5 Fun Physics Phenomena

Five cool physics tricks, but how do they work?
Explanations: http://youtu.be/jIMihpDmBpY
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Chris Hadfield in AUS: http://sciencealert.com.au/spaceoddity/
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The Cane Balance:
Slide your fingers in from the ends of a horizontal cane to find its centre of mass.

Shot and Edited by Pierce Cook at the YouTube Space LA.

Music by Amarante: http://bit.ly/VeAmarante

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Автор Azenith F ( назад)
He trolled us :(

Автор iRgarie ( назад)
Kind of an old video to be commenting on like this, but here's my text wall anyway. I don't know if any of this has already been said since I don't see anyway to search youtube comments?

(1) As you move your fingers inward, your brain tries to maintain the balance by subtly changing the speed of each finger. You can kinda see him doing this. Either that, or it has something to do with the weight on either side of your fingers changing as you move them in. This might cause the friction to change thereby slowing or speeding your fingers and maintaining the balance.
(2) There is a good video explaining the phone flipping thing but I don't remember who did it.
(3) Hmm, honestly I always believed the water was attracted because it was polar, like you said. I feel like I remember hearing that static electricity has a very strong gradient but I don't know.
(4) Most cereal has dietary iron added to it, but it is actually just very small iron filings. If you blend cereal up, put it in water in a clear container, and touch a magnet to the bottom, you'll see a small pile of iron filings. So that's why it's attracted to a magnet.
(5) As the tea bag burns it looses mass. Once enough, or all, of it has burned it is light enough to be picked up by the small current of heat created by the flame.

Just some thoughts. I'm curious to see what others have to say.

Автор newestlands780 ( назад)
the phone thing is to do with the airodynamics

Автор PlayfulNikita ( назад)
With center of mass, you actually balance the object, rather than magically meet your fingers in the middle. While moving fingers towards the center of mass, he was waiting for one of his finger to advance further for balance - that is why you can do it at any speed and start at any point. Watch his finger suddenly stop and wait for the other finger to catch up for balancing the object.

Автор Henry Schmidt ( назад)
Cereal contains iron, I think

Автор Lali Philipose ( назад)
what rubbish

Автор Im Bad at Good Names ( назад)
Isn't water pushed by magnets? Like no matter that pole it is?

Автор Vortex ( назад)
3:10 Because cereal contains iron. Even if in very small amounts, it has it

Автор TJ Labbee ( назад)
I can do #2 correctly, it just takes a bit of practice.

Автор Michael S. Green ( назад)
God based magnetism on YouTube explains and demonstrates how all disciplines of science work. You should check it out and stop making lame videos that you don't understand.

Автор Plankgang ( назад)
water bends because of electro-static energy which pulls objects towards it

Автор Victor Drouin Viallard ( назад)
1. Friction increases on one finger when the stick balance its side. Then this finger won't move until the situation is inverted (the other finger moving)

Автор green oranges ( назад)
For the last two things, cereal contains lots of fortified iron and for the teabag rocket the fire gives it heat and when the bat is fully burnt it floats up ( because heat rises ) as the ash is almost lighter than air it just needs that small amount of heat to make it rise like a hot air ballon it also works with napkins if you put the napkins on the top of a fire they will float up and start flashing

Автор Yuvraj Mallick ( назад)
i think cereals have iron added i them.

Автор Hector F ( назад)
I remember when I was younger, my friend tried the first one on me with an imbalanced pole and out of coincidence I did it first time :)

Автор Tumwiine Andrew ( назад)
gd teacher

Автор Ichiwo Konnichiwa ( назад)
It works because of science.

Автор ThatGuyThere ThatGuyThere ( назад)
He says that an text book example that is used and has been proven true hundreds of times is wrong, but can't say what actually happened

Автор julie Nicholson ( назад)
hands up everyone who dropped their phone trying the phone flip? sad faces for everyone who broke their phone trying the same.

Автор FreshTechDIY ( назад)
cereal is following magnet beacause it has iron present in it that attarcted that strong magnet

Автор Yee Yee ( назад)
1:29 cus it's totally a not an iPhone

Автор sumit mehta ( назад)
about that cereal, may be it contains some iron in it. 😁😂

Автор Demented Glitcher ( назад)
I'm not gonna watch this I just have to say go drop dead you faggy drop kick.

