The Day Cristiano Ronaldo Played Too Good for His Age - Mbappe WHO?!

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
  • 📌 The day Cristiano Ronaldo ''CR7'' played too good for his age against Manchester City 14/02/2004: 1 goal, 1 assist & sensational performance (1080p/HD) by SLIZHENKOV l HD
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    SLIZHENKOV l HD  4 months ago +84

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  • CofeeAuLait
    CofeeAuLait 8 hours ago

    I'm just grateful I was born in the age of Ronaldo and Messi. Best players to ever grace football.

  • Robyn
    Robyn 18 hours ago

    "too good for his age"
    yeah when he was 11 that game he played better, for 18 he was pretty trash for me

  • Ed blackcardigan
    Ed blackcardigan 20 hours ago


    SHIFTY Day ago

    Beckham isnt even worthy enough to tie Ronaldo's boot laces.

  • Nitesh Tendulkar

    No control on ball....Mbappe is way better at this age

  • DumDum
    DumDum Day ago

    The good thing and the thing you should respect about CR is the fact that he never let his fame get the better of him, he kept improving.

  • Kelvin Ogbeide
    Kelvin Ogbeide 2 days ago

    Baby lingard hanging out with the legend himself....CR7 is football.

  • Jacek Kuc
    Jacek Kuc 2 days ago +1

    Ronaldo = RAPIST !!! go to hell

  • attk177
    attk177 2 days ago +1

    I won't believe Ronaldo ever even began to understood fergusons thick accent. There is just no way

  • lunardestruction
    lunardestruction 2 days ago

    Top 5 haircuts of all time

  • Kane Ogier
    Kane Ogier 2 days ago

    Best part of the whole thing is Gary Neville with the classic English 'say the world louder and it'll suddenly translate to portugese'

  • baggies37
    baggies37 2 days ago

    Ronaldo is better than messi, fact. He's doing in in multiple teams. Messi is great but for true greatness needs to do it everywhere. Ronaldo does it for club and country.

    • 1337Demo
      1337Demo 21 hour ago

      if u can play permanently in the best club in history, would u not?

  • Sachin Dhanbir
    Sachin Dhanbir 3 days ago

    Best Fergie signing ever!

  • Mike McGee
    Mike McGee 3 days ago

    ????????? I didnt see anything ???? What am I missing he had 1 lucky assist? He couldnt dribble past anyone he just out ran some of them? Im going to call BS on this one!

  • S3M NE
    S3M NE 3 days ago +1

    But mbappe won the World Cup so yea... Messi and Ronaldo didn’t 😂😂🤫

  • V Machinima
    V Machinima 4 days ago

    When he was in his early 20's he had lots of energy he would sprint with the ball most of the time, there is a moment at the video that describes the kind of panic oposite teams would face when 3 city defenders just go in front of him to prevent him from dribling 2 guys... (because he could do it back then ) and its kinda funny...

    Ronaldo was a completely diferent player between 17 and 22, its only when learned with Alex Fergunson in how to be effective and how to use more of his abilities to decide games that he kinda turned into what he was and still his, the best goal scorer in the world..

    Messi fans use to throw at Ronaldo that Messi have more skill for dribling and ball control... Ronaldo when was young played really wild, there are many videos on youtube where you can see him humilating defenders, but that was a Ronaldo that scored 10/15 goals per season... to become a Ronaldo that scored 50, he had to change the way he played.

    One of the best player ever in footbal history.

  • Kenji Reh
    Kenji Reh 4 days ago +4

    He was so handsome wish this hairstyle but I can’t disagree that he’s still handsome

  • Fushadow Edwards
    Fushadow Edwards 5 days ago

    You guys are corrwct thats why messi and Ronaldo cant win the world cup at that age...they need to always be on good teams or good defense or golie...ill see em when they win the big one

    • Comik
      Comik 4 days ago

      you do know teams can't win the world cup

  • riyadh rider
    riyadh rider 6 days ago +1

    At 19 he was only 5’8 or 5’9 coz he was same height as Gary neville but now he is 6’2 how is this possible

    • riyadh rider
      riyadh rider 5 days ago

      You don’t grow when you are 20,21 and even if u do you can’t grow like 5 inches in this period it is biologically impossible

    • Harry Rogers
      Harry Rogers 6 days ago

      riyadh rider maybe cos he grew

  • Davide Margiotta
    Davide Margiotta 7 days ago +13

    If there is a goat, that one is cr7. There is no doubt about this.

    • The Guru
      The Guru 4 days ago

      Davide Margiotta messi??

