• Published on Apr 5, 2019
    3Dio Binaural (Ear to Ear Eating Sounds)
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    ***This is an ASMR video. To ensure all tingles please wear headphone. If you do not enjoy EATING SOUNDS and light whispers PLEASE DO NOT WATCH IT. Eating, chewing, gulping sounds ect...are done very loudly for video purposes. THANK YOU.***

    ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a euphoric experience identified by a tingling sensation that triggers positive feelings, relaxation and focus. Listening to whisper voice and eating sounds are some examples that trigger ASMR. Everyone has a different ASMR triggers. I hope you find one that can help you to relax.

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  • Rini Setiawati
    Rini Setiawati Day ago +1

    Asmr markisa dong

  • Asuleydy quevedo
    Asuleydy quevedo 2 days ago

    You should try mango with tajin and chamoy

  • Ace Sigua
    Ace Sigua 6 days ago

    I though you're half filipino ?

  • Markia’s Life
    Markia’s Life 6 days ago +1




  • Sienna Reece
    Sienna Reece 7 days ago

    🥭 ❤️😘😂

  • Fannynamino Tang
    Fannynamino Tang 7 days ago +1


  • meme overlord
    meme overlord 8 days ago

    whenever I hear this, I can see the Dinos dying

  • Autumn Juhlin
    Autumn Juhlin 9 days ago

    Close your eyes

  • Fannynamino Tang
    Fannynamino Tang 12 days ago +1


  • Josie Pereson
    Josie Pereson 13 days ago

    Sas: it’s so juicy
    Me: It’S sO JuiCY?!

  • Hamna Laiba
    Hamna Laiba 14 days ago

    Yumm I see this in winter 💔❄❄🍋in Pakistan ......

  • David Azar
    David Azar 14 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who had no idea mangosteen was even a thing before watching this vid?

  • Pahaliah
    Pahaliah 16 days ago

    Wow, it's very relaxing !

  • King ROGER
    King ROGER 17 days ago

    Salfok Ama tatonya

  • Priencess M.A
    Priencess M.A 20 days ago +1

    I never eat the white thing before but I eat the mango 🥭

  • Aprelia Yolanda
    Aprelia Yolanda 24 days ago

    Ai not wader

  • Kim De Silva
    Kim De Silva 25 days ago

    The sweetest mangoes on earth are found in Guimaras, Philippines.

    sHWAP sHWAP 26 days ago +1

    This comment is for people who keep fighting between if durian or mango is the king of fruits. I decided to just make this comment into the open so everyone can see. Pls don’t comment that you don’t see anyone making these remarks becuz if I didn’t see any I wouldn’t have made this comment. Ok peace ✌🏼 also this was a copy and paste from my comment under a reply so it may sound a little direct. ::
    EVERYONE PLEASE STOP FIGHTING. It depends on the region of where you live so mainly people refer to durian as the king of fruits but a lot also refer to mango as the king of fruits. In India they call mango their king of fruits and some other places(not sure where, I’m too lazy, pls don’t @ me) but in the eastern and southern regions(excluding India) MOST (remember I said MOST) say durian is the king of fruits. The population is also larger in that area especially Asian countries where there r HUGE populations but the western refer to mango because they aren’t too familiar with the fruit durian whereas it is an exotic fruit which can only be found in a few areas. So please stop fighting because both are correct! But I think we can all agree that mangosteen is the queen 👑 of fruits. 🙃

  • Putri Salsabila
    Putri Salsabila 27 days ago

    i not like tato😒

  • Helping Hand
    Helping Hand Month ago

    1%Content , 99%Porn sound

  • Goku black fics
    Goku black fics Month ago

    Un manguito clásico

  • Bianca Gabriela Santos de Miranda

    I'm CRAVING mangoes! I'm just waiting to my mom buy some!

  • Bianca Gabriela Santos de Miranda

    The mango is a super popular tropical fruit here in Brazil! My fav one is the sword mango! It's smaller when compared to the regular mango, but it's so sweet and juicy!

