Mohammed Anas the greatest MoTM speech of all time, thanking both wife and girlfriend !


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Автор gafar bey ( назад)
Mission failed, we'll get em next time.

Автор Dynasy ( назад)
Mistakes happen he obvs got confused so people stop hating on the guy for making a simple mistake who agrees with me

Автор Andrew Millar ( назад)
Fuck anyone called Mohammed

Автор Fys K ( назад)
Wait till he gets home he'll be sleeping on the sofa😂😂

Автор Karl Williams ( назад)
What's the problem? his wife Anne-my G would love the shout out.

Автор My name Name ( назад)

Автор Shui Dongliu ( назад)
Chale brayenkoh

Автор Thomas Stewart ( назад)
who needs enemies when u can grass on yourself

Автор OPK96 ( назад)

Автор Tafadzwa Kay ( назад)
Player...both on and off the pitch

Автор Ambar Sharma ( назад)
The best part is the way he shrugs and says 'my wife' as if 'yeah might as well mention her'

Автор Kailash ( назад)

Автор Jordy H ( назад)
He's fucking toast now lads. Smile and wave, smile and wave.

Автор 13Vide ( назад)

Автор Hax ( назад)
Mission failed. We'll get em next time.

Автор lord geoffrey ( назад)
you football fans are a bunch of closeted homos and you also worship black cock, what was so great about this babbling baboon?

Автор Benjamin Laureano ( назад)

Автор The Amazing Phoenix ( назад)
Well this guys fucked.Ghanaian women can beat up men pretty easily.I speak from experience

Автор SquishyKakes ( назад)
Is he from Ghana? Well, I'm part Ghanaian. He just married his girlfriend and he meant to say daughter. These are two theories.

Автор Mohammed Anus ( назад)

Автор Carn Age ( назад)
This ones a player.
On and off the pitch 😂

Автор ZERMI ( назад)
Add fouedarsenal17 on snapchat !

Автор tealizard ( назад)
it's perfect when the guys profile pic is Hitler and their video is trending

Автор Ray C. ( назад)
Had no idea anus could even speck, let alone make a sentence.

Автор Grime 404 ( назад)

Автор Hadoken Puncher ( назад)
Joshua Clottey

Автор Tom Brum ( назад)
I can confirm he doesn't have a girlfriend he was with me and the lads in the pub all the nights he wasn't home and he was usually just missing his wife and he wasn't really drinking much and his phones reception is always playing up.

Автор Jason Daley ( назад)
Self snitchin at its finest

Автор RaRa Thegreatest ( назад)
he a dead man😂 nigga played himself😧😂

Автор celtic fc club ( назад)
Everybody calm down the guy only just married and obviously had been used to saying his girlfriend instead of Wife.

Автор PP MU ( назад)

Автор GG2K7AU05 ( назад)
oops... xD

Автор WorldofJcc ( назад)
He fucked up

Автор PattersonPlays ( назад)
Haha 😂

Автор justen jaurigue ( назад)
When you burn yourself out and try to play it off

Автор Max Birch ( назад)

Автор Ball IS Life ( назад)
winter is coming

Автор SatisfactionTV ( назад)
I made a ''to be continued'' meme out of this video, check it out at my channel if you want :)

Автор YEErassic Parc ( назад)

Автор Okamiviking ( назад)
Gotta respect the hustle even if he was just caught lol

Автор Cool Dr Money ( назад)
pimp in distress

Автор Jordan Young ( назад)
That when Mohammed knew HE FUCKED UP

Автор CTee Gaming ( назад)
love it <3

Автор Curi0u50ne ( назад)
"I love you so much from di heart, but.......ah ah man need verity too! So my girlfriend, hey wife don't be jealous or you can get out from my big big house with ya self remember we sign agreement before we Marry, because btw I'm even suspecting you jare!!

Автор l.o.l adams ( назад)
honey i promise my girlfriend is my sister

Автор GioGimic ( назад)
Lmao 😂 Boss

Автор Zubayr Hafiz ( назад)
He made a mistake y'all need to chill and stop assuming unless you know facts

Автор 10 Dollar Rack ( назад)

Автор Greatest-killer1 ( назад)
how are you trending with only 16,000 views in 3 days?

Автор adrunkfred ( назад)

Автор Elite Exposure ( назад)
I understood more here than desiigner

Автор Jesus TheDestroyer ( назад)
Mohammed Anus

Автор Shivam ( назад)

Автор T Adcock ( назад)
I immediately thought he must have just gotten married I didn't even think side chick too funny :-)

Автор Phantom Raid ( назад)
he recently married his girlfriend, so he forgot he was married...

Автор Young chop Beatz ( назад)
"We both say we single and we both lying." - Lil Wayne

Автор Harely Morenstein ( назад)
To be fair, Islam allows men to marry multiple partners and have sexual relations with a slave girl unwillingly(which is still prevalent). They are a peaceful religion and allows sexual relations with a 9 yo girl. Please be kind and gentle with them and invite them into your home to learn more about Islam.

Автор alex yun ( назад)
It's just a prank see this camera?

Автор SJon Umber ( назад)
Shoutout to all the side chicks!!!

Автор Alexander Elias-Hernandez ( назад)
He's gonna be wishing his plane crashes too on his way home

Автор mohanad taha ( назад)
Side chick

Автор cease 206 ( назад)
and she caught me on camara ,
it wasn't me ! 😂😂

Автор Meme Machine ( назад)
Here before viral

Автор Joey August ( назад)
Now would be a good time to fall on the floor and fake an injury.

Автор George Ellsworth ( назад)
Classic humans

Автор Finite Limelight ( назад)
why not just say side bitch and girlfriend

Автор hamoodsolid ( назад)

Автор minor sides ( назад)
"my wife and my girlfriend"
"sorry, i mean my wife"
" i mean my wife sorry"

get ready for not having a one night stand tonight

Автор Semisi Kinikini ( назад)

Автор Charles ( назад)
Hahaha!! Busted!

Автор Sister Béatrice ( назад)
How do you pronounce his last name?

Автор Steven Giannakopoulos ( назад)
It wasn't me!

Автор Dhanuka Perera ( назад)
Mayday mayday 😂

Автор John Lesslie ( назад)
A Fruedian Slip is where you say one thing, but mean your mother.

Автор CINEMA & MUSIC العمري ( назад)
man down

Автор Ronald Baehaqi ( назад)
top kek

Автор Earthwalker ( назад)
Liars will always get caught 😂

Автор djfresh adam ( назад)
He did not mention his wife's name,there you go again a third woman ,you are very Anas

Автор That Italian Dude ( назад)
Way to go prick 👍🏼

Автор Super Vegeta ( назад)
Guess we know who's sleeping on the sofa

Автор Mr. Mose ( назад)
sleep tight under the bridge 😆

Автор sscswimmer1 ( назад)
Has a wife and a girlfriend? What an Anas.

Автор HydraAvux ( назад)
This is on trending with 10k views lul

Автор Buddha Palm ( назад)
📌 Pinned by ZERMI

Pin me daddy

EDIT: Fine I'll do it myself

Автор Roberth Pilesund ( назад)
EPIC fail. If you do not lie, you do not have to worry about what you are saying.

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