Scared Buddies Play Resident Evil 2 Until They Beat It

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • Kelsey Impicciche and Zach Cieszynski do a blind playthrough of the new Resident Evil 2 2019 HD remake
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Comments • 404

  • Lori Ann
    Lori Ann 20 days ago

    This was amazing lol

  • uriel lopez
    uriel lopez Month ago

    you should play tetris buddies

  • Kabree Bates
    Kabree Bates Month ago

    Why couldn't you have just gone back our of the doors you came in.

  • Kabree Bates
    Kabree Bates Month ago

    I think the mag was in the stars office. I'm pretty sure it was behind those bars that you needed a key card for.

  • Faith Stanley
    Faith Stanley 2 months ago

    Sooo guys, when are we gonna play Claire's story??

  • Jimins Jams
    Jimins Jams 2 months ago

    1:44:35 Blackpink reference...

  • Quin xoxo
    Quin xoxo 2 months ago

    1:41:01 =me

  • Quin xoxo
    Quin xoxo 2 months ago

    You should name babies in the 100 bb challenge Leon and Ada

  • Chrisselle Ward
    Chrisselle Ward 3 months ago

    He said will call it even its ada

  • Chrisselle Ward
    Chrisselle Ward 3 months ago

    Ada use to work for umbrella

  • Helen Shestakova
    Helen Shestakova 3 months ago

    Please, pleeeeease, play Claire's story🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • David Ruiz
    David Ruiz 3 months ago


  • Molly Shimp
    Molly Shimp 3 months ago

    This is my FAVORITE series that u guys have ever done! So sad it's over... Please keep being awesome!!!

  • erika garcia
    erika garcia 3 months ago

    how has leon's hat not have fallen off yet???

  • ちゃんChan
    ちゃんChan 3 months ago

    For season 6 of scary buddies you should do Claire’s part because u remember that you can choose Leon of Claire’s part ?

  • Maezy Laggui
    Maezy Laggui 3 months ago

    i love 2 hour videos make a 4 hour one im just suggesting

  • LivingInsideaBellJar
    LivingInsideaBellJar 3 months ago

    "Remember when I said we need someone shirtless? It was him."

  • LivingInsideaBellJar
    LivingInsideaBellJar 3 months ago +1

    "Let me guess, this is gonna take up like, what? seven slots in my pouch?" THE SALT. I AM HERE SOLELY FOR THE COMMENTARY

  • Kelsey Christopher
    Kelsey Christopher 3 months ago

    i wish you didn't cut the video because it makes it harder to follow. i wanna get the full game experience

  • C.J. Bolin
    C.J. Bolin 4 months ago

    So, question. Does she have a different story line or is it all the same thing just character switch? Because I saw the little girl on the train and instantly got confused 😂

  • Chloe Nicole
    Chloe Nicole 4 months ago

    Someone here in 2019??

  • lxrkuroko
    lxrkuroko 4 months ago

    When u guys shouted I messed up my breakfast I topled over the bowl and all the rice and meat and vegetables spill over all over my shirt....I love my life

  • Alexandre Morneau-Palardy

    Will you guys be playing Claire's side eventually?

  • Rebecca Eileen
    Rebecca Eileen 4 months ago

    So Y'all are gonna play as Claire now, right? Because damn do y'all stress me out but I need to see you react to Noir Claire in depth

  • Ghost_Rider TheGamerSkull

    Mr x dosent look like Thanose he looks like dolph lundgren from the movie rocky

  • Kodas
    Kodas 4 months ago

    Real monsters scaring humans in real life

  • Mermaid Aiera: The Long Island Mermaid

    "Would've loved that when I was knifing he guy while burning alive!"

  • Brittany Marois
    Brittany Marois 4 months ago

    You should do play from Claire's side now.!!

  • Brianna B
    Brianna B 4 months ago

    What does everybody mean by the “true ending” with Claire? Why isn’t Leon’s true? Maybe that’ll be answered once I actually finish the episode 😂

  • Gabrianna bass
    Gabrianna bass 4 months ago

    I can’t believe I watched this entire 2 hour video and I know absolutely nothing about this game lol

  • Sarah Gafford
    Sarah Gafford 5 months ago

    Now do Claries story

  • Kara Hughes
    Kara Hughes 5 months ago +3

    "Big daddy and Thanos must be brothers" I love Kelsey so much💙💙 she's the best

  • Molly Pitzen
    Molly Pitzen 5 months ago +3

    *Zombiegator comes outta nowhere*
    oH mY gOd ItS gOdZiLlA

  • Aurora Opheim
    Aurora Opheim 5 months ago

    Maybe it will be a nr.3 of this game, cause maybe when Ada fell down, she fell on top of the virus and got infected or something...😅🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Lindsey Williams
    Lindsey Williams 5 months ago

    I know it isn't scary, but you should play the game Detroit: Become Human. It's amazing and you'll love the interactive story-line.

  • Jorge Ponce
    Jorge Ponce 5 months ago

    amazing journey

  • Fox
    Fox 5 months ago +1

    Kelsey and ZAck are dating...

  • Anam Mansuri
    Anam Mansuri 5 months ago +2

    can kelsey haave a baby with leon in the sims lmao


  • Anam Mansuri
    Anam Mansuri 5 months ago

    leon is BAE

  • Spoiler Boy Azeryk
    Spoiler Boy Azeryk 5 months ago

    You should play the game with Claire!

  • Bottay Bottay
    Bottay Bottay 5 months ago

    Who else noticed she said 12 instead of 21

  • Ben Hulbert
    Ben Hulbert 5 months ago

    Ada is 100 percent cooler than Leon ngl lol

  • Rory Delaney
    Rory Delaney 5 months ago

    Zach's face during minute 57 is me during this entire series.

  • Lindsey Justice
    Lindsey Justice 5 months ago

    Please more scared buddies with Kelsey and zach! They're my OTP (one true players!) 😉🧡💙❤

  • Sheridan Ratkay
    Sheridan Ratkay 5 months ago

    1:26:22 reminded me of when they played Visage

  • Noel Tobit de la Fuente

    You guys now need to play Claire Redfield's side of the story. And after completing her quest, do you get a bonus story for Ada?

  • Andre Santos
    Andre Santos 6 months ago


  • dxn209
    dxn209 6 months ago

    Cool 🤰🏽🤱🏾🧟‍♂️🧜🏽‍♀️👰🏾👩🏽‍🏫👩🏾‍💻👸🏾

  • dxn209
    dxn209 6 months ago


  • Hailey Woodroof
    Hailey Woodroof 6 months ago


  • Doogerauoy Sihtdaer
    Doogerauoy Sihtdaer 6 months ago

    Fucking spoilers in the chat!

  • 『』
    『』 6 months ago

    I miss Ada wtf

  • 『』
    『』 6 months ago

    play Claire's side, maybe?

  • syoma fukasaku
    syoma fukasaku 6 months ago

    PLay Claire its the better story

  • Logan Dodson
    Logan Dodson 6 months ago

    Can you guys play the Evil Within (1 or 2)? Thanks!

  • Preeti Goswami Gupta
    Preeti Goswami Gupta 6 months ago

    Eww pus

  • Preeti Goswami Gupta
    Preeti Goswami Gupta 6 months ago

    Ewww push

  • Doodle bug
    Doodle bug 6 months ago


  • Leah Boris
    Leah Boris 6 months ago +1

    Are we not gonna talk about how ada did all that in heels

  • Paola Crosti
    Paola Crosti 6 months ago

    Can't belive is finished... Love you guys❤️