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  • 26th ENT
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    "Now i'll do some TOOT now"😂😂😂

  • Thomas Oakheart
    Thomas Oakheart 2 месяца назад

    They played this in my engineer class, you better watch out sally cuz ima 'bout to get upside that head.

  • Eric McDonough
    Eric McDonough 3 месяца назад

    Unless Alabama wins the championship again. Then I'll base.

    Can't stop won't stop

    rUMPPLE dUMMPUS 3 месяца назад


  • Cannibal713
    Cannibal713 3 месяца назад

    You know what...Fuck you. Any race, religion, or sexual orientation it's wrong to make fun of. You do that and you have riots in the damn streets screaming homophobe, racist, islamaphobe, ECT. But hey, why not rip on poor white trash. They have all kinds of white privilege, they live in a DOUBLE wide. Fuck you. White crackers fought for, and created this country. They wrote up and died for the freedoms WE enjoy today. So, in closing...Fuck you.

  • Versus
    Versus 4 месяца назад +2

    Forest Gump.

  • Asher Short
    Asher Short 5 месяцев назад +1

    This man is my best Friend

  • Hitler's Pussy
    Hitler's Pussy 5 месяцев назад

    I like smoked reefer; a couple of doobies, it relaxes me.... XD

  • Rob Eaton
    Rob Eaton 5 месяцев назад

    How many people gotta comment that 2chains sent them here?

  • evil hag
    evil hag 5 месяцев назад

    who made this masterpiece ?who is this amazing man? I need to know

  • B Gideon
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  • Mikey Nichols
    Mikey Nichols 8 месяцев назад

    This reminds me of that Steve Martin movie "the jerk". At the end, when he saying "I don't need anything!I don't need any of this stuff! .........................Except this paddle ball game, and these dice....but that's all I need! THAT'S all I need!!.................except this fondue set. But that's it! The paddle ball game, the dice, the fondue set, but that's all I need! Except maybe this checkerboard....etc.

  • Joshua Belton
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  • Child of God
    Child of God 8 месяцев назад +1

    "I beat on Sally...and that hurt me a lot more than whoever I'm beatin on."

  • Nicholas Lawson
    Nicholas Lawson 9 месяцев назад

    unless I've heard the sermon "before" died laughing at that part... and remember just say nope to dope

  • Andre Anderson
    Andre Anderson 9 месяцев назад +2

    sally u better look out cause u know im gonna go upside that head now 😂

  • TheDarkFalcon
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  • TheTextool
    TheTextool 9 месяцев назад

    this is great love it

  • The Cultural Studies
    The Cultural Studies 10 месяцев назад +3

    A man who's got his story straight with the "white devil", ha ha

  • Tarmecia Jackson
    Tarmecia Jackson 10 месяцев назад +9

    this will never get old

  • Jason Thacker
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  • Kopboy55
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    Yee haw

  • Jim Dickinson
    Jim Dickinson 11 месяцев назад

    Shane Caldwell...

    • Cozzi
      Cozzi 10 месяцев назад

      THANK YOU! I've been trying to figure out where this came from for a year now.

  • Ash
    Ash Год назад

    He sounds like a retard

    • BooBass
      BooBass 7 месяцев назад

      he is.
      an Alabamer idiot

  • Bert Stir
    Bert Stir Год назад +2

    I laughed my ass off at this.

  • knucklechukka
    knucklechukka Год назад +2

    I can watch this 20 times and still laugh. THIS GUYS A MASTER! Conway Twitty roll over!

  • Chris Shepherd
    Chris Shepherd Год назад +11

    0:51 I love the way he says "Doobies!"

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith Год назад +4

    The comedian's name that filmed this videos name is Shane Caldwell. Back in the 90s he did a show called Cuts. He has a few videos on YouTube under the name Comedy is Funny

  • R Davis
    R Davis Год назад +2

    Seriously? I didn't smile the first time. Why is this funny?

    • Jason Thacker
      Jason Thacker 10 месяцев назад

      Maybe you base?

    • Tom Hollis
      Tom Hollis 10 месяцев назад

      I've never once in my life laughed at anything Amy Schumer has ever said and she's a superstar comedian. I guess it's just personal preferences.

    • R Davis
      R Davis Год назад

      um Catman, I am a hillbilly (I live in Tennessee) and I do know people who do drugs (I'll not go farther with the latter) and I do have a sense of humor, not dull. I just don't find it funny.

