North Korean athletes under 24-hour watch at Olympics

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
  • While most Olympic athletes will be mingling throughout the Games, North Korean athletes will be separate, under 24-hour watch, closely monitored wherever they go. A system of watching each other, as they do back home in the North, amid inevitable fears of defections from athletes of other members of the delegation.

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  • Hector Vazquez
    Hector Vazquez 24 days ago

    Everything the american saint is not true people

  • Emilio Bello
    Emilio Bello Month ago

    And they can't mingle with athletes of other nations

  • Saqib Javed
    Saqib Javed 3 months ago

    oho hi peoples ma samjha ARMY hy

  • Jayden Calderon
    Jayden Calderon 3 months ago

    And people wonder why America isn’t communist.

  • Dankmemes21121
    Dankmemes21121 3 months ago

    Wait did they just show her face on tv?
    CNN knows that North Korea has spies all around the world right?

  • J. Alexander Gonzales, Jr.

    It’s like being a Clinton associate. You always have to watch your back

  • uwu
    uwu 9 months ago

    It's just like the Handmaid's Tale.

  • Alfa Painting
    Alfa Painting 9 months ago

    So ?> what wrong with that.Hollywood morons did not pay for there trip!

  • bluewater454
    bluewater454 9 months ago

    Who watches the guards?

  • Le Huy-Anh
    Le Huy-Anh 10 months ago

    Saudi and Gulf Arab women are shackled with security tags and *aren't allowed*to engage with the outside world:
    do a story on that, hypocrites!

  • triple v 101
    triple v 101 11 months ago

    And people think they're such a great country

  • Rajat Gadge
    Rajat Gadge Year ago

    And North Korea calls itself Democratic and People's Republic!!!

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple Year ago

    Wow....she's so beautiful

  • kikopower
    kikopower Year ago

    Deadass >D

  • Crystal Studios
    Crystal Studios Year ago

    They wouldn’t be able to do this in America

  • A.A 6758
    A.A 6758 Year ago +1

    Fake news

  • SKS black cat
    SKS black cat Year ago

    american propaganda ( cnn and other chanelles) making american dumb stuffing their mind with load of shit about other countries ..... americans are living in Island and having their ideas about the world from media.

  • Mohd Arif Bin Ismail

    what i see in comment section literaly were just others people opinion who arent from north korean, seem just like an one sided judgemental slur.

  • Chew Kok
    Chew Kok Year ago

    Pure lunacy!

  • Damus Ravenwood
    Damus Ravenwood Year ago

    by punished she means publicly executed.

  • G String
    G String Year ago

    N Korea your choice for De Nuking was a smart one.... Make your Country Proud and Prosperous. there's only one way to GO for You and that's UP.... The United states of America will Help You out if You are Sincere.... This was Great News for Every One on the Planet.... including Your people.... Good Luck.... North Korea.

  • Jonathan Pontel
    Jonathan Pontel Year ago

    North Korea is like the movie: the Truman show

  • fallen one
    fallen one Year ago

    Here we go again... lying bustards

  • Ruslan Mashinov
    Ruslan Mashinov Year ago

    The US is facist

  • Mm Mm
    Mm Mm Year ago

    North korea zombies paradise 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Critic Cal
    Critic Cal Year ago

    What North Koreans need is to put them out of their misery. One nuke should be more than plenty

  • Niko Theophanis
    Niko Theophanis Year ago

    Why don't we send in some Korean American special forces into North Korea so they could blend in, and then kill Kim Jong un and the entire royal family so the blood line for the dynastic rule cycle could be broken, this would destroy the entire North Korea because without the royal blood, their country would have nowhere to turn for a leader so the would just merge with South Korea

  • ꗃ ꗃ
    ꗃ ꗃ Year ago

    fake news

  • Dean
    Dean Year ago

    There is no defector from NK, they are all sleeper agents.

