SINISTER 2 (2015) Ending Explained

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • #sinister2 #endingexplained
    Bagul returns in SINISTER 2, where he has set his sights on a new family to destroy. The only one that can save the day is the bumbling Deputy So and So, but is he up to the task? I mean, he's kind of a goofball. Breaking down the story, the new rules and layers introduced about Bagul, and explaining the big twist and ending.
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  • HighrankedTv
    HighrankedTv Hour ago

    He watched so many films so he can get good sleep at night . When he didn’t watch the films he had terrible nightmares

  • Space ace
    Space ace 2 hours ago

    Sinister 3: Baguul discovers twitter

    • ESP PupsnKits
      ESP PupsnKits 8 minutes ago

      Space ace i wonder how social media would work on that. Would it be used as a cautionary tale to remind parents that children really shouldn’t be on social media and basically that there’s a reason for age restrictions.

  • Melanie Smith
    Melanie Smith Day ago

    Of course they leave it open for another movie. All about msking more money. No thanks.

  • Multiverse Souls
    Multiverse Souls 2 days ago

    BRUH THE FUCKING BACKGROUND MUSIC PART JUST MADE ME DIE! LOLOLOL 5:38 - (5:52 my favorite part kicks off) - 5:56 (Favorite part ends.) Also is it bad. That I think people now a days if they saw that picture boogie lunge out at them, they'd lunge back and try to beat the pictures ass. Lolol.

  • Undying Soul
    Undying Soul 2 days ago +1

    Why is nobody able to write that guy's name right? It's "Bughuul".

  • Wendell Belt
    Wendell Belt 2 days ago

    To preface just my opinion.... after watching both Sinister and Sinister 2... the second, while not as good as first, does try to make sense of how things work. As far as this being better or worst is irrelevant. Step back from this a sequel, per say, to a continuation of a cycle. Yes, the girl in 1st movie was more susceptible. Leaving the brother with night terrors stronger against persuasive actions, his weakness was his strength. Now to my comment... For those willing to think, like our host, lets discuss. What's the drawing factor for these kids? These are just movies, but our kids deal with factors this extreme everyday. Yes, this is entertaining, but there is truth of life in all art. Just a thought of mine after watching. If you read thanks. Let the discussion begin

  • Undying Soul
    Undying Soul 2 days ago +1

    One of the worst horror movies I have seen in my entire life...

  • The Warlock
    The Warlock 3 days ago

    We need a Sinister 3

  • Baby Scatha
    Baby Scatha 4 days ago

    Hey I love that goofball! Lay off lmao. Either way didn't really love either movies, but kinda prefered the second a little. Then again horror isn't usually my cup of tea so didn't expect to love them either.

  • instantsurgery
    instantsurgery 4 days ago

    To be honest the first one worked with Ethan hawke and a new story. But the plot is kind of lame.

  • Lexapp
    Lexapp 6 days ago

    hmmm... i dont know.... drew doesn't really fit him.
    how about eddie?

  • Some annoying person

    What's that one horror movie where these 2 lesbians have 2 daughters, one teen, one little kid, and the little kid is black, so is the mom, and the little kid dies, and turns demonic but they don't know?

  • Akron Nefarious
    Akron Nefarious 7 days ago

    And shoot the kids in the face

  • Akron Nefarious
    Akron Nefarious 7 days ago

    I would poo on bugjul

  • Andrew Hanna
    Andrew Hanna 8 days ago

    I really enjoy these, thanks.
    Would you consider reviewing "Nothing left to fear?"

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe 9 days ago

    Shannyn nailed it.

  • alex toll
    alex toll 9 days ago

    Id like to see ur mum! Ha! Got 'eeem

  • Cale Shriver
    Cale Shriver 11 days ago

    This dude has the best channel. Hands down.

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner 11 days ago

    Baguette only kills children why was he in the room.
    The moment I saw that radio I would smash it.
    Why is it that former police office DOESN'T CARRY A GUN??

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner 11 days ago

    Baguette the demon wouldn't be able to abduct me.
    He would say " I am demon. "
    I respond with " Your a dude and unattractive."
    He would say " This is the demon of Lust."
    I respond with " This is female, Asian and attractive so she meets the requirements."
    Lust demon says " Kill your parents."
    I say " No fucking way I wanna have sex with you. "
    Lust Demon says " I will fuck you if you kill your parents."
    I say " Mmmaaahhh!!! "
    Lust Demon says " Fine lets fuck. "
    Lust demon says " So will you kill them now? "
    I say " No. maybe later. "
    Baguette then says " Dude this is taking forever."

  • David Smith
    David Smith 13 days ago

    Sinister 2:why
    Sinister:actually good

  • The worst Channel
    The worst Channel 13 days ago

    OOHH shit 10:16

  • Chris Silva
    Chris Silva 13 days ago

    If they make a 3rd film i want it to open with bagool pacing back and forth b4 the undertaker appears behind him and chokeslams him through the floor.....couldnt be any worse than the 2nd film

  • abaddonkarl
    abaddonkarl 14 days ago

    Good job making Drew a more likable character.

