When Your Friend Gets Dumped

  • Published on Jan 23, 2018
  • What’s more awful than breaking up with your bae? Being friends with someone who just broke up with their bae! SO. MUCH. WORK.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • IISuperwomanII
    IISuperwomanII  Year ago +5425

    New video that you can send to all your friends and say "THIS IS YOU". Doing that #SuperSixty thing where I reply to your comments. Just saying. Go. Comment. Do your thing.

  • Jade Pryor
    Jade Pryor 17 minutes ago

    Hey Lilly jackal jackal is it jackal is from family guy

  • KayFlame xom
    KayFlame xom 3 hours ago

    4:47 GIVE ME YO PHONE 😂😂 sadly true though

  • Marolin
    Marolin 14 hours ago


  • Cookie Gamer123
    Cookie Gamer123 16 hours ago

    What’s worse than a friend’s breakup is when they won’t let you beat them up!!!!

  • Kaidence Donahue
    Kaidence Donahue 17 hours ago

    I get it it’s so funny I don’t get it

  • tiny pebble person
    tiny pebble person 2 days ago

    You make me laugh

  • Kristen Jansen
    Kristen Jansen 2 days ago

    3:51 😂😂😂

  • gaming with a flame
    gaming with a flame 3 days ago

    Jackel is from family guy

  • Lilly S
    Lilly S 3 days ago

    Its a jackal is from Family guy!!!! I've seen every episode of FG and I'm keeping up to make sure I see new ones

  • Punk Girl
    Punk Girl 3 days ago


  • Snivy4000
    Snivy4000 5 days ago +1

    Catch that Family Guy reference

  • Nayyirah Evans
    Nayyirah Evans 5 days ago

    1:49 FAMILY GUY

  • Tanya Larkin
    Tanya Larkin 5 days ago

    Family guy

  • Tahir Sheikh
    Tahir Sheikh 6 days ago +1

    Me: iam sleeping
    Freind: sam used to sleep too😫😭

  • As Inh
    As Inh 6 days ago


  • Jolie Ragin
    Jolie Ragin 6 days ago

    Where did the glasses go tho?

  • Horrorfav
    Horrorfav 6 days ago

    Jackal part tho

  • Tushita Arora
    Tushita Arora 7 days ago

    Isn't Chopped a cooking show?

    Why was she crying then......?

  • NCIS Fan!
    NCIS Fan! 7 days ago

    Family Guy da bomb!

  • NCIS Fan!
    NCIS Fan! 7 days ago

    Love you superwoman!!!!

  • NCIS Fan!
    NCIS Fan! 7 days ago

    1:13 into the video and I could not stop cracking up 🐵🤣

    • NCIS Fan!
      NCIS Fan! 7 days ago

      Love you Superwoman!!!!!

  • Ajeenah Blackmon
    Ajeenah Blackmon 7 days ago

    My friend:I broke up with my boyfriend Me:Mom can I go to New York My mom:Why honey Me:because My friend broke up with her boyfriend My mom:So Me:It's a long story My mom:I got time honey tell me Me: Can I go or not

  • micy G
    micy G 8 days ago

    From 13th ghost

  • hi
    hi 9 days ago +1

    Jackel! Jackel! Jackel!...nope it's just America...

  • Pastel Trash
    Pastel Trash 9 days ago +5

    I believe it's from Family Guy...? But my brain is a bit rusty so idk lmao.
    Btw, love you, Lilly!💞💞💞💞

  • Kiana’s Doing What?
    Kiana’s Doing What? 9 days ago +1

    “i-i think it’s past my bedtime!”

  • Maggie HUBER
    Maggie HUBER 10 days ago

    lol me going through break up it’s been 4 days and they have already found someone else...that happened to be one of my close friends

  • Kiera Creed
    Kiera Creed 10 days ago

    Who tf are you friends with?

  • Mahdar Edits
    Mahdar Edits 11 days ago


  • TheStealth Foxy
    TheStealth Foxy 11 days ago

    My friend has been stuck on Stage 5 minus the alcohol for a while. Hopefully we’ll reach Stage 6 soon and not Stage 7

  • Nekomimi
    Nekomimi 11 days ago +1

    Phase Two is the reason I would hire Lilly as the female lead role in any film.

