Mohammed Anas the greatest MoTM speech of all time, thanking both wife and girlfriend !


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  • gafar bey
    gafar bey Год назад

    Mission failed, we'll get em next time.

  • Dynasy
    Dynasy Год назад +1

    Mistakes happen he obvs got confused so people stop hating on the guy for making a simple mistake who agrees with me

  • Andrew Millar
    Andrew Millar Год назад

    Fuck anyone called Mohammed

  • Fys K
    Fys K Год назад

    Wait till he gets home he'll be sleeping on the sofa😂😂

  • Karl Williams
    Karl Williams Год назад

    What's the problem? his wife Anne-my G would love the shout out.

  • Omar _playz
    Omar _playz Год назад


  • Shui Dongliu
    Shui Dongliu Год назад

    Chale brayenkoh

  • Thomas Stewart
    Thomas Stewart Год назад +1

    who needs enemies when u can grass on yourself

  • OPK96
    OPK96 Год назад


  • Tafadzwa Kay
    Tafadzwa Kay Год назад

    Player...both on and off the pitch

  • Ambar Sharma
    Ambar Sharma Год назад

    The best part is the way he shrugs and says 'my wife' as if 'yeah might as well mention her'

  • Kailash
    Kailash Год назад


  • Jordy H
    Jordy H Год назад

    He's fucking toast now lads. Smile and wave, smile and wave.

  • 13Vide
    13Vide Год назад


  • Hax
    Hax Год назад +3

    Mission failed. We'll get em next time.

  • lord geoffrey
    lord geoffrey Год назад

    you football fans are a bunch of closeted homos and you also worship black cock, what was so great about this babbling baboon?

  • Benjamin Laureano
    Benjamin Laureano Год назад


  • The Amazing Phoenix
    The Amazing Phoenix Год назад +5

    Well this guys fucked.Ghanaian women can beat up men pretty easily.I speak from experience

    • The Amazing Phoenix
      The Amazing Phoenix Год назад

      Nope.Ive got them biceps but i got in a headlock and it was all over

  • n a m j o o n i e
    n a m j o o n i e Год назад +1

    Is he from Ghana? Well, I'm part Ghanaian. He just married his girlfriend and he meant to say daughter. These are two theories.

  • Mohammed Anus
    Mohammed Anus Год назад +1


  • bruza888
    bruza888 Год назад +14

    This ones a player.
    On and off the pitch 😂

    ZERMI  Год назад +1

    Add fouedarsenal17 on snapchat !

  • aidan
    aidan Год назад

    it's perfect when the guys profile pic is Hitler and their video is trending

  • Ray C.
    Ray C. Год назад +1

    Had no idea anus could even speck, let alone make a sentence.

  • invisible ink
    invisible ink Год назад +4


  • Tom Lennon
    Tom Lennon Год назад +30

    I can confirm he doesn't have a girlfriend he was with me and the lads in the pub all the nights he wasn't home and he was usually just missing his wife and he wasn't really drinking much and his phones reception is always playing up.

    • smoothflute1
      smoothflute1 Год назад

      Buetifull Persun . Nope , he won't. its allowed.

    • Acharich Speaks
      Acharich Speaks Год назад


    • Buetifull Persun
      Buetifull Persun Год назад

      MrWatchme1989 He'd be stoned to death mannn

    • MrWatchme1989
      MrWatchme1989 Год назад

      Tom Brum he's Muslim. If he was at a pub his wife would be very pissed.

  • Jason Daley
    Jason Daley Год назад

    Self snitchin at its finest

  • RaRa Thegreatest
    RaRa Thegreatest Год назад +3

    he a dead man😂 nigga played himself😧😂

  • celtic fc club
    celtic fc club Год назад +24

    Everybody calm down the guy only just married and obviously had been used to saying his girlfriend instead of Wife.

    • celtic fc club
      celtic fc club Год назад +2

      then yes. he fukd up.

    • Choo Momma
      Choo Momma Год назад +6

      celtic fc club he said wife first!

