How Parkland student journalists covered the shooting they survived and friends they lost

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • At the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school newspaper, teen journalists grapple with grief while producing a memorial issue in the weeks after the shooting. Subscribe to The Washington Post on RUclip:
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  • Olivia Parangoni
    Olivia Parangoni 19 days ago

    America is fucked up, still DO NOT understand why it is legal to possess guns. Like get a grip and do something about this Trump.

  • L Del
    L Del 22 days ago

    What a bunch of good kids. Now this I believe was real. Praying this never happens at the high schools I went to growing up.

  • Vernon Jacobs
    Vernon Jacobs 26 days ago

    Learning to lie like the media.

  • Toxicity Vapor
    Toxicity Vapor Month ago

    It's still safe it was only one kid who shot the school if you go to a black ghetto school that anit safe that so much stuff that goes on there and I'm stuck there and I wish I could go to majorystone high school because it's a nice school I been begging my parents to move to Florida because I hate Chicago so much

  • Ari H.
    Ari H. Month ago +2

    I live fairly close to parkland Florida, and i remember what my younger cousin said less than a week after the shooting. Was in 8th grade going into 9th the following school year. She said that he was too scared to go to school because of all these shootings, and asked her mom if she could be homeschooled. I have a daughter, less than a year old, and im too afraid to send her to public school. I really shouldn't be afraid, but with all these shootings, and planned bombings, how can i trush that my daughters safety will be just that; safe?

    • Heather Mefford
      Heather Mefford Month ago +1

      Ari H. I was 8 months pregnant with my first child when the Columbine shooting occurred. I remember just sitting and staring at the tv as the story unfolded. At that EXACT moment I no longer felt that American schools were safe. We ended up enrolling him in a Charter School affiliated with our school district. It was a blend of computer lessons, actual classroom time and weekly meetings with his teachers. It was more work for me as the parent, but he thrived AND survived his educational journey. Still worried about college, but I can’t keep him swaddled like a baby... the hardest thing to do!

  • Little Nerdy Asian Girl

    It’s May 2019 and recently we had an actual lock down. After seeing these tragic stories and events, I thought something like Parkland would actually happen to us.
    This story should never be forgotten and guns are still a problem politicians are not willing to resolve because it violates the 2nd amendment where people have the right to bare arms. But are guns really more important than the lives of your country? I guess so.

  • Avery Winders
    Avery Winders Month ago

    This would be a terrible thing to happen to you but could you imagine everyone just becoming your friend because one of your siblings or friends died because of this! I would get very frustrated and it would affect the amount of time I need to grieving.

  • Crsitina Orozco
    Crsitina Orozco Month ago +2

    This year, the 14th of February there was almost a shooting at my school. But thankfully the shooter fired the gun and then ran away.

    BAMILY FAMILY Month ago +1

    100% HOAX! BAM!

  • ur mom
    ur mom Month ago +6

    its sad that a day that was supposed to be full of love was the same day that something so full of hate happened

  • Catie Junkins
    Catie Junkins Month ago +15

    If you’re a parent and watching what kids have had to go through, from this shooting and others, doesn’t make you enraged, you should be ashamed.

  • Anonymousmiranda
    Anonymousmiranda Month ago +26

    Every single classroom should have a closet like that. PERIOD.

  • Anonymousmiranda
    Anonymousmiranda Month ago +3

    I absolutely cannot imagine being in their shoes. It’s just sickening and my heart breaks for them

  • Angela Marie Maldonado
    Angela Marie Maldonado 2 months ago


  • Diana and Marc
    Diana and Marc 2 months ago +4

    Why do I feel like kids and teenagers have to feel unsafe more

  • favorite anatomy
    favorite anatomy 3 months ago +4

    they went back to school 8 days later? that’s so strong ..

  • Hello People
    Hello People 3 months ago +8

    RIP for the lost ❤️
    No one has the right to take another’s life

  • Hello People
    Hello People 3 months ago +3

    ❤️They are so strong 💪

  • Holly Clarke
    Holly Clarke 4 months ago

    Anniversary in a couple day ❤️

  • Holly Clarke
    Holly Clarke 4 months ago

    The date is soon 😪

  • YourBoiJal
    YourBoiJal 4 months ago +20

    X made a song to make a tribute to the fallen students in the shooting
    Now he’s dead.
    2018 was a very horrible year
    R.I.P to the fallen students and Jahseh Onfroy

  • Joshua Calosso
    Joshua Calosso 4 months ago

    It’s Florida, it was only matter before parkland became a victim as well

  • Elena Bala
    Elena Bala 5 months ago +4

    Valentine’s Day will never be known as Valentine’s Day for me or anyone.

