Disney's Aladdin - "#1 Prepare Review" Spot

  • Published on May 27, 2019
  • A thrilling and vibrant live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic, “Aladdin” is the exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the courageous and self-determined Princess Jasmine and the Genie who may be the key to their future. Directed by Guy Ritchie, who brings his singular flair for fast-paced, visceral action to the fictitious port city of Agrabah, “Aladdin” is written by John August and Ritchie based on Disney’s “Aladdin.” The film stars Will Smith as the Genie; Mena Massoud as Aladdin; Naomi Scott as Jasmine; Marwan Kenzari as Jafar; Navid Negahban as the Sultan; Nasim Pedrad as Dalia and Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders.

    “Aladdin” is produced by Dan Lin, p.g.a., and Jonathan Eirich, p.g.a., with Kevin De La Noy and Marc Platt serving as executive producers. Eight-time Academy Award®-winning composer Alan Menken provides the score, which includes new recordings of the original songs written by Menken and Oscar®-winning lyricists Howard Ashman and Tim Rice and includes two new songs written by Menken and lyrics by Oscar and Tony Award®-winning songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.
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  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 3 months ago

    Seen and agreed

  • Djjost 23
    Djjost 23 3 months ago

    *Disney:* Aladdin is the #1 Movie of the year
    *Marvel fans:* AcTuALLy

  • koh69r
    koh69r 3 months ago

    Disney and Netflix are now publicly promoting abortions. This is outrageous, Disney was once a name that meant family and love now it's death.
    Disney's new streaming service will dead on arrival or the current CEO will be fired.
    If you a pro life and you continue to watch Netflix or Disney your supporting two companies that is now publicly promoting abortions.
    Please feel free to read your news paper or watch the news. This is a fact not a story.

  • رجال الارض
    رجال الارض 3 months ago

    You should pay attention to Disney - the movie must be boycotted

  • رجال الارض
    رجال الارض 3 months ago

    It is Indian work and has nothing to do with Arab culture and Baghdad

  • Windi Putri
    Windi Putri 3 months ago

    LOVE THIS MOVIE SOOOO MUCH.... And yeah it's not only by the story but also the actors was soo amazing!!!!

  • Ibby Abbas
    Ibby Abbas 3 months ago

    Who's here after watching Aladdin 2019

  • Deepumon. D
    Deepumon. D 3 months ago

    This movie was a visual treat and want to watch again!. Songs were fantastic.

  • lawrence F
    lawrence F 3 months ago +2

    Hey Walt Disney Studios big family, crews, and members, I just want to say that I already watch this movie and I just want to say that I absolutely love it and it's a great job especially to the actor,they are a great and perfect cast for this movie and to the CGI team who have this great touch in this movie. I love blue Genie Will Smith, I love how he looks like I don't know why people be so mean he being blue Genie. And I just want to say I love Jafar, I love the actor who played as him in this movie he did a great job and played well as Jafar, I know a lot of people out there who keep saying "he's not an old man" but I don't think that Jafar in Aladdin 2019 need to be an old man and I think he is already good in this movie. And I love how Jafar looks like in his Genie form, when I look at him I didn't see him as a human anymore, I see him as terrifying evil Genie, yes I admit it that he does look a little different from the animation Aladdin 1992 in his Genie form but guess what, I don't think that Jafar's Genie form need to look exactly like in the Aladdin animated 1992 movie, I think he just needs to look like how the Aladdin 2019 Jafar's Genie form looks like. I know there is a lot of haters and the people who called themselves as the " absolute fans" out there who keep trying to do everything in their powers to search the wrong and say something bad about this movie, they even went to the cinema to watch this movie not to admired or enjoy it but just to make sure that they have a point to insulting this movie. I just want to say that don't listen to them, ignore them and don't stop making a new live-action movies cause trust me, there are people like me who just love, admired and supported you guys work and effort.
    Aladdin 2019:from 1-10,I give ∞(infinity), peace :D .Period.

  • Fire Sakira
    Fire Sakira 3 months ago +1

    I still can't move on with this movieee...