Автор Nirup Kanti paul ( назад)
The no. 4 incident happend because cereal producers add some amount of iron in their cereals to make them more healthy.... As it provides ion in our diet

Автор Srivishnu Rendla ( назад)
Who else thinks this guy might be gay?

Автор MattDoesStuff ( назад)
If i get 120 subs i will knock on random peoples doors and when they open the door i will scream pineapple i will make a video of it

Автор Gamer 55 ( назад)
the cup attracts it because everything exerts magnetic force or gravitational energy in magnetism we assume every atom to be a magnet and when we static charge the cup , The atoms get aligned and therefore making it a magnet and it makes a magnetic field so eventually exerting gravitational energy and pulling the stream of water

Автор Hollywood Envy ( назад)
For number 5 ... don't go to India, you'll have an exaltation like you won't believe ...

Автор billybob joe ( назад)
really you blurred the apple Logo
Its so obvious its insane

Автор Max Haibara ( назад)
3:58 he looks like the guy that receive miracle from the God in religious movie

Автор SIMON A ( назад)
4. serial has added iron in it

Автор Alla Ackbar ( назад)
Doesn't cereal have iron in it, making it slightly attracted to the magnets

Автор Tiger H. Lore ( назад)
That's also an effective way to stop someone tea-bagging you: light the teabag on fire.

Автор to be the man ( назад)
very good 😀😀😀😀😀😀

Автор Steven Gaulin ( назад)
The center-of-mass demonstration with the cane is not a physics phenomenon; it's a psychological phenomenon. You can't do it in "one shot" because your brain cannot accurately estimate the distribution of mass across the length of the cane. But you can do it by moving your two hands inward because you are successively computing, re-computing, and adjusting; as you move your hands you get visual and tactile feedback that lets you correct as you go.
Maybe I'll think about some of the others tomorrow.

Автор Michael Lowe ( назад)
the cereal has iron in it

Автор Frontyer ( назад)
Cereal is magnetic because it contains iron.

Tea Rocket: My guess is that it heats the air and it creates different airpreassures, so when burned out it will get sucekd up in the air.

Автор ItsReign ( назад)
Anyone notice the background of the beginning song? Halo?

Автор mueed ali ( назад)

Автор Ben ( назад)
for the first one it works with the f=u*N and at every state, the finger will move if the N is "=" to each other and then will find the center of mass

Автор idrink bleach ( назад)
The cereal had iron I'm sure that's why it reacts to magnets

Автор Name Mrname ( назад)
1: When more mass is at one side, gravity pulls it more, less friction at the OTHER finger, then, when more mass is on the other side thr other fingers goes closer, this happens only 1 time i think, and it doesnt lift fully because then the finger supporting it would need to move
2: Air resistance OR instabilities caused by the metal frame-heavier i know objects have a center of mass idk.
3: Quantum magic or awesome science
4: all objects can get magnatically aligned from strong magnets. The water kills all ftiction so it moves easily. I think this has sth to do with 3
5: The material is very light and in the end a very thin string survives. The hot air goes up, air resistance from the string pulls it up.
I say this in all my science comments, this is what happens when a small person is curious about EVERYTHING from 8 years old

Автор Pratik Poojary ( назад)
you said it wrong, the positive side should be of hydrogen and the to oxygen molecules on it are negative

Автор tarun patil ( назад)

Автор hemanth Kumar ( назад)
It s good so nise

Автор Natalia Kurz ( назад)
The cereal is attracted to magnets because it includes a very small percentage of iron. In Third grade they thought us something similar.

Автор AdminTuber ( назад)
center of mass- when one has more mass over it - friction is higher (friction coefficient x normal) other moves --> finally will reach center of mass

Автор AdminTuber ( назад)
tea bag rise - hot air lighter - less dense air pushed by denser air from bottom

Автор Shahzad Aziz ( назад)
Maybe you couldn't flip and catch the phone right was because there is a specific angle you might have to flick it at.

Автор Rogue Cevallos ( назад)
This is horrible to say the least. Thumbs down

Автор Kyle Steenerson ( назад)
is it possible the heat stream created enough lift to overcome the papers mass in the last moments?