  • CFernando17
    CFernando17 7 days ago


  • AGJ714
    AGJ714 7 days ago

    DAAAMNNNNNNNN!! homie said MBAPPE WHOOO!!??? Hahaha 😝😝😝😝

  • please subscribe though i dont post videos

    Dont think he played THAT well in this match tbh

  • Salvo Leonti
    Salvo Leonti 7 days ago

    Young alien...

  • Luis Manuel
    Luis Manuel 8 days ago +2

    He learned what confident means when he fixed them teeth

  • xjohnyboy
    xjohnyboy 8 days ago +1

    2:14 holy shit that PACE tho

  • Bruno
    Bruno 9 days ago +3

    We can see in the bonus how much ronaldo has a good heart. He loves people. Unfortunately, people hate him...

  • nokozo du59
    nokozo du59 10 days ago

    I mean he’s a bit retarded 😂

  • Nightmare Piss
    Nightmare Piss 10 days ago

    The young CR7 just as good as the new

  • Zexaz
    Zexaz 10 days ago

    No one has faster feet than Ronaldo

    Have u meet Neymar buddy?

  • Golden
    Golden 10 days ago

    He gained confidence by playing manchester

  • Jonathon Jines
    Jonathon Jines 11 days ago


  • GehtDichNichts An
    GehtDichNichts An 11 days ago

    He is a maschine
    But his charakter got destroyed

  • Arsfra Azyz
    Arsfra Azyz 12 days ago

    Ronaldo is way above in terms of skill and attributes but Mbape won World Cup so hey

  • JohnyMST
    JohnyMST 14 days ago +5

    ronaldo talking Portuguese to this kids and they're like wtf he on about lol

  • Bruce Own Wayne
    Bruce Own Wayne 14 days ago +6

    PS2 was still kicking hard back then

  • Blank Spot
    Blank Spot 15 days ago +2

    7:23 you can see Ronaldo smile like a kid.

  • iko hacker
    iko hacker 16 days ago +2

    1:30 how is this playing good?

  • Guilherme Bittar
    Guilherme Bittar 18 days ago

    That pace is unreal

  • Tagirchick
    Tagirchick 19 days ago +56

    4:02 YEE- oh...
    4:04 YEEAAAAHH!!!

    • LJF 22
      LJF 22 8 days ago

      Tagirchick you mean 4:03 and 4:05

  • chess burger
    chess burger 20 days ago

    mbappe ? I don't know

  • ch282
    ch282 22 days ago

    the day cristiano ronaldo became cristiano ronaldo

  • Winter Beast
    Winter Beast 22 days ago

    19 Years Old Ronaldo : Set-up 1 goal in a Manchester Derby which was a little underwhelming due to Manchester City "weakness" in 2004 (8th position, no real amazing player)

    17 Years Old Mbappé : Goals multiple times in a UCL match against Manchester City with a fairly "not that great" team in 2016.
    19 Years Old Mbappé : Goals multiple times in World Cup against Argentina and Croatia, perhaps it was clearly a better team and more of an "even" matchup, you can't denay he is good. And some of you might probably regret saying he isn't. (Not menacing, just saying that you should be a bit more consterned about this dude right here)

    Anyway, saying that he is bad will also help him somehow, he'll work much harder after each defeat to become the best player he can for his team and for himself.
    What a man seriously, i'm kinda proud we have the same nationality. Although, even if i weren't French or anything like that, i would see a true potential in him. He just is the perfect modern footballer.

    MMA HIGHLIGHTS 23 days ago

    I see no problem comparing Mbappe to messi and Ronaldo at 19. As teenager Mbappe is better than both of them. Big much debate there is just facts I don’t think Mbappe will be able to reach there level in the future as they’ve both set the bar way too high but as a teenager no one comes close to Mbappe

    • John Vamos
      John Vamos 20 days ago

      Haven't compared #s but Rashford comes to mind. He's not quite as good as mbappe but he's REALLY good and only 19.

    [email protected] 23 days ago

    Before the muscles he had strength before the so called all he is,is hard work there was the talent the dribbles the freekicks

      [email protected] 23 days ago

      mamo jebac I'm Finna delete this shit if you reply or see it

      [email protected] 23 days ago

      mamo jebac shit I literally forgot a whole fucking sentence lol,I'm from the U.S.A so I'm good the whole English thing I love soccer cause of my culture contrary to the American football culture you know

    • mamo jebac
      mamo jebac 23 days ago

      Nice english

  • Travelers Super Travelers

  • sean w
    sean w 26 days ago

    Just realising, although a good player and a very good pundit... Gary Neville is a bit of a dork 🤔

  • geo A
    geo A 27 days ago +1

    i only see a fast paced, diver and advantage taker of defensive mistakes. Where's the talent that you all talk about?

