Conor McGregor knocks out Cowboy Cerrone in return | UFC 246 Recap | ESPN MMA

  • ESPN MMA’s Ariel Helwani and Brett Okamoto recap Conor McGregor’s TKO victory over Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 246. They discuss why a fight vs. Jorge Masvidal could be next for “The Notorious” instead of a bout at 155 pounds and react to Floyd Mayweather’s posts on social media after the fight.
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Comments • 80


    much excited as one looks on
    1:24 💟🔥

  • crocadilesoup
    crocadilesoup 16 days ago

    Why are they talking about McGregor v khabib? Why are plebs going on like McGregor v Mayweather or Pach would be anything other than another money grab bore fest? We know THE FIGHT!
    it's McGregor v Masvidal
    Then it's McGregor v the winner of Khabib v Ferguson END OF BRO's

  • Pete Flores
    Pete Flores 2 months ago

    These guys hate each other.

  • Scáthach Assassin
    Scáthach Assassin 2 months ago

    I believe McGregor will be a favorite against everyone but Khabib and Usman going forward.

  • _ gacha Raman _
    _ gacha Raman _ 2 months ago


  • mr gwanson
    mr gwanson 2 months ago

    Gotta be conor vs justin for the 155 title picture

  • mr gwanson
    mr gwanson 2 months ago

    Mcgregor is a killer when he hurt you, while khabib sniffs ya jock strap

  • Lonnie Gomez
    Lonnie Gomez 2 months ago

    If Ariel gets surgery on that nose he'll be Drakes twin

  • Anth33G
    Anth33G 2 months ago

    McGregor vs Masvidal at a catch weight? How about 160 lbs?

  • Happy Hour
    Happy Hour 2 months ago +1

    Bret acting like he didn’t pick Cowboy to win!!!🐀🐀🐀🐁🐁🐁

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill 2 months ago

    Of course it was a low-blow, Brett. How else are you going to land on Marc?

  • Nightowl333
    Nightowl333 2 months ago

    How do these guys and everyone not realize the Conor vs Nate Trilogy fight is actually the biggest money fight?

  • Chris German
    Chris German 2 months ago

    Connor McGregor is trash in my book. He is all talk and all hype. All you have to do is get him on his back punch him one time in the face and he will give up roll over and give you his back so you can choke hime and he will tap out in a second.

  • Trip Trapper
    Trip Trapper 2 months ago

    The fight was scripted it was fake and it was not real Connor and Cerrone rigged the fight for money

  • Vasko D ESO
    Vasko D ESO 2 months ago

    Bred stop make a fight that not gonna happend Masvidal vs McGregor UFC have so many fighters for Conor why Masvidal and Dena White say not gonna be Masvidal next vs Conor Khabib yes

  • Vasko D ESO
    Vasko D ESO 2 months ago

    He is every where like Okamoto say what not is for Khabib Cehudo was in belts beter than Khabib

  • shaari mohd amin
    shaari mohd amin 2 months ago

    Ufc246 is a DIVE a fake fights to makes conor still relevants the fans from all over the world got screw up paying for watching a dive they all get robb man??

  • CMT Combat Muay Thai
    CMT Combat Muay Thai 2 months ago

    I was very impressed with Conor's powerful toes.

  • GrandmaDidButtStuff
    GrandmaDidButtStuff 2 months ago

    6:08 Ariel shows the camera his "I love Conor" tattoo

  • Patrick Parker
    Patrick Parker 2 months ago

    Dana has already said Conor is fighting the Russian. Also, McGregor Looks better at 170Lbs than he ever has. I give these clown commentators, zero stars.

  • Furhad Nasserjah
    Furhad Nasserjah 2 months ago

    Fixed fight

  • PainandMotivation
    PainandMotivation 2 months ago

    How come these reporters never ask the fighters questions about how much steroids are prevalent in the UFC?

  • Rto Rto
    Rto Rto 2 months ago

    This was a giant pr stunt for mcgregor. Cowboy took a dive and real people know how this works.

  • T Johnson
    T Johnson 2 months ago

    remove this brett with a condom brand as a last name.

  • Simon Mason
    Simon Mason 2 months ago

    Ew why has Okomotto still got a job? Who is he to tell fighters which weight he prefers them in? Has the guy ever been in a fistfight in his life?

