My Thoughts! The Sony A9 MKII and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • Published on Oct 3, 2019
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    My fave full frame camera:
    Today I talk about the New Sony A9 MKII and the iPhone 11 Pro along with sample images from the phone. Phones are getting better and better each year, and this new iPhone is Apple's best camera tech yet.
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  • rotvonrat
    rotvonrat Month ago

    The iPhone will surely be good enough for those who have never thought of the fact that other tools exist.

  • Magnus Eriksson
    Magnus Eriksson 2 months ago

    Why doesn't the big camera brands combine the idea of how to use software to improve the images with a bigger sensor and really good lenses. That must be the future?

  • Nicholas Karfoot
    Nicholas Karfoot 2 months ago

    Yeah, the way I have been thinking is that the Hasslblead X1-D mk2 and XCD lenses and the New RED Komodo Digital Cinema camera are going to be the best option for serious art capture. For anything else, the iPhone Pro 11 replaces everything else. In fact, if on the Hasselblad, once they introduce the movie feature, if it has their RAW recording in 16bit color, unless you seriously need slow motion, the X1-D mk2 is the only serious camera you need. (I bet I get Trolled for saying that hahahahaha)
    (Unless you do sports/journalist then the Sony A9 etc.)

    • Darek Jaszewski
      Darek Jaszewski 5 days ago

      Good luck with portraiture using newest iphone, especially in studio ;)

  • Soso Melodies
    Soso Melodies 2 months ago +3

    Smartphone cameras are extremely practical for shooting on the fly but image quality falls apart real quickly with big monitors and tv's.

  • michael p
    michael p 2 months ago +1

    I get the speed emphasis but do pros not want CFexpress? It's so juicy I wish Sony had been brave enough to abandon SD cards

  • eva eriksson
    eva eriksson 2 months ago +1

    I hope they got the bokeh better since the X one, because when you zoomed in you could see the algoritms not doing a good job around edges etc

  • Wishwader
    Wishwader 2 months ago +1

    Please cover Deep Fusion enabled in the latest iOS beta. If you thought the current state is impressive then Deep Fusion takes it to another level. Don’t know how Apple managed it but the results are exceptional. Especially up against other smartphone cameras like Samsung - pin sharp when zoomed in instead of noticeably fuzzy. Imagine this level of processing in a DSLR.

    • Wishwader
      Wishwader 2 months ago

      Oh, and please cover how fluid the three cameras are. In a Samsung when switching between each camera it jerks and jumps between each one, and the colours vary wildly. But with the iPhone they calibrated all three cameras, it’s fluid when zooming between each camera and the colours are consistent too. Can’t see any reason to get a dedicated pocket camera now when smartphones are so good.

  • adrian faulkner
    adrian faulkner 2 months ago +5

    I have this phone but in no way does it come close to my Sony A7iii, I have just come back from vacation and the phone shot's I have taken are nowhere near the camera shot's in quality, so even for the family vacation I wouldn't rely on my phone for good shots of important moments, i think it's pretty bad trying to convince people that if you want good photos just buy a phone don't bother with a camera when the results I've seen from this phone don't come anywhere near the quality you get from a full frame camera

    • MS
      MS Month ago

      @adrian faulkner turn on deep fusion

    • rotvonrat
      rotvonrat Month ago

      Of course, if you sell the item, it is top.

    • adrian faulkner
      adrian faulkner 2 months ago +1

      @Magnus Eriksson it's no where near close even in good light! take the phone out of good light and it falls apart fast but the Camera is still taking amazing shots!

    • Magnus Eriksson
      Magnus Eriksson 2 months ago

      It is damn close compared to where we been and if you look at how extremely small the sensor and the optics are on a phone and imagine if Sony combines the idea of how a smartphone camera works with a bigger sensor and damn good lenses, that would have been very interesting to see.

  • hajmanek
    hajmanek 2 months ago

    Let me guess, SL2 is coming soon?

  • Adrian 220482
    Adrian 220482 2 months ago

    Tease telling us about the two new secret cameras 😂🤭

  • Ricardo Orecchia Pinto
    Ricardo Orecchia Pinto 2 months ago

    What do you mean takes photos with 3 cameras at the same time? Is that a third party app? I’m curious.

    • Victor Carmelo
      Victor Carmelo 2 months ago +1

      p.s. the above is when shooting Live photos.

    • Victor Carmelo
      Victor Carmelo 2 months ago +2

      @Ricardo Orecchia Pinto It's in the Edit mode, choose Landscape or horizontal icon and you see 7 sizes; 16:9, 10:8, 7.5 for landscape etc. Choose size and Done, and that's it. It's ambiguous, you don't actually see all three images at once, they are in the background, you only see the image change when you keep choosing a different size.

    • Ricardo Orecchia Pinto
      Ricardo Orecchia Pinto 2 months ago

      Where can you find that feature? I knows that when you take a photo, if got to crop it you can make it a bit wider but not like the super wide. In regards of the tele, you’re just cropping, not having full resolution

    • CODER QN
      CODER QN 2 months ago +2

      From what I understand, and please correct if I'm wrong, when you take a photo using the normal lens, it also takes a photo with the ultra-wide lens and another photo with the longer focal length. So, there are actually 3 photos taken. You can then edit the photo and decide that you want to zoom out a bit, it will select the photo taken with the ultra-wide lens. Likewise, if you like to crop in a bit, then it will use the photo taken with the longer focal length.

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown 2 months ago +2

    A camera will never replace a ff sensor. Yeah, it killed the compact camera market. But.... Yeah

  • Karim Ghantous
    Karim Ghantous 2 months ago +1

    I have an older model and I really do like using it as a camera. I find it to be liberating - not dramatically so, but liberating nonetheless. Especially for macro where it’s much easier to set up a phone than a camera. Just yesterday I took some photos of an insect that was about 1/3” long. The iPhone was just so easy to handle.
    I used a custom macro lens from an old Minolta and it worked perfectly. I’ve been doing this for years. Way better then the overpriced junk accessories you can buy these days.
    If a phone can be this good, imagine future rupdates to the RX10 and RX100. Pros will definitely be using those cameras at the 2024 Olympic Games.
    What’s funny is that the only reason that computational photography exists at all is because the sensors are so small. The bigger the sensor the less fussing you need with the image.

  • Jose Vu
    Jose Vu 2 months ago +3

    I guess this guy never use a google pixel before

    • Stefan1968ful
      Stefan1968ful 2 months ago +1

      That’s a no-buy. I am disappointed. It’s a non-inspirational update of an excellent camera. What a bummer.

    • Ping Wong
      Ping Wong 2 months ago

      The phones have basically the same performances when compared to a decent camera paired with a decent lens.
      The reviewers make it a huge thing every year to drive clicks, but that's all to them.

    • Bobby Brown
      Bobby Brown 2 months ago

      @MrBusy absolutely right.

    • MrBusy
      MrBusy 2 months ago +3

      Jaymz Kson you just proved my point. 😅. The real answer is: it doesn’t matter. And I’d suggest you find something meaningful to be passionate about instead. Like photography, for instance.

    • Bobby Brown
      Bobby Brown 2 months ago

      Yep, Google Pixel is top..