  • DCI Research
    DCI Research 5 months ago

    Nothing like capitolizing on your friends death.

  • Madey Mayer
    Madey Mayer 6 months ago +2

    I remember when all of this happened, my town had just dealt with a kidnapping and then this happened, in a time where the world seemed so broken people came together, they supported and loved each other the hurt that these sweet people feel may never go away but it always amazes me that even through all of the hate this world has to offer, there is so much love. A couple of days later, we found that sweet girl. Always remember, even though hate and pain and suffering and such disgusting acts of humanity, good people still do exist and there is still so much love in this broken world.

  • Kaitlyn Rose
    Kaitlyn Rose 7 months ago

    I feel so bad for all the kids around the world that are scared of going to school! You shouldn’t ever. EVER FEEL LIKE THAT. Not ever knowing when you walk out of the door of your house, not knowing if your gonna walk back in. And what’s scarier is that i might not live near them, but it only gets closer and closer! ❤️😭😢

  • trailerhomeboyfriend
    trailerhomeboyfriend 7 months ago +1

    As a high school journalist myself, these kids are such an inspiration. I'm really proud to a part of their generation.

  • The funny man /veryfunny
    The funny man /veryfunny 7 months ago +1

    Don't blame guns its the parents fought for not teaching there children wrong from right

  • Mind Vagrant
    Mind Vagrant 7 months ago +1

    This is kind of cringey.

  • Illx Nati
    Illx Nati 8 months ago

    "We was in the trenches"

  • Abbie James
    Abbie James 9 months ago +47

    I have been scrolling through the comments and there are so many people who are saying this was all fake. You are a terrible excuse for a human being

  • amanda lazo
    amanda lazo 9 months ago

    My school is 30 minutes away from this one and I didn’t know anything until I checked my phone after school

  • Allyson Kathryn
    Allyson Kathryn 9 months ago +7

    This shooting especially this video hit me the hardest because one of them said they were delivering carnations for yearbook and that same day I was supposed to deliver carnations for newspaper staff but I got to school a little late so I didn’t

  • Giovanna Gines
    Giovanna Gines 9 months ago +58

    Rip Gina we lost a very special color guard sister :(

    • X Billups
      X Billups 8 months ago +2

      My condolences, I was a part of guard before I transfered to percussion and brass.

  • Madison Barber
    Madison Barber 9 months ago


  • Gavin Kandefer
    Gavin Kandefer 9 months ago +1

    If you turn Florida sideways it looks like a gun kind of? Sorry for the jokes rip all 17 people that died.

  • Little Surfer Girl
    Little Surfer Girl 9 months ago +7

    I have a book, not really a diary, that I write in each say discussing not just what happened to be but, at my school, or in the country and the day of the shooting I wrote that down. What happened when it happened and I wrote down the name of the kids and teachers that were lost that day and the traits that were said of each person, so in this video when they talked about each person that died it gave me chills because I feel like I knew them.

  • Little Surfer Girl
    Little Surfer Girl 9 months ago +171

    February 14th well never be seen as remembered as Valentines for these kids.

    • Quackson
      Quackson Month ago

      Little Surfer Girl 7 months and you haven’t noticed wow it will never be seen as a Valentine’s Day

  • Lena Chapel
    Lena Chapel 9 months ago

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      Lena Chapel 9 months ago

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  • Jennifer Coleman
    Jennifer Coleman 9 months ago +10

    The only way as can prevent this is by common sense lock your guns up. You are responsible for buying it. You are responsible for keeping it up away from your kids. High school is hard. Add loaded weapons and unfortunately this will continue to happen. Love to all kids. We as parents are all responsible for happens to you.

    • copperstargirl
      copperstargirl Month ago

      This didnt work for the parents of the stem school assailants. They broke into the gun safe with an axe and something else.

    • Jennifer Coleman
      Jennifer Coleman 8 months ago

      @X Billups true

    • X Billups
      X Billups 8 months ago

      Laws requiring safe storage of firearms in safes or trigger locks prevent thefts and accidental deaths and still allows quick access in the event of emergency. Safety storage should be a thing.

