Shaun White reacts to 3rd Olympic gold


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  • Frederic Detwiler
    Frederic Detwiler 6 месяцев назад

    What a dick move, he smirks before mentioning Kevin. Come on man, be better than that.

  • Katie Rowe
    Katie Rowe 11 месяцев назад

    Yessss king we love u don’t listen to these gossip thirsty bastards

  • Katie Rowe
    Katie Rowe 11 месяцев назад

    Yessss king we love u don’t listen to these gossip thirsty bastards

  • Philo Hammer
    Philo Hammer 11 месяцев назад

    Shaun’s a class act.

  • Q
    Q 11 месяцев назад

    Great talent. Rich white guy with a privileged upbringing tho. How many ppl out there have his talent but not his skin colour or circumstances

  • Fpv-quads
    Fpv-quads 11 месяцев назад

    Matt...what a fuck stick.

  • brian brewer
    brian brewer 11 месяцев назад

    London Stratus whatever your name is your a f****** hosebag f*** you nobody gets a free pass on dropping the flag on the ground f*** you and f*** Shaun White

  • Indarow
    Indarow 11 месяцев назад

    Good to see ABC travelled across the planet and is excited about such an international event as the Olympics.
    What quality standards of reporting.
    That reporter made himself look like a fool.

  • Melvin Sewell
    Melvin Sewell 11 месяцев назад

    Damn he should have always had his hair like this

  • Nolan Pinkard
    Nolan Pinkard 11 месяцев назад

    China Olympics really shaun

  • jonny appleseed
    jonny appleseed Год назад

    grow the hair back dude. u know u want to. it makes u even more unique. u look way better and cooler that way. don't listen to all the judgemental long hair haters. congrats! your discipline is highly inspirational. if u dig short hair now; ur still cool.

  • Cris Brackett
    Cris Brackett Год назад

    I wish I new Shawn was reading this but I doubt it, great job keeping that sensationalist jerk reporter in check. You are a great Inspiration and very respected.

  • Charlotte Toner
    Charlotte Toner Год назад +1

    I'm talkin' mountain dews, baby.

  • mandy brownfield
    mandy brownfield Год назад +2

    I went and did some research to find out about the lawsuit. She first sued him for none payment for almost a year. Then turned around and fired her lawyer and found another one and add the sexual harassment charges. I never heard of this til now. Good way for American reporter tear down the athletes. I am all for supporting victims. These are alligations that happen 2 years ago. If Ben from Steelers wins another superbowl., U going to bring up what he did that happen like 5-8 years ago.

    • amina2727
      amina2727 Год назад +3

      Exactly! Plus, many of the events and texts she described happened 7 years ago when he was 24. I'm definitely not who I was seven years ago, people grow and change in that time. The texts were definitely inappropriate, but clearly the "sexual harassment" was an afterthought to her since she later amended the lawsuit to include them. I wish these reporters would just let Shaun enjoy his accomplishment.

  • Crazy Bitch
    Crazy Bitch Год назад

    Fuck CNN! I can't believe it was on CNN

  • Y H
    Y H Год назад

    Hope to see you Shaun in Tokyo olympics!

  • john treadway
    john treadway Год назад

    One minute to 1 min 33 sec is all Ya need to know.

  • Peter DeLury
    Peter DeLury Год назад

    ABC: He's white, heterosexual, cisgendered, and male. Need to cut him down a few pegs.
    Sadly he ended up apologizing for his choice of words. Dont think he should have. He handled that hard ball well IMO

  • Patrick Nunley
    Patrick Nunley Год назад

    Abc sucks

  • Dylan Caldwell
    Dylan Caldwell Год назад

    Really Matt Gutman? Really? Wow. Hey Matt, you want to be a creditable journalist for ABC and you ask TMZ questions? And than Shaun has to actually correct you on her name?! Wow. That was low, very low. And not only
    Were you completely out of line you’re also about 2 years late. Ya fired right? 🥇🥇🥇 How about a question about those huh?