Автор M Stew ( назад)
Rofl whoa crazy! wtf this is a joke.

Автор SersageRoll ( назад)
cereal is magnetic coz it has iron


Автор Mubariz saeed ( назад)
hi my name is vsause

Автор bryan robinson ( назад)
*Looks up "t-bag" rocket on urban dictionary*

Автор bryan robinson ( назад)
He has some nice ass teeth. Anybody who keeps their grill looking nice deserves recognition on it TBH.

Автор dios vandari ( назад)
cereals are magnetic because there is carbohydrates in the cereals and carbohydrates contains atoms of iron = Hence proved

Автор Fishum ( назад)
I'm British and I loved drinking tea but I've only ever seen those fancy shaped teabags like once or twice. And just a random question. Do Americans actually take the tea leaves out of the bag, because that disturbs me.

Автор ghulam shabbir ( назад)
the last one is due to convection current

Автор yasir amin ( назад)
another fun fact:

The two fingers will never move together in the first phenomena

Автор Kaiser King ( назад)
1. broke my grandmothers kane
2. broke my phone
3. clogged the drain
4. made my baby choke
5. set my house on fire

great party

Автор Tobias Knudsen ( назад)
listen bomb chronic under survival entertainment delicate.

Автор BE CREATIVE ( назад)
subscribe to my channel , I provide lectures for physics by India's best faculty and also some interesting facts about our surroundings

Автор Gerard Douché Sr. ( назад)
The amazing thing about our universe is that it can be comprehended; it does certain things and does not do others, and we can know what those laws are. The laws of physics control your life in a way that you are not aware of. *Google truth contest* and read "The Present" to see how we are not in control. The 1st 3 pgs. sum it up nice.

Автор Will Webb ( назад)
probably because it's not magnetic at all and its something else. great videos BTW. Liked James Hadfield's version of Bowie's Space Oddity.

Автор Dan neeah ( назад)
on #3.he never gave a reasonable explaination so i guess the charged Water molecule theory still wins

Автор Mukhamed Zarylkanov ( назад)
first phenomena happened in that way, because there is a friction between stick and finger. Friction is bigger in that side, which is bigger on weight. So finger moves slowly at bigger friction.

Автор Elsevar Tahmazli ( назад)
are you stupid?

Автор Isaac Westawski ( назад)
cerial contains trace amounts of iron

Автор Fletcher Helms ( назад)
My guess for the cane is that the weight of the cane presses unevenly on the balancing points, making the friction against one less than the friction against the other. Thus the finger farther from the center of mass will be able to slide faster until it reaches about the same separation as the closer finger. The other finger likely will not move as much until the weight on both is about equal because the force of friction will still be greater on the balancing point that is closer. For the phone flip, I don't know the explanation. For the water, I am also uncertain, though my guess would be that this phenomenon relates to the curved surface itself and the air around it (pure speculation). The cereal is probably magnetic due to its ingredients. The tea rocket works because the air is making vertical circles around it the whole time because of the temperature gradient caused by the flame. The rocket takes off when the lift from this torus of spinning air outmatches the weight of the teabag.

Автор plumlogan ( назад)
I only have a theory for the tea bag and the phone: the tea bag floats into the air because it is sucked up by the vacuum left for the oxygen burned by the fire the vacuum is light but so is the ash; the phone flips irregularly because of the variation between the two thumbs never fully releasing simultaneously plus any imbalance in the phone from the left to the right side as the hardware is probably not fully symmetrical.

*dictated but not read*

Автор MisterBinx ( назад)
I think the phone one has to do with moment of inertia. The cup one maybe has to do with magnetic dipole moments.

Автор Amal Majeed ( назад)
Fee Fii Foo Fum , FIve Fun Fysics Fenomenon :P

Автор Rex Nanayakkara ( назад)
2:06 oi mate your wasting water

Автор Broken Road Media ( назад)
the cereal thing us cause there is iron in cereal. I don't know about everything else

Автор hityouwithacoustic ( назад)
the canes friction value is offset proportional to the fulcrum bias (it slides easier on the fingers that have less of the canes weight.thus allowing a correction each time it overbalances..or its just plain voodoo magic

Автор Deleuzeshammerflow ( назад)
I'll show you a teabag rocket...

