Ancient Technology Discoveries in Egypt How Did This Exist Thousands of Years Ago

  • Опубликовано: 19 янв 2018
  • This video shows irrefutable evidence of their highly-advanced technologies that has been discovered at various ancient sites in Egypt-that leave us with more questions, than answers. Examine the evidence and discuss the remarkable implications of what is possibly the world’s greatest secret - that a highly advanced civilization with superior intelligence and technology once inhabited our planet tens of thousands of years ago.
    Were stones such as granite, diorite, and quartzite shaped and polished using solely quartz-based abrasives, or did Egyptian craftsmen have access to harder materials? It has been demonstrated through archaeological discoveries and experimental data that corundum and emery-mixtures of minerals with great hardness-were employed by craftsmen in the ancient Mediterranean and Near East, but were these materials part of the Egyptian power tool kit? If their intellect was so far advanced, is it then difficult to conceive that they may have had some form of ancient technology that we are not yet aware of?

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    Presented by Yousef Abd’el Hakim Awyan, Co - Founder of KHEMIT SCHOOL OF ANCIENT MYSTICISM, at 2017 Annual Megalithomania Conference, UK.
    To learn more about them speaker and the KHEMIT SCHOOL OF ANCIENT MYSTICISM, pls visit
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    • Polaricecappucino
      Polaricecappucino Год назад +1

      Thank you very much for this video please add more videos from first hand sources/scholars who are experts in their fields, and not just some shills from the west whose main strength is cultural appropriation and making sweeping generalizations when they don't even know anything about the locals, their customs, traditions and history. White privilege is a disease that has its hand in every country's narrative, unbelievable.

  • Janis Dolan
    Janis Dolan Месяц назад

    This guy is accomplished in many things but photography is not one of then.

  • Royg Biv
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    Someone might mention to this marvelous speaker that it might not be necessary
    to keep saying "next" but he can just silently hand-signal the person who is
    operating the photo slides. (Great video)

  • Pelle Lindbergh
    Pelle Lindbergh 2 месяца назад

    Translator, please?

  • Ken Ratte
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  • george rissell
    george rissell 3 месяца назад

    it was done by the sea peoples who came thier after the flood from atlantis

  • Bill The Baker
    Bill The Baker 5 месяцев назад

    Never trust a Muslim!

  • leroyjful
    leroyjful 5 месяцев назад

    I notice that one of the symbols in this carving looks like a modern electric guitar.

  • Robert Morgan
    Robert Morgan 6 месяцев назад

    Was totally disappointed with this video. All sizzle and no steak 🥩!

  • Ultra-Ghost Silent-TWO
    Ultra-Ghost Silent-TWO 8 месяцев назад

    I have worked with stone, there is no way you can cut and shape granite with stone or soft metal tooling, it's way too hard. Even limestone would resist. Something far more technological has been at play here. Cutting those pillars would take skill, how true are they? Did these people use lathes? This gets more mysterious as time goes by.

  • Marko Popovic
    Marko Popovic 8 месяцев назад

    No evidence.

  • JogAlong
    JogAlong 8 месяцев назад

    My interest was killed by the incomprehensible audio. You should pay more attention to this since the content itself is valuable.

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  • Alex Christie
    Alex Christie 8 месяцев назад

    Sorry but what part of the world do you live? So you type English and obviously speak the language how can you not understand this guy???

  • Lawrence Immethun
    Lawrence Immethun 9 месяцев назад

    Anyone can plainly see they had engraving computers before us...

    CAMILA DE BERGERAC 9 месяцев назад

    please do not use red lettering and not so fast...

  • Benny Skyn
    Benny Skyn 9 месяцев назад

    Bad audio connection and narrator's English accent is really bad.

  • opps
    opps 9 месяцев назад

    I am sure his English is better than my Egyptian, I appreciate his effort, but, still need subs...

  • Pip Moore
    Pip Moore 9 месяцев назад

    Damn hard to understand this guy!

  • Pete M
    Pete M 9 месяцев назад

    I wonder if anyone has ever dug under those massive boxes in those tunnels...
    I’d be interested to see the surface of the underneath of those boxes.. as it might give a clue to how they moved them (if they did it that way)
    I would think the sandstone and ground material directly below the box could also provide some possible clues to how they might of been moved...,
    I’d love to see that being done and tested etc on film one day....