  • FrenzyyyHD
    FrenzyyyHD Year ago

    That Korean looking Ozzy is a legend he needs a medal for sheer balls good on him

    DJ SAVAGE Year ago

    Fúcking stupid let them ppl leave they obviously fúcking hate being there

  • Stuart M
    Stuart M Year ago

    Dont believe a word of it, the USA is the most paranoid country in the history of the world with govt terrorist organisations like the CIA and Co. with a MSM that peddle lies upon lies while brainwashing their viewers who are stupid enough to watch and believe the rubbish they are being fed. Without the US our world would be such a safer place for all but as war makes huge profits for those involved its going to be a long time before we get to that stage unfortunately.

  • San Arturo
    San Arturo Year ago

    they are sex slaves. they get chosen to give sexual service to high level members.

  • Sybren Generic Surname

    Just fucking subtitle fucking lazy ass Americans.

  • Waseem Haider
    Waseem Haider Year ago

    CNN the worst Fake News. Really are they bound they can't allow to talk with anybody....

  • Linh Pham
    Linh Pham Year ago

    Nothing to proud of himself and his regime. PRK delegates trip to winter Olympics was sponsored by south korea and in his own land the people of North korea are starving. Disgusting regime and Kim's family

  • Don Nato
    Don Nato Year ago

    Just leave alone they want to live like that is his right...

  • luis daganzo jr
    luis daganzo jr Year ago


  • flying monkeys
    flying monkeys Year ago

    FUCK Kim Jong Un and FUCK his cabinet. Keeping these people hostages like this. They are monsters.

  • Kay X
    Kay X Year ago

    So the cheerleader that accidently cheered for the American team will be "debriefed" now?

  • Tomas Gonzalez
    Tomas Gonzalez Year ago

    Some people just love to be punish and be control by an unusable powers.

  • howard weitzell
    howard weitzell Year ago

    Police state at its finest...treat the people like cattle...

  • fast cash
    fast cash Year ago

    This is all western propaganda

  • Jared Leon
    Jared Leon Year ago

    Wait they are actually part of the Olympics now and don't hold their own fake thing?

  • LaughTooHard
    LaughTooHard Year ago

    CNN (International) actually did NEWS! No way! The only answer to North Korea will be to kill the fat bastard and allow the people to become humans.

  • s Chwdury
    s Chwdury Year ago

    lol i already saw a clap from the N.K cheerleader to the american skaters...she doneeeee

  • GameAndChill l
    GameAndChill l Year ago +1

    Trump need to launch a IBM

  • zarathustra
    zarathustra Year ago

    why do we tolerate this in 2018?
    we need to abolish this dictatorship. i know it would cost lives but thats never stopped us before? war is hell but for the liberated people of north korea it would be a god send.

  • Jan Štefanič
    Jan Štefanič Year ago


  • Ztez Maxim
    Ztez Maxim Year ago

    What shocks me is the south korean police guarding them preventing escape

  • Ed St Doval
    Ed St Doval Year ago +1

    I heard their kids are being slaughtered at their schools and the government does nothing... oh wait a minute, my bad, that's us!

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot Year ago

    Nothing new to see here for NK...

  • Douglas Selkirk
    Douglas Selkirk Year ago

    Fuck Kim Jong Un! The biggest asshole living on the earth. The world would be a better place without him.

  • Norris Jinglewilly

    They certainly are. My willy is sore now

  • ctguy591
    ctguy591 Year ago

    That must be why they seem depressed

  • versacee
    versacee Year ago

    this shit crazy, stay woke people.

  • veethevee Vong
    veethevee Vong Year ago +1

    Fake news got 900 thous views. Fake news forever

  • RatDaddy3
    RatDaddy3 Year ago

    Why can't thier people tried to find a way to stop Kim,He doesn't need to keep his people in his country and I don't blame them and he needs to go.thier countrie is full of Hate and anger.I feel Sorry for them.

  • Silver Soul
    Silver Soul Year ago

    People joke, but I bet all the athletes who failed to get medals, will literally disappear over the coming weeks.

  • kb csDJvno \]][,.

