Tomahawk vs S-400, Russia capable of slowing US down

  • Опубликовано:  1 месяц назад
  • The US attack on Syria marked the first direct military move by Washington against the Assad government after six years of civil war. In order to thwart the Tomahawk, Russia may turn to the S-400 system, a truck-based surface-to-air missile system designed to take down airplanes, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and drones.

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  • Michael Capek
    Michael Capek 2 часа назад

    Slowing down?  Wishful thinking Ivans.

  • Assassino719
    Assassino719 8 дней назад

    I think, that this is show. Nothing more. Missiles were ampty because of the craters on the road. Tomahawk contains pbxn-107 340 kg explosive. 92% hmx 8% binder. VD is ~8300-8500 m/s. Here comes the conclusion, that if 23 missiles detonate, they levele to the ground all airport. Sorry for my english, i'm russian:) Remember, we dont want ww3 !

  • z3650
    z3650 10 дней назад

    По аглицки писать не будуу, чтоб не пиревило, автор тупая. Каак можно сравнитъ оборонитеельное с наподающим? сори за мой русс,

  • Evrastrim
    Evrastrim 10 дней назад

    It's not even like that. S-400 is for defending Russian objects from jet airstrikes. To resist tens or hundreds of lo altitude cruise missiles Russia uses cheap and effective anti-rocket systems Pantsir-S2 and Tor. To establish tomohawk free zone in Syria all you have to do is to create a wide net of these systems. To shutdown low altitude cruise missiles with S-400 is too expensive and ineffective economically. And protection range against low altitude cruise missiles is about 50km (compare it with 400km against jets and other air objects). It's obvious that CGTN journalists have no clue about military staff if they do such incorrect comparisons.

  • Neko Niko
    Neko Niko 12 дней назад

    S-400 is... god!

  • speed kills
    speed kills 14 дней назад

    But cant beat a Russian field shovel, modified suppressed ak47, and vx nerve gas

  • speed kills
    speed kills 14 дней назад

    I love military history and Russian weapons but not a fan of the s-400, S-500

  • speed kills
    speed kills 14 дней назад

    US contract out iss missions to Russia for money. And the space craft that landed a Kennedy yesterday apparently you don't know about. Plus about 2 American companies the capability. And new heavy lift vehicles tested once. There is some comparison of both counties riding on the back of Werner Von Braun.

  • hamad samad
    hamad samad 14 дней назад

    Some sources say that russia said they wont shoot american missels but maybe they armed syrians with s 300 but the wierd thing is nothing is adding up to the story how did syrians used the same airport the next day

  • speed kills
    speed kills 14 дней назад

    And y'all are right when Russia got involved in Syria Obama should have send Russia 14 million pars of boots just like we did in WWII

    • hamad samad
      hamad samad 14 дней назад

      speed kills what do u mean ?

  • speed kills
    speed kills 14 дней назад

    Whats the effect range of a ak47 maybe 500 meters with an American made scope

    • hamad samad
      hamad samad 13 дней назад

      speed kills yes it was true about machine gun behind the army and a guy to pick up the rifle but at 1943 1944 every soldier had a gun in his hands and add to that ak 47 proved more effectivity then m 16 and m1 grand also us army had shortage in arms

    • speed kills
      speed kills 13 дней назад

      hamad samad the only thing good a about the a Ak47 is cheap made from plywood and stamped metal. Because during WW2 Stalin sent two men one with a rifle and the other with a spare magazine. When the guy with the rifle got got in the face by a nazi. The other guy was to pick the rifle up and move forwards never back no matter what. Or he would be reeducation with a Russian built to the back. So the Ak was the solution for not being able to produce enough rifles so the whole army could have one. Understand the civils in the United States own 350 million fire arms some ak's but most are robust enough to knock someone cold and not be scared to fire it again. Don't try that with a cheap ass ak's

    • hamad samad
      hamad samad 14 дней назад

      speed kills actually ak 47 is best made rifle agreed by all country since it is mire riable then m 16 and cheap and the most rifle that killed people

  • speed kills
    speed kills 14 дней назад

    Russia icbm's can't even hit within 30 miles so they just made it bigger so they don't miss

  • speed kills
    speed kills 14 дней назад

    Remind me how did Russia build there first nukes? What about first jet engines? Keep on playing make believe

    • hamad samad
      hamad samad 14 дней назад

      speed kills tell how do usa go to space now days russia and usa are equally trust me

  • hotsause610
    hotsause610 14 дней назад

    I have an idea why doesn't the United States just mind their fucking business and take care of their own country instead of trying to overthrow another government

  • Chon Mongkol
    Chon Mongkol 14 дней назад

    Russian Missiles and Radar Systems Almost Useless Against US Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, Admit Russian weapon expert

    • Prime Suspects
      Prime Suspects 14 дней назад

      Chon Mongkol the US informed the Russians about the strike dumbass why would the S-400 intercept the tomahawks get a brain kid

  • Mr. Buck
    Mr. Buck 15 дней назад

    14.5 million refugees. What's the right answer ?