    • Mona Bug23
      Mona Bug23 8 months ago

      Like parents need to lock the door where they hide their weapons. Throw away the key or keep it on a keychain. It's not that hard. Then hopefully this will cease

  • Jennifer Coleman
    Jennifer Coleman 9 months ago

    They were and still are so brave

  • Daniela Diaz
    Daniela Diaz 9 months ago +1

    Nobody should be scared of school.but guess what that is what this world is…

  • Rosie
    Rosie 9 months ago +5

    I read the whole publication from the UK and now truly appreciate the work that went in to it at such a difficult time 💕

  • ShannonGib123
    ShannonGib123 9 months ago

    Oh wow my school has the same newspaper name. Irrelevant but just thought I’d share.

  • Melody
    Melody 9 months ago +1

    This was such an amazing video and I want to know where I can get a copy

  • Lucy Rodriguez
    Lucy Rodriguez 10 months ago +47

    where can I get a copy of this issue?

  • John Dough
    John Dough 10 months ago

    OH the PRESSURE of the DEADLINE! It's so intense! It's a high school newspaper for crying out loud! Just move the friggin deadline to whenever you want it. Just tell your readers that this is a special issue and is taking longer than expected. In my high school no one would have even noticed. Not sure anyone even read the stupid paper. THIS IS FAKE NEWS reporting about FAKE NEWS!

    • marissatbfh
      marissatbfh 9 months ago +6

      John Dough I worked on my high school paper. The deadline has nothing to do with them it has to do with the printing company. Once a date is set, the paper must be sent for printing. Money is paid upfront. If the paper is not in nothing gets printed and the money is not refundable. It’s highly expensive. Especially the amount they’re printing and the fact that it’s in color. You obviously have no clue so stop talking.

  • Josh Hunt
    Josh Hunt 10 months ago +61

    My prayers go out to 17 victims and may God be with them.

  • Marcia Ham
    Marcia Ham 11 months ago +1

    I'm just so angry at the perpetrator. Wtf

  • 21 p!atd
    21 p!atd 11 months ago

    The therapy part hurt.

  • antihackergrl 31now32
    antihackergrl 31now32 11 months ago

    It reminds me of my teen years not to long ago, before the dinasours finally stopped roaming the earth. These kids are cool though, I just wish they had some more interesting teachers for them to learn from, that one lady doesn't look like she likes her job very much.

  • John Dough
    John Dough 11 months ago +2

    I'm like, you know, stuff and like when he was shooting I was all what and like you know stuff like that...

  • John Dough
    John Dough 11 months ago +1

    The dude on the phone interview saw bullets flying past him. Hmmm.. That sounds
    believable. I am assuming that these student journalists are the future of fake news.

  • Intisar Ha
    Intisar Ha Year ago +44

    "he loved chickennuggets"

  • Emily Day
    Emily Day Year ago

    Good job kids ..u all worked hard on this issue.. u all will be great journalists

  • Maddie Reed
    Maddie Reed Year ago

    No words...

  • Chattingesque
    Chattingesque Year ago +1

    Do teachers say "like" a lot these days?

  • Daniel Gomez
    Daniel Gomez Year ago

    Yeah Yeah... Usa "The Best Country In The World" So Funny... Fucking Humans..

  • euphoricallymel
    euphoricallymel Year ago +1

    Wow. This is America. 5 years since a shooting.. and here we go again. Okay, they have a mental illness. A boy in my class probably has a mental illness and I’m scared for him. He drew a picture of like.. “Stop bullying” & stuff. I don’t know him very well, but I know him to the point where he could probably shoot up a school. It’s insane what these kids have to go through. It’s sad too. It really is. Losing your children is one of my worst fears, I’m not a parent but I’m sure a sister to 2 people. It sucks. And, I’m sorry.

  • Hunter.Abigail
    Hunter.Abigail Year ago
    I read this and just cried.. they did such an amazing job on this.

  • Bubba Hazelitt
    Bubba Hazelitt Year ago +12

    my heart goes out to Stonemen Douglas high school students and their families💖💖💖😇😇💯💯💯

  • Herr Kartoffelkopf
    Herr Kartoffelkopf Year ago +1

    Hogg was the real shooter

  • justin palman
    justin palman Year ago +3

    This is getting old.

