What's inside a Rattlesnake Rattle?

We CUT OPEN a Rattlesnake Rattle to see what’s inside!!

Rattlesnakes are dangerous reptiles that can have a lethal bite, luckily for us this one was not alive.

We learned a lot about Rattlesnakes in making this video and hope you enjoy it.

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Автор enjoy india tech ( назад)
wao amazing

Автор nosejob21 ( назад)
nothing That's what was inside

Автор Luca-Sebastien Barret ( назад)
*Professional surgery right there...*

Автор Vaibhav Vicky ( назад)
you are awesome

Автор Kevin Lawson ( назад)
Whats inside of the sun

Автор Ashokkumar Vishwakarma ( назад)

Автор The assaissin creed ( назад)
My dad and mom and sister are scared of snakes I'm not I touched a real. Snake at a zoo

Автор Andrew Farah ( назад)
It worked it worked! Oh did you think i meant the subscribe button? I meant the dislike button!

Автор Gene Ponce ( назад)

Автор alex Miller ( назад)
TV very chic ghhhgdgcc

Автор The NYAN CAT GIRL GAMER ( назад)
What's inside a battery

Автор Hhhh Ggg ( назад)
Hopefully that snake died of natural causes

Автор THATONE SAVAGE433 ( назад)

Автор Ben Martz ( назад)
properly sanitize the cutting board to avoid cross contamination. I hope you threw it away. Great video guys I love rattlesnakes.

Автор Isabelle Ameur ( назад)
ewww u cut a rattle snake.

Автор Sean Coleman ( назад)
ANY Informational-video I click that doesn't get DIRECTLY to the point of the title gets a DISLIKE from me.. I made an exception for this one though. Lol

Автор Tristyn Flinner ( назад)
Snake does not approve

Автор Jay Gamboa ( назад)
What is this?

Автор Cristian Alonzo ( назад)
Thank god I thought you guys were gonna kill a rattle snake or get a live one and cut but I was surprised you guys got one that you know a live or dead one

Автор MrLeon8455 ( назад)
These videos would be a LOT better if they just immediately showed everyone what we clicked for and then it ended.

Автор William Slivinsky ( назад)
What in a gun or knife

Автор Brittany Rigdon ( назад)
I am curious about snakes now

Автор Jehanzeb Khan ( назад)
Someday you will cut half your peni to check what is inside it!

Автор Chantel Spychalski ( назад)
I feel bad for that rattle snake

Автор ХеЛи вЕй ( назад)
я одна сдесь русская?

Автор PastelGalaxy ( назад)
The soundsssss

Автор Bold Blu ( назад)
Rattlesnakes are also pit vipers, the biggest snake family known in this world. The viper has many different genus. Pit vipers are one of them. The pit viper is known to dig pits (holes) in the ground as a shelter, as it says in its name, "pit", and is the reason why a rattlesnake is a pit viper. They also have a slightly narrow head so they can dig into the ground. And I have no idea why I went this deep into the rattlesnakes biology. Don't know what happened there.

Автор Dead Pool ( назад)
Theres nothing in

Автор Maria Carolina Duarte ( назад)
quem é BR???

Автор StoryShift Chara ( назад)
I read the title... *My mind has been expanded*

Автор gamepro mommo ( назад)
where did you get that serrated razor?!

Автор BlahBlahOtakuXx _ ( назад)
How come I gag about thid but when I watch open heart surgery im fine?

Автор Fatima Tariq ( назад)
what is inside a honey bees but cut

Автор Burrito Man ( назад)
in the rattle is nothing

Автор Hector Cortez ( назад)
Harambe Harambe, I'm glad he died
Harambe Harambe, lets see what's inside

Автор Cordai Brooks-Galligan ( назад)
what is inside of a grenade

Автор CouldntThinkOfName ( назад)
did u get the snake off the dark web

Автор Ids ( назад)
imagine bitten in the balls by a snake...

Автор Антон Резанов ( назад)

Автор XJustice Leaguex ( назад)
what's inside a hungry ethiopens head. Cat half god danm snake someone chopped off

Автор deti ( назад)
next plz can you whats inside my son :):)

Автор Gagandeep Singh ( назад)
What's inside panda eggs 🐼

Автор Michael Lu ( назад)
Lol XD " smells like..." what was that again? Dog?

Автор Natsu Dragneel ( назад)
theres nothing in them. they shake it as is.

Автор Gaming Master ( назад)
U R EVIL!!!!!!!