  • Roland Wieffering
    Roland Wieffering 9 месяцев назад

    All over the world one can find proof of an advanced civilization thousands and thousands of years old. And I can't understand why the academics ignore everything and stick to the view that everything must have been made in the last 7000 years. Or, with Gobekli tepe , the last 11.600 years.

  • sidhoe3
    sidhoe3 9 месяцев назад

    The boxes in the Pyramids was not for no bulls they were their source of energy

  • reffoelcnu alouncelal
    reffoelcnu alouncelal 10 месяцев назад +4

    I had no problem listening to the commentary ,

  • Karl_Kokosboll
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  • Kevin Aldcroft
    Kevin Aldcroft 10 месяцев назад +1

    Amazing machine tool marks is substantial evidence, which proves machine tools were used to cut and shape the stones. I do not understand how modern archeologists can sit on their high horses and still insist that primitive tools were used in these constructions. Modern archeology have failed to prove their theories. I was under the impression that if a hypothesis failed the test of being able to be reproduced; then the hypothesis is no longer valid. New hypothesis must be developed that can explain how the ancients constructed these building and statues. The fact that the ancients were highly advanced and used machine tools certainly tick all of the box's. This evidence defies the assumption and theory that the ancient were primitive and on only used copper chisels, stone hammers and chicken bones.

  • x D3G3N3R8 NATION x
    x D3G3N3R8 NATION x 10 месяцев назад

    " NEXT!!! "
    ( dude, you're talking to yourself! You have the damn remote )

  • Brian Lee Holmwood
    Brian Lee Holmwood 10 месяцев назад

    Maybe those boxes are like batteries or capacitors.. maybe they held a charge/energy

  • Bram Huysen
    Bram Huysen 10 месяцев назад

    The audio is real bad and that guy's accent makes it totally impossible to understand one word he is saying. Pity, because the video looks interesting. It might be good idea to redo the video with a different commentator or with subtitles and improve the sound. As is, watching that vid is really painful.

  • CommonCentsRob
    CommonCentsRob 10 месяцев назад

    *The 'Inter-Web'????? My grandfather says that word along with 'whatchamicallit'..... How old is this video?*

  • alexandreintouch
    alexandreintouch 10 месяцев назад +2

    It was awesome , and for all those comments about Youssef's other videos on RUclip his English is just fine and articulate , ( I'm French and got it all) never heard of technical issues with the web, skype or facebook live??? , quality not being so great...???. , read some comments below that are so harsh , nasty and off topic . Anyway many thanks keep the good work !!! ( NEXT ! that's for the haters....)

  • Jonh Haar
    Jonh Haar 10 месяцев назад

    captions would be nice.

  • What The Phuk
    What The Phuk 10 месяцев назад

    Why do people who can't speak english try to give lectures in english?!!! It's soooooo annoying.

  • wernertrptube
    wernertrptube 11 месяцев назад

    Keine heutige CD wird in 50 Jahren jemals noch gelesen werden können.

  • IB
    IB 11 месяцев назад

    I am sorry I don't believe that Egyptian guy. the only true thing he said is next

  • da ne
    da ne 11 месяцев назад

    windmill hydro jet cutters maybe

  • francisco Renta
    francisco Renta 11 месяцев назад

    Poor speaker .............

  • francisco Renta
    francisco Renta 11 месяцев назад

    Very poor public speaker !

  • rick m
    rick m 11 месяцев назад

    Extremely unprofessional. I like and respect this man, but this particular piece of work discredits him and his previous research. Who from ZEG reviewed this garbled mess and approved its incompetent release?

  • Mike Hingle
    Mike Hingle 11 месяцев назад

    Softening metal and stone “without heat” can be accomplished
    by utilizing strong resonant pulses of magnetic energy.
    Sub-millimeter diameter, intense but cold "plasmatic magnetic energy" beams,
    from a few millimeters long to a few meters long, would be able
    to cut & quarry those large stone block.
    Apparatus and Method for Amplifying a Magnetic Beam

  • Gary Tucker
    Gary Tucker Год назад

    Early opium trade.refinery.

  • Gary Tucker
    Gary Tucker Год назад

    Exported by boat,minoen origin or recipy possibly.water citric acid from lemon to refine ithence the bull magical.

  • Gary Tucker
    Gary Tucker Год назад

    Heroin refinery,using lemon juice to refine it in vats for export,hidden underground for protection,assets Alexander ran it too i expect.