    Those cheerleaders the media LOVED from North Korea are actually SEX SLAVES
    Feb. 23, 2018 10:37 pm by SooperMexican
    One of the more disgusting things we saw during the Olympics is how the mainstream media fell over themselves to praise North Korea just because they wanted to make Trump look bad. They just loved the North Korean cheerleaders and how they were so well trained and seemed so happy.
    Except they’re actually sex slaves who are raped by the North Korean officials:
    Members of the North Korean national cheerleading squad - who have been featured gleefully rooting at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics - are systematically forced to have sex with high-ranking members of Kim Jong Un’s twisted regime, according to a disturbing report.
    Behind the scenes, the troupe - dubbed the “Pleasure Squad” by insiders - are forced to perform sex acts on party leaders during their trip to the Olympics, a defector with knowledge of the sexual slavery told Bloomberg News.
    “[The] troupe came here and performed with dances and songs, and it might seem like a fancy show on the outside [but] they also have to go to parties and provide sexual services,” said defector Lee So Yeon, a military musician who fled the country in 2008, during Kim Jong Un’s regime.
    Shamefully, the South Koreans weren’t as stupid as our media is, and they saw right through the North Korean BS.
    And this too:
    Yeon’s account of the sexual slavery piggybacks on past reports in which female defectors from North Korea have described being “selected” to sexually service members of the political party.
    In 2010, defector Mi-hyang said she was only 15 years old when soldiers in green uniforms stormed her classroom and chose her to become a sex slave for Kim Jong Il, the father of Kim Jong Un, according to Marie Claire magazine.
    She was forbidden from seeing her family and forced to spend 10 years sexually pleasuring him, according to the report.
    Lee Il-nam, a nephew of Kim Jong Un’s father, who defected in 1982, also detailed some of the “Pleasure Squad” parties in his book.
    Well that’s horrific. Try to cleanse your brain of that terribleness with this hilarious video of a Kim Jong Un impersonator crashing in on the cheerleader sex squad:
    At the united Korea vs Japan womens' hockey game, an apparent Kim Jong-un impersonator starts dancing in front of North Korean cheerleaders. Apparent employees of the DPRK push him aside. He's now sitting nearby giving interviews (in English)
    - Vincent Bevins (@Vinncent) February 14, 2018
    Poor Guy just wanted to watch the game. He can't help that he looks exactly like #JimKong and was for sure impersonating him in front of the North Korean Cheerleaders (@Vinncent)
    - Barstool Heartland (@barstoolhrtland) February 14, 2018
    God bless that man.

  • Rain Echart Uy
    Rain Echart Uy Year ago

    this should not be on air.. media nowadays putting pressure in both sides

  • David Rothschild
    David Rothschild Year ago

    can you imagine the amount of pressure there under, what a sad way to live.

  • Taradile
    Taradile Year ago

    This is communism folks

  • preemz
    preemz Year ago

    Abit much

  • SEXY white
    SEXY white Year ago

    Ok so we're probably getting nuked fairly soon.

  • killer boy
    killer boy Year ago

    hope they win some medals

  • amida family
    amida family Year ago

    Olympics! what a joke

  • Joe402
    Joe402 Year ago

    tankies shilling for NK here, right wing extremists crying about CNN existing

  • rickyt43515
    rickyt43515 Year ago

    CNN sent a delegation of their reporters to kiss North Korean ass.

  • brandonisi
    brandonisi Year ago

    I feel so bad for these people. You know they and their families are all going to be punished back home for not performing well enough.

  • Brianna Gordy
    Brianna Gordy Year ago

    You know if you have to fear your Olympic athletes trying to defect your country, you've got issues.

  • J Hdz
    J Hdz Year ago

    Kim needs to be assassinated like now...