    • The Protaganist
      The Protaganist 25 days ago

      geo A What’s talent in your perspective actually? What possibly a young dependent can do at that time? Messi fans talk like shit..

  • Izzat muhammad
    Izzat muhammad 27 days ago

    Imagine being very good on your debut season abroad especially in premier league even messi couldn't do such thing

  • Ahmed Mubarak
    Ahmed Mubarak 28 days ago

    If mbappe leaves the french league he will probably be the next best player in the world.

  • Will Dick
    Will Dick 28 days ago

    Jesus . Watching mbappe play is amazing but holy fuck he isn’t a skidmark on the shorts of messi and ronaldo at any age. Absolute masterclass performance

  • Kani Fuker
    Kani Fuker 29 days ago +1

    The real Ronaldo was better at this age than this Ronaldo and why compare this Ronaldo to another kid who has already won a World Cup?. You the uploader are a bloody clueless idiot.

  • Edward Ejiofor
    Edward Ejiofor 29 days ago

    It's amazing how he has evolved

  • docc rees
    docc rees Month ago

    Mbappe’s better you frick

  • free novantotto
    free novantotto Month ago

    Fucking English people they don't have even one journalist who speaks another language

  • John
    John Month ago

    Had to dislike the video.. don't get me wrong it was a good video but why are you bashing Mbappe, a young up coming athlete?

  • My guy 123
    My guy 123 Month ago +1

    Were so lucky were in the same era as Messi and ronaldo

  • Kshitiz Mishra
    Kshitiz Mishra Month ago +1

    Mbappe who? Him who got World Cup when at 19

    • Slumnigga
      Slumnigga Month ago

      Have you even seen frances team?

  • uncontrollable343
    uncontrollable343 Month ago +159

    Lingard aged 10: Acts 26
    Lingard aged 26: Acts 10

  • Richard Grace
    Richard Grace Month ago

    Ronaldo seemed WAY more humble and down too earth here then he has seemed in YEARS... now he seems to come off as an arrogant prick

  • Chopped Suey
    Chopped Suey Month ago

    The greatest footballer ever

  • Estepanda xd
    Estepanda xd Month ago

    I love how anybody is talking about messi vs cr7 shit

  • Henraj the stalker
    Henraj the stalker Month ago +3

    One of the best man u kits too

  • Yo man Nephop
    Yo man Nephop Month ago

    Don’t ever compare mbappe with rolando because Rolando is an ideal for mbappe
    He even said that he get inspired from him.
    Rolando is the best ever player
    I swear everyone will cry on his retirement

  • Nebin Geo Alex
    Nebin Geo Alex Month ago +2

    Back when M. Utd. was a team.

  • Edreen Pasang
    Edreen Pasang Month ago +24

    Back when he do not understand english that much .
    So he speak with his skill .😭😭😭😭

    • Ghghgh Bbhh
      Ghghgh Bbhh 3 days ago

      +Tomato Faissal his accent his deep,good & clear tho

    • Tomato Faissal
      Tomato Faissal 3 days ago

      +Richard Grace are you fucking stupid he speaks normal english right now only his accent is not the best but i understand everything

    • AxSenpai8
      AxSenpai8 3 days ago

      +Ghghgh Bbhh Messi doesn'nt even know how to speak english, at least 2 years back he didn't. He speaks spanish only and Ronaldo speaks portuguese, spanish, english fluently and a bit of italian.

    • Ghghgh Bbhh
      Ghghgh Bbhh 23 days ago

      +Richard Grace he speaks better than most non english footballers like messi neymar for example

    • Richard Grace
      Richard Grace Month ago

      Uhm..he still cant handle speak English...have you ever heard him try to speak it in interviews?? Half the time you can't understand crap he is saying

  • Adam Kerrou
    Adam Kerrou Month ago

    Mbappe who? Lmao

  • im00n.
    im00n. Month ago +124

    Kids compare Ronaldo and Messi
    Men enjoy seeing them play

    • The Protaganist
      The Protaganist 25 days ago

      Ultralegends compare with stats😍

    • Speed Services
      Speed Services Month ago +3

      Best comment Sir !

    • Matie660
      Matie660 Month ago +5

      True it makes me happy that there are youngsters like mbappe that play amazing because Messi and Ronaldo wil not play forever.