  • Anton savonov
    Anton savonov 15 дней назад

    The Russians doesn't have the ability to destroy tomahawks, but they have fake news and a lot of trolls, to make their people think - they can do something) lol

  • TheNorthsquad
    TheNorthsquad 15 дней назад

    The US Navy dropped 59 Cruise missiles onto a Syrian Airbase with Russian Military Present. And what did they do with their magical S400 missile system. Nothing, Nada, they moved the planes to another base. I'm laughing so hard they can hear me in Moscow. I know it's hard to admit fellas, but the truth is in a conventional war Russia is no match for the U.S. and with a GDP the same size as the State of California, they never will be. So far I've read here that 4 missiles hit, 29 missiles hit, 24 missiles hit, the truth is none of you imbeciles has a fucking clue, you weren't there. So please stop embarrassing yourself with all this Propaganda. If things keep going the way they are were going to see soon enough what happens with US tech vs. Russian tech, and not on a BS youtube video.

  • coyote 66
    coyote 66 16 дней назад

    transepotium..u live in the buble..thinking you russian partership are the best os d World. ..proved o ver and over again russian shiit only work for US shoot polygon..

  • Taner Duman
    Taner Duman 16 дней назад

    tomahawks are shit they hit syrian bases and two days later syrian planes were using the same runway.

  • yosef alem
    yosef alem 17 дней назад

    wtf does this ass wipe know about the s line-up. he's probably reading something he found on Wikipedia. s-200>tomahawk.

  • yosef alem
    yosef alem 17 дней назад

    wtf does this ass wipe know about the s line-up. he's probably reading something he found on Wikipedia. s-200>tomahawk.

  • James by the Sea
    James by the Sea 17 дней назад

    But before the S-400's can be used the F-22 or F-35's can locate and take the launchers out. The US is so far ahead of Russia, they would not stand a chance in set piece Battle.

    • Sherman P
      Sherman P 13 дней назад

      the S-400 were stationed in northern Syria. the Israeli attacks occurred in southern Syria. They never were any encounter between the two. F-16 shot down nothing. If they did, Russians would launched cruise and ballistic missiles into Israel.

    • hamad samad
      hamad samad 14 дней назад

      James by the Sea if usa is more developed then russia then how did russia hacked the elections and cia failed to stop the hack ?

    • hamad samad
      hamad samad 14 дней назад

      James by the Sea isreal atacked russia ? If that happend wed all be dead

    • James by the Sea
      James by the Sea 15 дней назад

      RXUELOENZ, They fixed that and then we delivered F-35's to Israel and they went and attacked a Russian Airbase in Syria and Russia tried but failed to shoot a single F-35 down. Proof of S-400 failure. However, earlier a lowly F-16 shoot down 2 Russian aircraft. I am just reporting what already happened. Russia is 20-30 years behind the USA, China 30 for sure and we are already coming out with newer weapons. That said I hope we don't have a war, but I at least rest in knowing we would win. If someone is telling you different they are lying. I am former US Army, Navy, Marine and a US Federal Government Agent. I study this stuff.

    • rxueloenz
      rxueloenz 15 дней назад

      F-22 and F-35 pilots would be lucky to bring their malfunctioning planes into the proximity of S-400 without passing out of oxygen deprivation.

  • RvGJK
    RvGJK 17 дней назад


    • RvGJK
      RvGJK 14 дней назад

      ? This comment is off wiki "In 2009, the system was under development at the design stage at Almaz-Antey and had been planned to be completed in 2012 In February 2011, it was announced that the first S-500 systems should be in serial production by 2014" that was 3 years ago

    • frantz
      frantz 14 дней назад

      RvGJK the s500 isn't out yet, it's the Russians shield.

  • sebastian
    sebastian 17 дней назад

    The average American has absolutely no idea how powerful and destructive Russian armaments are. The US military would never provoke a war with Russia - ever.