  • oromo frest
    oromo frest Year ago

    Good propaganda film

  • Jacob Avery
    Jacob Avery Year ago

    And CNN all knowing how terrible and cruel North Korea is, they publish an article praising Kim Jong Un’s sister why? CNN is very ignorant and how would defectors from NK feel about that article that a “credible” news source from the United States is praising an evil monster’s sister. DISPICABLE

  • Paul Davies
    Paul Davies Year ago


  • Paul Lytle
    Paul Lytle Year ago

    1956 hungarian fencers

  • 站在反对邪恶醒来帮助

    Koreans are gorgeous!!! Asians in general are Gorgeous! Korea, Japan, China, etc....the most beautiful women on the planet!

  • OMMBoy
    OMMBoy Year ago +1

    Is it bad that I have censored information from CNN that I’d be willing to sell?

  • timecrusade
    timecrusade Year ago +1

    Paranoid wacko losers. North Koreas goverment have made living life a fucking joke for their citizens. Pathetic joke of a nation

  • Super Yue
    Super Yue Year ago

    Yeah, it’s sad. But South Korea just know cheating in Olympic. They like doing this shitty thing every year

  • victor Moreno gallo

    Man this is fuck up y do human

  • 김하루
    김하루 Year ago family refused to watch the 2018 winter olympic b/c of N.K. joined S.K. Fxxx N.K.! Fxxx you all communist bastards!

  • dontbluf
    dontbluf Year ago

    우리는 한국에서 정말로 더럽다.

  • Christian Kinzel
    Christian Kinzel Year ago

    The last Olympics almost everyone who didn’t place “disappeared” in North Korea..

  • noneednow
    noneednow Year ago

    What Non Koreans don't understand is North Korea as a country is long gone.
    North Korea is Kim Jong Un's kingdom.
    He inherited from his father n his father inherited from his father.
    It is NOT South Korea vs North Korea , it's South Korea vs Kim Jong Un's kingdom.

  • Johnny Dominguez
    Johnny Dominguez Year ago

    And they crapped on VP Pence for not meeting with Jong Il's sister... how inconsistent and myopic of CNN.

  • Drrck11
    Drrck11 Year ago

    Those North Korean athletes are literally being held hostage. Very sad. The International Olympic Committee should have not allowed them into the games.

    SEAN KUBAGE Year ago


  • Renny thomas
    Renny thomas Year ago

    Cant believe this is allowed to happen. North Korea is just one big prison with no escape

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle Year ago

    That's ironic that they'd train their whole life, but the only moment when they should run for their dear life and defect they just dont.

  • Aristotle Theo
    Aristotle Theo Year ago

    Why the fuck are they allowed at the Olympics? Fuck these people, they torture their own citizens, starve them to death and we fucking invite them to the olympics? What a fucking joke.

    • 1GTX1
      1GTX1 Year ago

      Serbia (Yugoslavia) was banned from participating in sport events at the start of 90's even though UN was sent in to inspect military to make sure that they are not going over the border, but North Korea is participating in Olympics lol

  • Bathory Burzum
    Bathory Burzum Year ago

    kill em

  • Deven Gohman
    Deven Gohman Year ago

    Fake news

  • jughead 14k39
    jughead 14k39 Year ago

    That means no north korean pussy for nobody lol😂😂😂😂😂

  • Blue Falcons Suck

    This from the same station that sings the praises of North Korea's propaganda master as 'the darling of the Olympics' for political ammunition and slams the VP for giving her the cold shoulder.

  • OllieMakesVideos
    OllieMakesVideos Year ago

    I was watching the Speed Skating last night, Korea DPR was competing. When he fell on his ass, I could hear both of my neighbouring houses erupt in laughter.


    Ohhh wait CNN you praise a woman that kills or suppress there people but she's beautiful gorgeous and you want too know we don't believe you why we consider you as fake news , a word too the wise or face shut down you have lost so many viewers and you have know idea you look mental morons. Well that's my thought keep going fake news ,

  • shoal cabug
    shoal cabug Year ago

    Send the Philippines special forces..

  • jamhuri
    jamhuri Year ago

    fake news

    xXCYB3R_S3RP4NT Year ago

    how are they allowed to come to the Olympics?