  • Felix Thecat
    Felix Thecat Год назад

    Kemet? Is this guy one of those WE WUZ KANGZ! people? lol

  • breakthrough themyth
    breakthrough themyth Год назад

    very interesting & controversial subject - you need to sort out audio and/or add captions as a lot of it inaudible.

  • Rick Wahrlich
    Rick Wahrlich Год назад

    Audio was impossible to understand.

  • focus2016
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    sub titles are necessary

  • Robin Miller
    Robin Miller Год назад

    Did these ancients have any type of explosives? Did they use animal labor? Incredible stuff!

  • Robin Miller
    Robin Miller Год назад

    A women professor did an experiment a few years back, and proved that huge mega-ton stones could be lifted by using kites, and did this example for the pyramids in Egypt.

  • Ingolf Stern
    Ingolf Stern Год назад

    "focal chamber". we see the stones and the inscriptions but we do not see the function of these machines. SOUND. sound is a type of solvent for physical materials. it loosens up the matrix of materials, making the stones themselves malleable. then, once the stones are formed and the spaces are created the machine is started up by a human voice. perfect resonance and amplification. the "song" is amplified and resonated, overtones and subtones are developed. then the human inside of the chamber is transported to the destination. these are psychical transports that use sound as tuning and powering energies. these are musical devices, like a flute or a trumpet. the open spaces are carefully tuned.

  • Meade Morgan
    Meade Morgan Год назад +1

    Great video,your father was a very interesting and intelligent man.

  • WW Suwannee
    WW Suwannee Год назад

    What gets me is why would a people make such beautiful vessels, and then just scrawl crude writing on the surface.

  • jim8991
    jim8991 Год назад +4

    Poor presentation. Need writing

  • Contsu
    Contsu Год назад

    Just so you peeps know,
    The _Left Eye_ is the - *Eye of Horus* (Protection) and the _Right Eye_ is the - *Eye of Ra* (Good Luck)

  • Krystahl Phoenix
    Krystahl Phoenix Год назад

    +ZEG TV HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC All that I could really understand with Yousef's thick accent was; "next". Subtitles were definitely needed. Stop with the Clickbait! Please. Your channel has very good stuff, but you will end up losing subscribers, like me. Your channel doesn't need clickbait. Have a good weekend.

  • J D
    J D Год назад +2

    Let me tell you this way of cutting all those stones is more realistic and I'm not just talking out of my rear end I do have many degrees that I whole lot in technology and I guess nobody gives a crap unless you wave your banner in the air but I can tell you this is more realistic than anything then I've heard since the subject became popular and it is not a new technology by any sense of the word and they've been using it in industry for quite a long time

  • RonRay
    RonRay Год назад

    The technology and stone cutting capabilities of the people of "former" times exceeded the ones of "latter" times. It is obvious that the people who came AFTER the "great builders" of Egypt knew far less than the original inhabitants and artisans. The latter dynasties just reused what was already there. This is true with the Great Pyramids of Giza (they were not originally built as elaborate burial chambers!).

  • gary schultz
    gary schultz Год назад +2

    Yousef..... see him on lots of ancient Egyptian videos. (esp the Serapeum) knowledgeable & easy going.....he's the kind of person you'd want for a tour guide when visiting Egypt .....

  • Nazmin684
    Nazmin684 Год назад

    at 43:56 I am supposed to believe that a chisel did that? Those look machined to me! Then you skip very quickly over the tools used. But we can freeze frame and those do not look like they could of made those uniformed markings

  • Nite Explorer
    Nite Explorer Год назад +2

    can't understand what he saying SAD

    • Cristian Tohatan
      Cristian Tohatan Год назад

      Damn. You need to try harder.

    • Nite Explorer
      Nite Explorer Год назад

      nothing to do with accents, they using a cheap microphone

    NICHT DA Год назад +2

    a mason and other wonderful things ? wtf !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jim crow
    jim crow Год назад +2

    At the very least they would have needed tungsten tipped tools for that kind of work. Not Copper chisels.

    • Alex Christie
      Alex Christie 8 месяцев назад

      Maybe some type of water jet cutting equipment? Or was that a bad question?

  • Gods Eye View
    Gods Eye View Год назад +2

    I wish mankind would have come up with a language which all humans could speak clearly. It is hard to understand speakers with heavy accents

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    • Karen Yung
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      *but you digress ...*

    • A C
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      The recording itself was a problem. It has nothing at all to do with how smart people are. It would have been far better if it was recorded at the source with a better mic. It sounds like it was recorded after it was passed through the speakers at the conference.

