• Published on May 24, 2019
    3Dio Binaural (Ear to Ear Eating Sounds)
    All vlogs food related.

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    ***This is an ASMR video. To ensure all tingles please wear headphone. If you do not enjoy EATING SOUNDS and light whispers PLEASE DO NOT WATCH IT. Eating, chewing, gulping sounds ect...are done very loudly for video purposes. THANK YOU.***

    ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a euphoric experience identified by a tingling sensation that triggers positive feelings, relaxation and focus. Listening to whisper voice and eating sounds are some examples that trigger ASMR. Everyone has a different ASMR triggers. I hope you find one that can help you to relax.

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  • ii_becca_bearxx
    ii_becca_bearxx 2 hours ago

    It’s 3am and now I’m starving C:

  • Alexa Perez
    Alexa Perez 3 hours ago

    These vids make me so hungry yet I still watch them

  • Maaria Saeed
    Maaria Saeed 4 hours ago

    OMGGGGGGGGGG THE TOBIKO EGGS ARE SO CRUNCHY i filled with pure joy thank u so much sas

  • Gacha4 Life
    Gacha4 Life 6 hours ago


  • XxSang NguyenXx
    XxSang NguyenXx 11 hours ago

    Sas eating noodle: 3 bite MMMM
    me eating noodle: 1hr later AHHHH SO SPICY OMG BURNING

  • Sichampou Siphan

    This makes me crave whatever she’s eating 🍱🍣

  • Avila Vivi
    Avila Vivi Day ago +1

    SAS SQUAD♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Ally Gonzalez
    Ally Gonzalez Day ago

    I know we seen noodle squish sea grapes otpuses

  • Citlalli Quiroz
    Citlalli Quiroz Day ago +2

    How you do the noodles?

  • Alana Estrada
    Alana Estrada Day ago +1

    I Love. it

  • Vianey Cantu
    Vianey Cantu Day ago +1

    We’re do u buy the monchis at ?

  • Live with Abbey
    Live with Abbey Day ago +2

    Can you do just mochi

  • Live with Abbey
    Live with Abbey Day ago +2

    Mochi please do mochi!!!!!

  • iiHyper Chips
    iiHyper Chips Day ago +1

    Sas: * Eating perectly all food *
    Me: * Hungry staring at the food and wishing that I could eat it too *

    İNCİ AKSOY Day ago +1


  • 七海
    七海 2 days ago +1


  • Fordidden Nades
    Fordidden Nades 2 days ago +1

    When she eats the noodles I’m saying I want some

  • Erina Kim
    Erina Kim 2 days ago +2

    How are any of the foods you ate good it really tastes like phone :p

  • Daniela Parra
    Daniela Parra 2 days ago +1

    Alguien más habla español aquí?

    Ella puede meter cantidades muy grandes a la boca 😂

  • Diego Gamer
    Diego Gamer 2 days ago +1

    Tu comiendo eso y yo arroz con frijoles

  • MobileGamer 57
    MobileGamer 57 2 days ago +1

    This is how many people are laying on their bed and starving

  • conrado fernandez
    conrado fernandez 2 days ago +1

    This is how many people saying " this is how many people"

  • Lime Crystal
    Lime Crystal 2 days ago +1

    This is making me hungry

  • ปรางสุดา วงศ์ชาลี

    ดูพี่ทุกคลิบเลย กินได้น่าอร่อยมากๆเลย

  • GudPun Channel
    GudPun Channel 2 days ago +1


  • Hails Games
    Hails Games 3 days ago +2

    M-mm-m-MOCHI ARE YOU EATING CHIMCHIM......can i have some ;P

  • Hails Games
    Hails Games 3 days ago +3

    the crunches are lejindary must of been expenisve what $3?

  • Hails Games
    Hails Games 3 days ago +2

    I was making noodles while watching this sas hehe

  • Maureen Furdyna
    Maureen Furdyna 3 days ago

    Ptn sa me dégoûte 😕🤢

  • Arielia Dickinson
    Arielia Dickinson 3 days ago

    Do you live in America or japan ?🤔🤔🤔

  • Alaina Lee
    Alaina Lee 3 days ago

    Lets start with ginger why

  • じゃがいも
    じゃがいも 3 days ago +1


  • Angel’s world
    Angel’s world 3 days ago

    Isn't eating food for videos for people's entertainment GLUTNY!??!?!