Автор Blaze fp ( назад)
Seriously? Skipped through most of them because they feel like they're made for children. Every 1st year engineer student can easily answer all of this.

1. Center of mass is not the geometric center (duh). By starting off with your fingers at each end of the cane, you'll gradually adjust their positions so that the center of mass stays in the exact center of the distance of your fingers. You can however do it in one go, like he did in the beginning, by the 3rd try at most if you're not retarded.
2. Phone is more unbalanced on it's longer axis + you're applying a greater torque so any small unbalance in the throw will lead to a bigger dissonant response.
3. Dunno whoever started talking about chemistry but that's simply the Bernoulli's effect
4. If you ever read a cereal box you'd know they have iron albeit in very small quantities. The cereal is light so it'll feel a pull but so small though that he needs to put the cereal on water (less friction). Pretty sure but I can be wrong on this one.
5. Anyone with a fireplace has seen this happening to any paper. Basically when you're burning up a solid paper you're turning it into different gases, but they're very hot so they move up (convection). The burnt remains of the paper are so light that can be pulled up by these hot gases and air.

Was expecting much more challenging stuff from veritassium...

EDIT: Just realised there's an explanation video...

Автор Maroon Burgundy ( назад)
is the end song from the interstellar disc?

Автор Alex Parodi ( назад)
T-bag rocket 😏

Автор Captainskylink ( назад)
Cane: I think that the reason for that MAY be because of some thing in the brain of humans wanting to keep a balance in then cane... ? idk

Phone: I think it has something to do with the fact you're flipping the long side of the phone, so it might be naturally trying to flip along a shorter side, due to the effects of gravity and such.

Cereal: You mentioned that water can get pulled towards magnetic charges. So I think that when you hold the magnet above the water it's moving the water towards it, thus moving the bit of cereal.

Автор Michael Orfanos ( назад)

Автор Hooman Nemati ( назад)
hit like if you knew all of this and reason behind it

Автор NEWS RIOT! ( назад)
i think... due to the polar nature of the water.. there is slight difference in the electronegativities..

Автор NEWS RIOT! ( назад)
phone theory: different mass at different points.. causes change of axis at every degree turn of phone.. just similar when you flip a piece of broken wood or any thing like that.. but you spin it along it's thin part.. there is very less difference of mass.

Автор sammie0901 ( назад)
Number two is simple: the buttons make it non-semetrical so the air hits more surface of the phone where the buttons are

Автор Ruben Maesfranckx ( назад)
the one with the cane is that if one finger is closer to the center of mass there is more weight on it thus more force and thus makes it move slower than the other finger.

Автор Simon Laliberte ( назад)
the fire thing seems easy: it's because the material is all on fire and none of it is weighting it down.

so the air "cheminee" (curent) is taking going upward and the bit of material that's left (that's on fire) get's carried away by the flow.

Автор Sir Iodine ( назад)
Lol you dropped your phone XD

Автор Night soul15 ( назад)
If you flip a phone in the bottom right corner it flips cleanly

Автор Skorpiman ( назад)
I have flipped my phone Completely straight that way, some times.

Автор Vennampalli Prabhakar ( назад)
Physics king of sciences

Автор Riot X-ray ( назад)
What is the app

Автор Wyatt Miller ( назад)
the cereal magnetism is most likely due to low to medium concentrations of iron put in by the companies to make it more healthy.

Автор manualLaborer ( назад)
i want closure.

Автор sotos plays ( назад)
3:27 then snort it

Автор Gilbert Bernas ( назад)
ever heard a vitamin called iron, well believe it or not it's literally an iron but not just an iron, it's digestible different from the iron steel and cereals are rich in that iron so that's why

Автор shysterrtube ( назад)
1 isn't a problem about physics. it about hand-eye coordination. 5 is because heat rises.

Автор Rienk Kroese ( назад)
There is a gyroscope in the "smart" phone.

Автор YoshiLion ( назад)
The cereal one works because the diamagnetism of water deflects away form the magnetic field allowing the cerial to float in and take its place

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