what's on my phone (2019)

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • no my homescreen isn't boring it's s i m p l e

    who's going to kcon la?

    🎶: bts - 4 o'clock (lofi)
    📹: quicktime player (used to record the screen)
    🖥️: final cut pro x
    - - -
    instagram: @seokve

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  • Aminah T
    Aminah T 21 day ago

    Can you please link your lockscreen? Loved the video x

  • Maria Haruntunyan
    Maria Haruntunyan 28 days ago

    Link to your wallpaper?

  • Amanda Trinh
    Amanda Trinh Month ago

    love this video !!

  • Babyyy Changbin
    Babyyy Changbin Month ago

    where did you get your lock screen from???

  • beansprout콩나물

    i love your lockscreen😉

  • Lindsay Claire
    Lindsay Claire Month ago +1

    omg the seungmin photo in the editing app made my day

    • Lindsay Claire
      Lindsay Claire Month ago +1

      seokve yeah he’s kinda the love of my life or whatever

    • seokve
      seokve  Month ago +1

      Lindsay Claire he’s a cutie isn’t he

  • aceagustd
    aceagustd Month ago +1

    a e s t h e t i c

  • ···somebody·· ·
    ···somebody·· · Month ago +1

    This was so entertaining to watch you just earned a subscriber :)

  • izthaaci
    izthaaci Month ago

    Sis went from a iPhone SE to a iPhone XS 😔👊 wish my phone could have that glow up 😔😔
    (that’s right , I check the description box. I swtg I’m not a creepy stalker or sum, she lists what she records with AAAA-)

    • izthaaci
      izthaaci Month ago

      @seokve i always read the description , you never know when a creator wants to share a little something , or just important info :)

      I guess that was a good accident then ? haha.
      Good tip , but if only my phone would actually get damaged. I’ve had it for 3 years now , and I’ve dropped it god knows how many times, drowned it, and yet it’s alive (welp)

    • seokve
      seokve  Month ago

      wow it's nice to know people do read my descriptions! i had an unfortunate accident with my old phone involving water so i upgraded! so protip: break your phone and you'll get that xs too :)))))) (don't take this advice)

  • lilykenz
    lilykenz Month ago +1

    love how simple yet beautiful your videos are!! i really enjoy watching them!

  • cecilia
    cecilia Month ago +17

    loved the simplicity of this video; it was so easy to follow along & was entertaining as well💖

  • samuel
    samuel Month ago +2

    your home wallpaper is so clean :0

    • seokve
      seokve  Month ago +1

      thank you! i like keeping it simple! other ones look a bit messy to me with all my apps :)

  • donna w
    donna w Month ago +1

    this video was so cute ehe

  • donna w
    donna w Month ago

    w o w i'm early

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi Month ago

    i m e a r l y :D

  • kutamoni
    kutamoni Month ago +5

    as always ur video is simple but aesthetically pleasing and so cute edited!

  • kutamoni
    kutamoni Month ago

    i clicked so fast omg i missed u!