We Are Giants ft Dia Frampton - Lindsey Stirling

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Director: Bryan Chojnowski & Grant Olin
Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson
Head of Production: Nick Erickson
Production Companies: MegaFive & Whitelist.tv

Просмотров: 7582645
Длительность: 4:2
Комментарии: 10311

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Автор Nicholas Ulrich ( назад)
we are giants OR tomato mania

Автор spazattack ( назад)

Автор Garrett Taylor ( назад)
(little girl) THIS ISN'T EVEN MY FINAL FORM!!!!!!

Автор DoubleA Inc. ( назад)
tht moment when Lindsey goes super sayan

Автор Flowerpop9 Videos ( назад)
Maybe it wasn't the tomato, but the girl herself....

Автор jose lugo alcantara ( назад)
soy de mexico mi ingles no es bueno but you videos so grat an uniques

Автор Jasper Rannells ( назад)
Cosmec titan lindey

Автор Winter DiAngel ( назад)
*finishes video* Remember kids, Eat your tomatoes!

Автор lol.mom ( назад)
1:03 la définition du seum en image

Автор Eridan Fanatic ( назад)
This is a cute story, and you are all making jokes about it?
Come on people, will you make jokes about a song that's about death? I wouldn't be surprised if someone did.

Автор Cerah White ( назад)
I love the animation!!!

Автор Shnebs ( назад)
This can't be
Her power level

Автор reclaimdestiny ( назад)
just one question why and how can one become a giant by eating a tomato, and of which country.....hmmmm

Автор Pascal Chiu ( назад)
..... best song ever!!!!!!!!

Автор Kitty Sky ( назад)
Animation level:10/10
Violin level:10/10

Автор el pandax ( назад)
hello lindsey

Автор XxLuna_The_WolfXx 1 ( назад)
This is so well made I watch it every day

Автор Red_Milk ( назад)


Автор Mr.Death ( назад)
"All I want to do, is see you turn into... a giant woman." -Steven Universe

Автор elizabeth Rogers ( назад)
Interesting to do it in animation, but still a awsome video

Автор Lana Huang ( назад)
The power of a tomato XD

Автор Léa Boulinguez ( назад)
I Am the only one who see that she did not buy the tomato ?

Автор Mystiven Axk ( назад)
She didn't pay for the tomato :c

Автор Aidan Toye ( назад)
If u like flaming tomatoes, give this a like!

Автор Astrid :v ( назад)
pomidor zajebistości

Автор Austria Is Sweet ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Power to the Kids ( назад)
Harness the power of tomatoes 🍅

Автор ペンタ5 プリズム7 penta5 prism7 ( назад)
(^o^)/ Hello.
my name
m n

Автор Alex Odinson ( назад)
What the heck? I love this so much! But it's so weird lol

Автор MarkofWisdom ( назад)
Maxim tomato?

Автор UltimateSuperHeroFan ( назад)
This song sounds so familiar.... Can someone help me?

Автор miyori akomaki ( назад)
now I know why wouldn't let her tomatoe to be gone

Автор Polina -rush ( назад)
и всё из за одной помидорки...

Автор xXQueenEarth 15Xx ( назад)
YAY! Someone famous who likes tomatoes like me ^_^

Автор 1000 thousand subs without vids ( назад)

Автор Pinkie Puppet ( назад)
Everyone is making fun of the tomato while I'm like, "nice song and animation." Like if you agree.

Автор ???Unknown ??? ( назад)
but if she needed the tomato to shift(i guess) why did she need it before she noticed the monsters???

Автор Lilyana ( назад)
She didn't pay for the tomato

Автор Rubbles and Stuff ( назад)
2:50 she can breath in space?

Автор Rubbles and Stuff ( назад)
While watching this with my friend she like "During 2:33 is she going to turn into a giant tomato."

Автор Richemy Xavier ( назад)
....I eat tomatoes and I don't get a cosmic avatar

Автор Wang Xinning ( назад)
Lol all she wanted was a tomato and she was so lucky that she got a magic tomato

Автор Night Rederick ( назад)
Al final los monstruos optaron por sacarse la chucha en el mar n.n

Автор Simon Clarke ( назад)
Both Lindsey and Vanossgaming have their own videos….based on tomatoes!

Автор lolipop swirl ( назад)
I love tomatos. This might be future me! nah, jk I'll never br dat kool

Автор Maritza Roque ( назад)
I love the animation

Автор Danil Manison ( назад)
Would it be strange to say that this looks like some sort of video game?

Автор Alejandro Molina ( назад)
So who did the animation of this video? I really love the animation.