    • Carlos Eugenio
      Carlos Eugenio 11 месяцев назад +1

      Don't be rude. I couldn't understand much either. That's because i'm not used to english, combine that with the accent and everything sounds very confusing. You do realise not everyone here viewing this video is north american, right?
      I could understand about 3/4 of whats said, which is good enough for my standards. Great props for the effort of the narrator, I know how these languages are very different.

    • Polaricecappucino
      Polaricecappucino Год назад +3

      I understood every word. Must mean you aren't very smart, which would indicate you don't need to be here. Go download more cartoons for your profile pics on social media, fucktard.

  • Michelle Soomro
    Michelle Soomro Год назад

    My guide explained EVERYTHING simply an succintly. He said (frequently) that "Egyptians are very intelligent people". He was fluent in four languages, so he may have had something. I love Misr and Masris.

  • Pockets MacCartney
    Pockets MacCartney Год назад

    cool to see the unfinished figures

  • toxic monsanto
    toxic monsanto Год назад +6

    I hope he has a book because I can hardly bare listening to his slow halting speech, ugh!

    • Polaricecappucino
      Polaricecappucino Год назад +1

      He speaks better than many white autistic dog raping scientists on this subject. Culture appropriating thieves.

  • Albert Mag
    Albert Mag Год назад +3

    Yousef is a very cool guy , I've seen many of the Brian Forester Videos where Yousef is The main guide taking them around and educating them with his excellent understanding of history of who and how Egypt was occupied and how these artifacts were created ...Yousef's family has been closely associated with The culture and historical sites of Egypt .

  • Sean Flipflop
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  • Abyssinian Lion ABIY
    Abyssinian Lion ABIY Год назад

    The writing is done to cover the truth of something that wasn't the hand of human...a clue read and understand the Bible about king Solomon he mastered to control some things
    We have no understanding or forbidden
    To humans to interact with those creatures pure evil

  • Abyssinian Lion ABIY
    Abyssinian Lion ABIY Год назад

    The writing is done to cover the truth of something that wasn't the hand of human...a clue read and understand the Bible about king Solomon he mastered to control some things
    We have no understanding or forbidden
    To humans to interact with those creatures pure evil energies

    • daniel register
      daniel register Год назад

      Abyssinian Lion your referring to the key of Solomon and controlling demons for your own personal gain? Why not just say that instead of hinting. I knew your reference, but not everyone knows the occult. Now I'm not trying to come off as I'll intent. Don't be ashamed of what you know. Share that knowledge with everyone

  • David Kitch
    David Kitch Год назад +1

    i found out how giant blocks were moved... any one off us can averagely can move a one ton block by with wood blocks , a couple of fist size stones for balancing and weights

    • brabanthallen
      brabanthallen Год назад

      David Kitch - Stones that weigh a ton or even a few tons....not a problem. Stones that weight hundreds of tons, that's quite a different story. The unfinished obelisk still in Aswan weighs at least 1200 tons.

    • Polaricecappucino
      Polaricecappucino Год назад

      Quiet fucktard.

    • sBeDs
      sBeDs Год назад +2

      @Fred VanOlphen how about a 1000t to 1650t for some of the stones at baalbek!!! XD

    • Fred VanOlphen
      Fred VanOlphen Год назад +1

      How about 100 ton stones? ❐

    • Anthony .Hernandez -WondaWorld GMG Artist DJ AᴻOᴻ
      Anthony .Hernandez -WondaWorld GMG Artist DJ AᴻOᴻ Год назад +1

      David Kitch an old and debunked hypothesis. It is not physically possible. It was attempted several times, and physics does not allow the impossible to be achieved. No matter how many logs, blocks or even perfectly round cyndicular hard stones they use they hardly move before the attempt fails. Im not saying anyone knows how they did it, but they know how they didnt, and you were hardly the first person to assume that method. That was the assumed and most common, popular belief of how it was done for years.

  • quinktap
    quinktap Год назад +8

    do it again....this is poor presentation. Make it clear...

    • 780 D
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      Yes headmaster!

  • Thomas Bentley
    Thomas Bentley Год назад

    Is it the original floor in the tunnels? Or are they replaced for people to walk down.

