Top 10 Video Games That Are Basically Just Ads

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Wait, do you guys just want me to buy something? These are the thinly veiled marketing ploys, blatant product placements and flat out cash grabs that are hiding in plain sight pretending to be video games! Welcome to http://Watchmojo.com/ and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games That Are Just Ads!

00:25 #10. “Zool Ninja of the Nth Dimension” (1992)
01:11 #9. “M.C. Kids” (1992)
02:00 #8. “Yo! Noid” (1990)
02:47 #7. “Darkened Skye” (2002)
03:50 #6. “Chex Quest” series (19962008)
04:38 #5. “Chester Cheetah Too Cool to Fool” (1992)
05:24 #4. “America’s Army” series (20022013)
06:19 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Автор Suzuna Kuraki ( назад)
Before Watching, I thought for sure that any of the Three Burger King Games (Sneak King, Big Bumpin', Pocketbike racer) would've been top spot. Oh how I forgot about Pepsiman/Drink For PlayStation 1 XD

Автор Caio Chiavegatti ( назад)
Just because is a propaganda based game it doesn't need necessarly to suck. Yo noid and Zool, both in my opinion were great games. Pepsi Man I think was too much propaganda. I remember playing it and after few stages, run into a store and bought a can of soda however, Pepsi was run out so, I bought a Coke instead.

Автор my horrible universe ( назад)
i like the guy voice instead of the girl voice

Автор Evita Flores ( назад)
didn't pepsi man look a ton like sonic adventures 2?

Автор humaidilyas ilyas ( назад)
this channel is dead

Автор Epic Dude ( назад)
Americas army came out in 2013 ages after cod blee up

Автор Vincent Dijkhuis ( назад)
I'm eating / licking a Chupa-chup while watching this video.

Автор Malky The Cow ( назад)
i have sneak king for xbox 360

Автор Slenderisafreak ( назад)
Checks quest more like doom rip off

Автор Noah Goldberg ( назад)

Автор Bob Dickens ( назад)
Hey.... you forgot Mobile Strike, Game of War.... and other crap games that are just desperate for players.... an add everywhere

Автор zevlander ( назад)
Guys wut about Doritos crash course for Xbox it was actually fun too

Автор Silent ( назад)
yes. pepsi man, I knew it.

*SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!11!1!1!1!1!!1!1!*
*CHEX QUEST IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!111111111!*
*FUCKING KILL YOURSELF **WATCHMOJO.COM**!!11!1!1!!1!1!1!1!!!!1*
*T R I G G E R E D!!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!!111111111*

Автор Benjamin Jaworski ( назад)
What about oldschool Milo skateboard adventure game?

Автор TheFuturamaFanboy ( назад)
I also thought "American Army" had a cool concept.

Автор TheFuturamaFanboy ( назад)
#7 I thought was a joke...
Fun Fact: It was made by the same company that produced "Who wants to BEAT UP a Millionaire" for Sega Dreamcast.

Автор Toni Simon ( назад)
Bad beginning investigate nhcuuuw save progress short correct.

Автор Owei Eleppe ( назад)
Coke Caine man!

Автор Tobias Fünke ( назад)
chex quest was the shit

Автор kerby sucker ( назад)

Автор TR Verdict ( назад)
10 Top Watchmojo videos that are basically just for money

Автор Potatoman ( назад)

Автор Danny Kriegbaum Laursen ( назад)
Pepsi > Coke

Автор Rosenthal, your friendly arms dealer ( назад)
I played disruptor. It seems a better comparison to chex quest. except disruptor was a good game.

Автор Kaneki The Ghoul ( назад)
Why was the fort one doing 360 no scopes

Автор Samuel Meyer ( назад)
"BUT BEARDMAN ! Sneak King."

Автор Mav Dalton ( назад)
[This comment is only visible to YouTube gold users]

Автор mdlyonn 00 ( назад)
Cringed so hard at the pronouncing of Chupa Chups

Автор Da Blackhurst Gamer ( назад)
Btw they brought cheetos paws back

Автор gaming4life ( назад)
I hate pokémon and all but the McDonald's game looks like a pokémon rip off

Автор E. Z. ( назад)
How about Top 10 Movies That Are Basically Just Ads?

Автор Binary Potato ( назад)

Автор Kipiehtube ( назад)
Pepsi man created city escape

Автор James Johnson ( назад)
the way the girl days it a Skittles XD

Автор The Silks ( назад)
the noid has two games "avoid the noid" for msdos pcs from 1989 and "yo noid" for nes game consoles from 1990

Автор Alvian Gilang Sagita ( назад)

Автор Jordan Friesland ( назад)
yus coke 4 life

Автор Orlor ( назад)
Have to disagree with Zool. Yes, it had a ad but I don't believe that that was the sole purpose of the game. It was more a product placement.