  • vjeran vlahovic
    vjeran vlahovic 18 дней назад

    No.... It has potential to destroy every single one tomahawk fired. And they have s500 version. So...
    Slava poccii! Privet c horvatye

  • lastgleeming
    lastgleeming 18 дней назад

    1) the S400 would not survive a US tomahawk strike
    2) the S400 would not survive a US Air strike
    3) the S400 is extremely vulnerable to any strike.
    4) the S400 is primarily a high value target air defense system. However it would be destroyed before it got the chance in warfare.

    With that said ,,, time for backing up my opinion.

    It is s simple numbers game guy and gals.
    The S400 is a missile battery composed of 4 missiles and a reload of 4 more . That's 8. Then a command and control truck, main radar , and a very sophisticated band radar. The Russians currently have 18 batteries with 144 missiles total costing hundreds of millions of dollars. It is an exceptionally good system.
    The S400 must be protected by S300's and other Sam batteries . This requires enormous logistical support and ground space . All of this would be saturated by the hundreds and thousands of weapons the US could fire at the batteries.
    There are 2 to 4 batteries in Syria that's 8 to 16 missiles. The US fired 60 of the 140 cruise missiles the two destroyers had in stock. The Russian batteries would be obliterated if they targeted a US strike.
    Goggle my post.
    PS we have 63 destroyers and 28 missile cruisers with hundreds of missiles each.

    • yay juiws
      yay juiws 3 дня назад

      Alex P.
      Correction out of 61 missiles launched 58 hit their targets, 2 lost their way, 1 didnt hit its target. Plus tomahawks though old, is making Russian SAMs obsolete even the s400 since 1980. Lets see if s500 can ultimately outdone the cruise missile.

  • wouter kellerman
    wouter kellerman 18 дней назад

    now known as the Tomamiss....

  • ontheedge33371
    ontheedge33371 18 дней назад

    Truly Fucking Amazing how many prejudice bigot cowards are out there feeling so strong and invincible behind there computer screens in some room far away from those they insult . Why so much hate ??? its obvious we survived and crawled out of the muck and prospered by getting along and helping one and other . .

  • stadionpun 81
    stadionpun 81 19 дней назад

    Let s go myRussian brothers ,one more time to kick ass of nazi west countrys !
    Fuck them all ,bustards !
    They are killing all aroubd the world ,stilibg national resorces from independent countrys !

  • Саша Селин
    Саша Селин 21 день назад

    пендосам пиздец,как только рыпнутся

  • Mr. Buck
    Mr. Buck 23 дня назад

    The fact that civilians are being used as human shields by different factions does not give the military the right to indiscriminately bomb. Look at the images of Aleppo, it's completely left in ruins. Most of these civilians are not associated with the ruling Baath party, so they seem to be considered acceptable casualties by Assad. Russia is doing what they need to to preserve their influence in the region. Similar to the conflict in Chechnya I think Russia wanted this battle to be decisive and quick to avoid the US and Nato slowing the process down, which would keep pressure on Assad to step down. Unfortunately, the people suffered in masses. The conduct here by Assad and Russia was a result of the opposing agenda of Nato and the US. These government representatives need to sit down and try to compromise. Neither the US and Russia are terrorist, but they both are so busy undermining ejuther that the doorway for chaos seems to be widening at a constant.

    • Vladislavs Sirins
      Vladislavs Sirins 17 дней назад

      what abo0ut Mosul? any hospitals and schools left over there?

  • Charlotte Elwyn Yeager
    Charlotte Elwyn Yeager 23 дня назад

    The Tomahawk is beginning to be old. its slow and big a close in weapon system can shoot it down easily, the new S-400 in other hand goes faster mach 4,5 i think, really don't remember can shoot down ICBMs Very high caliber artillery shells. and maybe even satellites that orbit our little water ball. i don't think anything the US have can shoot down the S-400 at it maximum speed. God speed brothers!

  • Ogi Gligic
    Ogi Gligic 24 дня назад

    Its not same sistem,if you talk aboute "kalibre' than tomahowk is joke!

  • Shibbir Ahmed Lecter
    Shibbir Ahmed Lecter 29 дней назад

    coyote 66 is a shit ass moron.. he loves old Russian tech though they don't work lolz. . Russians were humiliated and now they are spreading old fucking propaganda...

    • hamad samad
      hamad samad 14 дней назад

      Shibbir Ahmed Lecter when were russians humilated ?

