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Длительность: 10:27
Комментарии: 162

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Автор John Savaglio ( назад)
soooooooo fffffffuuuuuuunnnnnnnnyyyyyy

Автор Ghesal Dost ( назад)
don't laugh that hurts

Автор Awesomegame9202 Gameplays ( назад)
Lol in 0:24 was funny XD

Автор Zyleakilis ( назад)
i am guessing 1:52 - 2:01 is we love dicks xD because if it is then it would be small af xD

Автор bisaya308 ( назад)
0:57 I bet the Huskers would't do that.

Автор Tuur Delouw ( назад)
See minute 2:24 !!!!
See minute 2:24 !!!!
See minute 2:24 !!!!
See minute 2:24 !!!!
See minute 2:24 !!!!

Автор Dillon Robertson ( назад)
lmao rn

Автор Noahble ( назад)
The amount of 12 year olds that think they're cool because they swear disgusts me.

Автор Janvi Purple ( назад)
Not funny and boring

Автор Marjie Kelly ( назад)

Автор Megan Bennie ( назад)
That sucked

Автор Bouchra Bouchikhi ( назад)
song at 3:37 plz ?

Автор Toxic Seeker665 ( назад)
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over youtube
/ \ so he can take over

Автор Brandon Oneal ( назад)
not funny

Автор Jesus Lopez ( назад)
what happened 1:03

Автор Ninjacrafter 77 ( назад)
1:10 when you too short to dunk on a net that hangs from the door

Автор DaHood WTF ( назад)
All the moms in this are like are u a new ok?

at 9:18 he killed that lmao

Автор Red Alpha ( назад)
3:42 super white kids alert

Автор nathan flores ( назад)
not funny

Автор Vanoss Girl ( назад)
so i should be in the vid because during softball today i got hit by the ball nl i got a bad busted lip

Автор Jaybie Garcia ( назад)

Автор bond0309 ( назад)

Автор BASS bass ( назад)

Автор Yousuf Naderpoor ( назад)
at 2:49 the painting falls down really hard on the kid. i like pretty much :] :)

Автор Yousuf Naderpoor ( назад)
kids are so stupid when they think they can do a trickshot

Автор Yousuf Naderpoor ( назад)
at 1:57 theirs a d!ck

Автор Morgan Hodges ( назад)
4:28 that laugh headphone warning

Автор Morgan Hodges ( назад)
What happened at 1:10

Автор Roxana Campos ( назад)
the girl who was girly has to grab the ball not just stand their and I know this cause I'm in a soccer team and I'm the best goalies and tougher than a boy I've been hit by the face somany times i was still ok even though it was strong

Автор Roxana Campos ( назад)
I laugh at people had pain😂

Автор Christian Mariano ( назад)
that was awesome

Автор Dhona Rico ( назад)

Автор Magnetio ( назад)
40% of baseball
20% of football
10% of soccer
5% of bowling

10000000% of retarded laughs.

Автор Funny Man ( назад)
Please visit and support my channel! Thank you!!

Автор GK bronco#23 Atterberry ( назад)
lol so funny

Автор The Original Aguilars ( назад)
Dont Miss Out On a $50 Amazon Gift Card Give Away! All You Gotta Do Is SUBSCRIBE To Our Channel To Enter✔

Автор Ivan The Piff Master ( назад)
You had me at 0:20 ... Don't even need to watch the rest... Thanks lol

Автор Hugo Cesar Moya ( назад)

Автор John Reed ( назад)
0:39 that gate was not stable

Автор rel man ( назад)

Автор They_call_me_crybaby _whats_your_name ( назад)
They're good dogs Brent.

Автор RAWpranks ( назад)
We pranked girls drinking windex on our channel!

