Mozzarella Cheese Sticks | Easy American Snacks | Grandpa Kitchen

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
  • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks | Easy American Snacks | Grandpa Kitchen
    Mozzarella Cheese Sticks | Easy American Snacks | Grandpa Kitchen
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  • sf zf
    sf zf 16 hours ago

    Есть кто русский?

  • samunder singh chawla

    hyegine toh rakho

  • samunder singh chawla

    gandpa lololol

  • Roland Escobar
    Roland Escobar 2 days ago


  • Kchriz Mendez
    Kchriz Mendez 2 days ago

    control the salt and spicy please, it's for the children.

  • Jason Jacobsen
    Jason Jacobsen 3 days ago

    Why don't more people do stuff like this?

  • Pickle The Dinosaur
    Pickle The Dinosaur 6 days ago


  • 주은
    주은 7 days ago +1

    너무 늦게 알게돼 구독해서 후회되네요 ㅠ

  • rheanne and zesha channel and my tiktok videos

    cheesy fries is next please

  • Mr. Peanutbutter
    Mr. Peanutbutter 8 days ago

    @3:56 *_PEPPER SPRAYED_*

  • Moumita Nag
    Moumita Nag 11 days ago

    I love u Grandpa..for your goodness and charitableness..

  • Autism Robotrix
    Autism Robotrix 14 days ago +1

    Is it just me or is it oddly satisfying to watch this?

  • paulin rani
    paulin rani 15 days ago

    Grandpa's kitchen Eanga... Eantha ooru..

  • Mia Hope
    Mia Hope 18 days ago

    Dear God bless your amazing heart🥺💕

  • candy girlll
    candy girlll 18 days ago

    Me: What can you make
    Grandpa: Hold my cup

  • BlackoutGamer162Z Tyrese

    I watched a whole 4 minute ad just for your channel I'm a real supporter.
    Click this blue if you are a real supporter

  • Kim Nguyem
    Kim Nguyem 22 days ago


  • Karrie Schumacher
    Karrie Schumacher 25 days ago +1

    So humble and great...❤❤❤

  • lucho
    lucho 25 days ago

    9:01 that kid with the white shirt in the left bottom corner. Creepy mf

  • Jordan Weathington
    Jordan Weathington 27 days ago

    I love watching these vids💛💛

  • Namrata Shirole
    Namrata Shirole 29 days ago

    i loves all recipes ....of grandpa....tnx to all team members and grandpa

  • Bun Noir
    Bun Noir 29 days ago

    He must be one of the angels sent from God

  • Bongtasia
    Bongtasia Month ago +1

    lol "Easy" ~ BCuZ You're Amazing. Making Homemade Cheese Sticks is an Art

  • Elaine Scandian
    Elaine Scandian Month ago


  • aarti phogat
    aarti phogat Month ago +1

    9:05 see the girl warning ⚠ not to eat now!!!!

  • Ruth Galvez
    Ruth Galvez Month ago


  • Brittany Ryan
    Brittany Ryan Month ago

    I really wish I could eat these and those chicken nuggets he made. 😐

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah Month ago

    That cheese pull thoughh

  • Dwie Ismayanti
    Dwie Ismayanti Month ago

    Subhanallah 😇

  • Yet us that feeetus Dustin

    Please stop it with the emotional music

  • Naime Siddique
    Naime Siddique Month ago

    all the haters are retards

  • Hubble Bubble
    Hubble Bubble Month ago

    03:57 oops 🙊

  • Serigala Gunung
    Serigala Gunung Month ago

    Love from Indonesia✊💖

  • Serigala Gunung
    Serigala Gunung Month ago


  • Nawab binny Harish
    Nawab binny Harish Month ago

    I love u sir

  • Ramesh Rao
    Ramesh Rao Month ago +2

    How may people liked grandpa cooking and his caring for children if u like then give q tumb

  • Nils TV
    Nils TV Month ago

    The best Grandpa in the world

  • maria erispe
    maria erispe Month ago +1

    God bless you always grandpa🧀🍽🍩🍦🍰🍪🍫🍬🍭🍔🍟🍗🍕🍱🌈we love and support you.

  • Dramatic Jabr
    Dramatic Jabr Month ago +1

    Wash your hands gramps and stop using 2 gallon of oil am not hateing just saying

  • pepela Almeida
    pepela Almeida Month ago

    Entendi, já dei like!

  • Salma Zerradi
    Salma Zerradi Month ago


  • Was ItClutch1291
    Was ItClutch1291 Month ago


  • I Fail On Maths
    I Fail On Maths Month ago

    Ahhh Mixwell my favourite cooking ingredients.

  • Ahmed Goyas
    Ahmed Goyas Month ago

    3:57 oh no he got black pepper in his eyes

  • Sen De Silva
    Sen De Silva Month ago

    what a good man this lad is. absolute legend

  • birb gave birth to a birb

    I want some but these kids need it more than I do god bless this man 🙇‍♂️

  • noliem نوليوم
    noliem نوليوم 2 months ago +1

    ادري انكم عرب

  • Cleyde Silva
    Cleyde Silva 2 months ago

    Sorriso de criança melhor coisa ❤️

  • Cheers luv Logan is_genji_gamer is here!

    *Lil Ron Ron has entered the chat*

  • Macario Marquez
    Macario Marquez 2 months ago

    I love this man

  • Mareem Kareem
    Mareem Kareem 2 months ago +1

    اعرف مراح تفهمون كلمه من كلامي 🙃بس أكلكم يشهي😍😍

  • Khanh Mac
    Khanh Mac 2 months ago

    Just press 1, to skip the ugly af kids.

