Elizabeth Warren Grills Betsy Devos On Waste Fraud and Abuse 1/17/17

  • Published on Jan 18, 2017
  • Elizabeth Warren Grills Betsy Devos On Waste Fraud and Abuse 1/17/17

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  • tensne12day
    tensne12day 10 months ago

    Decos is an idiot, unqualified, should not be anywhere near this position.

  • greenbergs are ruining the world

    Warren beattie
    Same bitch actor

  • fitnessandmotionvid

    Pocahontas needs to go back to lying about her heritage to get more privilege. What a disgrace, she should be the one being questioned for lying

  • Lando Kalerisian
    Lando Kalerisian 2 years ago

    the vulcan t the right of devos- bcareful warren

  • Myron Caballero
    Myron Caballero 2 years ago

    Elizabeth Warren straight savage💖💓💞💖

  • Babette Bates
    Babette Bates 2 years ago

    Elizabeth is a beast!! America needs this woman ......DeVos is a fraud, cold busted!!!!!!!

  • Pedro Becerra
    Pedro Becerra 2 years ago

    Betsy is literally dumber than a damn brick

  • Steve Luhr
    Steve Luhr 2 years ago

    well done betsy. Warren is afraid of a shake up and should be. What a snake!

  • spideraxis
    spideraxis 2 years ago

    Elizabeth Warren is a left-wing loony. By now I've learned not to listen to her or have any credibility in anything she says.

  • MrColombianchino
    MrColombianchino 2 years ago

    Love Warren how she put this white privileged billionaire skank with no experience in her place.

  • buttegowda
    buttegowda 2 years ago

    I have never come across a dumber person than this Betsy lady. She should be the main character in dumb-dumber-3. What kinds of jokers are these ??

  • VirtuousRebel
    VirtuousRebel 2 years ago +1

    Can you imagine Sen Warren runs for President in 2020 and up for debate with drumpf...???

  • eggnog62
    eggnog62 2 years ago

    I attended a University for 3 years; when computers were just being introduced, and everything I learned did nothing for me in my field of study. So, do you think that I should them go and sue the University? Those persons who sued Donald Trump's college were totally out of line and this is corrupt for them to go against the University for any studies they received there. This type of corruption is what we should not allow. Though Donald Trump's University paid $25 million to the students, it was just terrible that he would have to pay out that sum of money! This is an entitlement society, that are parasites!

    • DatGrA2b
      DatGrA2b 2 years ago +1

      eggnog62 my god this year just started and your comment is by far the winner of the dumbest comment of 2017

  • Leo leo
    Leo leo 2 years ago

    Nice job.

  • Alex King
    Alex King 2 years ago

    God. Warren sure likes hearing her own voice.

    • Coco Lyndon
      Coco Lyndon 2 years ago +1

      She is asking questions that should be asked.

  • Ian Texas
    Ian Texas 2 years ago

    there are still heroes left in the world

  • winterbreeze32
    winterbreeze32 2 years ago

    burned so bad it hurts

  • Jade Rey
    Jade Rey 2 years ago

    "Fortune-ate not too..."

  • Laverne Coleman
    Laverne Coleman 2 years ago

    Go Warren!!

  • Dango Ruiz
    Dango Ruiz 2 years ago +9

    Warren bringing the heat. People like her give me hope.

  • firesickle
    firesickle 2 years ago

    Daaaaamn, this lady and her kids all able to pay for college without student loans.... I am feeling much more part of the 99% than I once did...

    • firesickle
      firesickle 2 years ago

      I went to ITT Technical Institute. Literally had a class that taught me how to do basic math word problems like "Sally goes to market with two hams. She sells one and buys 11 hams... how many hams does she have..." Been struggling for the last 10 years to pay my student loans back for that BS.

  • Kim Barnet
    Kim Barnet 2 years ago

    EW is a ignorant moron. Trump uni was never meant to be a uni. The participants of the 3 day seminar program knew it and we know it. There are many institutions which use the term Uni which are not universities. Either she is dumb or ignorant or both. Just trying to attach Trump.

    • Connor Macleod
      Connor Macleod 2 years ago

      I've never heard of "Trump Uni". Every reference I see is to "Trump University". I did a google search and it corrected to "Univ". What is she trying to attach Trump to?

