My Pure Land reviewed by Mark Kermode


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  • cd5ssmffan
    cd5ssmffan Год назад

    The same guy that shot up the gay nightclub in New orleans directs a movie

  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris Год назад +1

    Further proof that you should always do the best work you can-regardless of the ability of the people around you. Janusz Kaminski had to suffer through a film with Vanilla Ice but it all worked out for him in the end

  • Dogboy73
    Dogboy73 Год назад +1

    I'm hanging for a new Danny Dyer movie just for the Kermode review. Mark Kermode reviewing a Danny Dyer movie is always 10 times more entertaining than the movie.

  • Peadar MacAindriú
    Peadar MacAindriú Год назад +1

    "Ven-Deh'-Ahhhh" Brief but brilliant switch of voice.

  • Rowan Crump
    Rowan Crump Год назад +9

    DANNY DYEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!