  • Rando Wiratama
    Rando Wiratama 14 days ago

    this bagul really likes peek a boo

  • Toxic K9
    Toxic K9 17 days ago


  • Toxic K9
    Toxic K9 17 days ago

    Baguul reminds me of:
    *Come down today*
    *To try some corn*
    *Or we will sacrifice your newborn*

  • The Freedman
    The Freedman 17 days ago

    How about crypt tv take over?

  • ItsJackal
    ItsJackal 17 days ago

    Any ghost should be scared of foundflix

  • Alex Warnke
    Alex Warnke 17 days ago

    1:38 Don't you dare knock Cpl. Ray Person/Eddie ever again. Lol

    IAN MCEWAN 18 days ago

    Flannel shirt and a sickle? *Communist noises*

  • yikesuris
    yikesuris 18 days ago

    james ransone... i love you so much

  • CATfaceCutieReadz
    CATfaceCutieReadz 19 days ago

    THE FOURTH KIND!!!! Can you please do the fourth kind? Were they aliens or a poltergeist?😭please, really wanna know

  • D.J. Helmerick
    D.J. Helmerick 20 days ago

    I have that poster

  • Randal Z
    Randal Z 21 day ago

    Anyone else notice the ham radio red and white sticker. Might me nothing, but it kind of looks like the symbol

  • Original Zearoh
    Original Zearoh 21 day ago

    Ya this definitely sucked ass n all the kills were trash. Although the first one was cool like u said.

  • Ricardo Castro
    Ricardo Castro 24 days ago

    Emergency courtney session, wait what?

  • djones0583
    djones0583 24 days ago

    Thanks Foundflix! I always find your videos enjoyable and informative as well. Sinister 2 has a very bad ending. I thought that Baguul is only using the kids to do his dirty work. Now that the kid failed, how is he able to kill Drew? The ending just destroyed the concept of who Baguul is. This is ridiculous.

  • ghostculture
    ghostculture 24 days ago +8

    1:27 eddie's adult life in IT: alternate ending.

  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating 25 days ago


  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating 25 days ago

    Absolutely amazing

  • wave 7
    wave 7 25 days ago +1

    4:54 not foundflix
    4:56 foundflix

  • Steve Tracemi
    Steve Tracemi 25 days ago

    Looks like Fitz at 18:11

  • Stephen Rueff
    Stephen Rueff 25 days ago +3

    Oh no Bagul has seen my search history

  • Gbezzy 412
    Gbezzy 412 25 days ago +1

    "Bagul is tired of his shit" lmao

  • puppaccina
    puppaccina 25 days ago +1

    Sorry, I only help fight demons on the weekends.

  • VeNoMziV
    VeNoMziV 25 days ago

    They played the music on the film to link with the HAM radio transmission... In the ham radio scene the professor specifically explains that they use art as a part of the sacrifice

  • Timeless Songsinger
    Timeless Songsinger 26 days ago

    Sinister 3: Bagul becomes a life streamer

  • cruxcified
    cruxcified 28 days ago +4

    Wait a second... the guy who plays Deputy So and So (Drew) Is James Ransone, who was adult Eddie in It: Chapter Two! Mind blown!!!

    • vj dc
      vj dc 16 days ago

      Yes he is

  • Pink Diamond
    Pink Diamond 29 days ago +4

    I can only imagine how hilarious this would have been if Moloch appeared out of nowhere like, “ So, what are you doing?”
    Moloch:”Don’t give me that excuse!”

  • veganxnatashia
    veganxnatashia Month ago +1

    I enjoyed the second one and I love that Deputy So&So was the lead and he was burning those houses down to try end end Bughuul’s reign of terror. Honestly though when subscribing to you I’m looking for theories on what happens at the end of a movie as your titles are misleading saying “ending explained” if that were true you could save everyone 15 minutes as 95% of your videos are just recapping the movie and not talking much about theory endings.
    Unsubscribing on my end. I hope one day your videos live up to your titles.

  • Legendary Super Saiyan God Green Saitama

    Those kids go to my school. Walnut high schooolll

  • elijah porter
    elijah porter Month ago +2

    Baguul: you are not worthy to kill your family
    Me a millennial: am I a joke to you

  • Spiratis
    Spiratis Month ago

    Only one way to kill the Baguul... Baba Yagal....
    Just leave John Whick's dog inside the house. GG.

  • Prettyboy Jay
    Prettyboy Jay Month ago +1

    He looks like a Andy

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago

    I really wanna see dead meat cover these movies

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy Month ago


  • Christian Grant
    Christian Grant Month ago +1

    Looks like Baghul upped his production budget! 😭😩

  • AgentOrange 01
    AgentOrange 01 Month ago

    Baguul is the kinda guy to go around Club Pengiun or OSRS asking if people wanna see a dead body

  • j agustin
    j agustin Month ago

    Baguul is really Michael Jackson. Come on, no one saw that ?