  • Aleksandra Thomas
    Aleksandra Thomas 2 years ago

    Warren is out there with DESIRE for revenge on Trump! Of course she will not support his nominees. She is so obvious! She doesn't care about college cost, federal funding for schools, or such, she cares only about whose nominee it is. Democratic nominee is ALWAYS qualified for her! All congresspeople are like that. And you, Americans, are paying for it!

  • Zyndicate
    Zyndicate 2 years ago

    Frick u warren u should leave u should go to Russia and stay there and leave Massachusetts

  • doti ro
    doti ro 2 years ago

    Warren is a textbook idiot, doesn't listen, won't let someone speak and grills just to score easy points. All talk no action.

  • MrSENNAmagic
    MrSENNAmagic 2 years ago

    Good luck America.. Enjoy the ride should be fun..

  • Don K
    Don K 2 years ago

    An era of ignorance is bliss!

  • Powermitts
    Powermitts 2 years ago +1


  • Robert Tolliver
    Robert Tolliver 2 years ago

    Her father is a billionaire and she married a billionaire and this idiot asks if she ever took out a student load or if her kids did.

    • Connor Macleod
      Connor Macleod 2 years ago +1

      Have you ever heard of "making a point"? You don't honestly think Warren didn't already know the answer do you?That would be idiotic, wouldn't it?

  • blipco5
    blipco5 2 years ago

    Woah, I felt the heat and I'm sitting at my computer.

  • S S
    S S 2 years ago

    Ok let me remind you children about something, nothing qualifies you for these positions there is nothing special about these people

  • S S
    S S 2 years ago +1

    Have you ever had any experience wasting trillions of dollars like we do

  • Drew Mar
    Drew Mar 2 years ago

    I'm confused. Warren seems to be implying that she wants someone who has run at least a billion dollar lending institution to run the SOE. So is she saying that someone who ran a corporate bank against whom she consistently rails against and views as the devil is someone she would approve of?

  • Jack
    Jack 2 years ago

    That woman in the background .\/.

  • In A Dream
    In A Dream 2 years ago +2

    She got destroyed

  • lottsalasagna
    lottsalasagna 2 years ago +2

    LOL Unqualified ... I would say everyone in the Gov is unqualified
    These con artists will do anything for a dollar

  • J WA
    J WA 2 years ago

    I saw her being questioned, and she doesn't directly answer any questions except by generalities, speaks with a forked tongue and is so evasive that none of the senators could understand where her stance really was. All this was done with a smile plastered over her face.

  • Gary Jeffers
    Gary Jeffers 2 years ago +2

    All these nominee's are sworn enemies of the departments they have been picked to lead so yeah, they need to answer some tough questions. But some think that dems are just being sore losers by trying to expose what this woman is really all about. McConnell is doing his best to keep everyone in the dark by having the hearings before they are vetted so senators don't even know some of the questions to ask. Cart before horse don't you think? And what a spot on comment that the pres-elect's experience with higher education included the creation of a fake university! How did they all keep straight faces?

  • Tom johnson
    Tom johnson 2 years ago +3

    This Warren is a nutcase.

  • Rodney Brown
    Rodney Brown 2 years ago +2

    Love you Liz!!

    • Freedom ForAll
      Freedom ForAll 2 years ago

      Rodney Brown ...love you Betsy Devos. Haters will always be hatin.

  • Thomas Ferraro
    Thomas Ferraro 2 years ago +7

    This woman is wholly unqualified for the position of Secretary of Education.

    • Thomas Ferraro
      Thomas Ferraro 2 years ago

      I have expressed my concerns and disagreements with nominees from previous administrations both democrat and republican...
      Clearly you know very little about her qualifications or absolutely nothing about the qualifications for the position itself.
      I surmise homeschooling is possibly the culprit in this regard...

    • Thomas Ferraro
      Thomas Ferraro 2 years ago

      Tony is your buddy. that stems from the constant cuts to education by congress... not the Sec Ed.

    • Freedom ForAll
      Freedom ForAll 2 years ago

      Thomas Ferraro.. I would say she more qualified then the past education Ministers..USA is 17th in the world for education. I'd say it was screwed up way before Mrs Devos will be in there. Maybe you should advocate to tell them they were unqualified as well. Or were you not a keyboard warrior then?