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah Month ago +1

    Confident in Portuguese is confiante Ronny boy

  • ShaDow Neesi
    ShaDow Neesi Month ago

    Mbappe is gay

  • 690000 Subs With Video’s

    Messi played better for his age

    • im00n.
      im00n. Month ago +1

      IHaveNoName 05 lmao stop comparing them and just enjoy seeing them playing

  • Robert Llinares
    Robert Llinares Month ago +4

    if he wasnt that muscular he might be able to play similar as he played at this age

    • im00n.
      im00n. Month ago

      Maddox Cindy yeah but without those muscles he would be alot lighter and be able to be faster

    • Maddox Cindy
      Maddox Cindy Month ago

      Robert Llinares hes also getting older so he has to adapt himself to it which is why he’s playing up front and a lot slower than before

  • Isaac Slaney
    Isaac Slaney Month ago +3

    Complete 2000s nostalgia trip... 5:17

    • Maddox Cindy
      Maddox Cindy Month ago

      Isaac Slaney before the dark times.... before... the empire

  • rive
    rive Month ago

    0:17 nó undastend

  • Truly_Tuber Studios

    Both players ronaldo and mbappe is good no comparison

  • mirlind bislimi
    mirlind bislimi Month ago +1

    The goldtime of Manchester United 🔱

  • Sebastian Martinez
    Sebastian Martinez Month ago +5

    Ronaldo is the definition of “The Grind never stops”

  • Noxa 22
    Noxa 22 Month ago

    Te biggest player in the world

  • Saad Hassan Rafiq
    Saad Hassan Rafiq Month ago

    This was a normal performance nothing special in it except the pace. Video starts with a poor touch from Cristiano where the ball is lost but he dives.

  • Prithvi Sundar
    Prithvi Sundar Month ago

    Don't degrade MBappe just to make Ronaldo look good. MBappe is a great player too and has tonnes of potential. I hope you understand.
    Also MBappe has more statistic goals at the age of 19 compared to that of Messi and Ronaldo's. So stop insulting him. He is a really humble and genuine player.

  • BIT- 2
    BIT- 2 Month ago


  • Tyler Lucas
    Tyler Lucas Month ago

    most skillful player for man united

  • Tyler Lucas
    Tyler Lucas Month ago

    Madrid misses you

  • Moms Kasha
    Moms Kasha Month ago

    Did Ronaldo fuck argentina at 19 in a WC ? Let's compare in 10 years 👍

  • Juu Jika
    Juu Jika Month ago

    Too good for his age? Really? Meh...
    That was sh*t, sorry to say.

  • Angga Dedy Pratama
    Angga Dedy Pratama Month ago

    5:41 Lingardinho

  • KSR QP
    KSR QP Month ago

    Como un mal partido de Messi

  • Maker Shaker Waker
    Maker Shaker Waker Month ago

    How did he play good? all his dribles let to missed shots and his freekicks missed.

  • daniel loo
    daniel loo Month ago

    mbappe can suck Ronaldo's cock

  • OfficialHoneZtAbe
    OfficialHoneZtAbe Month ago +1

    The "Mbappe who" part was unnecessary haha he plays too good for his age as well, multiple people can do this, it's not like one person doing it excludes anyone else from also doing it

  • Ricardo Rolão
    Ricardo Rolão Month ago

    yeah i forget who is Mbappe

  • Chicago Bulls
    Chicago Bulls Month ago

    New Ronaldo is loading. So who is that star?You can wait and see.Don't forget this name "Omer Faruk Beyaz".Now he is 15 years old.Currently playing FENERBAHÇE💛💙

  • Deep Mind X
    Deep Mind X Month ago

    Ronaldo, Pre-Poacher Era

  • Tu Chenz
    Tu Chenz Month ago

    back when football was worth watching

  • Jericho Diaz
    Jericho Diaz Month ago

    Imagine Mbappé going up against, those great teams at the time.

    • Jericho Diaz
      Jericho Diaz Month ago

      Leon the third yeah he did against a weaker Man U 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Leon the third
      Leon the third Month ago

      when he went up against man u he scored soo...

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G Month ago

    6:07 ez, ye ez cramps

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G Month ago

    Prime Man Utd , Legends under Sir Ferguson

  • Donovan Tavera
    Donovan Tavera Month ago

    Mbappe is a beast, by facts he is scoring more goals than Messi and Ronaldo at his age no doubt he will be the next goat one day but, he is probably gonna be the next Ronaldo, and messi well messi is from another planet I don’t think mbappe will ever pass, dribble like messi.

  • Paul Sykes
    Paul Sykes Month ago +2

    Mbappe not anywhere near the same level