Автор Ryan Hydro ( назад)
whats inside a octopus

Автор Yo Boi ( назад)
its moving

Автор I Am Aqsa Khan ( назад)

Автор AshLeigh Wills ( назад)
What's in side a baby alive?

Автор Doge Explorer ( назад)
lol I'm YouTube not instigram

Автор Cashton Counts ( назад)
My dogs died from a rattlesnake

Автор Shawn Robertson ( назад)
that rattlesnake is 14 years old

Автор Rifdhaan iDeCApz ( назад)
Whats inside POOP!

Автор Vnay Karki ( назад)
You are so brav

Автор Lil Motherfucker ( назад)
the sounds so satisfying lmao

Автор Valeria Gutierrez ( назад)
There are some weird thing you can get online!🤔

Автор Valeria Gutierrez ( назад)
Hey I'm pretty shure me and my family went to that zoo!!!! It's in Tucson AZ!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😂

Автор Amazing And Not On Fire ( назад)
I love how scripted the kids reactions are and how forced they are

Автор Cana Alberona ( назад)
Yeah, there's nothing, it's the tail parts hitting together. Just if you wanted to know

Автор Pathan Tiger ( назад)
I would like to suggests hand gloves

Автор Diego Sanchez Escobar ( назад)

Автор pokemon power ( назад)
the rattle is made of cartilage

Автор Jowita Kaufusi ( назад)
What's inside a metal detector

Автор Soilo Aguirre ( назад)

Автор HavenDanae ( назад)
Disgusting your gross

Автор please remove ( назад)
hi Iam new

Автор solomon Preston ( назад)
Does the guy they bought it from kill the snake or dying it dead if he kills them I wouldn't buy from him

Автор FM Time ( назад)
My pet snake is watching this with me

Автор Emily Heiden ( назад)
I thought it was balls!

Автор Blake onegaming ( назад)
What's inside a cat or dog

Автор Elias Bright ( назад)
I luv watching my most worst fear being cut

Автор Jae Flores ( назад)
We have killed 5 rattle snakes and have there rattles

Автор Ballora Gallery ( назад)
fucken disgusting!

Автор GhostDallas XL ( назад)
Open the new tendo switch

Автор Aleen 123 ( назад)

Автор Carf Sayman ( назад)
Do what's inside a nentendo switch

Автор Kayne Greensill ( назад)
what's inside a turtleneck

Автор Cocoaron K ( назад)
Uhhhhh it looks and sounds and hard like insect 😰😰😰

Автор Larson Cooke ( назад)
What's inside a s7 edge

Автор cute pearl pretty lapis ( назад)
My bro say is gross and he run away i think is funny he run away

Автор CanadianPrincess14 ( назад)
oh look Stone Cold Steve Austin is in the video.

Автор Jeff N Staycee Spradlin ( назад)
Just pause on 0:43 lol

Автор David Mr military ( назад)
I always wondered what's inside a wiener

Автор Yummy Jam Studios ( назад)
Not what I expected

Автор Brandon Barrera ( назад)
The dad kinda looks like TheRadBrad

Автор Brandon Barrera ( назад)
I'm from Texas and saying you bought the rattle from a guy in Texas tells me that the guy must have been a nice guy because eBay isn't trustworthy and eBay and Texas put together 😔

Автор Kyle Ecker ( назад)
This is the type of dad that would sue you for looking at his son the wrong way.

Автор Johanna L Romero ( назад)
Oml, it's empty because the buttons touch each other and shake

Автор snowie13 london10 ( назад)
whats inside my life?--oh wait i dont have one...*sigh*

Автор Tomas Greenhalgh ( назад)
What would happen to a rattlesnake if it's rattle broke???

Автор Dark Aero ( назад)
what's inside the table?

Автор Ellie Grace ( назад)
Wow who would think My ex best friend is in this video

Автор Ason ( назад)

Автор Joel Obando's ( назад)
it would be worse if it was the snake body

Автор Rolf Son of a Shepard ( назад)
Well...I'm on the weird side of YouTube again.....

Автор Carry Fast games ( назад)
alot of dislikes 72,000

Автор john arvin enano ( назад)
this suddenly turned into a try not to look away vid

Автор Unknown HACKER ( назад)
thats anm
ial abuse i will report you whats inside

Автор Laura Bernal ( назад)
I'm a big fan I been watching you guys since I was 10 or nine don't really remember but now 12

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