  • Greg Randall
    Greg Randall 2 years ago +2

    Warren lied about her racial background to climb the Harvard ladder and she pretends to know what ethics are?

  • Scott Lance
    Scott Lance 2 years ago

    Chief warren just blowing smoke

  • Dennis V Sinclair
    Dennis V Sinclair 2 years ago

    Elizabeth Faux-cohontas - Warren was sent in to make sure the Democrat Party keeps the money granted to them by the teacher's unions. Nothing more; nothing less! She tried to look important, intelligent, and relevant and failed terribly.looked

  • aisake cabemaiwai
    aisake cabemaiwai 2 years ago +1

    too political.... more a campaign type of question... Warren needs to be schooled....

    • OldWestGunslinger
      OldWestGunslinger 2 years ago

      She's trying to setup her 2020 run. That's all she's been doing throughout these senate hearings.

  • Katherine Affholter
    Katherine Affholter 2 years ago +1

    Saudi Arabia is dumping millions into schools and colleges to convert our children to Islam. So much for them screaming about separation of church and state.

  • Katherine Affholter
    Katherine Affholter 2 years ago

    Lol, double speak

  • Media Watch
    Media Watch 2 years ago +2

    Kiss Senator Warren goodbye in 2018 as she looses her re-election bid

  • Cheese Burger
    Cheese Burger 2 years ago +1

    For every question DeVos is like, "Let me go on Wikipedia to find out what you're talking about, then I'll consult Yahoo Answers, and THEN I'll have a response for you." DEAD EYED SMILE. BLINK BLINK.

  • Whataplaya One
    Whataplaya One 2 years ago +1

    This Warren women is retarded. I think affirmative action has gone way too far.

  • Deb Ironman
    Deb Ironman 2 years ago +3

    Boom! Elizabeth Warren you schooled that incompetent uneducated millionaire Betsy DeVos

  • lottsalasagna
    lottsalasagna 2 years ago +2

    Devos rejects common core that has made America idiots like Warren

    • Connor Macleod
      Connor Macleod 2 years ago

      You sure showed me. You do know other people read these posts? You are only making yourself look bad. Not hurting my feelings in the slightest, but as you said, why would you care. I think you may have forgotten that I started out with a simple correction to your spelling. You went off all Trump-like and retaliated like a crazy person.
      Something tells me you're not going to show these posts to your students or your boss. You just keep digging yourself into a deeper pit of bitterness negativity and idiocy. I have only commented on your posts that look like they were written by a trolling teenager who can't spell. You seem to think getting personal is the way to go. Sorry, I'm not that juvenile that I am affected by your silly ranting. It's been fun, but don't even bother responding. This is boring and pointless. Jealous... yeah, that's amusing.

    • Sheeka Johnson
      Sheeka Johnson 2 years ago

      Connor Macleod FOH loser and get a job. Trump hasn't given you one yet? Hold your breath!

    • Connor Macleod
      Connor Macleod 2 years ago

      You're right. My opinion of you just doubled. "Why would I care". And, you missed a comma, and a few lower cases that should have been upper, and some the other way. I could go on, but at this point it just feels cruel. My condolences to your students. Condolences means an expression of sympathy.Remember, you started this. I was trying to be nice.

    • Sheeka Johnson
      Sheeka Johnson 2 years ago

      Connor Macleod why would I care about people's opinions on social media....

    • Sheeka Johnson
      Sheeka Johnson 2 years ago

      Connor Macleod whether you spell correctly or not you're an idiot.

  • Capriceii
    Capriceii 2 years ago

    By Elizabeth Warren's standard, Elizabeth Warren should have been prosecuted for fraud and should not be eligible to be an elected official. The Pot trying to call the Kettel black. The Government needs to get out of the education business, they have no business in it. And I can hear it now, "But school is so expensive without government assistance I would not be able to afford it." And it is because of government assistance that it is so expensive. The more money that the Government makes available the higher the tuition go. This is economics 101.

  • D Glen
    D Glen 2 years ago

    Warren is a hypocrite leftist traitor that lied about her heritage to get a job poisoning the minds of students and has nothing substantial to say or to offer and has not accomplished anything in all her time in the government, even less than Bernie and Hillary, if that were possible. She is funded and supported by George Soros who is an unapologetic NAZI.