    • Heather Hawthorne
      Heather Hawthorne Год назад

      you had to be there in Nashville in the 80-s and 90s or you won't get it

  • William Williamson
    William Williamson Год назад +15

    I hope everyone in the beginning of this commentary knows this is a comedic genius at his best. Probably the best video on YouTube. At least it's top 3. Better than any chocolate rain or afro ninja etc

    • David Walsh
      David Walsh 3 месяца назад

      wheres his other videos?? I'm trying to find them. he is so funny

    • William Williamson
      William Williamson 8 месяцев назад

      You dont find him funny?

    • Robin C.
      Robin C. 8 месяцев назад

      william williamson
      You dont get out much, do you?

    • Jason Thacker
      Jason Thacker 10 месяцев назад

      He never said he gave up rape.

  • lilndn203 860
    lilndn203 860 Год назад +3

    I will do some toot someone ask you if you want some toot its impolite to say no

  • Russell Hart
    Russell Hart Год назад +2

    I've never laughed so hard in my life

  • boomboom zoomzoom
    boomboom zoomzoom Год назад +2

    oh shit im dying

  • Kowens20
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    2 chainz used this on his Free Base mixtape as a sample

  • Fawn Hamby
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  • Ryan Dias
    Ryan Dias Год назад

    his fxxked

  • SaddenTrap
    SaddenTrap Год назад +1

    I will not Freebasing cocaine (in church) <3

  • redrum427
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  • kx80braap
    kx80braap Год назад

    Sounds like realdipper24

  • Bravura Lee Vim
    Bravura Lee Vim Год назад +6

    This shit is just too funny!

  • Orangeboy73733
    Orangeboy73733 Год назад +1

    My mom brought me here.

  • Kerry C
    Kerry C Год назад +1

    Thank you! Love Unknown Hinson & Early Cuyler too.

    • Joe Van De Veere
      Joe Van De Veere Год назад

      Thanks for providing the name! I ADORE Squidbillies!!!

    • Kerry C
      Kerry C Год назад

      You can wrap yer 8 arms around me any ol' time, just don't ink all over my 8 count burlap!

    • rob rogers
      rob rogers Год назад

      you a fine womerns

  • Pete Jeffrey
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  • kush1007
    kush1007 2 года назад

    Damn Sally. Won't duur it. Unless I geard the sermon befurrre.

  • Raphael Nelson
    Raphael Nelson 2 года назад +8

    lol 2 Chainz brought me here

  • killiecommie
    killiecommie 2 года назад

    What is this from?

  • Dallas Flexas
    Dallas Flexas 2 года назад +6

    I repeat, I do not free base cocaine!

  • Cala Terry
    Cala Terry 2 года назад +1

    It's a young sugar bear ...

  • meocats
    meocats 2 года назад


    • PHAT PAT
      PHAT PAT Год назад

      +meocats " But it's the pelvic thrust! That really drives "me"  in-sa-a-a-a-a-ane! "

  • Adam Paolella
    Adam Paolella 2 года назад

    now i'll take a drink LMAO NOW HE'S GOING ON TO SAY HE'LL TOKE TOO…. this is great haha. really couldn't agree more with this whole video. on the weed and drink. what is he saying now? toot? a whole 8ball he says? okay so he will toot a whole 8 ball… but not freebase cocaine? isn't that the same thing? (legit questions) and apparently he won't drink tequila but "loves a good drink" wtf…tequila is some of the best IMO. now this video is just confusing the fuck out of me.

    ***i went on to read a11m0n's comments below explaining the political propaganda this video represents. genius. i thought i was smart but this guy has some real wits to him and probably explained it's meaning for MAJORITY of viewers like myself. well done

  • Mark Woldin
    Mark Woldin 2 года назад

    Who is the writer and actor in this vid?

    • Mark Woldin
      Mark Woldin Год назад

      +Heather Hawthorne
      Well I'm from New Jersey and NYC (now in Spain) and I thinks it's legendary too.

    • Thad Thacker
      Thad Thacker Год назад

      Thank you, Heather, for the correct info. Both of them are awesome.

    • Heather Hawthorne
      Heather Hawthorne Год назад

      Shane Caldwell from the Sylvan Brothers, early 90s or late 80s not sure. Nashville and it is absolutely legendary!

  • Chase AMillion
    Chase AMillion 2 года назад


  • Ilir Kumi
    Ilir Kumi 2 года назад +20

    Freebase cocaine is a high quality form of crack. It is just expensive and dangerous to make. Crack is a cheaper alternative that uses common baking soda, instead of Ammonia and Ether. Regular cocaine is cocaine hydrochloride (HCL) It disolves in water, that is why you can snort it (and inject it if you want to). But Crack and freebase (really similar) do not disolve in water, if you snort a crack rock, it will just get stuck in your nose, and you would look like an idiot. It is all about PH (Acid/Base) Coke has a higher boiling point than crack so it is hard to smoke, if you do, you could destroy the coke. But because freebase (crack) has a lower boiling point you can smoke it effectivley. It is all about the route of administration. Smoking and injecting drugs hit harder and faster, but last for a shorter time, this makes them more addicitve than say snorting, or eating them.(still addictive) Think pot browinies vs Bong rips

    • doyoulikeduckmeat
      doyoulikeduckmeat 3 месяца назад

      you might be a scientist but you are also ignorant as hell.