  • H321 N
    H321 N Год назад


  • GG2K7AU05
    GG2K7AU05 Год назад

    oops... xD

  • WorldofJcc
    WorldofJcc Год назад +1

    He fucked up

  • PattersonPlays
    PattersonPlays Год назад

    Haha 😂

  • jjj jjj
    jjj jjj Год назад

    When you burn yourself out and try to play it off

  • Max
    Max Год назад


  • Ball is Life
    Ball is Life Год назад +4

    winter is coming

  • SatisfactionTV
    SatisfactionTV Год назад +1

    I made a ''to be continued'' meme out of this video, check it out at my channel if you want :)

  • YEErassic Parc
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  • Okamiviking
    Okamiviking Год назад

    Gotta respect the hustle even if he was just caught lol

  • Cool Dr Money
    Cool Dr Money Год назад +107

    pimp in distress

    • The Real Ricky P
      The Real Ricky P Год назад

      Cool Dr Money
      😂😂😂😂😂😂 made my day!

    • David Jordan
      David Jordan Год назад +4

      Tuwara Pyoo "Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some pimpin' init."

    • Tuwara Pyoo
      Tuwara Pyoo Год назад +4


  • Jordan Young
    Jordan Young Год назад +15

    That when Mohammed knew HE FUCKED UP

  • CTee Gaming
    CTee Gaming Год назад

    love it

  • Curi0u50ne
    Curi0u50ne Год назад

    "I love you so much from di heart, but.......ah ah man need verity too! So my girlfriend, hey wife don't be jealous or you can get out from my big big house with ya self remember we sign agreement before we Marry, because btw I'm even suspecting you jare!!

  • l.o.l adams
    l.o.l adams Год назад

    honey i promise my girlfriend is my sister

  • GioGimic
    GioGimic Год назад

    Lmao 😂 Boss

  • Lace and Bass
    Lace and Bass Год назад


  • Greatest-killer1
    Greatest-killer1 Год назад

    how are you trending with only 16,000 views in 3 days?

  • adrunkfred
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  • Elite Exposure
    Elite Exposure Год назад +25

    I understood more here than desiigner

  • Shivam
    Shivam Год назад +3

    *GET REKT*

  • Concerned Healers
    Concerned Healers Год назад +1

    I immediately thought he must have just gotten married I didn't even think side chick too funny :-)

  • Phantom Raid
    Phantom Raid Год назад +353

    he recently married his girlfriend, so he forgot he was married...

    • SimisolaTheOG
      SimisolaTheOG Год назад

      Phantom Raid he has been married for 7 years

    • Rockyreecey
      Rockyreecey Год назад

      Phantom Raid don't try to protect him, if he was smart he wouldn't even say that

    • Acharich Speaks
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    • Ringolingo
      Ringolingo Год назад +11

      ZERMI Lowl nawh dawgh

    • ZERMI
      ZERMI  Год назад +1

      Add me on snapchat : fouedarsenal17

  • Lord Fellaini
    Lord Fellaini Год назад +4

    "We both say we single and we both lying." - Lil Wayne

  • Harely Morenstein
    Harely Morenstein Год назад +74

    To be fair, Islam allows men to marry multiple partners and have sexual relations with a slave girl unwillingly(which is still prevalent). They are a peaceful religion and allows sexual relations with a 9 yo girl. Please be kind and gentle with them and invite them into your home to learn more about Islam.

    • Raheem
      Raheem Год назад

      Harely Morenstein "rioting against my property in protest". What you live in Syria? I would assume you had better things to do on than youtube

    • Harely Morenstein
      Harely Morenstein Год назад +1

      Fades Spriteman With HD hand held video recorders, I have seen Muslims at their worse with ISIS and with helicopters and experiencing riot against my property in protest, I have seen them at their best. Am I missing something? Do I need to unwillingly convert to Muslim to take on another perspective? Please guide me but not on a path that will kill me.
      *Fun fact: My muslim co-worker stated he doesn't even want to be muslim as he thinks it's primitive to not be able to eat bacon and pet a dog but to leave the religion is considered an infidelity and he will be harassed according to the Quran.* Trickle me that!

    • DippityDab
      DippityDab Год назад

      SONICdaGOON your comment is quite ironic, all you needed to say was 'than a racist' whiteboy was not necessary

    • DippityDab
      DippityDab Год назад

      Ss Ss the whole fucking book is a myth

    • Raheem
      Raheem Год назад

      Harely Morenstein "to be fair" atleast we have souls u ginger fuck

  • alex yun
    alex yun Год назад +11

    It's just a prank see this camera?

  • SJon Umber
    SJon Umber Год назад +10

    Shoutout to all the side chicks!!!