    • Andres Valdes
      Andres Valdes 2 years ago +4

      You guys better come with a better attack on Warren because she will destroy your ignoramus-elect on 2020.

  • GCAETB Loves
    GCAETB Loves 2 years ago +10

    I love Elizabeth Warren.

  • John Jenkins
    John Jenkins 2 years ago

    here we go with the dumb shit.

  • Sam Mann
    Sam Mann 2 years ago +1

    Funny warren has been there forever an the whole system is pledged with waste and fraud and she hasn't made a dent in any of it

    • Banniker17
      Banniker17 2 years ago +5

      Elizabeth Warren has been in office since January 2013.

  • Amphiuma III
    Amphiuma III 2 years ago +19

    Maybe if Betsy DeVos had worked her way up through the Department of Education she would be able to give real answers to these questions. But why spend time working your way up when you can donate millions of dollars to the GOP.

    • Gaston Flatulenza
      Gaston Flatulenza 2 years ago

      Education rankings are not reliable or objective. How do you measure how good an education is? The USA educates everyone--blacks, whites, poor, disabled--everyone. Many other countries can pick their best and brightest, then push all the rest into factory jobs and not educate them at all. Our system isn't perfect, but it's the politicians who have created many of its flaws with their crazy mandates and regulations. Republicans want our education system to fail, then to collapse so they can initiate for-profit charter schools, then laugh all the way to the bank. When a public school gets a foundation grant of $8000, they spend all $8000 on students. A charter school can spend $1000 on its students, then keep $7000 for its profit for their country clubs and vacation homes.

    • S S
      S S 2 years ago

      Shut up lol

    • Freedom ForAll
      Freedom ForAll 2 years ago

      Amphiuma III ..why spend your time thinking about why USA is 17th for education in the world before Mrs. Devos. But hey easier to diss someone then use your brain. Nice to see that education worked on you. And You probably don't even have a penny to donate.

  • Dawn Oceanside
    Dawn Oceanside 2 years ago +16

    Take no prisoners Liz!! BAM!!!

    • imaseeker100
      imaseeker100 2 years ago

      woops.....junior put down his game boy. look out democracy - things are gonna change now. well, when he moves out of his mom's basement.

    • Dawn Oceanside
      Dawn Oceanside 2 years ago

      @Junior Dos Guapo put the pipe down!

    • Vicious Saito
      Vicious Saito 2 years ago

      she is fake. just like u. bunch of fake people that need to be put in jail honestly. mentally ill honestly. insecure hate full depressed honestly. thats you

  • Carlos Fontes
    Carlos Fontes 2 years ago +13

    Respect isn't warranted. It's earned. Elizabeth Warren dragged this woman out into the light and let her reveal all by herself how incompetent and unprepared she is for the job at hand.

    • Vicious Saito
      Vicious Saito 2 years ago

      once again what has elizabeth ever done but take tax payer money for herself. not shit. betsy has actually done more than warren. im sure if you did some research you would figure that out. she is not just some random rich person tryna get richer. she believes she can do the job just like trump. and why is this job so hard to begin with. ?

    • Coco Lyndon
      Coco Lyndon 2 years ago +1

      Are you even listening to De Vos's responses or is your volume down. She cannot answer the questions. She has no experience, she is not qualified. She should not be able to just pay for and get the position. Keep in mind her knowledge will determine the types of decisions she makes regarding education for all. You would want someone who is knowledgeable. This is not about republican or democrat.

    • Doc Malthus
      Doc Malthus 2 years ago

      Great job of quoting the Bible, trumptard!

    • Vicious Saito
      Vicious Saito 2 years ago

      why do none of you libs have any real reason or facts to back up your claims. you act like your so much better than people and like your so giving. the bible says that when you give you shouldnt do it to showboat or whatever.

  • sheridanbucket
    sheridanbucket 2 years ago

    Mrs. DeVos, did you ever game the system, pretending to be a Native American, all in selfish efforts to advance yourself? 'Cause, if you haven't defrauded the system, how are you supposed to understand crooked politicians who have?