  • Mr. Buck
    Mr. Buck 1 месяц назад

    Lol people on this site questioning the accuracy of modern cruise missiles. They hit what they are told to hit. I'm sure China and Russia have similar designs. 500,000 killed in Aleppo by Assad and Russia - people are calling the Americans terrorist. The US armed their interests and lost. All politics. Russia Iran China are all doing it.

    • staffan144
      staffan144 15 дней назад

      Mr. Buck = brain dead sheep

    • fairplayall
      fairplayall 29 дней назад

      +Mr Buck,

      You are out of your league to say Assad and Russia killed 500,000 when the large number is owing to the US itself. So you are saying that all those heads cut off by ISIS/Rebels and recklessly bombed right now in Mosul by US are killed by Assad and Russia?

      So you expect Assad to get his soldiers armed with bananas to fight terrorists protected by US going into civilian areas and used civilians as human shields?

      So Assad should also drop s h i t instead of bombs no one is killed?

      The ones responsible are the ones that supply weapons to the rebels and ISIS .
      Where do you think ISIS first got their tanks and all the weapons... yes from US sent to Mosul and conveniently taken by ISIS.

  • mehdi rajae
    mehdi rajae 1 месяц назад

    s 400 is a big lie ,  big shit every specialist knows it .

    • yay juiws
      yay juiws 3 дня назад

      Tomahawks are making s400 and s300 obsolete since the 1980s

    • fairplayall
      fairplayall 29 дней назад

      +mehdi rajae,

      Well if S400 is a big lie, coalition planes are reducing or getting out of Syria after Russia cancelled the understanding .... so try it out.

  • johnny bravo
    johnny bravo 1 месяц назад

    whats said at 0:46 ?

    • rxueloenz
      rxueloenz 15 дней назад

      Warning: battery launch

  • Raksmey Chan
    Raksmey Chan 1 месяц назад

    hq 9 is the best.

    • Jerry Chin
      Jerry Chin 1 месяц назад

      Raksmey Chan is this true the Russian s-400 is ineffective Maybe the Russians should buy the hq-9 from China does that make sense

    • Michael Tamil
      Michael Tamil 1 месяц назад


    YUSKHAN 1 месяц назад

    most of these missiles didn't hit go look at the aftermath of the attack that base was not hit by 59 missiles

    • yay juiws
      yay juiws 3 дня назад

      yah not 59, just 58/61

    • Pablo Jay
      Pablo Jay 28 дней назад


  • John Baldwin
    John Baldwin 1 месяц назад

    S-400 missile can reach it's target at MACH 14; there is no conventional military aircraft that can outrun/defend against it and at long range...S-400 can reload missile salvos quickly - the system can target/engage multiple targets...
    The S-300s were updated to meet the optional parameters to that of the S-400...soon the S-500 & S-600 will make their demonstrations in 2018 and 2019 and possibly be deployed by 2019 & 2020.
    Both the S-300 & S-400 has a very capable electronic warfare system.
    The equation to solve the deterrent to stealth technology was as simple to 'echo relocation' to locate disturbance in both the troposphere and stratosphere. [ I would not leave out that Russia may have mid and low orbit detection satellites for aircraft and other threats beyond the stratosphere layer? ].

    • Pablo Jay
      Pablo Jay 10 дней назад

      Which is hardly surprising since the objective was not to close the runways, doh.

    • ZavMatevos
      ZavMatevos 10 дней назад

      John Morgan really?? all 59 hit?? they must of been targetting the crows and the empty fields as the air field was operational less than 24 hours after the hit and only couple of old planes that were being repair could be seen being destroyed and thats a fact, so 20% i dont think so... the real number is close to 0.2%.

    • Pablo Jay
      Pablo Jay 14 дней назад

      Only the Russians are saying only 23 TLAMs hit their aim points, with zero evidence to support it, which makes it propaganda at best.

    • John Morgan
      John Morgan 14 дней назад

      +Joong So Min first off no missile in history is able to fly mach 15 bromos missile can only do mach 3 and is considered the fastest missile ever made the S400 simply could not attack the Tomahawk cruise missile because it's designed to get around its radar 61 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired that night 59 hit that air base 2 hit close to the air field it destroyed 20% of Syria's Air Force if that's not enough for Putin to use his s400 system then what is? The truth is Putin I'm sure tried to stop them but there was no way he could

  • Tom Krueger
    Tom Krueger 1 месяц назад

    russians are full of shit! how the fuck tomahawk missiles can hit 95% of their targets in iraq and afghanistan and Libya but they can´t hit target in Syria! USA fired 61 missiles 2 of them missed the target and the rest hit their targets!!! the reason why russians didn´t stop cruise missiles because its very hard to see cruise missile because of low flight rate!! s 400 is maded for medium and high targets in the air! they cant see cruise target who flight only 15 meter from earth!! RUSSIANS YOU FUCKING FAILED LMAO!