  • Nick Bauer
    Nick Bauer Year ago +1

    Dear Kids,
    You are having emotional fits again. You aren't old enough to be entitled to opinions about anything. Your brains haven't finished developing and won't until you turn 25. You also have not put in the time and effort in the real world yet to have a say in anything. Sit down and shut up and do as your told.
    Thank you,
    The Adults of this World

    • Abbie Roberts
      Abbie Roberts 9 months ago +8

      How could you even say that or live with yourself after that? Is that how you live your life and think? If it is then you need to have a big news flash. Just because your an adult does not mean that you can tell kids that they need to shut up about an huge issue that happened in there school (the place they should feel safe at). It’s not right, yah maybe they are 16 or 17, so what they have every right to speak out and tell the story of what happened and they are well ok to be upset and have emotional issues over it because they lost 17 people that were their friends and teachers. You are so ignorant and you are saying how mature you are, I’m pretty sure if you were so mature you wouldn’t be telling students who, one day thought that they wouldn’t make it home, and unfortunately 17 other people did not. Before you judge someone make sure that your perfect.

  • Nick Bauer
    Nick Bauer Year ago

    Student "journalism" is a joke. Nobody cares what kids scribbling their worthless opinions have to say about anything. At my old high school and university, nobody read the student newspapers or cared what the "writers" had to say about anything. Most of them were just the typically dumb, emotion driven, left-wing, skinny losers with predictable, regurgitated liberal opinions that they had picked up from older, skinny, left-wing loser adults. They were the social rejects and nerds who couldn't play sports and spent their time peering at the world through their thick, coke-bottle glasses while giggling maniacally to themselves like little girls about things that really weren't funny.

  • Brian Rapp
    Brian Rapp Year ago

    FUCKNRA. # canyonlocalfilmscom

  • Sterling Price
    Sterling Price Year ago

    The so-called "Student Journalists" covered this story exactly the way the CIA coached them to. You know, the CIA? The CIA who gave "Jeff Bezos," (The richest man on Earth who owns AmazonDotCom AND the WaPo), ....the CIA gave Bezos $600,000 Million DOLLARS. ANYTHING written in the Washington Post is nothing but CIA sponsored propaganda.

  • Joey Gouda
    Joey Gouda Year ago

    Folks keep these dates in mind. Fuck all u evil sell out bitches

  • Jacqui Davies
    Jacqui Davies Year ago +7

    Yes it's very sad students and teachers died, nobody should have to live through this horror but, I do not believe that Nikolas Cruz was responsible. Look at all the media out their especially David Hogg saying there was an active shooter and it's reported to be Nikolas Cruz being fi!med in the morning BEFORE the shooting!!!. Teachers saying multiple shooters in full protective clothing. This does not fit with the timeline the bent police are portraying. Cruz was the fall guy as this was a set up to promote gun control. Look at the evidence other than the mainstream. It's all out there.

  • Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS

    Wow I actually thought the teacher was one of the students

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude Year ago +1

    Why is this an ad? I don’t care

  • Ashish Patel
    Ashish Patel Year ago +12

    Guns don't kill people. Liberals with guns do.

    • Trash
      Trash 6 months ago

      Ashish Patel you’re one of those people. Stop bringing politics into everything. Learn that there is a time and place for everything. I’m disappointed in this country.

    • Mona Bug23
      Mona Bug23 8 months ago +2

      Ashish Patel that is such an idiotic statement

    • Rose Davies
      Rose Davies 9 months ago +4

      There’s a video of Cruz wearing a trump hat

    LAUREN SANCHEZ Year ago +42

    these students are absolutely incredible💛

  • Asheville Trainman

    Very good video. Good editing

  • TheRottman1
    TheRottman1 Year ago

    another sector of teen titan hogg team

  • Liz
    Liz Year ago +306

    I walk out the door of my house not knowing if I’ll walk back in and that is scary. I shouldn’t have to do that.

    • Leanne Meyer
      Leanne Meyer Month ago

      swordslinger 226
      1. So bring a gun to school and get expelled?
      2. As a minor?
      3. Guns will not solve everything
      4. “Growing up” is a pathetic response. I don’t know if you’re a parent or have parents who care, but even the oldest citizens become terrified to leave their house or in situations
      5. You should see a mental health professional because from your response, I get no sense of empathy.