  • Faruk IŞIK
    Faruk IŞIK 2 months ago +1

    Eat dickk morons

  • Faruk IŞIK
    Faruk IŞIK 2 months ago +1

    Fcking moron indians

    • lucho
      lucho 2 months ago

      You’re such an asshole and a no life to be making fun of such innocent people. I really hope you go to hell for literally making calling these people a bad name especially grandpa who is helping children who don’t have as many things as you. You’re the biggest asshole of this year.

    • xKonradx xMazowieckix
      xKonradx xMazowieckix 2 months ago


    LIL ZXMBIE 2 months ago

    Wonder what Gordon Ramsey would think

    • lucho
      lucho 2 months ago

      LIL ZXMBIE He is Gordon Ramsey

  • Chris Smoove
    Chris Smoove 2 months ago

    Cheese sticks real good

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown 2 months ago

    I wish he would put the oil in the pan before putting it on the fire...I keep expecting a oil flash fire when he pours in the oil.

  • Navy
    Navy 2 months ago


  • Husse Ali
    Husse Ali 2 months ago

    3:57 the pebber was strong

  • Shadow Walker
    Shadow Walker 2 months ago

    9:46 literally me when someone takes my food😂

  • Eus Marks
    Eus Marks 2 months ago +1

    He is always first to taste🤣🤣

    • lucho
      lucho 2 months ago

      Eus Marks duhh every chef needs to taste their own cooking to know if their food came out good

  • Korey Nnokam
    Korey Nnokam 2 months ago

    3:58 the black pepper got in his face😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rebecca Vickers
    Rebecca Vickers 2 months ago

    i love grandpa..💞

  • Mo0nBl4D3
    Mo0nBl4D3 2 months ago

    Mozzarella Cheese Sticks have been invented by the french btw...

  • Ella Fernandez
    Ella Fernandez 2 months ago


  • Norhasiah Mohd Akhir
    Norhasiah Mohd Akhir 2 months ago

    love to see the Gandpa's assistant. Always there to help Grandpa. It's like "Grandpa, you just sit and cook, I will do the rest of the thing..."

  • Shadow Trooper
    Shadow Trooper 2 months ago +3

    I love how he just shouts the steps and ingredients

  • Brawl Gaming
    Brawl Gaming 2 months ago

    Iike if you see semething with grandpa Assisant

  • Jelly Ace
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  • Lisp Reviews
    Lisp Reviews 2 months ago +7

    I don't get how anybody can dislike his videos.

  • Lucas Rodrigo Martins
    Lucas Rodrigo Martins 2 months ago +1

    3:56 pimenta nos olhos dos outros é colírio

  • TheBlue Shadow
    TheBlue Shadow 2 months ago

    The people that disliked this is because they were to hungry😂😂😂

  • Candace Anderson
    Candace Anderson 3 months ago +1

    Oh, my goodness. They're so cute.

  • Candace Anderson
    Candace Anderson 3 months ago +1

    American Snacks?! Awww😀😀

  • Daren Liman
    Daren Liman 3 months ago

    I hate he say mixed well

  • Tajpizza52
    Tajpizza52 3 months ago

    Is that ketchup?

  • Elvin Özdemir
    Elvin Özdemir 3 months ago

    52 bitte dich .yoksa olmaz ok

  • Ali anzi Ali
    Ali anzi Ali 3 months ago

    ماكو ولا متابع عربي شنو السالفه.. هلو گايز هو ار يو

  • Preston Sigmon
    Preston Sigmon 4 months ago

    Y’all know ketchup ain’t for every thing right

    • lucho
      lucho 2 months ago

      Preston Sigmon whatever 🙄 you don’t have to comment on what they put in their food

  • trufflememesboi is my insta

    all those children aww they're all so UGLY

  • Tala Ashe
    Tala Ashe 4 months ago

    Let’s not just support grandpa support the people with him

  • Okta Chandika Salsabila

    i won't get bored watching him cooking.

  • Suzanne Peters
    Suzanne Peters 4 months ago

    The kids are adorable

  • Joy Dy
    Joy Dy 4 months ago

    They're so kind❤❤.... I wish all people are like them😔

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  • AxL yT
    AxL yT 4 months ago

    his food probably tasted so good because he makes it with so much patients and love !!

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  • XXX Tentacion
    XXX Tentacion 4 months ago

    3:56 LMAO

  • Adriana S.M
    Adriana S.M 4 months ago

    Aso pvta amdre QUE HAMBRE

  • Φιλιππα Μεταξιωτη

    A soul like yours deserves to go in paradise..God bless you..sweet grandpa!!!!

  • Dina tan
    Dina tan 4 months ago

    enak yo masak di lapang beginian :) sore sore

  • dovelyn !!!
    dovelyn !!! 4 months ago +1

    these kids are so cute awh

  • Rebel King
    Rebel King 4 months ago

    I tried this but my cheeks sticks melted & there was nothing inside

  • Tiburelo Tenanchas
    Tiburelo Tenanchas 4 months ago

    How can I help abuelo my wife n I we Watch and love ur channel and yes u my granpa

  • Peter Latoch
    Peter Latoch 4 months ago

    Imagine how much more popular this channel would be if he actually made good food this way, not all this American inspired garbage. How could you feed this to kids, how does he even get up in the morning?

  • Matthew Badua
    Matthew Badua 4 months ago

    Grandpa cheese sticks real good

  • Fortnite Gaming
    Fortnite Gaming 4 months ago

    I wish he was younger so he could do this for long time

  • Julie M
    Julie M 4 months ago

    Im hungry!!!! 😭😭😭 good recipe. love u grandpa.

  • Khushnuma Khan
    Khushnuma Khan 4 months ago

    Such a great thing grandpaa I just love it

  • Melanie TOreos
    Melanie TOreos 4 months ago

    i really wanna taste his food man it looks really good :((