    • staffan144
      staffan144 13 дней назад

      ctcole77 who r u refering to?

    • ctcole77
      ctcole77 13 дней назад

      Nice try lying Russian fascist troll!

    • staffan144
      staffan144 13 дней назад

      TheNorthsquad = slightly retarded

  • Asian shaeens
    Asian shaeens 1 месяц назад

    Russia China Iran Pakistan need to work together and deal with this American terrorists

    • John Morgan
      John Morgan 14 дней назад

      +fairplayall​​​ horse shit the United States has a 90% victory chance over combating China in the scs the only problem would be grate loss but that 90% chance is a big percentage in overall of course this would take a quarter of the US Navy and that's a lot to risk losing but overall the United States would beat china in scs and win even if Russia got involved now a land war in China that's a different story it would take nuclear war to beat China at a ground war in there own backyard and we'll we all know where that leads

    • fairplayall
      fairplayall 14 дней назад

      +Lee Izaak,
      True no country can even smell US IN US as you guys sleep with your guns under your pillows. You do not even need the army to defeat any invaders.

      But then OUTSIDE USA is another story.

      Just do not think Americans are ready to sign up to fight for a few pieces of rock say in SCS or over Ukraine in Russia.

      There it is a different strategy as US seeks world dominance through Navies and air force not ground troops.

      So even vs China lone , US would not win ... nor can China defeat USA in USA proper.


    • Lee Izaak
      Lee Izaak 14 дней назад

      Asian shaeens u cant fuck u.s we all volunteer for the military! plus all out civilians own guns!..if our americans were drafted yall are done...u just have no idea what were capable of son

    • John Morgan
      John Morgan 14 дней назад

      Bring it little bitch's

  • Marhaba Mustafa
    Marhaba Mustafa 1 месяц назад

    tomahawk is outdated technology, if you look airport runway where the missile hit then you will realize this missile had no place in modern weaponry

    • pascal gosselin
      pascal gosselin 14 дней назад

      Marhaba Mustafa fuck you and the horse you rode on malaka

    • Moose Moose
      Moose Moose 14 дней назад

      the runway was never hit. you fucking idiots on here just spew nonsense.

    • John Morgan
      John Morgan 14 дней назад

      Yeah then why did Putin's s400 stop the incoming attacks we all know the missiles got through and it destroyed 20% of Syrian air force and it's laughably funny how Russia all of the sudden trued to down play the attack and say only 23 got in but the truth is they did get in and Russia s400 could not do shit to stop them from getting in

  • usaopympia
    usaopympia 1 месяц назад

    59 missiles only 6 hit the targets it proved time and time again Americunt missiles are no good. Russia is far more advances

    • Naija Lolade
      Naija Lolade 1 час назад

      lol....@Micheal Capek... The real Russia is finally here.. In the 20th were the not the real Russians, it was hijacked by the zionist-globalist-crooks the same way they have hijacked the United state of anglozionistempire..

      The question is, will the Americans allow these crooks to sacrifice the states for the empire ? The battle line is drawn.

    • Michael Capek
      Michael Capek 2 часа назад

      Russia is still in 20th century, ignorant and incompetent country, full of Tatar offsprings.

    • Fe Ch
      Fe Ch 12 дней назад


    • frantz
      frantz 13 дней назад

      AllianceWithChina1 i think you know alot about weapons lol the Russians must be laughing at you.

  • Timothy Love
    Timothy Love 1 месяц назад

    Bologna! The USA called your bluff, and every one made it through, you didn't stop one!)

  • Fig Jam
    Fig Jam 1 месяц назад

    im still looking at the 1970s

    • rosie her
      rosie her 1 месяц назад

      +Fig Jam


    • Fig Jam
      Fig Jam 1 месяц назад

      russia will be if it dont buck up their ideas in syria let me give you a tip

    • rosie her
      rosie her 1 месяц назад

      Fig Jam

      you must be from another galaxy.

    • Fig Jam
      Fig Jam 1 месяц назад

      yes it tis

    • rosie her
      rosie her 1 месяц назад

      Fig Jam

      your country must be so upto date. lol