  • John Eriv Canseco
    John Eriv Canseco 3 months ago +2

    Walt Disney can you make Aladdin 2 cause when I watched the movie it is very fantastic and we want a part 2 of it, you can probably do the return of Jafar, it would be amazing, do Aladdin 2 please

  • Londoner 427
    Londoner 427 3 months ago

    Highest grossing films in a nutshell
    4.disney(the force awakens)
    5.disney(infinity war)

  • Silas Santos
    Silas Santos 3 months ago

    Volta com austin Ally

  • Mike-Greninja
    Mike-Greninja 3 months ago +1

    I've seen the movie and it turned out actually pretty good

  • Prem Jackson Jackson
    Prem Jackson Jackson 3 months ago


  • Toxicanator
    Toxicanator 3 months ago

    Why are you guys so annoying? why do you guys copy strike us for no reason?

  • Jabril04
    Jabril04 3 months ago

    As soon as a saw the thumbnail...... I knew it was a lie

  • Sweet Girl
    Sweet Girl 3 months ago

    guys go listened to the song Aladdin in Arabic and tell me your opinion

    BLUE FOOD 3 months ago +1

    I loved the movie. A must see for everyone

  • Coconut Pal
    Coconut Pal 3 months ago +3

    “Don’t forget to tip your Genie on the way out!”

  • Jayden Marvel
    Jayden Marvel 3 months ago +1

    I've seen it twice!

    • tina bastarache
      tina bastarache 3 months ago +1

      lucky i just saw last night i wanna see again i wish had the money maybe in june if my friend goes i will ask her to bring me she wants to see it. pretty sure be playing for a while

  • tina bastarache
    tina bastarache 3 months ago +1

    loved it got to see it earlier than planned saw it last night may 27 the day was supposed to go was may 29 it was a fun movie(animated will always be the classic) but the music revamp sweet, and with quite bit of humor throughout. found myself cracking up bit. i went with my stepmother and she said in beginning she was skeptical but as movie went on(she wanted to see movie anyway) she said didn't take her long to really like it. we got to miss the previews made into theater as place we ate at for dinner right before was legit next to theater so made the screen said its now for feature presentation and so we found seats. didn't see in 3d but that's ok would have been cooler for me anyway. Will smith did his own on Genie(and did very well) and in the actual movie the CGI of him was not terrible. can we all just agree that the a whole new world scene and rendition was beautiful. i didn't get to stay for the end credits wah..not my choice. i wasn't the one driving my stepmom was getting stressed as she don't see well in dark.

  • Juan Navarro
    Juan Navarro 3 months ago +1

    Great movie. I highly recommend it!

  • ponio rinn
    ponio rinn 3 months ago +1

    I want to watch it again

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Congress should destroy Disney corporation because they do not promote the well-being of Hispanics and should dismantle this corporation as well as Marvel

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Disney studios the new racists on the block.

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +4

    To hell with the companies that are opressing Hispanics like Disney and Marvel

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Marvel studios sucks

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Disney promoting racism and stereotypes against Hispanics

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Disney employees and Marvel employees are racist maggots

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    To hell with Disney studios and Marvel

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Boycott Disney and Marvel studios products and theme parks

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Down with Will Smith he cooperates with Disney and Marvel who do not promote the well-being of Hispanics

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Down with the Racists companies of Disney and Marvel

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Down with Will Smith

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Down with Disney and Marvel studios

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Disney SUCKS

  • Jonathon Fyck
    Jonathon Fyck 3 months ago

    Walt Disney Studios is slowly turning into Marvel

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Down with Disney and down with Marvel and up with my beautiful Hispanic brothers and sisters all over the world.
    Disney will take our money and our business but will not portray Hispanics as good or as superheroes doing any good. The only mention we Got in avengers end game was Mexican cartels.

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Down with Disney and down with Marvel. Two of the most racist and predatory companies on the planet. They will not portray Hispanics as superheroes as being a sort of good persons.
    Please share this post with contacts and Friends

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Down with the arrogant predatory workers at Disney and marvel studios.
    Who promote stereotypes of Hispanics the only mention of Hispanics we got in Marvel's avengers end game was Mexican cartels.
    Disney and marvel studios are full of bigots who do not care about Hispanics children their self-esteem and do not promote their mental well-being and prosperity.
    All love equality and equal opportunity should boycott Disney and marvel films. Please share this post with friends and contacts

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Disney studios and marvel studios are bigoted companies who will not portray Hispanics as heroes or doing any good.
    Hispanics all over the world should boycott Disney and it's movies because they do not promote our prosperity or our well-being.
    Please share this post with your contacts and Friends

  • S Medrano
    S Medrano 3 months ago +1

    Disney and marvel studios are bigoted and racist companies.
    They will not betray Hispanics as heroes or doing good. But they will take our business and our money.
    In avengers in games they only mentioned Mexican cartels.
    They do not promote self-esteem and mental well-being of our children.
    To hell with them boycott both Disney and marvel.
    all their movies all their theme parks all their products.
    Please share this post with contacts and Friends.