  • ledzeppie
    ledzeppie Год назад


  • USA1 TRUMP 2020
    USA1 TRUMP 2020 Год назад

    Patriot or commie cuck

  • Patrick Brent
    Patrick Brent Год назад

    From a former fan of Shaun White:

    Somebody should take this athlete to task on his disrespectful behavior to our stars & stripes during Olympics games. .
    It’s unlikely this kid ever served his country or was a patriot for single day. He uses our stars and stripes for window dressing...photographs, marketing and promotional $$ opportunities
    When not using flag for promos, Shaun dropped our flag on the snowy deck then dragged our national ensign behind him like a little kid with a baby blanket.
    Bringing a disgrace to his Olympic achievements and our country.
    Sean is obviously very wealthy, this spoiled lad needs to take some of his considerable income and dedicated to US veterans causes.
    As well as offer an apology for his behavior with our flag on international television. Perhaps if he ever served our country in the military he'd appreciate the flag. No doubt there was no recruiter in San Diego where he failed to gow up.
    Shame on you Sean… shape up
    P.T. B. USMC veteran ... now feeling better

  • briansmobile1
    briansmobile1 Год назад

    ABC news? I really can't say I've watched their gossipy trash in years. Feels good.

  • Not Michael Jordan
    Not Michael Jordan Год назад

    Zawaideh also says that White stuck his hand down the front of his pants and attempted to make her smell it,
    That’s your hero? No wonder our society’s morality is in the toilet.

  • Tea Maker
    Tea Maker Год назад

    My home brother.

  • br549 Lyfld
    br549 Lyfld Год назад +2

    he deff looks better with long hair.......

  • br549 Lyfld
    br549 Lyfld Год назад +1

    way to go shaun team usa..............

  • lea minshung
    lea minshung Год назад

    You are really cool!! I am so happy to see your return as a king of snowboarding in Korea. Thanks!! Your performace was perfect!!!

  • Empire Patriot Network
    Empire Patriot Network Год назад

    How does it feel to drag our flag on the ground like a napkin???? 1 track mind: 110million in sponsor deals....
    Japan kicked your butt WHITE. lucky for you, the JUDGES felt bad for you.
    We love gold medals.....medals earned the right way!!!
    Your a drama queen bro!!!
    Go back to cali.....cya

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James Год назад

    Well done Shaun. You are a legend buddy!!

  • Jacose J
    Jacose J Год назад

    ABC reporter is a waste of space. What a horrible person and company for allowing trash like this to make our Team USA look bad. ABC you are a disgrace.

  • shawn javanovich
    shawn javanovich Год назад

    somebody fire ABC's Matt Gutman! what a moron. If he ends up in North Korea.. I think all Americans will be happy.

  • Cesar Ruiz
    Cesar Ruiz Год назад

    Excellent great great great job 👍

    HALEE Год назад

    Congrats to a stellar medalist. Proud to call Shaun White a representative of America. ABC News is tasteless and the world sees that.

  • Kirk Swanson
    Kirk Swanson Год назад

    ABC News you are a complete JOKE. Your 'reporter' should be totally ashamed of himself. CONGRATULATIONS SHAUN!!!!!

  • Harry Sampson IV
    Harry Sampson IV Год назад

    Dude sexually harassed women and dragged the American flag on the ground like it was toilet paper stuck to his boot and he gets to keep his gold medal? Has the Olympic committee learned NOTHING after the Nassar disaster? Or do changes to protect women only apply to the SUMMER Olympics?

  • Linda Linda
    Linda Linda Год назад

    You are amazing to this sport and a true competitor. I've seen you at the XGames & Dew games over the past years and no one can hit the heights you can. CONGRATS!! You are a pro!

    NEUROBOY 11 Год назад

    I can do better.

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex Год назад

    U R **MR PERFECT**

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex Год назад

    **LUV U DUDE!**

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex Год назадвидео.html
    = IN AMERICA ,,,
    = EVER!!!

  • hermanC23
    hermanC23 Год назад

    Mctwist 😂

  • Joe- L
    Joe- L Год назад

    I remember seeing this guy skating next to me at the YMCA skate park in san diego. He was such a goober back then I never would have thought he'd be where he is but congrats broda. You made it!

  • Inuk Dayarathne
    Inuk Dayarathne Год назад

    Go Canada! Go Canada! Allez au Canada!

  • Matt Zaidi
    Matt Zaidi Год назад

    Great snowboarder, but should have went to Japan. Once again Americans buying their medals, can;t be 2nd. And everyone butt hurt because he dragged the flag, LOL!

