That's How The Game Of Thrones Characters Should Really Look Like

  • Published on Dec 17, 2017
  • The Game of Thrones TV series, based on the series of novels A Song of Ice and Fire, managed to break lots of records and set new rules for television series to come. It collected millions of loyal fans who seem to know absolutely everything about the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms. However, not all the fans realize that many of the screen images are far from the book’s original creations. Find out how the characters created by George R. R. Martin should look like!
    Daenerys Targaryen 0:41
    Jon Snow 1:32
    Bran Stark 2:21
    Ygritte 3:08
    Tywin Lannister 3:45
    Tyrion “The Imp” Lannister 4:20
    Tommen Baratheon 5:07
    Theon Greyjoy 5:48
    Yara (Asha) Greyjoy 6:49
    Euron “Crow's Eye” Greyjoy 7:44
    Brienne of Tarth 8:19
    Oberyn “The Red Viper” Martell 8:55
    Ramsay Bolton 9:33
    Daario Naharis 10:32
    Lancel Lannister 11:10
    - On the book’s pages, Daenerys Stormborn is a true beauty with a classic Valyrian appearance: silver hair and violet eyes. So, beautiful - check, silver hair - check, violet eyes - not so much.
    - According to the books, Jon Snow “looked more like Stark, than any of his half-brothers.” The future Lord Commander of the Watch was presented to the reader as a dark-haired, gray-eyed young man.
    - while writing the books, George R. R. Martin decided that Bran, as well as all of his blood brothers, would inherit his mother’s appearance: dark blue eyes and reddish-brown hair. However, in the series only Sansa has obvious Catelyn's features, other Stark children look more like their father.
    - It's safe to say that Rose Leslie is a much more attractive version of Ygritte. Still, her portrayal of the character looks convincingly lively and authentic, no matter the physical differences.
    - In the books the head of the House of Lannister was conceived as the tall man, who has a mustache, beard, thick sideburns, and a clean-shaven head.
    - According to the book, after the Battle of Blackwater Bay, Tyrion lost three-quarters of his nose and a part of his lip, but the producers decided to confine themselves to just scars on his face.
    - King Tommen should have appeared before the viewers as a plump boy with emerald green eyes and golden curls.
    - After he was tortured by probably the most despicable person in the whole series Ramsay Bolton (who we will talk about a bit later too), his hair turned white, and he lost some of his fingers, toes, teeth and the other quite valuable thing as well.
    - Writers explained the name change later, saying that the producers of the series decided to rename the character Yara to avoid the confusion with the other character called Osha.
    - According to George R. R. Martin, he should have been a brunet with a neat beard, with his right eye blue, and the left one covered with a leather patch.
    - Of course, in the TV series, Brienne was often jeered at because of her unusual appearance and lack of “lady-ness.” But there she doesn’t even have the big mouth, crooked teeth, and freckled face as her character in the book does!
    - In the books, Oberyn is described as an exceptional fighter, who is quite hot-headed but smart. He has black eyes, sharp nose, and long black hair.
    - In the books, the author tried to make Ramsay’s appearance as awful and unpleasant as the character’s personality. According to the original idea, the skin on his face was pink and pimply; his nose was wide, his mouth - small, and his hair long and dry. He had close-set washy eyes, which looked like two fragments of dirty ice.
    - In the books, one of the commanders of Daenerys has blue hair and a trident-shaped beard of the same color, while his mustache was painted gold.
    - Lancel Lannister is the eldest son of Kevan Lannister. As the series continued, his story took quite a turn - he joined the “Sparrows” religious movement and abandoned his family name, becoming simply “brother Lancel.” By the time this happened, and Lancel appealed to the Faith of the Seven, his appearance had changed a lot in the book: his hair turned white as chalk, and his face became gray.
    What is your all-time favorite character from “Game Of Thrones” and why? Tell us in the comment section below.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  7 months ago +85

    Who's your favorite Game of Thrones character?
    And here're some interesting facts about this TV show

  • FaZe Trainz
    FaZe Trainz 6 hours ago

    Did you just call him bran stark? Its either brandon stark or bran.

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    Tamas Dikacz Day ago

    My favorite is dany and jon oh and DROGON 😁

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  • Tellie Innis
    Tellie Innis 3 days ago

    Favorite character hmmm, I have so many I cant pick just one. But I have to give it to Emilia! She did an awesome job bringing Daenerys to screen even undergoing her near death experience in real life. Strong beautiful woman for a strong beautiful woman role!

  • Lucy Love
    Lucy Love 4 days ago

    So Ramsay was supposed to have a mullet?