  • Wizards Of D.C.
    Wizards Of D.C. Год назад

    He's gonna be wishing his plane crashes too on his way home

    • Marcus Skyfall
      Marcus Skyfall Год назад

      Alexander Elias-Hernandez appalling thing for you to say Alexander imho

  • M T
    M T Год назад +3

    Side chick

  • Sujith Nakkala
    Sujith Nakkala Год назад +6

    Here before viral

  • Daniel
    Daniel Год назад +1

    Black people and Muslims are always unfaithful so a black Muslim is doubly unfaithful

    • Daniel
      Daniel Год назад

      People think I'm trolling but I'm not. Black men and Muslim men are notoriously unfaithful in relationships so a black Muslim man is bound to be unfaithful.

  • school pizza
    school pizza Год назад

    why not just say side bitch and girlfriend

    • school pizza
      school pizza Год назад

      J Cole I meant it as call his wife the side hoe

  • hamoodsolid
    hamoodsolid Год назад


  • order66 66
    order66 66 Год назад +23

    "my wife and my girlfriend"
    "sorry, i mean my wife"
    " i mean my wife sorry"
    get ready for not having a one night stand tonight

    • Faultz
      Faultz Год назад +1

      Matt Day i know right, lol.

    • Matt
      Matt Год назад +3

      minor sides That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

  • Semisi Kinikini
    Semisi Kinikini Год назад


  • Charles
    Charles Год назад

    Hahaha!! Busted!

  • Tanya
    Tanya Год назад +49

    How do you pronounce his last name?

    • Test
      Test Год назад +1

      Sister Béatrice A-nus short for asshole

    • Acharich Speaks
      Acharich Speaks Год назад


    • - PKJ
      - PKJ Год назад +1

      You don't

    • lebin Payne
      lebin Payne Год назад

      Sister Béatrice ar-nars

  • Steven Giannakopoulos
    Steven Giannakopoulos Год назад +94

    It wasn't me!

  • Dhanuka Perera
    Dhanuka Perera Год назад +8

    Mayday mayday 😂

  • John Lesslie
    John Lesslie Год назад +3

    A Fruedian Slip is where you say one thing, but mean your mother.

    ANTI BS Год назад +470

    man down

    • Don Molosophy
      Don Molosophy Год назад +1

      جاب العيد

    • Tripp Hammer
      Tripp Hammer Год назад +8

      CINEMA & MUSIC العمري the Russians made him say it 😂

    • Sneezing Aleks
      Sneezing Aleks Год назад +7

      we'll get em next time

  • Ronald Baehaqi
    Ronald Baehaqi Год назад +3

    top kek

  • djfresh adam
    djfresh adam Год назад

    He did not mention his wife's name,there you go again a third woman ,you are very Anas

  • S Delligatti
    S Delligatti Год назад +6

    Way to go prick 👍🏼

  • Super Vegeta
    Super Vegeta Год назад +185

    Guess we know who's sleeping on the sofa

    • Keyonte Tha Legend
      Keyonte Tha Legend Год назад +1

      +Acharich Speaks lol i don't have a twitter

    • Acharich Speaks
      Acharich Speaks Год назад

      +The G.O.A.T happens all the time on Twitter.. loool

    • Adalberto Pedregon
      Adalberto Pedregon Год назад

      Super Vegeta you always sleep in the sofa though

    • Keyonte Tha Legend
      Keyonte Tha Legend Год назад

      Super Vegeta Damn first time i seen somebody who commented on a post get more likes then the guy who commented

    • 0_0
      0_0 Год назад +6


  • sscswimmer1
    sscswimmer1 Год назад +17

    Has a wife and a girlfriend? What an Anas.

  • HydraAvux
    HydraAvux Год назад +4

    This is on trending with 10k views lul

  • Jason Wu
    Jason Wu Год назад +5

    📌 Pinned by ZERMI
    Pin me daddy
    EDIT: Fine I'll do it myself

    • Jason Wu
      Jason Wu Год назад

      Sadly, the Emojis available to me force me to use that one. The 2D Emoji pin would phase in and out of existence in the 4th dimension. I'm trying to save up for a tesseract Emoji. 🗿

    • Jason Wu
      Jason Wu Год назад

      I meant to pin myself to the 4th dimension

  • Roberth Pilesund
    Roberth Pilesund Год назад +1

    EPIC fail. If you do not lie, you do not have to worry about what you are saying.