Deanna Stellato-Dudek & Nathan Bartholomay - 2018 U.S. Nationals, Pairs' Short Program

  • Published on Jan 4, 2018
  • 37.33, 30.51 = 67.83
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  • Cray Carissa
    Cray Carissa 2 years ago

    It’s better than their last short and they didn’t make big errors, but it wasn’t anything to scream “robbed” over. Are their elements all high quality? No. Are their twist and throws a bit weak? Yes. Does he have long lines? No.

  • Michelle Porcelli
    Michelle Porcelli 2 years ago +1

    It's honestly very annoying when casual skating fans come out of the woodwork during Nationals to watch pairs, and then act like they know who should be placed where (it doesn't help that the "expert" commentators who are there to educate casual fans don't have a pairs background and have very little idea what's going on). This was a very nice skate for them, but the throw was not particularly well done and their twist isn't lateral at all and they get absolutely no height on it. These things are obvious to the fans who watch pairs on the regular. You could make an argument that they should be 2nd, because Kayne & O'Shea are even worse on those particular elements, but neither of those teams should have been above 65 points.

  • giamorrisonjc
    giamorrisonjc 2 years ago +3

    This was very overscored actually. How did they get almost 10 pts higher than their personal best for a similar skate? They’re getting no real height on the twist, she’s barely over his head, so +2s are very inaccurate. That throw is also not a strong one. I think they overreacted to the SBS jump. Most of the pair elements are just okay. There’s also a little Max Aaron hockey look in him, not much extension, short lines.

  • Adelaide Rowe
    Adelaide Rowe 2 years ago +1

    They beautifully skated a flawless program, and deserved to be in first. What a performance - she is 34!!! and her hands are exquisite - simply a breathtaking performance. In Chicago, we knew her as a strong singles skater, and it is wonderful seeing her make this comeback. Bravo Deanna!!!

    • giamorrisonjc
      giamorrisonjc 2 years ago +2

      They did well, but it wasn’t flawless and they don’t have as much overall quality as the team in 1st. You don’t get 1st just for skating clean. The 18th place pair at Worlds was clean. Do people follow pairs beyond Nationals? This pair got an inflated score 10 pts over their PB. I think that was more than enough. That’s cool you know her personally though.

  • Ronn
    Ronn 2 years ago

    Nice! So proud of them!

  • bassethound1
    bassethound1 2 years ago +1

    Should be in first.

    • Leah McConnell
      Leah McConnell 2 years ago +3

      No way. Just because it was clean doesn't mean there was nothing wrong with it. They have a low twist that is reminiscent of the olden days rather than a modern looking one. Their throw is also small and she had to hang on. He also does not match her lines. But they should be in 2nd because they were better than Kayne & O'Shea who got gifts on their twist and throw for some odd reason.

  • R DeMille
    R DeMille 2 years ago +1

    A good skate. Johnny and Tera were definitely in the underscoring camp.

    • Leah McConnell
      Leah McConnell 2 years ago +1

      Johnny and Tara hardly know anything about pair skating though. It's a shame NBC doesn't have a pairs specialist in the booth.

  • Gary Schnake
    Gary Schnake 2 years ago +5


    • Jessica Galvin
      Jessica Galvin 2 years ago

      Hi Leah. I was just saying that they might be a good team with a great chance to rep the US. Yes I have seen the other events they have been in and it has been a ruff for them. Hopefully they can have a good long program to help them progress forward in their careers.

    • Leah McConnell
      Leah McConnell 2 years ago +1

      You clearly haven't been following any other competitions. This team has not scored well internationally and could be of no help in a team event. They don't have any body of work built up for Olympic selection.

    • Jessica Galvin
      Jessica Galvin 2 years ago +1

      Completely agree. The program of the night. I would say if they keep it up for long program , I feel that they might be a great team for 2018 Olyimpics. With this pair the US could bring home any medal in the team event. Good luck for them in long program.