Top 10 Disney Songs (HD)

  • Published on Nov 15, 2016
  • *All song in this video are property of their respective owners and Disney, and I in no way intend to profit from this video*
    Disney being a HUGE part of my childhood, I decided to put my ten favorite songs in a video to share with everyone. This list focuses on hand drawn movies, 3D movies will be in the future :D
    Time Stamps:
    #10. @0:18 This song just perfectly fits the scene, and provides great energy to the characters
    #9. @2:45 I always loved how this song has a very unconventional singer, yet is sung with a lot of passion and meaningful lyrics
    #8. @5:49 This is easily the most colorful song on the list, and may make some of you want to get up and dance XD
    #7. @9:04 This is one that some may question due to the singer, but man, this song is great. it perfectly matches the images shown and runs alongside such a great romance. simply perfect.
    #6. @11:44 Hercules is packed with great songs, but I couldn't fill this list with them all lol. I picked this one because it shows an internal conflict one faces, and comes out of it hopeful and happy. very good song.
    #5. @14:08 At this point in the list, any song was worthy of the top spot in my opinion. There's basically no lyrics in this song, yet you can't help but sing along. Is that even possible?!?
    #4. @16:27 Most of you expected this one, with good reason. Simply a classic.
    #3. @18:54 You guys have no idea how bad I wanted to put this at the top spot. Easily my favorite "Villain" song in Disney's history.
    #2. @21:57 Beautiful. Simply beautiful
    #1. @24:31If this wasn't at number one, this whole list would lose its credibility.
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  • MightyGazelle
    MightyGazelle  Year ago +758

    Everyday, I get the same comment, "where is lion king??".
    I'll be honest, every song from lion king except for Be Prepared is overrated. Just my opinion! Never been a big fan of the songs outside of Scars. Sorry, this list is my opinion, not a fact

    • Mystical Star
      Mystical Star 15 days ago

      MightyGazelle nah I get it although I am a fan of the musical and some of the songs on that are properly amazing and much better than the Disney version, for example: Shadowland, I think they played the instrumental in the movie but they didn't have the song and it's one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard as well as He Lives In You which I don't think they played in the movie but I can't really remember.

    • Conner Arthur
      Conner Arthur Month ago

      @love min dude, they don't mean the Lion King or it's songs are bad, just not the best things ever made.

    • love min
      love min Month ago

      AHAHAHAHAHAHA your opinion is bad if you dont like the lion king 😈 But you put lilo & stitch so it's okay 😏

    • YoungBlood
      YoungBlood Month ago

      The lion king is my favorite movie 😭 Hakuna Matata is the best song in there in my opinion

  • Drilon Krasniqi
    Drilon Krasniqi 20 hours ago

    Great list

  • Mark Richardson
    Mark Richardson Day ago

    I love how when the song is friend like me they put Rest I Peace, Robin Williams

  • Fro octoling albertosaurus

    13:29 ah Disney I see what you did there

  • Vivian L
    Vivian L 3 days ago

    My top five list
    #1 Let it go from frozen
    #2 Once upon a time from descendents
    #3 How far I'll go from moana
    #4 stronger from descendents under the sea
    #5 Try everything from zootopia

  • Dyl Pyl
    Dyl Pyl 4 days ago

    Hercules is super underrated

  • Dalia Sánchez
    Dalia Sánchez 5 days ago

    love your list! very original selection

  • Ainsley Werich
    Ainsley Werich 8 days ago


  • Petlover 16
    Petlover 16 9 days ago

    Robin Williams 😭😭😭

  • Princess Dice
    Princess Dice 10 days ago

    R.I.P Robin Williams, you will always be missed & loved 😔❤

  • Venla Hämäläinen
    Venla Hämäläinen 11 days ago

    My favorites are tale as old as time and I’ll make a man out of you

  • laughing illiminati
    laughing illiminati 11 days ago +1

    0:Everybody wants to be a cat

  • couco desy
    couco desy 12 days ago

    Yes friend like me I'll put it first though 😐

  • My penis is incredibly tiny, but

    your lack of villain songs disturbs me

  • Ersa lu
    Ersa lu 13 days ago

    This is my list:
    10. I won't Say I'm In Love - Hercules
    9. Your Welcome - Maui
    8. Hakuna Matata - Lion King
    7. Belle - Beauty and the beast
    6. Honor To Us All - Mulan
    5. I'll Make A Man Out Of You - Mulan
    4. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes - Cinderella
    3. How Far I'll Go - Moana
    2. Reflection - Mulan
    1. Once Upon A Dream - Sleeping Beauty

  • Jicky Veenstra
    Jicky Veenstra 14 days ago

    youre welcome?

  • Camii_s
    Camii_s 16 days ago

    The music of The beauty and the beast, JUST MAGICAL

  • khan Mantasha
    khan Mantasha 17 days ago +1

    no frozen songs....

  • Elisha Reddick
    Elisha Reddick 18 days ago

    Where is King Loui

  • Redstone145
    Redstone145 19 days ago

    I want to see a battle between Hercules and Gaston and Hercules does come out on top as Gaston believes he is the best, strongest and believes Hercules is just a beast.