  • Maryam7862010
    Maryam7862010 4 days ago

    Ygritte and Jon snow are together in real life cuties man

    • Maryam7862010
      Maryam7862010 4 days ago

      Actually would have preferred it to be Jon snow and Daenerys though

  • Maryam7862010
    Maryam7862010 4 days ago

    Sansa looked better having red hair

  • agnès Lagarrue
    agnès Lagarrue 4 days ago +6

    Tommen... son of robert Baratheon ? Have you seen the show ?

  • Jatrex GER
    Jatrex GER 4 days ago

    Only 2-3 looking better in The books.

  • Megix22
    Megix22 5 days ago

    Jaqen H'ghar

  • Muhammed Uvaiz Sha
    Muhammed Uvaiz Sha 5 days ago

    Arya Stark

  • Ava Grafton
    Ava Grafton 5 days ago +1

    Tywin didn’t appear in the series that much?😂smh

  • Takács András
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    My favourite game of thrones charachter is Bronn

  • Maksym Hnatyuk
    Maksym Hnatyuk 6 days ago

    Jon snow looks better in movie

  • Heena marok
    Heena marok 6 days ago

    My favorite character
    1- Daenerys Targaryen
    2- Jon Snow
    3-Aria Starck
    4-Sansa Stark
    5- Bran Strack
    6-Tyrion Lannister
    7-Theon Greyjoy
    8- Daario Naharis
    9-Tywin Lannister
    10- Brienne of Tarth

  • Sam N
    Sam N 6 days ago

    Ramsey 'BROKE' Theon Greyjoy

  • Sam Pendergast
    Sam Pendergast 6 days ago +1

    They had violet contact lenses for Emilia in the beginning, but it blurred her vision, so they ditched it!

  • Kris MeJ
    Kris MeJ 6 days ago

    My favorite character is Cersei Lannister, she’s my queen

  • Mirza Azmy
    Mirza Azmy 6 days ago

    My fav character is Bran Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Daenarys Targaryen, Theon Greyjoy and Jon Snow.
    Also I like some direwolves, like Nymeria and Summer.

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    Bran stark
    It’s not pronounced br-A-n
    It’s pronounced br-O-n

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    The characters in the movie are very better than the book.
    My favorite character is Tyrion Lannister.

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    10:51 Oh no

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    Channel 355 13 days ago

    That thumbnail is pretty useless Im gonna say

  • Nicole
    Nicole 13 days ago

    Wasn't tryion suppose to have light hair with black throughout?
    And it would have been interesting if the stark boys had that auburn hair like their mom.

  • Rafiat Rimon
    Rafiat Rimon 15 days ago +1

    Ending was disappointed 😭😭😭..
    John is nothing 😭😭

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    true killa 15 days ago

    Man 😂 not Jhon

  • Sabrina Sharmin
    Sabrina Sharmin 17 days ago

    Favourite character- Aria Stark

  • Vanisha Krishnani
    Vanisha Krishnani 17 days ago

    What do you mean by tommen baratheon? He's actually a lannister

  • Farhana Khondaker
    Farhana Khondaker 17 days ago

    Daario the punk viking, me likey.

  • كوروش كبير
    كوروش كبير 18 days ago +5

    What about joffrey??? in the book he was a very handsome boy and he was tall and muscler with long golden hair and deep green eyes

  • dianartimus
    dianartimus 19 days ago

    Except that Sean Bean is a blond, and all the kids have dark hair except Sansa.

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    Shame about season 8

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    Daario is so so charming . I can stare at him all day long .Thank good, his look wasn't the one, as in the book🙄

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    Jon snow is the best

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    None other than dany is my favorite

    JAVANGULA GOWTHAM 28 days ago +1

    Nice video. Meka likes it

  • Valeria Fernanda Sanchez Escobar

    In the book Robb and Jon were literaly kids, and i only realized Theon was older when he returned to his home

  • Roger Jofre
    Roger Jofre 29 days ago

    Tommen was supposed to be 10

  • Hajar Nasir
    Hajar Nasir 29 days ago +1

    Arya Stark and Tyrion are thr best!

  • Ferenc Dobos
    Ferenc Dobos Month ago +2

    My best favourite is Rmasey Bolton. He is only a misunderstood child!

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    Game of perverted rapes !

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    Most hated ones are...

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    1.)Jon because he knew nothing🙂
    2.)Jaime,because of "The things he did for love"🙂
    3.)Ned,coz he was an honourable man.
    My top 3


    Night king
    Killed a dragon with single spear

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      @Sheldon Cooper81 Can you explain your thoughts? Its news to me that elf like beauties lose points because of cool eye colors.

    • Sheldon Cooper81
      Sheldon Cooper81 Month ago

      No thats my opinion.

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      Is that a joke?

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