      You can smoke the hell out of powder cocaine and that shit will fuck you up.

    • xzidorx
      xzidorx Год назад

      +Brian Smitson its the ammonia vapors that are dangerous, or at least pretty unhealhty.. ;)

    • xzidorx
      xzidorx Год назад

      +Hamtron King you got it all wrong dude.. ;) acetone is not for making crack/fresbase.. for crack-cooking its bicarbonate (or baking soda) that is used, and for freebase its is ammonia.. freebase is the purest, but not really suitable for longer storage, and its is also more unhealthy because there can be a little bit of residues of the ammonia in it..
      if you only want to purify your cocaine HCL (normal powder coke) you may want acetone or ether.. (anhydrous acetone is by far the best for purifying)

      BTW I DO NOT FREEBAsE COCAINE !!!! let me make that abselutely clear..! XD

    • Brian Smitson
      Brian Smitson Год назад

      +Ilir Kumi its not dangerous to make

  • Danny Mcnamara
    Danny Mcnamara 2 года назад +2

    He sounds like a combination of Earnest T Bass and Elvis.

    • Joshua Steen
      Joshua Steen Год назад

      +Danny Mcnamara my thoughts exactly

  • Lisa Ledford
    Lisa Ledford 2 года назад

  • JHBguru1
    JHBguru1 2 года назад


  • Jesse Pugh
    Jesse Pugh 2 года назад

    i wonder if this guy actually has ever done cocaine

  • Balls McGonagle
    Balls McGonagle 2 года назад +3

    A negro endorsed drug which needs to be eradicated (along with the coon dealers) by White America.

    • Jake Hackman
      Jake Hackman 4 месяца назад

      Balls McGonagle I was hoping this was a joke, like the video, but you're serious :(

    • MrSotaPhonk
      MrSotaPhonk 2 года назад

      +JohnnyBlade2000 Vietnam still produces a huuge percentage of hard drugs. Mainly heroin, thats why southeast asia is called called the golden triangle. Even if we did chemically treat south-america, another country would take it up in a millisecond

    • Turtle man Aka the turtleinatorrrr lolololol derrrr

    • Balls McGonagle
      Balls McGonagle 2 года назад

      +Sandro Bindelli What do you think you hold some secret knowledge about the local coke growers union? They even grow the substance in Turkey just to add another to your list of coke producing nations. Although you failed to cite the majority of the production is indeed in its Native South American jungle regions. While you sit in attempts to praise yourself with your superficial rhetoric and call me a cretin, I submit that you're a self absorbed dolt.

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 2 года назад

    Oh I will do some Toot! lol U already know! 2Chainz!

  • TexasNeedle Bomber
    TexasNeedle Bomber 2 года назад

    Don't Smoke Hard While Your Drivin,..I Hit A Half A Dub While Driving and woke up wrecked in a ditch

  • Kahron LaSure
    Kahron LaSure 2 года назад

    I can't stop watching this lmfaoooo

  • Kahron LaSure
    Kahron LaSure 2 года назад

    The south can be so Slowwwwww"

  • tripppy mann
    tripppy mann 2 года назад


  • Sierra Askew-White
    Sierra Askew-White 2 года назад

    My nigga got the chops on the side 😂😂😂

  • Constance Denton
    Constance Denton 3 года назад

    My nigga said if he's in church...smh💀💀

  • Lanedude
    Lanedude 3 года назад +6

    Okay, but does he still freebase cocaine, though?

  • Jason Hudson
    Jason Hudson 3 года назад +9

    This guy is incredible. One of the funniest things I've EVER seen. Even after 100 times I still laugh harder en' hell. :-[}

    • Tim Rooney
      Tim Rooney Год назад

      +Brittney Thies fuck u you fat ass bitch go tell ur mom that u think she made a mistake when she made u

    • Brittney Thies
      Brittney Thies 2 года назад

      Lmfao I've watched this for year's occasionally I'll just be joking with a friend and say watch out Sally I'm gonna come upside that head POW LMFAO