  • Guy Montag
    Guy Montag 2 years ago +2

    So Elizabeth Warren wants a fucking banker to head Education! Talk about waste, fraud, and abuse. Fuck this fake Indian.

    • Guy Montag
      Guy Montag 2 years ago

      Was Obama's education secretary a banker? No. Did Obama's education secretary attend public school. No. You whiny crying libs sure are something. Did you protest Obama's pick? You didn't? Big surprise.

    • Guy Montag
      Guy Montag 2 years ago

      How many bankers have been education secretary. Obama's isn't. And she didn't go to public school either. so why all the fuss?

    • Sheeka Johnson
      Sheeka Johnson 2 years ago +1

      Guy Montag It would give her some relevant experience if she were a banker.

    • Guy Montag
      Guy Montag 2 years ago

      So you think being a banker makes you qualified to be Education Secretary? There's those Dems carry the flag for the big banks NWO. Love those banks - they will make sure there is no fraud, waste, and abuse. LOL

    • MF Brown
      MF Brown 2 years ago +3

      Guy Montag education secretary has to manage all the money. so why wouldn't you want a banker to do this job ??

  • Michelle Saint Louis
    Michelle Saint Louis 2 years ago


  • Isr Strategies
    Isr Strategies 2 years ago +2

    Showboating and rude as fuck, whether or not you agree with the nominee a little respect is warranted.

    • Freedom ForAll
      Freedom ForAll 2 years ago

      Alex Irvin... let her earn it.

    • Alex Irvin
      Alex Irvin 2 years ago +5

      M Dassow respect is earned. ..not given

    • imaseeker100
      imaseeker100 2 years ago +1

      sure...like the person who nominated her

  • Kristian Garcia
    Kristian Garcia 2 years ago

    so mad dog mattis is the only person whom has a type of experience in the cabinet that they're going to be heading.

  • Devon Graham
    Devon Graham 2 years ago +1

    The idiot Democrats changed the rules for confirmation when they were in power, so these hearings are just for show. All of Trump's cabinet will be confirmed. Thanks Democrats, hahaha!

  • Michael Wagner
    Michael Wagner 2 years ago +3

    Good thing this fake Native American couldn't stop a confirmation if she tried.

  • Ailsa Maurelli
    Ailsa Maurelli 2 years ago

    Wow! She does not play!

  • Purple Reign
    Purple Reign 2 years ago +5

    Imagine going to a job interview for a teacher job... No, but my neighbor is a teacher. This is Trump's criteria for selecting cabinet members. Do you have a shit load of money? Yes, okay, you're hired.

  • C North
    C North 2 years ago +1

    So wait......who does have experience managing a billion or trillion dollar loan program.......until they actually do manage one?! I mean a brain surgeon has to have their first surgery. Do we say to them "You can't perform brain surgery because you've never done it before!". Yet this woman is a billionaire, which means she has managed large sums of money....and not just other peoples money, but her own money. It's easy to manage other peoples money......harder to manage your own.
    So it's clear that Democrats are making a fuss just to make a fuss. I don't remember Democrats complaining during the confirmation of Obama's picks, many of which turned out to be incompetent and were subsequently and quietly fired and replaced after scandals. I don't remember them questions Obama's picks experience or lack there of. It was more like "Oh you're a democrat too? Step right on through!".
    And all of these problems that need fixing, you know, the programs Democrats are grilling these people on in confirmation hearings......why weren't they solved in the past 8 years? I mean if we were to believe the demeanor of Democrats, it would seem as if they had no power for the last 8 years and are fed up with Republicans.....oh but it's the opposite that's true, they just lost power, they just lost control.....and here they have the audacity to attack these people over issues Democrats had 8 years to fix or change. Complete and utter hypocrisy.
    Democrats like to do nothing, so that they can blame others when it becomes apparent that nothing has been done.

    • Ironclad
      Ironclad 2 years ago

      bee jay It's not anti-American to acknowledge the mismanagement of the department of education and the efficiency of decentralizing it.