  • Shay De Wolf
    Shay De Wolf 3 days ago


  • MMU Love
    MMU Love 3 days ago

    Who here is suffering over hunger😥

  • Ruby _Games24
    Ruby _Games24 3 days ago

    Isn't that tuna roll thing a calafornia roll ?

  • Ydderf Hoqa
    Ydderf Hoqa 3 days ago

    I thought the noodles were from the Philippines (Pancit Canton).
    WaaaZzzAaaApPp mga Pilipino!

  • Victoria Torres
    Victoria Torres 4 days ago +1

    When you show what's on the chopsticks, my daughter opens her mouth as if you were about to give her some 😂 she's 2, we love watching !

  • •RedPanda•
    •RedPanda• 4 days ago

    When the food looks so good you start chewing like your eating it too but there's nothing there... *sobs*

    iRAILYNZ DIMPLEZi 4 days ago

    I litterly bit. My phone and o hurt my tooth it slammed to hard on it :(

  • Natasha Jones
    Natasha Jones 4 days ago

    I'm up in the middle of the night watching SAS ASMR

  • Maddy and Anna Show
    Maddy and Anna Show 4 days ago

    When all you have is water, (omg I really have something she is having!!!)

  • JayMelLow Jones
    JayMelLow Jones 4 days ago

    Where can you find those noodles anyone??😍😫

  • no name
    no name 4 days ago

    I just wanna know what your face looks like😢😣

  • Kim Chi
    Kim Chi 4 days ago +1

    дошик захотела.

  • XxTíäňňą_GachaXx

    Am i the only one who hates fish but wants to eat the stuff she has??

  • Elsa Tinja
    Elsa Tinja 4 days ago +1

    IM HUNGRY !! Look so good😋🤤

  • anthony easaw
    anthony easaw 4 days ago

    Can you stop bragging your making me hungry at 4:10 in the morning 😍😍😂😬😫👅🍣🍤🍜🥟

  • Nina rouse
    Nina rouse 4 days ago

    Did anyone see that at 10:14 ?? Watch her mouth

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia 5 days ago

    I've never made it to the end of one of SAS asmr's videos i always fall asleep or go and eat the closest thing to what she is eating

  • Jenna Ko
    Jenna Ko 5 days ago

    Sas scared me when she didn't eat the mochi yet and said last bite. lol, not thinking straight today. (or yesterday)

  • Hina ko
    Hina ko 5 days ago


  • Nelson yeetskeet
    Nelson yeetskeet 5 days ago

    bruh ain’t them lil “tabiko eggs” NEMO EGGS?!

  • Arne Kroeppelin
    Arne Kroeppelin 5 days ago +1

    Ich guck das eig nur wegen essen

  • Flora Mamedova
    Flora Mamedova 5 days ago

    Dünyaları yedi e gəl məni də ye aq

  • Elle Star
    Elle Star 5 days ago

    This makes me sleepy

  • Elle Star
    Elle Star 5 days ago +1

    Who else wants to have the powers to click ur fingers and the food that she eats will appear

  • Nida nensi Heldina
    Nida nensi Heldina 5 days ago

    Kamu yang makan aku yang sakit perut

  • Slime Buddies
    Slime Buddies 5 days ago

    BROOOO DID SHE JUST SAID *sorry if it taste like phone.. lol* tf??😂

  • Izzy Playz
    Izzy Playz 5 days ago

    And also that she gave us a bite but when the bite disappeared she was still eating?
    No hate to SAS or anything

  • Icy Wolfie
    Icy Wolfie 5 days ago +2

    Thank you for eat breakfast with me every morning

  • Pichayada Thammasorn

    What is that lipstick! So coooool

  • Akira Ayala
    Akira Ayala 6 days ago

    MEH: hmmmm oo! Let's watch SAS-ASMR.....

    WAIT can't forget to get my toca bell before I watch her~~

    COUSIN: humm oooo!!! I know let's watch SAS-ASMR...........

    COUSIN: watches without toca bell or anything T

    • Akira Ayala
      Akira Ayala 6 days ago

      MEH: UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU.........

      MAH: Yesssss

  • AverageDino Tweet
    AverageDino Tweet 6 days ago

    Is flying fish roe sweet,?

