Iconic Disney Scenes Changed Last Minute

  • Published on Sep 28, 2019
  • Disney And Pixar Changed These Scenes Last Minute For Crazy Reasons
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    There’s no denying that Disney movies are fantastic. Disney has given us some of the most iconic animated films to ever grace the big screen. From the classics to the 90’s musicals, and even to the wonders of Pixar computer animation, Disney is constantly reinventing what it means to be a childhood classic.
    It may surprise you to learn that making these movies isn’t always a well-oiled machine behind the scenes. There are often huge changes made to our beloved films right up to their release date. While this often happens in live-action films, animated films struggle with these types of changes. It can often take weeks to implement even the tiniest shifts into complicated animated sequences.
    Some of your favorite scenes from iconic spaghetti moments to mermaid musical numbers and even everyone’s favorite toy cowboy had to have serious shifts in order to become classics. Here are Iconic Disney Scenes Tath Were Changed Last Minute!
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  • StrawberryGirlBSL
    StrawberryGirlBSL 18 hours ago

    This channel seems to never do their research and is almost always inaccurate

  • Alister Wednesday
    Alister Wednesday 6 days ago

    I don’t like this announcers taste

  • Alister Wednesday
    Alister Wednesday 6 days ago

    What’s wrong with denim overalls?

  • Kara Karin Stearns
    Kara Karin Stearns 12 days ago

    Ursula was originally drawn as a mermaid actually so that was probably when they were going to use her as Ariel's aunt but since they decided not to, she could be drawn as an octopus.

  • David Craig
    David Craig 12 days ago +1

    Ariel haa been black, black women just never got chances to play rolls back when Ariel was created.

  • malakai wettig
    malakai wettig 24 days ago +1

    Last i checked Ursula IS Ariel's aunt...........

  • Jerry and Dana Melton
    Jerry and Dana Melton 29 days ago

    I was born in 1989 I am fixing to be 31 years old in January I remember VHS tapes I use to have a bunch of them

  • Mikhyah Austin
    Mikhyah Austin 29 days ago

    They showed Mulan as they talked about Japanese audiences but Mulan was Chinese based in China 😕

  • Livia and Autumn
    Livia and Autumn Month ago

    Ursula was once a mermaid but was punished for doing something evil with her sister🤔

  • אביגיל הורגן

    Tangled is a really good movie it's many people's favorite

  • Prince The Cat
    Prince The Cat Month ago

    2:45 the way he said sPaGeTtI!!

  • C. K.
    C. K. Month ago

    broccoli and green peppers are both amazing on their own

  • trinity Trinity
    trinity Trinity Month ago

    ummm I actually love broccoli ;-; No one else no...Ok :1

  • Natasha nijie
    Natasha nijie Month ago +1

    I only watch this due to the black Arial picture.....

    • jeweledthrone 2
      jeweledthrone 2 Month ago

      Did you notice how her lips and nose are enlarged

  • Cerys Ollett
    Cerys Ollett Month ago


  • Ella Davis
    Ella Davis Month ago

    I was born in the year 2007 and I had to watch a VHS tape until I was like nine or 10 and I would go into their places like where you could rent the VS tape and stuff

  • Barawen Who
    Barawen Who Month ago

    Woody is still a bit of a jerk, but that is what makes him a more complex character

  • Spaghet Eater
    Spaghet Eater Month ago +2

    Hey random dude. Nice to see you here. So i see I caught you scrolling in the comments. Busted boii

    Love u

  • Spaghet Eater
    Spaghet Eater Month ago

    And disney plus is ruining my life with removing movies from Netflix

  • Princess Bre
    Princess Bre Month ago

    People working on animation for months director comes in Change It

  • Ooo Honey
    Ooo Honey Month ago +2

    This channel keeps race baiting the thumbnails, care to explain?

  • obscenityib
    obscenityib Month ago

    hahaha, you pronounce spaghetti really freaking funny XD "sPUHghetti" hahahaha

  • Amini Naya
    Amini Naya Month ago

    3:33 this lion looks incredibly menacing

  • Pancake Productions
    Pancake Productions Month ago +1

    I that when you were telling us about VHS tapes the scene was from Stranger things

  • Pamella Nunes
    Pamella Nunes Month ago

    I like how he says SPAGHETTI, 3:15

  • Meaghan Leigh
    Meaghan Leigh Month ago

    This is all bull

  • gacha n’ Stuff with ME


  • Eric Cook
    Eric Cook Month ago +1

    The spice girls god thing its so cheesy

  • 本田盾子
    本田盾子 Month ago

    Why would you make a danish mermaid black? Also, Mulan is Chinese. Please do not mix us up with the Chinese.

