DAY6 "days gone by(행복했던 날들이었다)" M/V

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
  • DAY6 "days gone by(행복했던 날들이었다)" M/V
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  • BLACK 18
    BLACK 18 2 hours ago

    Day6 should have all the respect and deserves better promotions ❤❤❤

  • Hottest-myday-jypnation
    Hottest-myday-jypnation 3 hours ago +1

    Did youtube have problem..i dont know how many time i watch this mv but view still same

  • 진영
    진영 4 hours ago

    도운이 버전까지 10만 남았다!😂

  • Dilla ra'ufur
    Dilla ra'ufur 4 hours ago +2

    Every day6's song is so good. I dont know why

  • Dee Francisco
    Dee Francisco 7 hours ago +4

    We need Dowoon's version. Let's stream guys - 7million views

  • napasorn tasa
    napasorn tasa 11 hours ago

    when to listen this song,it make me think of "Polycat" of Thailand. hahaha

  • Israa A.Y.M
    Israa A.Y.M 12 hours ago +2

    This is amazing I'm new and I've been watching day6 for the last 2 hours, they're soo good but I wanna ask do they write and compose their own music?

    • Hottest-myday-jypnation
      Hottest-myday-jypnation 3 hours ago

      +Israa A.Y.M dating scandal with fan but not true at all,his name is junghyeok..

    • Israa A.Y.M
      Israa A.Y.M 4 hours ago

      Also I would like to ask .. There was another member ,,? How was he? Why and when did he leave? What happened?

    • Israa A.Y.M
      Israa A.Y.M 4 hours ago

      Cool I fell in love with them♡♡

    • Kpop Lover
      Kpop Lover 7 hours ago +1


    • Suffiezati Ahmad
      Suffiezati Ahmad 11 hours ago +1

      Yes dear. They compose and write their songs. 😊

  • 케이
    케이 12 hours ago +4

    keep streaming!!! we need to unlock our maknae's version 🥺🥺🥺

  • Kathy G.
    Kathy G. 15 hours ago +1

    If only they were appreciated more☹️

  • Sweet Cupcake
    Sweet Cupcake 18 hours ago +7


  • ivy max98
    ivy max98 23 hours ago +1

    Beginning reminded me of blossoms' "charlemange" British group 😁

  • Juliaminer828 _YT
    Juliaminer828 _YT 23 hours ago +1

    This song has an old vibe XD but love it

  • Hottest-myday-jypnation


  • kpop trash
    kpop trash Day ago


  • Nyla K
    Nyla K Day ago +1

    never knew i needed blonde maknae line wow

    KPOPPAOK Day ago +1


  • 강철심장겨울폭풍

    와 ...............노래 좋아서 매일 듣는중........인제 알다니 이런 노래를

  • kim ackerman
    kim ackerman Day ago


  • kim ackerman
    kim ackerman Day ago +1

    Come to Mexico babosos :((( (ah los tkm)

  • kim ackerman
    kim ackerman Day ago +2


  • MyDay's 6
    MyDay's 6 Day ago +3

    So near in 6.4M, yeah! Lets get it!!!

  • Ima WOLF XD
    Ima WOLF XD Day ago +1

    Start yo day right and DAYS GONE BY ON FULL VOLUME!

  • Rania NR
    Rania NR Day ago +2

    Day6 never dissapoints

  • Sabilla Dinda
    Sabilla Dinda Day ago +3

    i love day6!!!

  • Alice Å
    Alice Å 2 days ago +1

    BOP they did another bop yall

  • azmi sharfina
    azmi sharfina 2 days ago +2


  • Dian Widiastuti
    Dian Widiastuti 2 days ago +1


  • chungbiumg829
    chungbiumg829 2 days ago

    Why now advertisements so many on RUclip I has to wait the skip?

  • felicia sudario
    felicia sudario 2 days ago

    i happen to stumble here while i was watching stray kids it didnt disappoint im inlove with this song!! it’s the first song i heard from day6 ❤️

    • Kpop Lover
      Kpop Lover 7 hours ago

      Stray Kids!!!♡♡♡ DAY6!!!♡♡♡

  • Electric Bass
    Electric Bass 2 days ago +6

    My Days! Can we make this MV reach 10M views?

  • Annasuke16
    Annasuke16 2 days ago +2

    Dowoon we are almost there, just wait a little more please.

    • EmmAtiny H
      EmmAtiny H 20 hours ago

      Yesss Dowoon we don't Forget you 😘

  • Taehyunative
    Taehyunative 2 days ago +5

    Waiting for the comeback to prove once more that Day6 and "bad song" doesnt fit in the same phrase

  • Jisedrielle Angelmay Manalo

    Jyp's best artist 💖

  • Suciati Hanum Masyitoh
    Suciati Hanum Masyitoh 2 days ago +3

    Guys c'monnn

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive 2 days ago +5

    who came here after streaming Fancy? oh well..just me maybe😊
    edit: ahh at least I'm free to use emoji here..right?

    • MyDay's 6
      MyDay's 6 Day ago +2

      Thank youuuuuu......