  • SoulscheMattiks1978
    SoulscheMattiks1978 Год назад

    He’s looking much better with the grown up haircut. I haven’t seen him in some years, I just remember when he was a really little guy coming up. Cool dude

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith Год назад

    98%of mass shootings happen in gun free zones

  • ttops fogleman
    ttops fogleman Год назад

    Not surprised since it's an event he invented

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  • Marinachica !
    Marinachica ! Год назад

    Lmao wow what a douche bag reporter from abc

  • samantha lachman
    samantha lachman Год назад

    Leave Shaun white alone he just won a gold medal🥇🥇🥇he’s not there to talk about gossip love you Shaun white❤️❤️😘😘💕💕

  • Jimi Hendrix
    Jimi Hendrix Год назад

    Mountain Dew baby

    TLCPG Год назад

    What a fucking dick that guy is!!!

  • The Monopoly Guy
    The Monopoly Guy Год назад

    God cnn you’re a piece of shit.

  • Itsakeykeylife
    Itsakeykeylife Год назад

    This hair is a good look for him.... I see you

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now Год назад

    Let’s see what stupid sport can we add to the olympics so kids will watch.....I got it

  • Alexandra Tokyo
    Alexandra Tokyo Год назад

    Congratulations!! Thanks for showing us great job.

  • CatACor
    CatACor Год назад

    Where’s his hair? I didn’t recognize him 🤣

  • George Washburn
    George Washburn Год назад

    Matt Gutman has done a lot of good reporting for ABC News but his question at this press conference was totally inappropriate. There's a time and place for everything and this press conference was about Shaun White's gold medal performance. I'm glad the moderator shut him down. It reminds me of right after Peyton Manning won the Superbowl in the final game of his career and some obnoxious reporter asked questions about sexual harassment allegations from back in his college days.

  • Matt T
    Matt T Год назад

    They guy from ABC, what a douche. Shaun White pure class.

  • Jon B Baca
    Jon B Baca Год назад

    Congrats you badass son of a bitch! You're now an official Olympic legend for all time, and you did it for AMERICA!!! To do your best run in your fourth Olympic performance has got to be an unprecedented achievement. You're one of the top ten athletes in American history, revel the glory. You're so humble, you're a true inspiration and role model around the world, and especially for the USA. Bask in some glory, and show us what you got in skateboarding!

  • CrimsonMGO
    CrimsonMGO Год назад +1

    I didn’t know Sergio Ramos was a ginger 😲

  • Zachary Manning
    Zachary Manning Год назад

    ABC really started sounding like TMZ there, fucking assholes

  • Erman D'Alesandro
    Erman D'Alesandro Год назад +1

    Shame on ABC for that bullshit! He did a great job at addressing it. Gossip... I read the allegations. Jaded band member, that's all.

  • K O
    K O Год назад


  • russel F
    russel F Год назад

    fuck that ABC reporter

  • Dave Niz
    Dave Niz Год назад

    Wow Shaun White is super down to earth for such a high-flyer. Woo! USA!! USA!!

  • Yusuke FuryRoad
    Yusuke FuryRoad Год назад


  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Год назад +1

    If he and the girl settled this in court for an undisclosed amount WHY should he be forced to talk about it? Why bring up a matter that has been settled?

  • Comedy Nerd
    Comedy Nerd Год назад

    He handled that like a boss. Respect.

  • Sean Turk
    Sean Turk Год назад

    Wth ABC?!??

  • gratefulRed69
    gratefulRed69 Год назад

    Shaun's gold medal winning run AND his emotional reaction shared with his parents and friends.....has EASILY been "THE Olympic moment" that every games seems to have. At least is was for me. Seeing him cry and become overwhelmed with emotion was really powerful. It made me feel the relief, satisfaction, joy, etc...all at the same time he seemed to be. Here I am....a grown assed man...teared up in my living room, pumping my fist in the air screaming USA!! USA!! USA!! while my kids and dog look at me like I'm an alien. Just an awesome spectacle. I don't personally know Shaun...and never will...but he sure as hell made me feel proud to be an American that night....and was so damn proud of him. I can't even imagine the feeling his parents must've felt watching him win and seeing his emotions pour out. I bet they're STILL floating on air as I type this, lol. Well done Mr. White.

  • Not Michael Jordan
    Not Michael Jordan Год назад


  • DJ - Rocket Man -
    DJ - Rocket Man - Год назад

    ABC ticked me off JESUS and cnn is fake news why am i here.

