww boy watch out. This man got BARS.

  • Malik Solebo
    Malik Solebo 6 months ago

    Free Marquise 🔐

  • Shania Chetcuti
    Shania Chetcuti 6 months ago +2

    Why can't I see session 2 episode 5 or 4

    • Crystal Bax
      Crystal Bax 6 months ago

      You have to pay for youtube premium to finish watching the show.

  • Sekoy the Angel
    Sekoy the Angel 6 months ago

    Feeling a little bit of J.I.D flows here


    Bruh sound like the game

  • Sonia
    Sonia 6 months ago +37

    YEAHHHH Terayle goes hard on this one!!! My favorite track from the soundtrack...
    Never thought i would like Marquise so much, excited to see the develop of the character

  • Shanel Miller
    Shanel Miller 6 months ago +5

    This beat is 😍🔥 but these lyrics was 🥶.

    • JKT126 Sims
      JKT126 Sims 6 months ago +1

      Shanel Miller you mean the other way around

    THE ANTI UNIVERSE 6 months ago

    Track is good kinda og words but Seems way to amateur to hit on Step up HW tracks a local thug song maybe a 5.4/10 for me

    • Ajay Ajay
      Ajay Ajay 11 days ago


    • Connor Pirini
      Connor Pirini 6 months ago +1

      @THE ANTI UNIVERSE mans said track taste oh no you gtg

    • Cosmolore
      Cosmolore 6 months ago +4

      @Connor Pirini Ikr the guy is trippin

      THE ANTI UNIVERSE 6 months ago

      @Connor Pirini aww keep barking your track taste sucks & I guarantee you that you will never purchase this track 😂😂

    • Connor Pirini
      Connor Pirini 6 months ago +3

      You irrelevant so i dont think your word means much homie lmao

  • RC
    RC 6 months ago +30

    Marquise/Terayle got bars man. I've been following this dude's career ever since he was in another RUclip Series called College Boyfriends. That's where he really broke out, ever since then he's went on to do bigger things. This cat is *AMAZING*

  • Derek Gallaher
    Derek Gallaher 6 months ago +19

    Bruh they got me feeling like a whole 85 different flavors of a hustler 🥵

  • TheDoberNut
    TheDoberNut 6 months ago +21

    jeez season 3 gonna be 🔥 🔥

  • Washington Guy
    Washington Guy 6 months ago +75

    I remember when he said I have bars and i didn’t believe him, I regret that now after hearing him.

  • Ray sr
    Ray sr 6 months ago +6

    Yeah he gone snap when he gets out

  • They love Bri’Elle🤩💗

    Omg he in jail😩

  • SmexyBear
    SmexyBear 6 months ago +54

    marquise actually hard af tho fr

  • Abdul Abdul
    Abdul Abdul 6 months ago


  • Erica Stubblefield
    Erica Stubblefield 6 months ago +2

    When season 3i didn't not finished all of it yet

  • Dianne Ledford
    Dianne Ledford 6 months ago +3

    That's 💣 for real

  • Blossom H.
    Blossom H. 6 months ago


  • Shay Meyers
    Shay Meyers 6 months ago +4

    Nice flow of the prose and beatz!

  • Eb C-2003
    Eb C-2003 6 months ago +81

    I really hope that they don’t pit marquis and rigo against each other in season 3, I really love the brotherhood dynamic they got going on

    • Hermes UL
      Hermes UL 12 days ago

      @Klynton Bambino no season 3 got cancelled

    • C. Pickett
      C. Pickett 6 months ago +1

      Ikr...they would be bigger beasts together than battling each other

    • Connor Pirini
      Connor Pirini 6 months ago +1

      @Klynton Bambino typa question is that ofc there is....

    • Klynton Bambino
      Klynton Bambino 6 months ago +4

      Is there going to be season 3?

    • Miracle Brown
      Miracle Brown 6 months ago +6

      Yes, this comment. I couldn't agree more.

  • MaggieWatersRdz22
    MaggieWatersRdz22 6 months ago +49

    Loving Step Up Highwater since day one ! You all's tracks are so great. They always bring chills up my spine & make me want to get up and dance !😁😍

  • Shyneza
    Shyneza 6 months ago +7

    Yesssssss, this is very good

  • Curry Cooks
    Curry Cooks 6 months ago +1


  • Curry Cooks
    Curry Cooks 6 months ago


  • Mauro Silva
    Mauro Silva 6 months ago


  • Euf Manul
    Euf Manul 6 months ago +17

    To deep😢❤