    • C North
      C North 2 years ago

      @bee jay It's soo much more complex than that.
      For example, Bernie's idea that college should be free.....well obviously it's not free, everyone still pays for it. Now imagine an America with free college.....it's unsustainable. There aren't enough colleges let alone college level jobs. Who is going to clean the floors and toilets and do every other manual labor dirty job if they have a 'free' college degree? No one will want to do that. Fact is, America will always need unskilled labor.
      As for schools, right now they're run under liberal ideologies. I tend to think of liberal ideology as this: imagine a careless child allowed to make their own peanut butter sandwich. they are *liberal* and *sloppy* in how they apply it to the bread.
      And that's the inherent problem with the public school system, lots of inefficiencies.
      When an architect builds a failing bridge, they're fired, perhaps even arrested. When a teacher does a terrible job, nothing changes and society often pays for it later.
      Schools often spend money terribly.
      Now people like to cite things like "teachers only make ~40K a year!". Well let's be generous and say they work about 10 hours a day. Keep in mind, they get about 5-10 minute breaks every hour, are often not working the full hour anyways, lunch break, etc....so after all is said and done the time worked is significantly lower. Then they get paid time off during the summer and other school breaks, snow days, etc.
      So after all is said and done, teachers are only working 5 days a week, several hours a day, several months out of the year......and making 40-60K doing it! Not to mention almost assured job security. Sounds pretty damn cushy to me.
      Many families are forced into bad public schools. Many schools exist that should have been shuttered long ago. The school system needs a cleansing and restructuring. School days for example, don't need to be as long as they are. Many schools teach useless things or the same things over to ad nauseum. Even after I had learned something thoroughly, it would often be still pounded into us through extreme repetition. Not only is that lazy teaching, and not engaging, it's a waste of time and money. Guess who has the benefit? The school staff. More hours, less work, there's a reason why school days are soo long.
      You know I was given first period classes in high school that were just sit ins with nothing to do? I was also given semesters with 2 gym classes. Hows that for waste and bureaucracy. My parents tax dollars paid for that, and certainly didn't get the education they expected to pay for.
      I went to an almost all black elementary school for 4-6th grade. When they taught history, they only taught black history. No george washington. The school was very very well funded, the building was basically luxury.
      I could probably come up with hundreds of examples of school mismanagement from my own child hood.
      The fact is, and you may not realize this because you grew up with it being the norm, politics has ALREADY infiltrated our school system, for decades schools have been run by liberal ideology. Now you need to rise above and overcome seeing it as the norm and realize things need to change.
      People often say our education system is garbage, even liberals, and comparing to other countries. Only the liberal solution is to throw more money at the problem, which is more like throwing money into a fireplace. Little has changed in the way schooling has been done in the last 40 years, and little will change if liberal ideologies continue to run the school system.
      It's ironic how often liberals can say this and that needs to be better.....when they're the ones that have been in charge of it for decades.
      Where were all these changes over the last 8 years? For the last 16 out of 24 years, the country has had Democrat presidents. Where was the change!?!? Yet every time Republicans get some power, Democrats whine and moan like they've been under Republican rule forever and they're fed up with it.
      Finally, the key thing about liberal policy like free college, obamacare, etc.....they force us to all pay for stuff, but they don't address the cost of stuff. So costs are still free to spiral out of control. And that's why Democrats are the bad guys....they work for big business, and they make sure you're forced by government to fund it.

    • Thumb Print
      Thumb Print 2 years ago

      C North
      you're missing the point ... The Republic are nominating a woman who does not believe in public education which most Americans repubs and Democrats use ... so is De cos planning to use tax payers money to privatise schools and more universities so that American kids have to pay fees for an education ... leave aside politics for a second and think about the consequences of not being able to afford an cede cation or of private scam schools and unis

  • thomas11
    thomas11 2 years ago +4

    Sitting Bull is as freakn nutty as they come!!! And who gives a shit about her anyway?? Betsy will be confirmed no matter how much you cry 😭 so just get used to it SNOWFLAKES ❄️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • greenorangeviolet
      greenorangeviolet 2 years ago +5

      tommytull1 this has nothing to do with snowflakes lol, this has to do with 10 million American college students

  • Hmemling2
    Hmemling2 2 years ago +3

    Betsy DeVos would have an easier time if the panel gave her the questions before the hearing like they did with Hillary.

  • Loyalty IsLife
    Loyalty IsLife 2 years ago +6

    Senator Warren did a fantastic job!