  • UNIDEN2211
    UNIDEN2211 Год назад +2

    That was fantastic, even though it was rushed, a fast and dirty presentation.
    Lathes, tubular coring drill bits, solid drill bits, huge circular stone cutting saw blades, and maybe lasers, to cut and shape stones. Fantastic technology, along side of conventional or conventional stone carving, structural manufacturing.
    Chris Dunn's name was dropped.
    This stuff is 10 to 15 thousand yrs old. Gives me a whole new world view.
    Nothing at all like the official narrative of the time line......just a bunch of whooey BS about human history as recorded in the official story. I have been lied to and until recently believed that BS.

    OLD GLORY Год назад +13

    Cannot understand this guy!

    • wernertrptube
      wernertrptube 11 месяцев назад

      I can understand.please Old Glory at first try to speak in arabic language then make your c(s).

      OLD GLORY Год назад +1

      Gee all I said was I could not understand the guy, I like the platform. Looks like I triggered a soy snow flake. he he he....

    • Polaricecappucino
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    • Polaricecappucino
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      Sounds like a triggered alt-right toad worshiping snowflake. Please emigrate to Russia we don't want your kind here anymore.

  • Kent Douglas
    Kent Douglas Год назад

    What a wonderful advanced civilization it must have been!!!

  • 10tenman10
    10tenman10 Год назад

    Obviously the hiroglyphics were placed on the boxes long after they were constructed.

  • Pamela Chadwell
    Pamela Chadwell Год назад

    I ask my oldest brother BTW he is 62 yrs old about all these Ancient discoveries, he responded they were just smarter then us! HaHa

  • Tim Brindley
    Tim Brindley Год назад

    egyptians believed in the underworld, the underworld is HELL .

  • Allan Hope
    Allan Hope Год назад +3

    I'm an ancient Egypt fanatic and going to university for my honours degree in egyptology, but I am convinced those massive sarcophagus were not built for the apex bull, they must have been there way before any pharos

    • Phillip Baker
      Phillip Baker 9 месяцев назад

      Allan Hope apis. Not apex.

  • Ray West
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    Audio so bad had to check out. Wish I could have watched it all. What a shame. Please do better next time.

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    His English is awful !

    • Lars Trillingsgaard
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      You seem to be the lonley one since you have to reply on your own comment.

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      that retard his a racist typical internet troll .....check his comments above....

    • alexandreintouch
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      not sure his English is good enough to read English .....

    • alexandreintouch
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      poor guy... , travel so you can get out of you generalizations ....and enriched your poor lonely racist being , take some English lessons on the way ....before lecturing others .... , you're the typical loner internet troll .....get a life ....seriously when I read and see your comment "His English is awful !" all is said old are you ? How low is your IQ ? did you even understood a fraction of the video ?.....( maybe also find some kind of device that translate English.....talking about staying on the subject ....piece of advice start by sweeping before your front door before bothering other with your ignorance ...) keep going ....not wasting anymore time with a lonely ignorant internet TROLL...

    • Lars Trillingsgaard
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      You are obviously not able to stay on the subject, insted You become personal and primitive. Of course the French are terrible at English, You are the worse, every one knows that, get back to reality and get over it, snowflake!

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    Needs subtitles

  • captain kirk
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    obolisks was easy to move for and lift for romans they probably learned off eyptions pretty easy when you no how lol no big secrets just used ther brains these days ppl watch news lol sat on ther arses or on facebook or in cars lazy basterds

  • Gin Atkins
    Gin Atkins Год назад

    What does the one eye mean?

    • Gillenz Fluff
      Gillenz Fluff Год назад

      Gin Atkins It is the pineal gland!

    • Contsu
      Contsu Год назад

      The _Left Eye_ is the - *Eye of Horus* (Protection) and the _Right Eye_ is the - *Eye of Ra* (Good Luck)

    • Orion's Star
      Orion's Star Год назад

      it means it's a pirate!

    • 13Gladius 2
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      Here's looking at you !!!

    • mike .D
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      where the F have you been ? in a hole in the ground carving granite . OMG are you older than 5 ?

  • PrognatusSeptem
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    He sounds like his father, cool.

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    that Sings look like to Ramses 2nd n South America Shisha

  • silkhead44
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    sub titles would have been nice

    AWARHERO Год назад

    They used CNC machines....

    • Gillenz Fluff
      Gillenz Fluff Год назад

      AWARHERO They must have been crap cnc machines some carving is too wavy!

  • Mike Kline
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    B S

    • Albert Mag
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      Best Stuff ....I Agree it is pretty darn good ......

  • The RealButcher
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    Yessss. :-D But I really did wanted to see ancient water-cutting techniques. If that even works in stone.