Автор Hyperactive Guy ( назад)
I remember having sneak king for Xbox so long ago

Автор Hyperactive Guy ( назад)
I remember having sneak king for Xbox so long ago

Автор Slimer213 ( назад)
CSGO advertises terrorism

Автор Savant Stinson ( назад)
i loved Chex quest

Автор Mackenzie Dewar Gibb ( назад)
5:23 nice family guy reference

Автор Carmelo Sgro ( назад)
Pepsi burnt Michael Jackson's hair

Автор Pr1me Ashez ( назад)
I had pocketbike racer😂

Автор KingSpeed ( назад)

Автор TNT Firework ( назад)

Автор Hetelvina Sanchez ( назад)
catch me outside how about that

Автор IKep 1234 ( назад)
im just saying, bk pocket racer was a fun game

Автор Kekkley ( назад)
fuck coke pepsi tastes better

Автор AceDelta ( назад)
Now we wait for the sequel to pepsiman..... bepisman

Автор KKsHaDoWx ( назад)
God damn the 90s were retarded

Автор Luke Hernandez ( назад)

Автор juananz007 ( назад)
I thought number 1 was going to be the whole Lego franchise

Автор ( назад)
You forgot about Super Smash Bros

Автор Luke Hinkle ( назад)
I liked Cool Spot. Never was a fan of 7up though.

Автор Alba Torres ( назад)
8:24 Wait... Is that a City Escape knockoff I see?

Автор rockland6674 ( назад)
The honorable mention "Pepsi Invaders" was an altered Atari 2600 "Space Invaders" game that was originally only given to a handful of Pepsi executives. Is it more widely available nowadays?

Автор Samir Bay ( назад)
Pepsi >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Coke

Автор majoody35 ( назад)
Where are the Lego games ?

Автор Shane Van Holm Van Holm ( назад)
i had mc kids :o

Автор Justin Jake Ashton ( назад)
To be fair, this video was 10 ads.

Автор MrFox 14Gamer ( назад)
Pepsi Man was a great game for me back in the days :D

Автор Tuuhio ( назад)
When someone like me uses adblockers on every fucking device I own, there's no way I want to see ads in a fucking game.

Автор Jaded Shard ( назад)
still better then some of the AAA a turds we have been treated to and did not spot get a sequel?

Автор Juan Alberto Morales Colorado ( назад)
PEPsi Man! :D

Автор Sam Sheremet ( назад)
Who else thinks that Segata Sanshiro should've gotten his own game.

Автор Madmonkeman ( назад)
I saw the skittles one and I just burst out laughing.

Автор Squigin ( назад)
I want to play darkened Skye so badly now,it just sounds completely ridiculous

Автор Expressbean 64 ( назад)
johntron did it better

Автор 1001 Spears ( назад)
I got the Pepsiman song stukc in my head now.

Автор Vincent-Paul Foidart ( назад)
Anyone else owned the Capn' Crunch game with the crunchlings?

Автор Penguinparty119 ( назад)
agree coke is better

Автор Itch-HeSay ( назад)
I'm not disappointed with #1 at all.

Автор Darkwing Queen Discord the Darkwarrior ( назад)
I used to play the XBox BK game as a kid

Автор freewayshay ( назад)
I prefer pepsi

Автор Joshua Plotkin ( назад)
why the fuck would anyone buy such stupid and lame games

Автор XzebaahxX ( назад)

Автор Mitchell Underwood ( назад)
how was the cap'n crunch game left off this list

Автор webz ( назад)
Pocket bike racer was awesome!!!

Автор Craig Manning ( назад)
Had the 7-Up game on a Sega Genesis. Actually a fun game. It was free so that was a plus. More of a Sprite guy though.

Автор Ryan Houk ( назад)
If you mention America's Army, what about First to Fight?

it was almost the exact same game except you were a Marine. I don't think FtF was an official USMC product like America's Army was a product of the United States Army, but still

Автор Henry Miller ( назад)
( #8 "Yo! Noid" ) Bonnie before the fanf game

Автор TheRed Ghostman ( назад)
well now I am hungry

Автор Rift Shredder ( назад)
Dr Pepper will always be the best soft drink!!!!

Автор supper depressing guy ( назад)
I hate pepsi

Автор Andrew Buck ( назад)
These games are ads, not basically ads. The Lego series, those are basically ads

Автор Felis Antonio ( назад)
the nostalgia

Автор Millerific ( назад)

Автор dekkubo boo ( назад)
watchmojo is love... watchmojo is life

Автор That Dude ( назад)
Great.... now i want a pepsi

Автор Tuden Jamir ( назад)
the pepsi amn theme sounds like it was done by the daytona guy :lol

Автор Alex Lewis ( назад)
WatchMojo is still good but they are running out of ideas.

Автор Vlahe Dwarf ( назад)
i LOVED pepsi man

Автор Aaron Lewowski ( назад)
Top 10 worst watchmojo top 10 lists

Автор sed598 ( назад)
Anybody play the old tacobell pc game?

Автор Panda ( назад)
Pepsi man. The original temple run.

Автор Tech Blitz ( назад)

Автор Maverick_John_Bernardo !!! ( назад)
i play Pepsi Man when i was 6 years old

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