  • Brit 'n Yank
    Brit 'n Yank 2 years ago +24

    If we elected an inexperienced asshole to be the "head" of the country, why would expect anyone to give a shit if his appointees had any experience for their posts, either?

  • glumberty1
    glumberty1 2 years ago +5

    Elizabeth Warren is a drama queen.

  • indigO x skY
    indigO x skY 2 years ago

    It's sad when little kids faun over a hypocrite like Elizabeth Warren. This woman is a con.

  • guntz yengwia
    guntz yengwia 2 years ago +5

    loool as expected, Pocahontas, ALL TALK , NO ACTION, lmaooo vent as much as you want, she will be educ sec, AND WE ARE PRIVATIZING those schools baby!

    • Freedom ForAll
      Freedom ForAll 2 years ago

      Sean T... why wouldn't you pay for it also?

    • S T
      S T 2 years ago +1

      guntz yengwia Have fun paying for it!

  • keithjohnson839
    keithjohnson839 2 years ago +4

    oh god pocahontas...nice dramatics

    • imaseeker100
      imaseeker100 2 years ago

      betsy devoid is a shill. where is your awareness?
      funny (and smarmy) of you to be judging me on my education (or lack thereof) when we're talking here about someone who is going to be executing education policy that's going to affect me and my kids for the next 4 years and maybe beyond.
      and: i'm liberal on some issues and conservative on others - try to not generalize and label people. i certainly won't stand idle for an education secretary that won't commit to supporting public education. where would that leave us? with the oligarchs and religious fanatics directing what our kids are taught? like....CREATIONISM? that's where this is going to end up. not without me calling a spade a spade. the right wing has made shouting and name-calling and labeling their MO. well now we're going to be picking up the tools of our opponent. better get used to it.
      btw tony - what did a billionaire ever do for you? except pick your pocket?
      i await your highly educated and mannerly response.

    • Freedom ForAll
      Freedom ForAll 2 years ago

      imaseeker100 you must be a liberal. Talking about turds. Great education you must have had. It didn't even teach you manners. No wonder the USA is 17th in the world. Huh

    • Ironclad
      Ironclad 2 years ago +2

      imaseeker100 After the grandstanding she pulled last year for a rotten candidate like Hillary, how can you defend this woman?

    • imaseeker100
      imaseeker100 2 years ago +10

      shut the fuck up. her morning turds are smarter than you and she's fighting here for kids trying to prepare for life in this sharktank of fraud and greed.

  • R Ski
    R Ski 2 years ago +5

    Dear President Trump; We The People are so looking forward to Term Limits for all those in the Senate & Congress and when their terms are over so are all of their benefits, and that while they are serving, We The People, they also receive the SAME health care insurance available to everyone else.

    • imaseeker100
      imaseeker100 2 years ago +3

      we already have term limits. they're called elections. when that process becomes corrupted then we get corrupt representatives...shills of the uber-wealthy and special interest

  • kelly parra
    kelly parra 2 years ago +2

    Beast Mode!

  • Carlton Palmer
    Carlton Palmer 2 years ago +37

    That was brutal! I almost felt sorry for her... Almost.

    • Bill Teller
      Bill Teller 2 years ago

      A follower of what? Smart people? Guilty as charged.

    • Vicious Saito
      Vicious Saito 2 years ago

      cause your a follower

    • Bill Teller
      Bill Teller 2 years ago

      When people with boatloads of money, like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, say the wealthiest people need to pay more taxes, I listen. The tax money could be used to help fund schools, fund cancer or autism research, or upgrade our roads & bridges.

    • Freedom ForAll
      Freedom ForAll 2 years ago

      Carlton Palmer... I feel more sorry that USA is 17th in the world for education and Mrs. Betsy had nothing to do with it.

  • Eco-Pagan91
    Eco-Pagan91 2 years ago +66

    Get her Warren! She has no qualifications at all. :)

    • Ironclad
      Ironclad 2 years ago

      @imaseeker100 Anyone under 45 has played a video game by now you irrelevant bag of meat.

    • imaseeker100
      imaseeker100 2 years ago

      hi tony - maybe she represents those who were ripped off by swindler/bankers? who else is gonna do it?i don't know you, and you probably have alot more capital than i do, but bankers take care of their own. the rest of us just help then get wealthy. we should talk about this.