    • Lily Delane
      Lily Delane Month ago

      @Bradley Bethurem was he with the children who were shot and killed? I have nothing against what you believe but God cannot protect you from gun violence

    • jayden Drowns
      jayden Drowns Month ago +1

      pretty much think that every morning and that I should always say I love you and goodbye to my dad before I leave.

    • Moon Moonie
      Moon Moonie Month ago

      Carry a mechanical knife at least, stay safe

    • Bradley Bethurem
      Bradley Bethurem 4 months ago +2

      God is with u no matter what just trust in him

  • Shaila Castillo
    Shaila Castillo Year ago +73

    Weird part is that 30 min to an hour before the shooting is that I checked my phone and it said “parkland under lockdown possible shooting” and nobody took it seriously but I felt something weird in my gut “then it says Florida parkland shooting 17 dead” my heart was broken. A week after I went to Carmen schentrups vigil and I couldn’t hold in my tears because it was her birthday a week after she was dead :(

  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez Year ago +19

    man those students.. such an inspiration, I'm in junior year and compared to them I feel as if my life is so small like so normal. Meanwhile these guys are changing the country and this is just so much bigger than a school

  • Kc Villarreal
    Kc Villarreal Year ago

    They said it was online? Where do I find it?

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith Year ago +1

    "Journalist" anyone that gets shot.

  • Stefan
    Stefan Year ago

    ADblockers are the best, let youtube know, and copy paste if you use adblockers

  • TallerVision
    TallerVision Year ago +1


  • Chad Chad
    Chad Chad Year ago

    Damnnnn chick at 6:10 has a bangin' butt! I bet her poo machine is hard as AP physics book from 2004.

    • Jonah Davis
      Jonah Davis Year ago +1

      Chad Chad wtf bro how old are you

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago +8

    Parkland H.S........17 dead, war weapons blazing, parents forgot the children their raising, can't imagine the horror, the grief, piercing bullets, life's thief. We seem to protect the guns that kill, and ignore the people who will. Thank you students for your dedication. Vote these NRA people out, keep it up!

    • X Billups
      X Billups 8 months ago

      the NRA practices safe shooting and training. They are not a bunch of lunatics IMO, but they are also becoming stupid. Don't blame NRA for causing mass shootings, blame them for refusing to negotiate and work with others on solutions. They seem to only push their agenda that not even their own members agree with.

  • LV Productions
    LV Productions Year ago
    Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Tribute Video

    SBRINKERHOFF Year ago +8

    "What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.

  • wildman2
    wildman2 Year ago +3

    who is frank ocean is he any kin to billy ocean

  • Constituent A
    Constituent A Year ago +3

    Beautiful and moving story on the Eagle Eye staff and their touching memorial issue. Thank you, Washington Post.

  • Sarah Nava
    Sarah Nava Year ago +214

    God, I watched the entire video and literally got chills and emotions and I don’t even live anywhere near there

  • Anna N.
    Anna N. Year ago +34

    “They will live on with us forever”
    Try to remember that.

  • Nathan Baker
    Nathan Baker Year ago +18

    The NRA is a mass-murdering death cult.

    • YourBoiJal
      YourBoiJal 4 months ago

      Even if I don’t own a gun, that’s a very stupid comment for you to say, I bet you’re a retarted liberal who hates guns and ammunition

    • X Billups
      X Billups 8 months ago

      stfu, they don't sell firearms or make money off firearm sales. They practice gun training and safety. So Am I a mass murderer just because I own a gun or like guns?

    • swordslinger 226
      swordslinger 226 9 months ago +2

      You are one dumb mother fucker. The NRA was the ones who suggested that we put armed guards on school campuses when COLUMBINE happened. 15 years ago, had the country listened no other mass shootings would ever happened.

    • John Dough
      John Dough 11 months ago +1

      You are an ill-informed ignoramus.

    • Nick Bauer
      Nick Bauer Year ago +3

      +Nathan Baker Oh shut up, you silly teen-age nerd.

  • Ross Harris
    Ross Harris Year ago +1

    Mr.Trower former British Military/MI6 expert in frequencies, has shared his expertise, and years of experience with us publicly. YES, WIFI frequencies are extremely dangerous to the human body, especially that radiation in contact with female reproductive system, and eggs, etc.effecting the next generations of fetus/child develoment. And 5-G / GEN-5 is fa worse, and harmful. Massive harmful consequences are to follow in the global market. Anyone telling you different is naive/ignorant..or a bare face liar.