    • Nao Yzk
      Nao Yzk 2 days ago +1

      me too !

    • Annasuke16
      Annasuke16 2 days ago +1

      Ciel Phantomhive I’m here after Fancy! Let’s reach our goals here and there!

  • Angel Ramos
    Angel Ramos 2 days ago +14

    We need Dowoon Ver.😍😍😍

  • NeEy Jaa
    NeEy Jaa 2 days ago +3

    this is addicting than any other substance

  • Just Another Depressed Multifandom

    So you guys were the ones who started with the 90's filter that was all over twitter&insta. THANK YOU

  • Haneefat Amin
    Haneefat Amin 2 days ago +7

    WHY THE HELL ARE PEOPLE SLEEPING ON DAY6????!?!?!?!!?!?!? LIKE, WHY??? HOW???????
    ......I'm ready to fight someone...….

  • sabilla Afifah
    sabilla Afifah 2 days ago

    brasa nnton the 1975 wkwk xx

  • Sunday Morning
    Sunday Morning 2 days ago +4

    This song needs to pop at the top of charts just like N.Flying's Rooftop did !

  • Crystal Sanchez
    Crystal Sanchez 2 days ago +8

    STAN DAY6 LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leea Lena
    Leea Lena 2 days ago +3


  • something different
    something different 3 days ago +3

    Ya'll I just realized Jae has a rat tail(the braided thing in his hair).

  • Elizabeth Kennedy
    Elizabeth Kennedy 3 days ago +9

    U cant spell talent without DAY6. You know you cant

    MIZA ADLINA 3 days ago +21


  • Multi Fan _PH
    Multi Fan _PH 3 days ago +4

    JYP!!!! Gimme DAY6 comeback ASAP!!!!!!

  • cHaNgBiNnIe loves dArK
    cHaNgBiNnIe loves dArK 3 days ago +6

    *Day6 Never Makes A Bad Song*

  • Cherryl J
    Cherryl J 3 days ago +3


  • denise
    denise 3 days ago +6

    it's my birthday and im starting my day with this beautiful song 💖 thank you, day6!! i feel so happy having you in my life 😊

  • Mahi sshi
    Mahi sshi 3 days ago +9

    Okay we need Dowoon version now

  • Renate Andriani
    Renate Andriani 3 days ago +25

    Why I just heard this song??! This is so good. It makes me chill with its old vibe.

  • morgan !
    morgan ! 3 days ago +4

    funny how i’ve played this song LITERALLY almost every day since it came out and i’m still not tired of it 😗😗

    • Kpop Lover
      Kpop Lover 3 days ago

      Same. When i was about to go to sleep,i will open it an replay it again and again

  • zyee astina
    zyee astina 3 days ago +5

    Waiting for day6 next comeback. Fighting!!

  • Incroyable Me
    Incroyable Me 3 days ago +2


  • xenonkryptonite
    xenonkryptonite 3 days ago +5

    they really won't have a bad song, will they?

  • Cess Plam
    Cess Plam 3 days ago +4


  • Cess Plam
    Cess Plam 3 days ago +1

    ROAD TO 10M lezzgetit

  • MyDay's 6
    MyDay's 6 3 days ago +7

    There's many new comments and my tears fall! Welcome to the fam, lets stan them together. Please lets hit dowoonie's ver.

  • MyDay's 6
    MyDay's 6 3 days ago +6

    Lets get dowoon's ver. mydays

  • kiiseuu
    kiiseuu 3 days ago +1

    wow we need a day6 x the 1975 collab

  • lucy quiroga
    lucy quiroga 3 days ago +1

    puede ser esta banda mas increíble?

  • Eve Chntch
    Eve Chntch 3 days ago

    Oppa ㅠㅠ

  • che huixuan
    che huixuan 3 days ago +1

    i’m crying... 😔💓💕💞💖💖

    BTS ARMY 3 days ago +9

    I just discovered these boys. Never going back! Stanning forever ❤

    • Emily H
      Emily H 3 days ago +2

      Or at least 6.5 million so we can get a dowoon solo version

    • Cess Plam
      Cess Plam 3 days ago +2

      Welcome to the fam and also we're trying to reach 10M 🤗

  • aghnees sahila
    aghnees sahila 3 days ago +16

    GO GO MY DAYS! DON'T MAKE OUR BABY WAIT FOR SO LONG! ♥♥👶👶♥👶♥🍼🍼🍼😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • bangtan 4 life jhope
    bangtan 4 life jhope 3 days ago +5

    found out about day6 like a week ago and i just found out that them came to minnsota and i missed it so dissaponted

  • Shirley Ganyana
    Shirley Ganyana 3 days ago +7

    Girl's, y'all don't know how I'm jamming to this song. I love this song, thank you DAY6 ❤

  • Bts 101
    Bts 101 4 days ago +2


  • el elle
    el elle 4 days ago +5

    Hi guys !! I'm new here .. And I really love them !!💕 *I dont even know their names .. I listen to all their music to find a bad one cause I can't believe my ears .. But at the end.. I can't find it !! They all so talented !! How can all of their song sound sooooo good and sooo beautiful .. !?? Please tell me .. 😭
    *sorry broken English