  • Rishma Kakar
    Rishma Kakar 12 days ago +1

    “Power vested in me through dr phill”😂😂

  • Rishma Kakar
    Rishma Kakar 12 days ago

    In the start when she says “how u doin” anyone get Joey vibes

  • Donielle Smith
    Donielle Smith 12 days ago

    Your friend is scaring me

  • Laimy Hango
    Laimy Hango 12 days ago +1

    Your heart? Is it your heart?🤣🤣
    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming 🤣🤣
    Also Lilly look gorgeous in those glasses 👌👌
    Ok I'm goin' home 🙄

  • Ali Reza
    Ali Reza 13 days ago

    4:22 that was so random and so funny

  • Brad Bell
    Brad Bell 13 days ago

    3:00 that sounds like a scene from a horror movie

  • herman mollman
    herman mollman 14 days ago

    Family Guy ❤

  • X37
    X37 14 days ago

    1:47 I remember hearing that from a family guy episode but idk if they where referencing something else

  • CPSparkles10
    CPSparkles10 14 days ago

    family guy

  • XxVanilla PancakexX
    XxVanilla PancakexX 17 days ago +5

    The jackal thing is from family guy

  • Bleh Blah
    Bleh Blah 17 days ago +3

    You are literally the best RUclipr in the world 🌎

  • LuminousFilms
    LuminousFilms 18 days ago +1


  • Cotton_Cat 23
    Cotton_Cat 23 18 days ago

    I was stage 1 and then skipped straight to stage 4

  • Xx Tricky Techno xX
    Xx Tricky Techno xX 18 days ago +1

    U got the Jackal thing off of family guy😉

  • Brooke Kimbal
    Brooke Kimbal 19 days ago

    Is me during swim practice.

    TANG WEI SHUN - 20 days ago

    "Heartbreak is a dangerous major type A disease. The diseased MUST be quarantined in a room with no access to the outside world, drugs, alcohol and music. Unless the disease is a ho, they must be quarantined for at least 6 months. Then, they CANNOT have access to messaging apps for 6 more months to ensure their absolute safety. Failure to comply will result in further heartbreak, 1 more year of caring, a few rivers of tears and a few hour-long tantrum. At worst, it will lead to suicide. If, the carer managed to "lock up" the diseased for 1 year, the diseased is then qualified to be a normal human being and given their phone back to get f**ked up again."
    -Dr Wilson, 2019 On the subject of heartbreak

  • Delainey Hunter
    Delainey Hunter 21 day ago +2

    Friend:HE BROKE UP WITH ME! :*(
    Me:cool...can we do something now?!

  • Mridula Rao
    Mridula Rao 22 days ago

    This is so funny!!

  • Jadyns Space
    Jadyns Space 22 days ago

    Come over jackel jackel jackel family guy

  • Haya Abdulla Al Muftah

    Can someone tell me what game Lilly was playing at 1:19

  • TaeTae CutiePie
    TaeTae CutiePie 24 days ago

    0:00 JOEY TRIBBIANI???

  • Limbo Killah
    Limbo Killah 24 days ago

    is jackal from family guy?

  • Flying Nimbus
    Flying Nimbus 24 days ago +1

    That was from family guy... IS IT JACKAL JACKAL IT LOOKS LIKE A JACKAL IS IT A JACKAL...

  • Emily Robertshaw
    Emily Robertshaw 25 days ago

    Its from family guy lol

  • Naomy queen
    Naomy queen 26 days ago

    3:00 me when mom goes on vacation without me

  • Naomy queen
    Naomy queen 26 days ago

    jackal family guy

  • Penelope Davis
    Penelope Davis 27 days ago

    Are you related to Simmi Singh

  • krishna jha
    krishna jha 28 days ago +1

    I thought she was going to commit suicide and then she sends a text?

  • Laura Bryan
    Laura Bryan 29 days ago

    little kids: i know dolls arent real but its still fun to pretend
    mum: no dolls can be real havent you seen chucky?
    *gReAt PaReNtInG*

  • StarTrekk
    StarTrekk 29 days ago

    Is it your heart


  • virgo comes from V
    virgo comes from V Month ago +1

    I was drinking water but literally spat at my sister's face at 1:13
    I got a slipper attack from her😂😂😂

  • Janelle Martinez
    Janelle Martinez Month ago

    Cheetah girls

  • darkcypher101
    darkcypher101 Month ago

    BFF:we broke up
    me:who do I kill

  • Maitreyi Shetty
    Maitreyi Shetty Month ago

    I’m never the dumpee, I’m the dumper 😂

  • minab berhane
    minab berhane Month ago

    family guy

  • Annu Maria
    Annu Maria Month ago

    Hilarious 😂

  • Maya Papaya
    Maya Papaya Month ago

    I don’t know where the Jakel is from or how to spell it but I really wanna be your friend!