  • Candii Cane
    Candii Cane 19 days ago

    Rest in peace Robin Williams

  • Rapid Rushing
    Rapid Rushing 19 days ago

    How can you not have hellfire on here? and be prepared? 2 of the best villain songs of all time

  • Stefan Reidy
    Stefan Reidy 21 day ago

    THE TOP 3

    3. Ill make a man out of you
    2.A spoon full of sugar
    1.I wan'na be like you

  • Ike Rand
    Ike Rand 21 day ago +1

    Hercules is a top tier movie

  • Stitch
    Stitch 21 day ago

    поставил лайк, за то что попал в топ лило и стич)

  • Freddy Fright56
    Freddy Fright56 22 days ago +1


  • Freddy Fright56
    Freddy Fright56 22 days ago +2

    MightyGazelle: Puts a description of the songs in the description
    Me: A man of culture, I see.

  • Alison J.
    Alison J. 23 days ago

    This is exactly what I was looking for when I was I searched this thank you so much!!!

  • Chebon War
    Chebon War 25 days ago

    A whole new world is one of the most viewed song, wonder why it ain't here??😠😠.Love it. .

  • Jen Conley
    Jen Conley 27 days ago

    In my opinion Reflection is the best

  • WereWolfWoody
    WereWolfWoody 27 days ago

    21:23 painfully astral projects like gaston

  • Prime Box
    Prime Box 27 days ago

    Where is Hellfire

    UNBREAKABLE - Month ago

    Gosh, when the nostalgia kicks in. That feeling is one I can't describe very well.
    [26:18] Still baffles me every time.

  • Larissa Viana
    Larissa Viana Month ago

    I think the brazilians versions are better (im brazilian 😅)

  • Orlaith Corry
    Orlaith Corry Month ago

    I love Hawaiian roller coaster ride!

  • Fløwër Fløwër
    Fløwër Fløwër Month ago

    My favs are Friends on the other side.. Whole new world.. And yeah

  • HBDiniz _10
    HBDiniz _10 Month ago

    Omg I love "I won't say I'm in love"

  • Eva Ello
    Eva Ello Month ago +1


  • Rs_720
    Rs_720 Month ago

    i am here to get a song to get a good mark in music we have a concert and we have to choose a song rip robin wiliams

  • Arthur c
    Arthur c Month ago

    remember when disney was really good?

  • Almost Canadian
    Almost Canadian Month ago

    I see your point but!
    Robin Hood theme

  • kaneko no
    kaneko no Month ago

    Lito&Stitch is the best of the movie!

  • JCA09 Avalos
    JCA09 Avalos Month ago


  • 사람
    사람 Month ago +1

    Where is 'a whole new world'...?

  • Neagle Sasquatch
    Neagle Sasquatch Month ago

    Definitely got no 1 right

  • Madi Peck
    Madi Peck Month ago +1

    Honestly I think god help the outcasts or hellfire should’ve been on this list. The hunchback of Notre dame is such an underrated movie with such beautiful songs.

  • Anuhar Arciniega
    Anuhar Arciniega Month ago

    Hawaiian Rollercoaster is EASILY TOP 3.

  • Alondra Vidal
    Alondra Vidal Month ago +2

    This is the first time I completely agree with a list, I love that you put two Tarzan songs as its such an unappreciated movie.

  • Nichole Poniewaz
    Nichole Poniewaz Month ago

    Any song from A Goofy Movie should be on here, I mean come on people POWER LINE. Enough said.

  • Andrew Tilley
    Andrew Tilley Month ago

    un poco loco from coco

  • Channel Name Pending

    I’m disappointed that I’m almost there from the princess and the frog isn’t on here but I still respect all these decisions

  • Alyssa Bain
    Alyssa Bain Month ago

    My top 5
    1: make a man out of you (favourite disney movie)
    2: never had a friend like me
    3: cant wait to be king
    4: hakuna matata
    5:colours of the wind

  • triplea657aaa
    triplea657aaa Month ago

    Be a man is just the best song ever.

  • andrei cucu
    andrei cucu Month ago

    How about Prince Ali , friends on the other side , be prepaired

  • FineBrother Cringe
    FineBrother Cringe Month ago +27

    “Darling it’s better when it is wetter.” -Sebastian the little mermaid

    • Joker
      Joker 7 days ago +1

      Chad Sebastian vs the Virgin Tamatoa

  • Anonymous Ssss
    Anonymous Ssss Month ago

    Excuse you? where the hell is colors of the wind...

    • MightyGazelle
      MightyGazelle  Month ago

      Not on this list. Animation for that song is great, the song is just ok

  • Daniel Ficarra
    Daniel Ficarra 2 months ago +1

    1 A Whole New World
    2 Prince Ali
    3 I’ll Make A Man Out of You
    4 Go The Distance
    5 Gaston
    6 Mob Song
    7 Once Upon A Dream
    8 Oh Ratigan
    9 Someday
    10 Out there

  • Alex Martins
    Alex Martins 2 months ago

    Everybody out here talking about Lion King, missing the most underrated Disney song, Friends on the Other Side

  • Tethius1
    Tethius1 2 months ago

    gotta say.. this list is pretty bad. Terrible taste.

    • MightyGazelle
      MightyGazelle  2 months ago

      That's too bad. If it wasnt just my opinion, I'd feel I made a mistake...

  • Well Yeah
    Well Yeah 2 months ago

    Trashin the camp should have been top 3 at least imo