  • ziljin
    ziljin 3 months ago +2

    Will Smith #1 Genie in the world?

  • Caroline Dolan
    Caroline Dolan 3 months ago +6

    Not surprised it’s the #1 movie! I saw it opening night and it was THE BEST movie I’ve ever seen! Songs were spot on, characters were on point, this was the most amazing film! 🤩💕🧞‍♂️

  • Logan Kalustian
    Logan Kalustian 3 months ago

    Not number 1. Bright burns better

  • modelingbritt
    modelingbritt 3 months ago

    Decent. The casting left a lot to be begged (Jafars actor is like that annoying dude who asks for a bottle of water and has a low key hissy fit if it's not artesian). Will Smith did his due diligence as Genie though. Wherever Robin Williams is, I'm sure he shed a happy tear and gave Will a standing ovation! And now for the Lion King which will no doubt be the movie of the year!

    • tina bastarache
      tina bastarache 3 months ago

      i will be seeing the lion king remake too so many movies to see this summer then a break for me til fall when frozen 2 comes out and i friggin love frozen so i know see it twice once by myself in 3d then another with my stepmom she wants see but i told her she needs see first frozen movie she also can't handle the 3d the glasses bother her eyes.

    • tina bastarache
      tina bastarache 3 months ago

      jafar was a diva lmao

  • RandomlyRJ
    RandomlyRJ 3 months ago +3

    I watched it twice, it was so gooood! Will Smith was awesome as the Genie, not even gonna compare that to the original.

  • Super Kami Guru
    Super Kami Guru 3 months ago +1

    TV Spot: Aladdin is the # 1 movie in the world.
    Endgame: Am I a joke to you.

  • Meyyy Fun
    Meyyy Fun 3 months ago

    Premiere indonesiaaaaa yeahhhh😉🤗

  • Meyyy Fun
    Meyyy Fun 3 months ago

    I want watch 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • Conor Tague
    Conor Tague 3 months ago

    Just saw it yesterday.

  • Awesome Stuff
    Awesome Stuff 3 months ago +1

    *If Every Upcoming Movie is No 1, then which Movie is Number 1* ? 🙄🙄 Marketing Strategy these days 😏😏

  • Fandom Domination
    Fandom Domination 3 months ago

    I just got back from it and it was so enjoyable. I went with a couple of friends we all love Aladdin and we sung along the whole time. The actors and the songs were amazing (Speechless is my new anthem) their version of jafar needed some getting used to, but it was good enough it was a lot of fun. Will Smith was hilarious and I loved his romance with the handmaiden also the opening was chilling!

  • Avinash Tky
    Avinash Tky 3 months ago

    Hi Walt Disney..,
    It's Fantastic..,
    Jai Shree Ram...

  • Yeet L
    Yeet L 3 months ago

    No It Can’t Beat Avengers Endgame

  • Trami Nguyen
    Trami Nguyen 3 months ago

    I love this movie I ever have!

  • Raymond Bennett
    Raymond Bennett 3 months ago

    Sorry buddy endgame is the number one movie in the world

  • Mariah Vazquez
    Mariah Vazquez 3 months ago

    Just gotta say this movie was amazing!! In the beginning I was kinda iffy about Will playing the genie but he did so good. I was so proud of the way genie came out. Also this Aladdin was a bit different from the cartoon but it was a good different. When Naomi sang the new song it gave me chills. Everything was good! I loved it👏👏 The movie made me cry cuz I realized I'm growing up and getting older😭😭 but I will always love Disney movies no matter how old I am😊💞

  • MezzaMorta357
    MezzaMorta357 3 months ago

    Didn't like it!!!! Jafar sucked and Eago wasn't even really in it. The genie was human way too much.