  • jordan ford
    jordan ford 3 года назад

    This shit is priceless lol

  • mike booker
    mike booker 3 года назад

    I will not freebase cocaine in church at the alter

  • icamdrum14
    icamdrum14 3 года назад

    Aye 2 chainzz

  • Leah Generelly
    Leah Generelly 3 года назад


  • Leah Generelly
    Leah Generelly 3 года назад

    I DO NOT FREE BASE COCAINE: ruclip.com/video/2-ckIv1tiaU/

    Watch and roll it a*S's off. Lil long but worth it

  • deatheater459
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  • deatheater459
    deatheater459 3 года назад


  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas 3 года назад

    Who is this nigga

  • CorruptedMindzInc.
    CorruptedMindzInc. 3 года назад


  • 1K Mook
    1K Mook 3 года назад

    Only reason I'm seeing this is because of 2chainz

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown 3 года назад

    sooo did 2 Chainz just see this video and decide "This is the intro/title of the mixtape" or is this actually from something?

  • Ralph Parker
    Ralph Parker 3 года назад

    2 Chainz intro got me curious. This is funny

  • jharris211
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  • jharris211
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  • Drogo Baggins
    Drogo Baggins 3 года назад

    I will give a smiley face to the person who can tell me what this video is really talking about. I will give you some hints.
    It is not about drugs.
    Just say nope to dope is a strong hint at the end.
    Think about what Redstone Alabama is famous for.
    Plausible deniability.

    • Mario dablife
      Mario dablife 3 года назад

      +Calvin J. Candie i amm..... nah im fukin but im pounding line after line i needa quit.

    • Donald Bandy
      Donald Bandy 3 года назад

      +a11m0n  of course lmaoooooo some people just cant say nope to dope

    • james clv
      james clv 3 года назад

      +a11m0n  are you free basing cocaine right  now while you are on youtube?

    • Donald Bandy
      Donald Bandy 3 года назад

      +a11m0n thanks for the knowledge bro im very young so i wouldnt have known but i do now thanks to you

    • Drogo Baggins
      Drogo Baggins 3 года назад

      +Donald Bandy Okay. Nobody is going to guess anyway. And maybe I'm wrong. You decide.
      Just say nope to dope is referring to Nancy Reagan and her just say no to drugs campaign. It was a thoughtless and childish way to deal with a serious issue.

      Redstone Alabama is alluding to Redstone Arsenal. That was one of the places where Ronald Reagan spent huge amounts of money on military rockets.

      What this video says about not doing drugs is pretty close to what Ronald Reagan said at one time or another about weapons and the use of force. He talked about a kinder gentler nation while conducting or supporting dirty little wars all over the world.

      I think that this guys look, his accent, and every word spoken is politically charged. I think that it is a little recognized piece of pure genius.

  • Gene Williams
    Gene Williams 3 года назад +8

    2 Chainz "Freebase" sent me here.

  • TheDeepestSleeep
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  • revobrewski
    revobrewski 3 года назад +1

    2 chainz intro brought me here, I lmao and I had to see if this dude looked as funny as he sounded.. And he did not dissapoint XD. (Now I'll do some toot) lol is that n e better lol

  • david augustin
    david augustin 3 года назад

    2 chainz sent me here

  • brandon glenn
    brandon glenn 3 года назад

    Down there in Alabamarr

  • j watson
    j watson 3 года назад

    I will not freebase cocaine if im uhhh in church... unless its durin a hymm I don't like. lol

  • Ben Coleman
    Ben Coleman 3 года назад +1

    Shane Caldwell my hero and a great American.

  • LeoFloresTV
    LeoFloresTV 3 года назад

    2 chainnzzz

  • PUSHA304
    PUSHA304 3 года назад

    2 Chainz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marvin Bailey
    Marvin Bailey 3 года назад

    lol what the hell man.???!!!!!

  • Rodmysta
    Rodmysta 3 года назад

    I don't freebase at church...unless i've heard the sermon before...lmfaoo

  • Iceberg Nerd
    Iceberg Nerd 3 года назад

    2 chainz intro brought here

  • Lee Everett
    Lee Everett 3 года назад +45

    2 chains sent me here???

    • Corry Joseph
      Corry Joseph Год назад

      +Steve Dunbar my bank roll had twins can You comprehend?

    • Jayvon Brown
      Jayvon Brown Год назад

      +Steve Dunbar (FREEBASE)

    • Steve Dunbar
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    • Josh Carnero
      Josh Carnero 2 года назад

      I can from nothin

  • StopReadingMyWholeNameYouLookinAssNigga

    Titty boy brought me here

  • Koolazz Kutta
    Koolazz Kutta 3 года назад

    lol..so this is where 2chainz got the intro from, this had me dying laffin

  • Relle239
    Relle239 3 года назад

    2chainz brought me here.