  • Brandy_2228
    Brandy_2228 Month ago

    I was born after 2000 and I know what a VHS is bc that was the only way we could watch a movie since DVD players were too expensive at the time

  • Kitty Coleman
    Kitty Coleman Month ago

    8:07 She WALKED!? Don’t you mean ***SWAM?? 😅😅🧜🏽‍♀️

  • Darragh lister
    Darragh lister Month ago

    Ursula is her aunt......

  • Tootie White
    Tootie White Month ago +1

    Well lion king is my favorite movie ever soooo

  • Ed Dockery
    Ed Dockery Month ago

    I love the sound part of your world

    FORCE Month ago +1

    I was born after the 2000s but I know what VHS tapes are I have like 40 and if I wanted to I could watch them.

    • Alajah Green
      Alajah Green Month ago

      FORCE me too I watch them almost everyday

  • Fanni the Sloth
    Fanni the Sloth Month ago

    Great video but I don't appreciate the shade being thrown at people born after 2000....I was born in 2001 and believe it or not I still have all my Disney movies on vhs...children born from 2000-2003 have had exactly the same childhood as 90s kids😒

  • Cotton candy Senpai


    *if you wanna be my lover you got to get with my gods*

  • Leah Mitchell
    Leah Mitchell Month ago

    HEY that's hurtful im a 'kid'

  • Gabriel Koroma
    Gabriel Koroma Month ago +3

    Why do you keep saying spaghetti like that ?😂

  • AP Girl
    AP Girl Month ago +1

    Why he say spaghetti like that? 💀

  • It’s Miah Time
    It’s Miah Time Month ago

    Ironically they made the Aunt Ursula come true in the Disney broadway musical version

  • Tofie A.K
    Tofie A.K Month ago

    Cough** racist stereotypes **Cough

  • koko Oatman
    koko Oatman Month ago

    Hey 2006 here and I still have VHSES

  • Lil Livvy
    Lil Livvy Month ago

    im 13 yrs old but i still have vhs tapes that work with the vhs player and the movies are actually good though

  • mango OLeaf
    mango OLeaf Month ago +3

    All you are doing is encouraging racial tension as if things aren’t bad enough already, so stop and think for a second: after your gone, your channel will be dead, but racial tension and racism will continue and you contributed to that. I know a lot of people don’t care, and your probably one of them, but what goes around comes around. Maybe you’ll understand karma when you finally get it.

  • Hailey Blackmon
    Hailey Blackmon Month ago

    Are they just trying to fool us by making them black you prob changed the pic

  • Amalia S
    Amalia S Month ago

    1:30 - Denim overalls already have had their comeback in recent years?????

  • Pamela Jackson
    Pamela Jackson Month ago +1

    my kids love broccoli. All of my siblings and I loved it as kids too. My dad is the only person I've ever known who does not like broccoli.

  • aya garrett
    aya garrett Month ago +1

    the fact that the channel based these LIES off of racist comments people made because we ARE having a black princess Ariel. Yall weak AF

  • KittyClawz_Meow
    KittyClawz_Meow Month ago

    Bruhhhhh Mulan is Chinese, not Japanese! smh dude, smh 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Munchy Crumbs
    Munchy Crumbs Month ago

    I care I wanna know who Dave foly is😱😥

  • Julia Pudo
    Julia Pudo Month ago

    why is the guy speaking such a b**ch XD

  • nay nay S
    nay nay S Month ago +1

    why would you give the black ariel dreads and hoop earrings tf that’s not okay

  • Carina Ulm
    Carina Ulm Month ago +1

    I'm sorry? Just because some of us were born after 200 doesn't mean we don't know what a vhs tape is!!!! Grrr

  • Katya Tv
    Katya Tv Month ago +2

    Can you stop using racial references for clickbate? Thank you

  • fr3@kb!+¢h
    fr3@kb!+¢h Month ago

    little mermaid was released in 89, mulan was chinese, etc, etc, etc. these are literally 3 second google searches idiots....honestly.

  • mc
    mc Month ago

    Good video but most annoying voice over uff

  • EmDrew Appleby
    EmDrew Appleby Month ago

    excuse me did you just show chinese people when talking about japanese audiences?
    s h a m e

  • Debbie's life 101
    Debbie's life 101 Month ago +1

    2:48 at least he tried 😂🍝
    I'm talking about the accent