FaZe Sway’s *Secret* To Faster Editing! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
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Comments • 423

  • DarkSilentFury
    DarkSilentFury 4 days ago

    I use l3 and im insane

  • lau
    lau 8 days ago

    That sneeze xdxdxd

  • King Bjaayx2
    King Bjaayx2 22 days ago

    What is nickmercs keybinds

  • Eesa Faisal
    Eesa Faisal 23 days ago

    Unsubbing because of his shit thumbnails, just count the arrows

  • Ali Mahmood
    Ali Mahmood 25 days ago

    stop doing ali a impressions on your damm videos

  • Ali Bambicala
    Ali Bambicala 25 days ago

    Nick I edit for L3 and I am positive if you put in time into your editing and building you will be better. I can upload a video of my editing if you'd like

  • Blindaccuracy
    Blindaccuracy 25 days ago

    Nick watch hardfind he uses l3 and does really well

  • Martin Munoz
    Martin Munoz 25 days ago

    HD and nick are the funniest duo partners that they should have there on reality tv show

  • Yon_ Cpt
    Yon_ Cpt 25 days ago +1

    HD on Mech
    HD: I don’t think it’s gonna reach
    Nick: *Gets lasered by mech*
    HD: ... ohh yeah it reaches

  • Dewight Cox
    Dewight Cox 25 days ago

    Am I the only one , who edits with r3 , I like editing with my right hand

    • XCALIBER -1
      XCALIBER -1 24 days ago

      Now that i think about it that might be a good idea but what about the transition to pressing down then immediately moving it? Did it take time to get used to that?

  • Legndz
    Legndz 25 days ago +1

    "extra fingers" hahahaa

  • PUBG ajs18 9
    PUBG ajs18 9 26 days ago

    L3 edit confirm with paddle

  • Adam Knight
    Adam Knight 26 days ago +1

    Nickmercs said is chat can’t edit but nickmercs is still trash at editing

  • faisal almalke
    faisal almalke 26 days ago

    bro i use L3 since season 7 it's much better then the touchpad

    • XCALIBER -1
      XCALIBER -1 24 days ago

      I cant get used to it ive been sticking with triangle since season 6 im learning to play claw to see if that helps with edit

  • Benjamin Cook
    Benjamin Cook 26 days ago +4

    L3 is the way man. I use to edit with triangle and I didn't play claw and L3 is so much easier

    • Kop Pok
      Kop Pok 19 days ago +1

      Dude l3 is good. But it make your console broken.

    • Im 369 savage
      Im 369 savage 24 days ago

      Try jumping with l3 and use x to edit

    • Jonn111
      Jonn111 24 days ago

      @FiloHimself l3

    • FiloHimself
      FiloHimself 24 days ago

      @Jonn111 what did you switch to

    • Jonn111
      Jonn111 25 days ago

      Lol I used touch pad and I switch and got used to it in 30 eec

    JAPETHEONE 26 days ago

    Claw a new thing? I been rockin claw for 9+ years

    • Joey Cervantes
      Joey Cervantes 26 days ago +1

      I remember waking up at 8 am Saturday and Sunday to watch MLG on Tbs. I learned from "walshy" about the claw and that was a while ago.

  • Teejor
    Teejor 26 days ago +3

    LMFAO the mobile player...I'm dead

  • Jgoofyy
    Jgoofyy 27 days ago

    Make this button blue if you hate the kids that be like name a better console player then me👇🏻

  • maleficent1977
    maleficent1977 27 days ago

    I use l3 to edit and I absolutely love it. U should try it nick

  • Dread_head731
    Dread_head731 27 days ago

    I know he has to censor it but it ruins the jokes lmaoo

  • Not Storm
    Not Storm 27 days ago

    His thumbnail is so intense compared to the actual video😂

  • Freddie Gamer1
    Freddie Gamer1 27 days ago

    Is he still in faze

  • Daniel Quintana
    Daniel Quintana 27 days ago +1

    L3 to edit
    R2 to select
    R1 to reset
    R3 to confirm
    Circle to switch mode
    Triangle to toggle pickaxe
    The best combination

  • Chris Castro
    Chris Castro 27 days ago

    Back left paddle for editing back right paddle for confirming 👌🏼

  • RyZe
    RyZe 27 days ago

    How does he get such a high fps on console

  • Cool K!d Matt
    Cool K!d Matt 27 days ago

    Nick shut up imma win in the solo cash cup

  • Fluxity Void
    Fluxity Void 27 days ago

    What finger does nick press depad with

  • Fluxity Void
    Fluxity Void 27 days ago

    What button does nick press depad with

    LAWJAXON 27 days ago

    You’re holding yourself back by not using L3 edit. It allows you to edit through builds and shoot in between edits so much more seamlessly. Not to mention how much quicker you can edit based on the fact that your thumbs don’t leave the sticks.

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 28 days ago

    Is he still in faze ??

  • sci.
    sci. 28 days ago +8

    0:28 Fps on crack

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris 28 days ago

    I used claw when I played cod until I got a scuf Just to drop shot. Claw is not a fortnite thing

    • Jason P
      Jason P 28 days ago

      I can’t play good in fortnite without claw lol

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris 28 days ago

    L3 to edit!

