Top 50 Most Viewed CRINGE Videos of 2017 (Part 1) | Best Of Reddit Cringe Compilation

  • Published on Feb 5, 2018
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    Top 50 Most Viewed CRINGE Videos of 2017 | Best Of Reddit Cringe Compilation
    Top 50 Most Viewed CRINGE Videos of 2017 | Best Of Reddit Cringe Compilation
    Top 50 Most Viewed CRINGE Videos of 2017 | Best Of Reddit Cringe Compilation
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  • Entertainment Daily
    Entertainment Daily  Year ago +195

    Part 2:

    • Musab Ahmed
      Musab Ahmed 2 months ago

      🔥AMOS ~ Musab91198
      I do Streaks
      Add back

    • BRO SKI
      BRO SKI 6 months ago

      Entertainment Daily that news anchor is an idiot. She kept spelling boobs out like god damn just say “did you say boobs as in breasts?” Boom that’s all the clarification she needed. But I guess women aren’t smart enough to figure that out

    • Bearded SovereignGrace
      Bearded SovereignGrace 11 months ago +1

      How is the deaf guy a "cringe" video????

    • User Account
      User Account Year ago +2

      Entertainment Daily - Cringe Compilation The first one wasn't cringe scumbag..

    • Harold
      Harold Year ago

      @Maria Delaluz exactly what I was thinking

  • Lukas hallo
    Lukas hallo 2 days ago

    Who the big tits in the thumbnail

  • Elianna Ramirez
    Elianna Ramirez 17 days ago

    Boobs !

  • Warthog-faced buffoon
    Warthog-faced buffoon 19 days ago

    Those two guys from bachelorette were good friends

  • Nae O’Shea
    Nae O’Shea 25 days ago

    The waboom guys were so hilarious 😂

  • Daniel Long
    Daniel Long 27 days ago

    That wahboom shit is like something from family guy.

  • Frankie Lopez Zamudio
    Frankie Lopez Zamudio 28 days ago

    Most of these weren't cringey

  • swathi
    swathi 28 days ago

    Jerry Sienfield is just mean in this video! Fame certainly gone to his head!

  • Mizushima Fujin
    Mizushima Fujin Month ago

    *great soft skills*

  • WolfGANG
    WolfGANG Month ago

    Whats cringe about the boob guy?

  • Jason May
    Jason May Month ago +3

    No one heard anything else after "Boobs" Lmao!

  • Mac Veli
    Mac Veli Month ago

    Its your life take a chance ?.

  • Jamari Jones
    Jamari Jones Month ago

    4:30 😭😭😭

  • Kai Rowlands
    Kai Rowlands Month ago

    i throughyl enjoyed thi video, it reminderd so much of my outyfful days thak you entertan daily for restoring my faith in gods will amen christ yurs sincerly bill chimpon xxxxx

  • RGkong
    RGkong Month ago +2

    *I really wanted to see the deaf guy finish the course :(*

  • Arron Malt
    Arron Malt Month ago

    7:00 took me out!

  • SuperFly Herb
    SuperFly Herb Month ago

    *Let me know when you change the world 1 waboom at a time*

  • Matthew Mukkala
    Matthew Mukkala Month ago

    That First guy got cheated, like come one, he didn't fall in
    Also what was the story behind the clip at 3:43

  • Ootie Goonya
    Ootie Goonya Month ago

    It's your life. Take a chance. 😳

  • Madelyn Justine
    Madelyn Justine Month ago

    ' THE FIRST AMENDMENT AND BOOBS ARE THE ONLY THINGS THAT HAVENT LET ME DOWN ' I LOST IT 💀💀 why were they so salty 😂 I've been a "victim" of sexism and getting offended by (funny) comments doesn't help anyone !

  • Brett Zammitt
    Brett Zammitt Month ago

    Little gap from 2009-2010, but my boy Richard Pachovsky looks to be doing alright after all! Glad he didn't commit suicide after that live national interview.

  • XxTrYhArDxX 16
    XxTrYhArDxX 16 Month ago

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thing the first one not a cringe

  • My Reborn World
    My Reborn World Month ago

    The first guy is so kind looking it’s not fair

  • Paulo Correia
    Paulo Correia Month ago +1

    1.35 this guy doesn't have a job since the depression 😂

  • TheWarrior300
    TheWarrior300 Month ago

    3:40 Could someone turn this into a movie pls

  • felisha rivera
    felisha rivera Month ago


  • felisha rivera
    felisha rivera Month ago


  • Nyarlathotep
    Nyarlathotep Month ago +1

    Yeah, both of those Bachelorette dudes were chumps, but for opposite reasons. One is a too-nice pussy and the other is a loudmouth douche.

