• Published on Aug 21, 2018
  • Shopping at the Temple Street Night Fake Blackmarket in Hong Kong! We go shopping for fake yeezys, off white nikes, balenciagas, gucci, louis vuitton and more designer brands.
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  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 8 days ago

    0:00 These people dont understand why he is holding a camera they probably do not know what vlogging is

  • 张智中
    张智中 Month ago


  • 张智中
    张智中 Month ago

    so avoid.the baby screaming in background.

  • 张智中
    张智中 Month ago


  • 张智中
    张智中 Month ago


  • 张智中
    张智中 Month ago

    disgusting boy.

  • 张智中
    张智中 Month ago


  • Euan Bell :3
    Euan Bell :3 6 months ago

    Dose anybody know where I can get cheap knock off Yeezeys and Supreme
    *you know the good stuff*
    Dose anybody know where I can get them for a good cheap price.
    (In Hong Kong)

    • Euan Bell :3
      Euan Bell :3 4 months ago

      3rdofdaANGeLZ sorry I came back from Hong Kong about a month ago :( . But next time I come I will for sure check those places out 😎

    • 3rdofdaANGeLZ
      3rdofdaANGeLZ 4 months ago

      You should check out "Yeskicks cn" or "Firekicks c.n". They have some pretty cool stuff. I shop there on a regular basis

  • Electro Hyper
    Electro Hyper 7 months ago +1

    hi tom. i am trying to get some good replicas for vapour maxes in hk. any places recommended?

  • Kush Rai
    Kush Rai 8 months ago

    Bro are you even serious? 120 HKD?

  • r2ktd2
    r2ktd2 9 months ago

    Great vid ... love it ! Show us more fake sneakers places ...

  • Francisco Neto
    Francisco Neto 9 months ago

    Lady’s market over temple shop in Hong Kong

  • xB4ckdoor
    xB4ckdoor 10 months ago

    When you pay me the 272k sub i have give you?? i still waiting your payments...soon we remove all.

  • Err0r
    Err0r Year ago

    Sorry Hypebeast, but I’m poor, and I go to this fake market 😕 Pls don’t kill me

  • Nico LM Music
    Nico LM Music Year ago

    Dildo Alley😂😂

  • Samneang Sa
    Samneang Sa Year ago

    First guy just hella rude

  • Jay Sato
    Jay Sato Year ago

    he looked like ringo star when he wore sun glasses

  • tiny truffles17
    tiny truffles17 Year ago

    Aye me at the background 0:09😂😂😂

  • Kevin Szabó
    Kevin Szabó Year ago

    He said portuguese league when its champions league 😂😂

  • Ty Kix
    Ty Kix Year ago

    Almost 300K bro, it’s a madness, fancy sharing 1K with me 😆

  • Brian Ochoa
    Brian Ochoa Year ago

    i subscribed

  • R S
    R S Year ago

    Cheap skate low balls

  • 陈惠彬
    陈惠彬 Year ago

    more fake shoes market in shenzhen dongmen

  • Teddy Stefaniuk
    Teddy Stefaniuk Year ago

    You trying to be like Collin wtf

  • Teddy Stefaniuk
    Teddy Stefaniuk Year ago

    Why do you need a dildo when you have your boyfriend

  • OG Kicks
    OG Kicks Year ago

    Can you sub to me I’m just starting out and going to be releasing sneaker vidz

  • Elias
    Elias Year ago

    Sneakers Gucci Off White.... just a wallet

  • Michael Nasrallah

    She was laughing at the fact you said you had a girlfriend

  • Roderick_playz
    Roderick_playz Year ago

    Bruh u bought that case for $60 I bought it for $45 lol

  • Jordan Michael
    Jordan Michael Year ago

    In about 2 to 3yrs Tom will be tatted head to toe including his face. 😮

  • Dustin Carr
    Dustin Carr Year ago

    Cheers to Tom for not blurring out the dildos👏🏼

  • Jesus #1
    Jesus #1 Year ago

    8:45 look at the computer and at the face of the guy

  • Ștefan Remus Doliuc

    Awesome video 📹 today

  • ALfred Pisco
    ALfred Pisco Year ago

    These videos of you traveling are awesome. Keep it up

  • themadritter
    themadritter Year ago

    Loved how you said Bundesliga! 😄✌🏼

  • ujust dewit
    ujust dewit Year ago

    Yes!! Love the markets!

  • 1 1
    1 1 Year ago

    5:50 are you at least 6 feet 3 inches?

  • SSJ7575
    SSJ7575 Year ago

    That Supreme wallet for $8 and you're like...."They can make a lot of it"???? Guarantee you aint get shit with $8 at Singapore lol

  • Christopher Moebus

    More markets plz 🤙

  • Rafael Coutinho Padua

    3:05 dat accent

  • Thom Kegel
    Thom Kegel Year ago

    'I don't love my girlfriend 180 dollars much'
    I laughed so hard at that, please do another vid like this in Singapore.

  • Curtis Zo
    Curtis Zo Year ago

    Any plan come to Taiwan?

  • Rice gumm 234
    Rice gumm 234 Year ago +3


  • sketchi
    sketchi Year ago +2

    the girl at 6:07 on the left should be your girlfriend

  • Christian Flucus
    Christian Flucus Year ago

    Tom the type of dude to were a hoddie at a funeral

  • Abbie Osborne
    Abbie Osborne Year ago +1

    the sunglass dude was class 😂

  • Emiru No index
    Emiru No index Year ago

    Singapore doubt so can compare to Hong Kong

  • H
    H Year ago +1

    Thats an interesting Portuguese league with real bayern munich, arsenal, Barcelona, atletico madrid etc.

  • James Chee
    James Chee Year ago

    I never knew that they had the better yeezys in the back lol

  • tommy rich
    tommy rich Year ago

    These guys are Tools

  • Antonio Ricki
    Antonio Ricki Year ago

    my man said champions league is the Portuguese league dkm

    Dom RICHARDS Year ago

    you would be my like best friend cause you go for the same teams i do in every sport

  • Rabarberellum 101

    Ringo Starr, that what Tom looked like with that glasses, haha

  • Carlos Lucero
    Carlos Lucero Year ago

    "No I can only do 60 on that"

  • Ryan Tay
    Ryan Tay Year ago

    Yes do more videos of this. One more thing i am from singapore ,i hope that i could have the chance to meet you

  • gorlab
    gorlab Year ago

    Tom throw some pipe to some of these chinese hoes. Eskedit!!!

  • SneakerTalk
    SneakerTalk Year ago +15

    Supreme Dildo or nah?

  • MartialMan
    MartialMan Year ago

    Singapore is all about malls and food

  • Gian Maroon
    Gian Maroon Year ago

    Another bargaining vid in sg!

  • Collin Abroadcast
    Collin Abroadcast Year ago +42

    Interesting, I actually preferred Lady's Market over Temple but maybe that's cause that's where my hotel was and I was there like everyday

    • Harry Home
      Harry Home 3 months ago

      Collin is like i give you 1 for all your market.

    • celebstadium
      celebstadium Year ago

      B G you are to goat here.

    • Kokomo kicks 55
      Kokomo kicks 55 Year ago

      Colin best in da bizz at what he does. Have not seen nobody better

    • B G
      B G Year ago +3

      Collin Abroadcast goat

    • TomStefaniuk
      TomStefaniuk  Year ago +4

      Same haha our hotel was on the corner of temple street