  • elara
    elara Month ago

    in brazil (brazilian portuguese) mangosteen called "mangostim" or "mangostão"

  • Javante' Pounds
    Javante' Pounds Month ago

    This I can get behind. Dat box taste good I’m knowin

  • Beyaz Çikolata
    Beyaz Çikolata Month ago +1


  • sansi uwu
    sansi uwu Month ago

    I was today years old when I knew that mangosteen exist....

  • Hanh Nguyen
    Hanh Nguyen Month ago

    Manggo teen

  • Brenda Rodríguez
    Brenda Rodríguez Month ago

    Usa cerbilletas cochina q asco 🤬💩🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • Hanh Nguyen
    Hanh Nguyen Month ago +1


  • Nubian Princess
    Nubian Princess 2 months ago +1

    Every time I eat a couple of mango slices I get an intense craving for more till it’s all gone. They taste so good I just can’t help myself 😂

  • Desi Padmini
    Desi Padmini 2 months ago

    In bali mangosteen call is manggis

  • princess nini
    princess nini 2 months ago

    I don't like the way you slurp

  • Bornali Dutta
    Bornali Dutta 2 months ago

    Gub in bengla

  • Shanthi Pooja
    Shanthi Pooja 2 months ago

    Pls don't talk and eat

  • Naizila Official
    Naizila Official 2 months ago

    may I have the mango plis plis plis plis plis

  • Mai Vo
    Mai Vo 2 months ago +1

    I love mangosteen but I only get couple a year😢

  • Anir Mandaa
    Anir Mandaa 2 months ago

    Mango is ma favorite FrUiT

  • Yustin Ajah
    Yustin Ajah 2 months ago

    hei mbak

  • Claudia Del Prado
    Claudia Del Prado 2 months ago

    Aguante el mango

  • M Jackson
    M Jackson 2 months ago

    Ugh! I hate ur videos sum times...can u b a bit more descriptive wit the fruit other than its sweet? Where I live I cant get it sweet wit a coconut flavor...does it taste like a orange?...

  • Surbhi Karmokar
    Surbhi Karmokar 2 months ago

    6:03 besti😂😂lol

  • Sun Ytube
    Sun Ytube 3 months ago

    Yummy 😋

  • Ashxo_o
    Ashxo_o 3 months ago +2

    I am eating mango riget now
    What are u eating
    If ur eating mango comment
    If ur eating someting Else comment:)
    U Dont have to like:)

  • it's me anikaaa
    it's me anikaaa 3 months ago

    They are simply called mangosteen lol

  • Fany Nurazizah
    Fany Nurazizah 3 months ago

    Eating mangoes

  • soo young choi
    soo young choi 3 months ago

    I bought mangosteen today and ate it’s so goooood. I wanted to see what it tasted like .(11/10/19)

  • Joku Jaku
    Joku Jaku 3 months ago

    I am very angry

  • กวิน ยอดพรม


  • Hannah
    Hannah 3 months ago

    God I wish this were me

  • Fernanda Freitas
    Fernanda Freitas 3 months ago

    O vídeo poderia ser SÓ comendo
    Fica a dica

  • Hero Cupu
    Hero Cupu 3 months ago

    Yes or No

  • Tanya _toledo
    Tanya _toledo 3 months ago

    I miss the word *NO TALKING on the title HAHA

  • αlєѕѕαн `
    αlєѕѕαн ` 4 months ago

    watching this while actually eating mangos is SO satisfying ugh I’m in heaven. 🥭😊🧡💛

  • Aurnod sikder
    Aurnod sikder 4 months ago

    Please eting rose apple frut

  • army bts blackpink blink taennie

    In my country none of these exotic fruits exists. We dont have mango mango seads passion fruit dragon fruit

  • Irmanto Ramadan
    Irmanto Ramadan 4 months ago

    mau dong kak.😜😁

  • Verin Dedrick
    Verin Dedrick 4 months ago

    Dutch is watching this only for the mangoes👀

  • Kimi Crum
    Kimi Crum 4 months ago

    How can you tell if its a good mangosteen? Every one I've gotten has been bad with the weird goo inside.

  • Sid Playz
    Sid Playz 5 months ago +4

    I LOVE MANGO❤🍋< ik thats a lemon but i cant find anything thats closer to mango.

    • Ah hehe
      Ah hehe 25 days ago

      Sid Playz 🥭