Автор Ruth May ( назад)
boi the Giants are literally just like me and my sister

Автор Arya Blood-Heart ( назад)
this describes #LGBTQ+ perfectly

Автор Phoebe the phantom wolf AJ ( назад)
don't do drugs eat your tomatoes :)

Автор Phoebe the phantom wolf AJ ( назад)
0:13 is that Donald Trump? wow XD

Автор Comedy Skits ( назад)
What was the tomato made of?

Автор Dave K ( назад)
Cartoon Lindsey has some wicked mad parkour skills.

Автор The Awkward Gamer ( назад)
When naruto becomes a music video

Автор fuzzy cat ( назад)
Similar effects of the legend of Zelda the windwaker #ZeldaWindwaker

Автор The Friendly Narwhal ( назад)
See, this girl got lucky. Sometimes eating an apple makes the earth explode.

(what am I doing no one is going to get this reference aaaaaaaaaa)

Автор IndigoWolf Soul ( назад)

Автор Claudette Alomari ( назад)
The fate of the city rests in.....a tomato?

Автор Hansenfmly ( назад)
boi don't u know where that tomato's been that's nasty

Автор Il canale di stefani stefani ( назад)
come è brutto il machio umano!! :-) :-)

Автор Thisisthebush ( назад)
tomatoes are tragically underappreciated in today's society, y'all🍅

Автор Chzguy 9000 ( назад)
how did the tomato not explode when hitting the ground.

Автор Eilís Hatch ( назад)
My brother: "Why did she parkour the building when she could've easily used the elevator?"
Me: "The visuals, shithead"

Автор zandorius ( назад)
Big job well done to the animators, a great job, like a cross between modern Zelda games and Kingdom Hearts. Oh and well done to Lindsey for the great music to go with the animation , and for "VIRTUALLY" starring in it :)

Автор Cinder Lord ( назад)
Doesn't this remind you a bit of Sportacus?

Автор cloud lee ( назад)
muy hermosa canción pero un poco raro el video

Автор eryn davis ( назад)
and suddenly the breakfast tomato is magic....my tired brain finds this very amusing.

Автор Ruzan Jamaleddin ( назад)
1:48 = Iwata
Late president of Nintendo??

Автор Katsunori Sieghart ( назад)
that was a Akuma no mi :3
how i love this song, this woman <3

Автор Tesyra Press and Tesyra Creations ( назад)
LOL when asking the monsters to go fight somewhere else actually works XD

Автор jacob sutton ( назад)
i NEED so many more of these 0-0

Автор mustachegirly24 ( назад)
Eat your tomatoes kids, they give you superpowers

Автор TheEldux ( назад)
Why she has transformed into Megatron?

Автор Wolf 1221 ( назад)

Автор Determinemily ( назад)
Me after eating food when I am hungry

Автор Japa GamerCraft ( назад)
The Best Video Of World ...

Автор banana studio ( назад)
guys, we forgot the real solution on how to make the world a better place... forget about trump, we need tomatoes!

Автор F.O.B lover ( назад)
i would so watch that if it was an anime

Автор Ruzan Jamaleddin ( назад)
Tfw your fav veggie is featured in a video by your favorite person :'D

Автор ρ·σ·l·α·я·ι·ѕ ( назад)
Looks like a videogame * ~ *

Автор Zofia Markiewka ( назад)
wow a striped tomato saves the day

Автор Berry Milk blueberries ( назад)
If you guys wanna powerful of violin 🎻 like her you guys have to eat tomatoXD

Автор Recros æ ( назад)
meg & dia <3

Автор Antonella Mairena ( назад)
eat tomatoes!!

Автор silverthorn25 ( назад)
2:31 morphing with a fruit

Автор silverthorn25 ( назад)
im eating tomatoes lol

Автор Sylvias Fox ( назад)
enter vannos and the magic tomato!!!

Автор SmartyPants1542 J ( назад)
tomato's are swag man and radical!!i love your videos Lindsey!!

Автор karim15343 ( назад)

Автор thereddiamond ( назад)
Tablet doesn't get pc viruses ad whole time in thinking instead it gets app viruses

Автор Christopher Elkins ( назад)
All i need to save the world is a tomato and a violin

Автор The obvious oc ( назад)
Once again, this video made my eyes watet.

Автор Christopher Elkins ( назад)
trumps wall will be devastated

Автор Christopher Elkins ( назад)
who needs anything else when we have tomatoes to morph and use super powers and we don't need any magic or ANYTHING only tomatoes

Автор Lily Cipher ( назад)
Tomatoes are the answer to everything

Автор LaurenLPS ( назад)
So, tomatoes turn you into a violinist/giant?

Автор Aksel Nygaard ( назад)
Tomatoes: Wind Waker

Автор MAKAT CHANNEL ( назад)
long live tomatoes

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