  • Camilla Scanlon
    Camilla Scanlon Month ago

    "Gimmie your phone!"

  • Olivia Lee
    Olivia Lee Month ago

    I know where the jackal part Is from. Family guy! "If you said it 10 times why would it be right?????!"

  • Gracie Booth
    Gracie Booth Month ago

    My friend- My boyfriend broke up with me....

    Me- where the f*** is he I need to have a word *grabs chancla*

  • Kisa McIntyre
    Kisa McIntyre Month ago

    Family guy

  • bhad bhabie fan21 try me bitch

    I'm yo biggest fan LILLY!!

  • Jay boii
    Jay boii Month ago

    Can we be freinds now

  • Jay boii
    Jay boii Month ago +1

    The reference is from Family Guy

  • Erin Boardman
    Erin Boardman Month ago

    1:51 family guy...

  • Lily DiSanto
    Lily DiSanto Month ago +2

    My friend just got a new bf and I was like:
    1. If he breaks your heart, I'll kill him
    2. If he knocks you up, I'll kill him.
    3. If you break up with him, you get a party.

  • ØwO_•Amira Chan•

    Mah crush just got dumped...

  • Frances Cutter
    Frances Cutter Month ago

    My friends boyfriend dumped her. I'm preparing.

  • Gacha Joyee
    Gacha Joyee Month ago +1

    The part where the friend was threatening the kid was...
    A little...I guess,... weird?

    Edit: omg I just realized the friends hair looked like one of those creepy dolls

  • Real Gruigi
    Real Gruigi Month ago

    I didn’t get dumped I dumped him..........

  • Rawda Reim
    Rawda Reim Month ago

    0:33 wait did you seriously chew ice cream???!!!!!!!!!😬

  • Typical gamer JR
    Typical gamer JR Month ago

    its from family guy

  • Samantha Maris Mendoza

    Oh f u

  • Monse Dealmonte
    Monse Dealmonte Month ago

    OML my friend has had so many break ups

  • sarah moo
    sarah moo Month ago

    jackle, jackle, is it jackle! from family guy ;)

  • Muhammadou Coker
    Muhammadou Coker Month ago

    yo you just traumatized the futur inventor of the fix for pollution know you just created a horrible serial killer. thanks a lot

  • Raquel Ibarra
    Raquel Ibarra Month ago

    I can relate

  • sapphirexruby
    sapphirexruby Month ago

    Me: Oh really he did ok where does he live
    Friend: 1345 maple lane why
    Me: no reason 'takes a lot of torture weapons to the car' ok bye
    Sapphire will be in prison for life because of brutal torture to a boy and murder.

  • Sukmaya Thakali
    Sukmaya Thakali Month ago

    I love this vid ❤💛💚💙💜💖

  • gacha fox
    gacha fox Month ago

    Im doing gooooooooooooooooood😎

  • Ramaya Walcott-Webber

    when she said oh no dolls can be real haven't you seen chucky I said oh hello nooooooooo

  • Hetvi Shah
    Hetvi Shah Month ago

    Great acting Lilly!! 👌👌

  • Emily Brumpton
    Emily Brumpton Month ago +1

    My friend got dumped a day before her birthday over text
    Pray for meee

  • rianne audrianna madera

    Family guy

  • ItBeEm
    ItBeEm Month ago

    2:14 still one of the best skits she's done to date.

  • Nategames 2016
    Nategames 2016 Month ago

    I k ow it’s late but jackle is god like

  • Joseph Vann
    Joseph Vann Month ago

    I'm the supprotive friend.
    Friend: He broke up with me!!!😭😭😭😭
    Me: (starts to eat pizza) This will be a long week

  • Riss the Gamer RGS
    Riss the Gamer RGS Month ago +1

    Friend: Herman cheated on me
    Me: let me get a paddle call him to your house
    Friend: ok *phone hangs up* wait what Marissa! Marissa!

    • Riss the Gamer RGS
      Riss the Gamer RGS Month ago

      My favorite part is “ ma’am are you legally allowed to be holding that weapon”
      “ But I Love him”