Автор Lina Allen ( назад)
Butt hole

Автор Jordan Gerlach ( назад)

Автор Giovanni Damico ( назад)
I hope the kid with the Tom Brady fat head died

Автор Alex Garcia ( назад)
DAT laugh tho 7:37

Автор William The Canadian ( назад)
ewwwwwwwww jews

Автор Randombros Gaming ( назад)
These fails are why I only do cross country

Автор Underswap Sans ( назад)
This is Larry--> :(
1 like= 1 new friend
Then he will be--> :)

Автор Drake Diamond ( назад)
sport objects always fly at the camera when its on

Автор tigercap100 ( назад)
idiot girl with golf club is fake. and stupid.

Автор Foxy the cute pirate ( назад)
Girl: these guys are better than the Huskers
-Guy runs in to fence-
-John Cena comes in- Are u sure about that?

Автор Nικεβοi ( назад)

Автор Cyborg Pro ( назад)
the kid at 5:11 was sooo funny when he got hit. LAUGHING OUT LOUD! (also haters back off. im just stating my opinion)

Автор Starbucks ( назад)
0:57 no thay dont he just ran into the fence NEBRASKA ALL THE WAY

Автор exoticsavage ( назад)
I died at 2:20 and 2:25

Автор FluffyFoxHD ( назад)
Are our faces and cameras magnets now?

Автор Paul Go ( назад)
Why do people keep saying I got that on camera whoever says that is in special ed

Автор Nicholas Sanchez ( назад)

Автор Marius Eisentraut ( назад)

Автор Haden Kriston ( назад)

Автор Nicolei andrei gal Gal ( назад)
my name is adin this is so funny

Автор Nicolei andrei gal Gal ( назад)
this is ganna be do funny

Автор Funny TV ( назад)

Автор Bridget Renshaw ( назад)

Автор Kids MediaTV ( назад)
very funny :)

Автор Adventure Girls ( назад)
Not funny

Автор Adam Shah ( назад)
Why am I wasting my time watching this video... None of this are funny... Watch FailArmy instead

Автор cutepuppy msp ( назад)
Every vine has turned to crap expect Daz black lele pons and that's it

Автор Barneyhk ( назад)

Автор jakiś człowiek ( назад)
Kto z Polski?

Автор Clever Fire ( назад)
when people ask me why I don't play sports and I'm like watch this video

Автор Clever Fire ( назад)
when you athletic kid but you got these

Автор Tyner Pjnukes ( назад)
Who lets their six year old in a batting cage

Автор Drake McKnight ( назад)
I have played baseball for 13 years and I've been hit in the head a few times. It is not funny at all. I don't care if you have a helmet on or not that shit HURTS nothing about that is funny to me and it shouldn't be to anybody it could kill them! I don't play baseball much anymore but I still remember the feeling of being hit everywhere. Including in the nuts by a f*cking line drive

Автор dura burr ( назад)
why I'm not athletic

Автор Chase Hi Nelson ( назад)
Sweet layup dunk lol

Автор impractical fan ( назад)
👮. 🔫👲

Автор chara 101 ( назад)
i keep on flinching

Автор Leo222 blabla ( назад)
3:39 😐😐😐😐😐😐Music

Автор J.Glosoli Films ( назад)

Автор Mr. Squid ( назад)
There are too Much balls In this video

Автор Canadai ( назад)
Really no hockey you trigger me

Автор Francisco Javier ( назад)
3:50 wtf is Donald Trump 😂

Автор MykolaIsHere ( назад)
did she said retard? 0:09

Автор Wolfie ( назад)
"These guys play better than the Huskers" *Smacks into fence* Yup, they sure do

Автор sugarcane 22 ( назад)
so fucking funny

Автор Ophelia Nett ( назад)

Автор HeyItz FelixYT ( назад)

Автор Piper Ghramm ( назад)
I am dying

Автор Piper Ghramm ( назад)

Автор FRAME 04 ( назад)
Hey kappa

Автор Cameron McAlister ( назад)
This is why I don't play sports.

Автор ImThe Queen ( назад)

Автор Daniela Pelucchini ( назад)

Автор Trillex ( назад)
No funny!

Автор Roberto Iordache ( назад)
more efects

Автор DeAdeur LOL ( назад)

Автор dope af z.w_chen ( назад)
smash thumbs up for more of this

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