  • yngmaggi
    yngmaggi 28 days ago

    Wtf it looks like aimbot haha (joking)

  • Half Breed
    Half Breed 28 days ago

    Sorry for getting that heated but as a person who’s been a huge fan of you for a while now see where your attitude towards your own supporters is bull shit

  • El_BORI_725micha Matias

    People don’t understand that nick is like 28 years old and doesn’t what to be the best he can be cause he’s getting money.

  • x Daltino x
    x Daltino x 28 days ago

    Yurrrr hk

  • x Daltino x
    x Daltino x 28 days ago

    I was ur 2 millionth subscriber🌞

  • J M
    J M 28 days ago

    i want you to watch some of my editing clips and see you lie "to my face" abt m how i can't edit, bro you said we can't edit i'll prove you wrong so fast and its not just me, bro trust me L3 is so good for editing i thought when i changed it triangle for editing that i was a god at editing but when i switched to L3 i'm actually a lil insane
    p.s. i noticed you're a lil but more cranky and grumpy then usual in this video, YoU GooD BrO?!?

    • Trashh
      Trashh 27 days ago

      J M look at your saved playlists smh gay ass 😂😂

  • Litman
    Litman 28 days ago +4

    4:10-the way jimmy says no,he`s s real one

  • Jabb
    Jabb 28 days ago

    his BIG SECRET to edit fast is legit just double edit binds dont care whatever anyone else says thats it just good control and double edit binds

    • Nico Faso
      Nico Faso 28 days ago

      What do u mean by double edit binds

  • Nxone Gaming
    Nxone Gaming 28 days ago


  • Stephen Hughes
    Stephen Hughes 28 days ago +1

    2 back paddles. One for jumping and one for editing.

    • Stephen Hughes
      Stephen Hughes 26 days ago

      @Chris Castro whats your jump?

    • Stephen Hughes
      Stephen Hughes 26 days ago

      @Joey Cervantes I'm not sure I can handle four haha! Two for meow.

    • Joey Cervantes
      Joey Cervantes 26 days ago

      Why not use all 4? Its advantages are off the chain wax

    • Chris Castro
      Chris Castro 27 days ago

      Back left paddle for editing back right paddle for confirming

  • ScaR Trippzy
    ScaR Trippzy 28 days ago

    Go Blue 〽️ nick u from Howell?

    TR GAMING 28 days ago

    1022FPS In support a creator

  • Noah Fanslau
    Noah Fanslau 28 days ago

    Tell jimmy to speak louder I can barely hear the guy

  • Jeffrey Keating
    Jeffrey Keating 28 days ago

    MFAM 👊🏼

  • Isaac Vega
    Isaac Vega 28 days ago

    L3 is the best non claw edit key. Nick is a good player but you can see how long it takes him to edit with O.

  • Puffer Fish
    Puffer Fish 28 days ago

    Hit the love button
    How much you ❤️ Nick

  • Four20Games
    Four20Games 28 days ago

    Bull shit click bate

  • lmg notravi 2
    lmg notravi 2 28 days ago

    500 fps wow

  • I.T.S
    I.T.S 28 days ago +4

    If you don't like using l3 to edit at least try Touchpad

  • Chiva
    Chiva 28 days ago

    How about not swearing if you’re gonna mute every time. Homie turning into NinjMercs here.

    • Toast
      Toast 28 days ago

      Chiva It’s so he gets monetized on youtube.

  • RSP Mice
    RSP Mice 28 days ago

    Does anyone know how to connect a PS4 controller to pc? I tried a micro usb but nothing happens. Plz help

    • Miguel Galicia
      Miguel Galicia 28 days ago

      RSP Mice i don’t think you can .. I’ve tried it before even through Bluetooth and didn’t work . So I use a cable instead

  • Ervin Sarkhanpour
    Ervin Sarkhanpour 28 days ago +3

    1:07 "aRe YoU sUrE aBoUt ThAt"

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba 28 days ago

    I love the videos so much. Also what headset do you use

  • Brandon Robinson
    Brandon Robinson 28 days ago

    Cant wait for the video that nick tries l3 to edit. Its gonna blow his mind.

  • Julian Mansour
    Julian Mansour 28 days ago

    L3 is the wayyyyy

  • rylan davis
    rylan davis 28 days ago

    Controller players what sensitivities do yall play on Im trying to switch it up a little bit

  • Keaton Allmon
    Keaton Allmon 28 days ago

    Left paddle, x/a, and left alt for editing best options out there, thank me later

    • Keaton Allmon
      Keaton Allmon 27 days ago +1

      @ケールKale ic, yea i never played claw so i used x

    • ケールKale
      ケールKale 27 days ago

      @Keaton Allmon I play claw so I use triangle.

    • Keaton Allmon
      Keaton Allmon 27 days ago

      @ケールKale exactly why you use x or square

    • ケールKale
      ケールKale 27 days ago

      @Keaton Allmon actually I do. It's all personal preference actually I've tried l3 and do not like it:)

    • Keaton Allmon
      Keaton Allmon 27 days ago

      @ケールKale you dont know