  • Andrei Spiridon
    Andrei Spiridon 2 months ago

    Why wasn’t Gathje’s performance shocking?
    Didn’t all the media said he can’t shine in the big moments?
    Did he ever said: when I win, when I beat him... he just showed up for a paycheck, if he could have got the paycheck without getting in the cage, he would

  • Aa JV
    Aa JV 2 months ago

    Dana won't let Conor fight Masvidal.
    Doesn't want his cash cow too get KO'd

  • Salohcin Yesmar
    Salohcin Yesmar 2 months ago

    Mcregor vs GSP, Masvidal vs Ferguson!
    Winner of these fights fight each other. Winner of that fight fights

  • wgooetrik
    wgooetrik 2 months ago

    Not sure why people were upset about buying that ppv. Thought it was great! I would buy it again

  • AcidGlow
    AcidGlow 2 months ago

    Donald *We're gonna give the fans a good fight* Cerrone. (doesn't even try) ✅🙂

  • e smith
    e smith 2 months ago

    This guy is a moron...picking masvidal over Connor...masvidal s KO ratio is even 45%....Connor will ko masvidal in two , at least two!

    CHRISTOPHER KING 2 months ago

    Shame on the Dana "Don King" White and The UFC A.K.A WWE. That fight an insult to REAL fight fans!
    After more 20 years, I'm done with UFC!

  • Gmail Account
    Gmail Account 2 months ago

    - em. No not really. lol

  • Jonathan Tee
    Jonathan Tee 2 months ago

    George should fight leon, I know he's fighting Woodley now but I'd love to see that fight ,and George owes him that fight if you ask me

  • Joe Glacken
    Joe Glacken 2 months ago

    Ariel vs. Marc, catchweight bout

  • GBLynden's RC
    GBLynden's RC 2 months ago +1

    I am not a fan of Brett

  • Malamute
    Malamute 2 months ago +1

    All this talk before the fight and it was a joke !!! Cowboy getting paid to lose ! McGregor can only beat stiffs.

  • Jari Viitanen
    Jari Viitanen 2 months ago

    Cowboi Cerrone 🤠

  • Veka
    Veka 2 months ago

    Did cowboy get paid to loose

  • Maz Razzaq
    Maz Razzaq 2 months ago

    Fight was fixed guarantee

  • hanadi saffieddine
    hanadi saffieddine 2 months ago

    Should let Khabib go up to 170, he wouldn’t dare.... by the way I predicted this win under 2 minutes
    P.s. you can call me mystic Hanadi, I know these things

  • AgentRatte
    AgentRatte 2 months ago +1

    Think this fight was fixed. Connor is just the starboy. He had to win because Ufc want megafight: Mc Gregor vs Khabib 2 . Im so dissapointed. Only money speaks. UFC = WWE . I think Mc Grgor is an alcoholic right now. He cant beat Khabib except UFC give Khabib something to get weak. Conspiracy

  • gozer
    gozer 2 months ago +1

    Return of THE MAC!!

  • juju2K
    juju2K 2 months ago

    im just so happy both fighters were so respectful before and after the fight. it’s a nice change but it probably won’t last long if khabib and conor get this rematch

  • Dylan Wages
    Dylan Wages 2 months ago

    My tv wasnt working at the start of the event so I FIXED it

  • If u disagree with me u are stupid

    Mcgregor vs gaethje makes so much sense but Conor don’t want that smoke

  • If u disagree with me u are stupid

    This wasn’t shocking at all it was literally the most likely outcome

  • Declan McCartney
    Declan McCartney 2 months ago

    How much post fight analysis would you like to watch ?
    Me - "yes"

  • SabrinaLoveXoXo1993
    SabrinaLoveXoXo1993 2 months ago

    Conor threw cowboy life changing extra 2 million dollars to throw the fight I lost all respect for Donald

  • krizzi666
    krizzi666 2 months ago

    Conor Mcgregor at Heavyweight!

  • shwayTV
    shwayTV 2 months ago

    Tony will beat khabib and then khabib will wanna rematch tony lol conor has to fight other contenders or just wait for tony or khabib

  • Hugo de Groot
    Hugo de Groot 2 months ago

    I like Brett Okamoto as a co-presenter!

  • Chainy Rabbit
    Chainy Rabbit 2 months ago

    I bet Marc is under that table

  • DaLeadBull
    DaLeadBull 2 months ago +2

    I love Cowboy as a person but Cowboy went out there and embarassed himself. He just refuses to work on his weaknesses.