  • Cønnør J
    Cønnør J Month ago

    CNN is a bunch of cry babies.

  • Lenora Paige
    Lenora Paige Month ago

    I loved that argument

  • Snjsshhs Shnsshbsa
    Snjsshhs Shnsshbsa Month ago

    The first one had me dead

  • Akifah Taylor
    Akifah Taylor Month ago

    The first wasn't a cringe, it was sad 😔

  • Alan 49
    Alan 49 Month ago

    CNN is a fucking joke. Everyone so offended because the man said boobs

  • sargent sausages
    sargent sausages Month ago

    michael jackson was a pervert

  • william miller
    william miller Month ago

    Why does the black dude on CNN look like his suit is twice the size of him? Goof

  • Dan FR
    Dan FR Month ago

    That last 1 was epic hahahaha dude give up you sad man lol that was desperate

  • Jah Saucyyy
    Jah Saucyyy Month ago

    The lady from the boobs is really mad for no reason. She was like it took her a min to realize what he said but she know god damn well she was gonna ruin his career

  • Young Indian the God

    What up Lucas
    What's up man
    I just wanna say 😖
    YOu R heRe foR the WronG reaSonS

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Giannis Antetokounmpo Month ago +9

    "Our president is doing Hitler things"
    That's so insulting to people who have actually experienced suffering from that man

  • quickstep
    quickstep 2 months ago

    classic american embarrassing themselves in other countries.
    and having planes crash into their own buildings LOL whoooops!

  • Vibrant Hearth
    Vibrant Hearth 2 months ago +1

    Is "Waboom" a thing?

  • lil chxrrpp
    lil chxrrpp 2 months ago

    *guy* They're British.
    *guy* I didn't know
    *ME* 😕🧩

  • Joel
    Joel 2 months ago +1

    The first one not was cringe, was sad...

  • Dorian Creagh
    Dorian Creagh 2 months ago

    Damn i didnt know the first guy was deaf

  • GreekGiannis Freak34
    GreekGiannis Freak34 2 months ago +7

    *The guy looking at his son like he wants to make him proud, Really brakes my heart so Muchhh* 😔

  • Brian Bmo Morgan
    Brian Bmo Morgan 2 months ago

    Calls a deaf guy cringe, nice.

  • victor gonzalez
    victor gonzalez 2 months ago

    The first clip is cringe it’s an unfortunate cringe but cringe nonetheless. Made me want to exit and/or skip the video. Thus it is therefore cringe.

  • de Jay
    de Jay 2 months ago

    So being deaf means he doesn't get a pass awwww he was hoping he would

  • Sarena Kathryn
    Sarena Kathryn 2 months ago

    All these comments are just 1. Deaf guy clip is heartbreaking. 2. People failing to realize what sexism is. 3. Waboom. Saved you some time. :)

  • Louie LoPresto
    Louie LoPresto 2 months ago

    The dude likes boobs. Chill out. The left LOVES to be triggered

  • Louie LoPresto
    Louie LoPresto 2 months ago +2

    “Our president is doing Hitler stuff here” 🙄

  • MelloMiddleFinger
    MelloMiddleFinger 2 months ago


  • Bobby Welches
    Bobby Welches 2 months ago

    I also believe in boobs.

  • Mike Gubisch
    Mike Gubisch 2 months ago

    Conductor we have a problem conductor we have a problem conductor we have a problem conductor we have a problem conductor we have a problem

  • LJ Marzula
    LJ Marzula 2 months ago

    "I love boobs and the first amendment" Dude for President 2020

  • XCaliber
    XCaliber 2 months ago +2

    Oh man..the first glad the crowd supported him cheerly even though he got disqualified..
    it was not at all cringe btw

  • SimplexxityGamingOfficial
    SimplexxityGamingOfficial 2 months ago +2

    There's no way that bachelor scene was real wtf I was dying

  • GrimReaper24104
    GrimReaper24104 2 months ago

    the deaf isnt cringe its just unfortunate

  • yalo kin
    yalo kin 2 months ago

    @6:33 is that ForsenCD lol?

  • Mr. Peanutbutter
    Mr. Peanutbutter 2 months ago

    Son: Tell him?
    No dumbass let him keep embarrassing himself