    • imaseeker100
      imaseeker100 2 years ago

      oh and you've researched her voting record? when you have a video game controller on your landing page? something doesn't add up here junior.

    • Vicious Saito
      Vicious Saito 2 years ago +1

      you fool what the hell has warren ever done. not shit.

    • Freedom ForAll
      Freedom ForAll 2 years ago +2

      Eco-Pagan91 ..does Warren have any experience in banking?

  • Ray Julian
    Ray Julian 2 years ago +42

    Elizabeth Warren for president!

    • Alex King
      Alex King 2 years ago

      She's not qualified. She 1/32 Cherokee Indian.

    • Freedom ForAll
      Freedom ForAll 2 years ago +2

      Ray Julian please god no. Trey Gowdy would eat Warren alive. He's a way better candidate.

    • Scott Lance
      Scott Lance 2 years ago +1

      god no!

    • Whataplaya One
      Whataplaya One 2 years ago

      3rd world politicians are loved, that's why they are corrupt and dangerous. Politicians should be emotionally neutral.

    • Devon Graham
      Devon Graham 2 years ago

      Ray Julian Haha!

  • Logan Wagner
    Logan Wagner 2 years ago +4

    That's my girl

  • governmentscheisse
    governmentscheisse 2 years ago +120

    warren is the kind of politician all politicians should aim to be like. holy shit. she took no prisoners and had no problem pointing out devos's hypocrisy and incompetency.

    • Vicious Saito
      Vicious Saito 2 years ago +1

      warren is a slime ball...they are the corrupt ones. left that is. she is a fake person just like u

    • Steven Briggs
      Steven Briggs 2 years ago +3

      doti ro and you're an unintelligible ass

    • doti ro
      doti ro 2 years ago +2

      she's a liar xD just like every politicians

    • Freedom ForAll
      Freedom ForAll 2 years ago +1

      David A I know right..like they should be going after the previous education ministers who screwed the system up the last 20-30yrs. Look at the stats, USA is like 17th in the world. Should be 1.

    • David A
      David A 2 years ago +2

      "Perhaps you might site a quote?"
      No, all I hear is Lizzy being a smart ass and pretending to be the savior of the common man, as usual.
      I do know, however, that miss De Vos is in favor of privatizing public education, and creating a system of vouchers, as proposed many years ago by Milton Friedman. In my opinion, this is the next best thing after a full free-market solution.

  • Princess Lisa Atheria
    Princess Lisa Atheria 2 years ago +7

    She is reading for Blood, she's like why are you even in front of us. Be gone!!

  • Stingwray
    Stingwray 2 years ago +12

    Please President Trump impose term limits so we don't have to listen to idiots like this any longer...

    • Political Addict!
      Political Addict! 2 years ago

      You dumbfuck moron! Warren will run circles around your leader Trump. Devos is here solely because she is rich and connected to the repube party. They wouldnt do a fuckin thing for your broke ass you blind bitch!

    • Vicious Saito
      Vicious Saito 2 years ago

      dude you sound like a moron. u talk shit but have nothing to back up anything you say. u have no idea how to run a business or country. your like a leech. what has warren ever done. nothing. just like u. lazy insecure hate full person.

    • Ironclad
      Ironclad 2 years ago

      Brent Fabian Rayburn I strongly disagree. They have no obligation to make commitment to following the previous administration's policy and that's all these hearings have turned into, Obama appointees demanding that everything remain the same.

    • R Ski
      R Ski 2 years ago +5

      Actually; she didn't have to answer. She will be confirmed even if every Demo votes against her and the same will be the case in a couple weeks with President Trump's pick for Supreme Court Justice. Thank that asshole Harry Reed for the way things are today, and to all those Democrats up there that are bought and paid by the teachers unions.... go fuck yourselves; Obozo is gone and there is a new Sheriff in town, and with him majorities in both Houses that will support him.

    • Brent Fabian Rayburn
      Brent Fabian Rayburn 2 years ago +22

      Actually she didn't. What Warren is trying to get here is a specific plan on this issue. Miss DeVos unfortunately kept answering in vague, blanket statements. You can't give a Miss America answer at these kinds of hearings. You have to have specific plans in place to talk about.