    • el elle
      el elle 3 days ago

      +Emily H OMG .. Thank u so much !! I really need to know them .. Yeah I'm still confused who is Brian ? Young k ? Wongpil ? the only one I know its my bias jae !! 😍😍😍 their music help me through my rough day .. The made myday !! 😙😙😙

    • Emily H
      Emily H 3 days ago +1

      Hi new MyDay! I’m so glad you found these amazing talented wonderful crackheads! I suggest watching JaeSix, unhelpful guides (and helpful guides), Day6 on crack videos, the wonpilates channel, and their Vlives to get to know them better! That’s how I got started in learning more about them and learning their names and nicknames!!!!

    • el elle
      el elle 3 days ago

      +Cess Plam yeah .. I think they deserve more views !! And I'm so glad to be one of myday fam !! 💕

    • Cess Plam
      Cess Plam 3 days ago

      HIII welcome to the fam,, also help us to reach 10M 🤗

  • Samara Reyla
    Samara Reyla 4 days ago +3

    Tô esperando um comeback Aqui !!

  • Lisa Lee
    Lisa Lee 4 days ago +5

    Love this song!!

  • joon’s crab nation
    joon’s crab nation 4 days ago +9

    hey yall thank jae cuz his tweets made me stan day6

  • Wollie Day
    Wollie Day 4 days ago +27

    I'll keep streaming. I won't leave Dowoon alone. 😄

  • Monique Cristina
    Monique Cristina 4 days ago +1

    I loveeeeee

  • ᴄᴏᴄᴏɴᴜᴛ ᴄʀᴀᴄᴋʜᴇᴀᴅs

    *the first beat got me*
    *hooked right away !!*
    I’m a new MyDay and I loveee them , my biases are Dowoon and Jae I can’t choose 💕💕💕

  • sydcasm
    sydcasm 5 days ago +9

    stanning them was best decision i made

  • army multifandom
    army multifandom 5 days ago +1

    To viciada nessa música

  • Hottest-myday-jypnation

    6.3M..we need more guysss

  • Bookish Happiness
    Bookish Happiness 5 days ago +3

    this reminds me of the 1984 single 99 Luftballons by Nena

  • Jalen Erica Sabanal
    Jalen Erica Sabanal 5 days ago +4

    Stumbled with day6's shoot me just a few days ago and i'm fucking inlove with their songs😭 especially this one. HELP ME

  • Shirley Ganyana
    Shirley Ganyana 5 days ago +4

    Stop sleeping on them.
    They are so talented and their song is good.

  • clark paner
    clark paner 5 days ago +5

    superstar jypnation brought me here AND I LIKE THEIR SONGS SKSKSKSKS

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 5 days ago +1

    Who else is here from PlayStation or Twice?

  • nada shannia
    nada shannia 5 days ago +3

    April 20th, 2019. Absen

  • Nguyễn Ming Phương Hoàng

    love from a Vietnamese fangirl

  • Ten Tu patrón
    Ten Tu patrón 5 days ago +2

    Esto es hermoso 💚
    STAN DAY6💚💚

  • Andrea Johnson
    Andrea Johnson 5 days ago +4

    Not only are they cd eaters but they are visual K I N G S

  • Mariluz Morales Gomez
    Mariluz Morales Gomez 5 days ago +3

    6,3M 👏💓🙌

  • Galilea Díaz
    Galilea Díaz 5 days ago +2

    Me gusta demasiado el estilo de esta canción 💕

  • Su
    Su 6 days ago +12

    Why did I sleep on this band for these years?! 😩

  • Hottest-myday-jypnation

    💕Park sungjin💓park jaehyung💜kang younghyun💖kim wonpil💗yoon dowoon💞saranghae day6💌

  • Hottest-myday-jypnation

    Keep streaming guyss..myday jjang!!!

  • lemoned green
    lemoned green 6 days ago +1

    30 million!

  • chitaprrr
    chitaprrr 6 days ago +4

    Days go by slowly when you sleep on day6 like it's your job

  • ahmad ghulam
    ahmad ghulam 6 days ago +1


  • Kytzia Cardoza
    Kytzia Cardoza 6 days ago +6

    DAY6 is such a perfect band. I mean it. Every time someone asks me which song I recommend of them my answer always is: "every single song". Every concept, genre and style suit them. And I'm so happy for their recognition but indeed they deserve even more. DAY6 make amazing music with incredible lyrics. And someone can actually feel them even if we don't know korean. And that's amazing, I'll not lie.
    They deserve the whole world and more.
    I love you with all my life DAY6!💕💕

    TING-YU 7 days ago +3

    Beat the final round to release our CUTEST DRUM BOY ---> YOON DOWOON!!!

  • Feliss R
    Feliss R 7 days ago

    DeAR derahwiwkwnwkwkwkwjnenekwk

  • Feliss R
    Feliss R 7 days ago

    Anajwkwkwkwwwbbwjelw stop meee