  • jason walters
    jason walters Year ago +1

    LMAO...please ...this video is STUPID

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 5 months ago

      @jason walters It was not scripted and staged

    • jason walters
      jason walters Year ago

      Paul Andrews Because its PROPAGANDA for LIBTARDS.
      The more time goes by the more it shows a lot was scripted and staged. SHEEPTARD S

    • Paul Andrews
      Paul Andrews Year ago +7

      jason walters Your empathy is disturbing

  • Jayson A
    Jayson A Year ago

    I wonder what Liberty in North Korea means to that girl. There's something strange with kids at there age and college. They don't respect other people's opinions. The way they protest over a speaker that they don't agree with. There brain washed in these prestigious college's they attend. You know.

  • master of cheese
    master of cheese Year ago +9

    I noticed that they are just talking about them selvs and the media is only coving this story. There were worse incidents in 2017 nobodys talking about what happened in texas or las vages i bet most people just forget about it and thats the sad part

    • Ellie-May
      Ellie-May 9 months ago +4

      Donald Sauve yes they did. Accept it and move on you can’t say it’s fake when people WITNESSED IT! parents lost their children. Children lost their parents. All in all somebody lost their lives in all these shootings.

  • Dustin Young
    Dustin Young Year ago +6

    All the students need to learn tact.

    • wildman2
      wildman2 Year ago

      what i'm saying is that a kid shouldn't have to hace tactical training to go to school if that the case then we need evaluate our policies

    • Life After Disney
      Life After Disney Year ago

      What are you saying?

    • wildman2
      wildman2 Year ago

      according to Websters it does so we go with that here the page

    • Dustin Young
      Dustin Young Year ago +3

      wildman2 I know what tact means, I also know proper sentence structure. The definition of tact does not mention anything about not offending anyone. It does however state" with addressing sensitivity in dealing with others with a difficult issue". Is English your second language? If it isn't you could have fooled me by your comment.

  • Dustin Young
    Dustin Young Year ago +16

    You know this is a safe space when there's 3 editor in Chiefs.

    • Jesse Guzman
      Jesse Guzman Year ago +1

      ?? it's a large high school. they need three EICs

    • jm
      jm Year ago


  • Eric Zan
    Eric Zan Year ago +16

    Its a sad thing to have happened. I wish it were different. I wish we didnt live in a world with such violence. I wish we lived in a world of peace where people had contentment and happiness in their lives. And we accepted each other despite our differences.

    • John Dough
      John Dough 11 months ago

      Why don't you move to Venezuela? I hear communistic utopia is working really well down there.

    • Eric Zan
      Eric Zan Year ago

      It didnt have to happen. It didnt have to go down like that.

    • Eric Zan
      Eric Zan Year ago

      Without such violence. Without.. I misspelled its my keyboard or my wifi I dont know which.

  • Susan Thomson-Lafosse
    Susan Thomson-Lafosse Year ago +13

    Journalists ? Gone are the days when journalists were respected and trusted ,professional political manipulators are now the standard.

    • X Billups
      X Billups 8 months ago +1

      That is mainstream media who have become corrupt, these high school journalists are the only hope left for good journalism and they are doing a good job imo.

    • Thisismyfirstname Thisismylastname
      Thisismyfirstname Thisismylastname 8 months ago +3

      17 kids died. 17 kids, who those highschool journalists knew personally. You cant stand up and call them manipulators until you've been in their shoes. Have some basic decency, they are just kids. But i suppose that its easier for you to dehumanize them then face what actually happened

  • Sir Honks-a-lot
    Sir Honks-a-lot Year ago +3

    the horse is dead. it’s time to stop.

    • Stacey
      Stacey 10 months ago

      Nick Bauer Well as adults that you are you should be protecting the children and fixing how fucked up this country is.

    • Nick Bauer
      Nick Bauer Year ago

      +RAREgenes Oh, yes you will, junior. You are kids. We are adults. You will sit down and shut up when we tell you to do so or you will get a real spanking from the adults.

    • Phoenix Scp
      Phoenix Scp Year ago +2

      RAREgenes you already did, go away now

    • Skelotor Two
      Skelotor Two Year ago +2

      you'll stop lol

    • Jesse Guzman
      Jesse Guzman Year ago

      wtf does that even mean