  • Alexis Paquet
    Alexis Paquet 2 months ago

    I really think Tony will beat Khabib because khabib has been eating a lot of shots in his last 2 fight and Tony will slice him up from the bottom i really dont think Tony can be control on the ground

  • Rob
    Rob 2 months ago

    Brett is so much more likeable than Ariel by leaps and bounds.

  • Lilsuperskurr Phlex
    Lilsuperskurr Phlex 2 months ago

    thats CAP not a recap

  • Bartek Kay
    Bartek Kay 2 months ago

    Good segment!

  • Paintbender
    Paintbender 2 months ago

    Cowboy has the most fights, therefore the most fight footage, and has probably been studied more than any other fighter currently on the roster. The idea that Conor could run over him the way he did was not a surprise. By virtue of the sheer number of fighters who trained specifically for Cowboy's game, only to fail, has produced a metaphoric academedium of strategy for anyone looking to get past him at this point in the carrer of one Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone. Conor still has a lot to prove.

  • Carl Robinson
    Carl Robinson 2 months ago

    Next should be the trilogy with Nate if they want masvidal it should be at 155

  • James McAffie
    James McAffie 2 months ago

    Connor should fight Jorge for fookin' sure!😁👌

    PIEZA GRANDE 2 months ago


  • Nate Arsenault
    Nate Arsenault 2 months ago

    Brett okamoto doesn't think Connor should LeapFrog Justin but that's only cuz he wants to see that fight personally

    JAKOLERO C P.MOHAMMAD 2 months ago

    Masvidal mcgregor is the best fight

  • Claus haugård snavs
    Claus haugård snavs 2 months ago

    Conor will kill Justin g too.

  • Priyansh Ajania
    Priyansh Ajania 2 months ago

    If Conor doesn't fight Gaethje now it will only mean he's scared of him.

  • Neil Anderson
    Neil Anderson 2 months ago

    Why is anyone surprised at the outcome? Why are none of the pundits talking about Cowboys previous fight? He was disgracefully unprofessional and under prepared in his previous fight. In his previous fight he looked awful, he looked drunk and got absolutely emptied. This was the pension fight pay off for Donald. I like Cerrone but he got what he deserved as he wasn't prepared and had no interest in trying to beat Conor.

  • Theres onlyonekeono
    Theres onlyonekeono 2 months ago

    Yeee hawww

  • Feizal Glencross
    Feizal Glencross 2 months ago

    170 against a 155er at 170 is very different than 170 against a real 170er,,,,,

  • Tinyflyingdrizzi
    Tinyflyingdrizzi 2 months ago

    Connor fights better at 170, khabib rematch would be boring this quick

  • Marvin Philipp
    Marvin Philipp 2 months ago

    Why should Masvidal be too big for McGregor? Conor is 5 foot 9 , jorge 5 foot 11 - it istn that much of a difference. Both got same reach (188cm). Jorge fought LW & WW, Conor also. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Shinji Bing
    Shinji Bing 2 months ago

    two of the most stiff standing announcers in history, no other sportscasters can possibly stand so upright and stiff than our exclusive mma reporters

  • Mike Pham
    Mike Pham 2 months ago

    ariel and bret are a great duo!

  • Net Guru
    Net Guru 2 months ago

    Cowboy is the happiest loser I ever seen. He even said he doesn't care. Why was Conor so nervous did he feel uncomfortable that we would suspect a fix. Look at that a thumb signal Cowboy does as Conor is punching him on his way down.

  • G. Mahler
    G. Mahler 2 months ago

    WWE is more believable! Sad for all the dweebs who pay for the PPV! Good luck making mediocre decisions!

  • Rob Nolan
    Rob Nolan 2 months ago

    The guy on the left doesn't know what he is talking about
    Conor lost to floyd and khabib who are at the top, what made these bums think conor was losing against cowboy

  • Net Guru
    Net Guru 2 months ago

    Fake !

  • Jack
    Jack 2 months ago +1

    I made good money on Roxanne :) Was happy for the old gal!

  • Jordan Enzie
    Jordan Enzie 2 months ago

    I'm glad I didn't buy this fight. Conner doesn't deserve a title shot for beating Cowboy c'mon now people. Brett has his head on straight, seems like he's the only one. Conner hasn't proved much he was supposed to win this fight.

  • Red Pill
    Red Pill 2 months ago

    Poor Marc

    No, he isn't down here either.