  • Frank Casillas
    Frank Casillas 6 days ago

    Every thing looks soooooooooo darn good especially the octopus and nodells

  • Toasty Yt
    Toasty Yt 6 days ago +2

    If you put the video at .75 speed it sounds normal but with a bad mic sound 😂

  • برنسيسه برنسيسه


  • Lilly may Evans
    Lilly may Evans 6 days ago +1

    Because I had my volume all the way up to 100 I was eating popcorn and my mum thought it was me 😂

  • Necy Richardson
    Necy Richardson 6 days ago

    I wanted a bite of the strawberry lol please reply

  • Ayşegül Peker
    Ayşegül Peker 6 days ago

    Bok ye

  • Nadia. Alysse
    Nadia. Alysse 7 days ago

    Who else is just starving

  • to.be_cc 242
    to.be_cc 242 7 days ago

    12:50 that mocha did nothing to you why you jick it in your mouth like that it ain’t gone run

  • Rosè Falls
    Rosè Falls 7 days ago +1

    *Imagine what her breakfast, lunch and dinner is ;-;*

  • Brey's World
    Brey's World 7 days ago +1

    Who else have to eat when sas eat or u would get hungry lmao

  • XxTaylorXx xXgachaXx
    XxTaylorXx xXgachaXx 7 days ago +4

    Roses are red
    Violets are NOT blue
    Sas lipstick be lookin good and you think so too

  • Regina Balogh
    Regina Balogh 7 days ago +1

    Snsh whsbww wuwbehebsbss yesz,?????👇👇👇

  • Kookie Is my *LIFE*
    Kookie Is my *LIFE* 7 days ago

    Why am i craving chicken wings 😂😂

  • a s s t h e t i c
    a s s t h e t i c 7 days ago

    It's 1 am, raining, I'm laying on my bed, hungry

  • a s s t h e t i c
    a s s t h e t i c 7 days ago


  • soi firulais xd
    soi firulais xd 7 days ago +1

    sooo i was watching this video and then my mom enters my room and saids
    Son why are you eating your phone
    I show her the video and he prepared me some food

    I love my life

  • The Teal Unicorn
    The Teal Unicorn 8 days ago +1

    Me: *tries to take bite*
    Chocolate: *piece disappears*
    Me: And I oop...
    Me: oh she's going again
    Also me: *tries to take a bite*
    Chocolate: *piece disappears*
    Me: O_O

  • Skyla Thorpe
    Skyla Thorpe 8 days ago

    Okay I don’t know about you guys, but the octopus just makes me sad. Like the fish, not as much. But an octopus ? no no no :(

  • Cupid Lover Gacha
    Cupid Lover Gacha 8 days ago

    I have a question does the suckers from the octopus feel weird are it feels like nothing

  • Farkas Vanessza
    Farkas Vanessza 8 days ago

    Névnapomkor töltötted fel ezt a videót, yeey! Ez a legfontosabb kiemelhető dolog ami esetleg egy picikét a videóval kapcsolatos, és értelmes is😂

  • Gage Spencer
    Gage Spencer 8 days ago

    I’m literally soooooo hungry!

  • Sukriya Aiwon
    Sukriya Aiwon 8 days ago

    Omg.. i can't even said, so good😋😋😋

    PUIIFAII 97 8 days ago

    เหมือนคนมูมมาม ตะกละอ่ะ

  • 3.0 Noobz
    3.0 Noobz 8 days ago


  • Amanda Ortega
    Amanda Ortega 9 days ago

    I love how you move your hand out of the way so fast like you might bite it off! 😂

  • john-nycya stevenson

    She know she don’t like that it’s for the likes ha mouth not even watering

  • Rina Narciso
    Rina Narciso 9 days ago


  • Jackie
    Jackie 9 days ago

    She eats this soooo good! My mouth gets watery and I get hungry 😂

  • Maya Fuentes
    Maya Fuentes 9 days ago

    where does she gets the tobiko im obsessed with them

  • Gacha Me-Chan
    Gacha Me-Chan 10 days ago +2

    Me:Bites phone
    Dentist: "How did it came off?"

  • chieko saito
    chieko saito 10 days ago


  • John Marquez
    John Marquez 10 days ago

    I really like the Tobiko eggs yummmm

  • John Marquez
    John Marquez 10 days ago

    Wow is that Japanese and Korean food?

  • Edwina Thomas
    Edwina Thomas 10 days ago +1

    When I eat Tomiko eggs

  • S0ggy Spaghett1
    S0ggy Spaghett1 10 days ago

    Sas always has cool foods for her asmr videos while my fridge has nothing cool in it

  • Luis Gabriel
    Luis Gabriel 10 days ago +3

    This is how many people got a snack after this.