  • Jay Camacho
    Jay Camacho Год назад

    This guy is awesome but FEMINIST will try hard to bury his career

  • Lis
    Lis Год назад

    SHAUN WHITE👏👏👏👏💪💪💪

  • Linda Beebe
    Linda Beebe Год назад

    Later it was said Shaun apologized for calling the sexual harassment question “gossip.” No apology necessary Shaun. It was dismissed, so at this point it IS gossip. That’s the only reason for the idiot reporter to bring it up. To create gossip and drama.
    Congratulations on your win! 🥇

  • Suuway Mak
    Suuway Mak Год назад

    That’s Mister White to you.. 🙏

  • Thanos TM జ్ఞ‌ా
    Thanos TM జ్ఞ‌ా Год назад

    జ్ఞా 7

  • Sage Harburg
    Sage Harburg Год назад

    Lol this interview though!?😂

  • GDI
    GDI Год назад

    I don't know why people are blaming ABC when it was clearly one individual reporter who fucked up, not the entire company.

  • pennywise
    pennywise Год назад

    he looks like Shane Dawsons cameraman Andrew

  • MMLTXRanger32
    MMLTXRanger32 Год назад

    If that were me, I would put that little fuck in his place for real.. that just shows how much of a class act he is. I salute you Mr. 3 time gold medalist

  • Richard Glenn
    Richard Glenn Год назад

    White's lawsuit was actually over wages he owed this girl, with whom he fired from his band. She used screenshots of him asking her once to wear a "provocative outfit" for their show, as evidence that she was harassed. Then threw in other baseless claims about how he "made her watch pornography"... what the fuck ever. Did he act inappropriately? Probably. However, to act as though people like Shaun deserve to have their accomplishments tarnished and public life ended. Over shit like that...? Give me a break.

  • Wendy Reyes
    Wendy Reyes Год назад

    He handled it in a amazing way! Great job Shaun!

  • Stolen Smiles
    Stolen Smiles Год назад

    What a cutie

  • M. W.
    M. W. Год назад

    Tough question to ask but being a journalist is not a popular occupation; hence the issue and accusation of alleged sexual harassment should NEVER be passed over, even for a 3-time Gold Medalist at the Olympics! Glad to observe Shaun's presence of mind to correct the pronunciation of the accuser's name and show composure under questioning.
    No hero is above reproach...not even Shaun!

  • Nay Giggers
    Nay Giggers Год назад

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  • Alexa Alexandrowicz
    Alexa Alexandrowicz Год назад

    ,?Wonderful kid! I hav been watching you and see your kindness and growth. Good job Shawney. Ms a

  • Tristan Crumpler
    Tristan Crumpler Год назад

    Go get you a few Mountain Dews Shaun. Congrats, and thank you.

  • Agent J
    Agent J Год назад

    Good job for not giving up! 🏅btw the press has free speech, they can ask any question they want even it’s rude or embarrassing question. It’s the US. Ain’t North Korea. A public figure needs to be ready for any type of question.

    BIRD FLIPPER Год назад +1

    Only 3?

  • vincentrich
    vincentrich Год назад

    I'm not even a snowboarding fan, and the only time that I'd heard of Shaun White before this was briefly during the Olympics 4 years ago. Still, this was extremely intense and fun to watch. I was nervous as heck during that final run. That was a clutch performance.

  • Wild Flowers
    Wild Flowers Год назад

    Why is everybody getting their panties in a twist over CNN & politics?? You purposely came to a CNN RUclip channel to watch this video. This exact same video is on other networks' RUclip channels. It's not exclusively a CNN video. The reporter who asked that question of Shaun is an ABC reporter. None of this has anything to do with other networks. Focus on the problem here: This should be a non-issue or a dead issue. It was trashy of this reporter to bring it up BECAUSE the matter was legally settled. Shaun made admissions, he paid his dues in a legal monetary way. He AND Lena agreed to settle out of court. IF Shaun makes mistakes like this in the future then he'll have to deal with it at that time. This is not the time to dig up old things that have already been dealt with. Can you imagine if all of us had to pay the rest of our lives for all the stupid stuff that we've ever done without any kind of redemption without any kind of forgiveness without any kind of private rehabilitation?? It's madness that ABC let this happen. Go Shaun!!!

  • Veronica Goru
    Veronica Goru Год назад


  • Austin lol
    Austin lol Год назад


  • Cabbage Lettuce
    Cabbage Lettuce Год назад

    Always bringing politics up. GOD! Stfu!

  • Ray Romano
    Ray Romano Год назад +1

    ABC sending a Reporter thousands of miles to waste their time on a stupid ass question has to be the biggest L of 2018 so far

  • John Pope
    John Pope Год назад

    The nicest, most humble ,good guy, possible greatest athlete ever.