I Bought an INFLATABLE Paint Spray Booth from China!

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • It looks like a Bounce House but it is a fully functional, ventilated spray booth! I ordered it directly from China. You can paint an entire car in it. Let's test it out and see how it works...
    Tubine Paint Sprayer System: goo.gl/GizpJE
    Instagram: instagram.com/samcracc/
    Email Me: [email protected]
    Mail: Samcrac
    PO Box 713
    Odessa, FL 33556
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  • Andrew Slaughter
    Andrew Slaughter 10 hours ago

    It's gonna land up in the ocean eventually

  • TonyGoshiveTV
    TonyGoshiveTV 21 hour ago

    Great thing to have for spray painting. You probably can get a hover to deflat it faster

  • Romana Castro
    Romana Castro Day ago +2

    I also bought it.Great quality and FAST shipping!US stock!Arrived within a week.LOL!

  • Anthony Vaughn
    Anthony Vaughn 2 days ago +1

    Hello can you post the place where you purchased and phone number it thank you.

    • Romana Castro
      Romana Castro Day ago +1

      eBay item number:401627843432
      This is what you need.

  • cu2tonite
    cu2tonite 2 days ago

    A vacuum should be able to remove all the air out.

  • kk P
    kk P 3 days ago

    i'm selling my house and buying this shit.

  • Marco Chavez
    Marco Chavez 3 days ago

    @Samcrac can you please link me to the company you bought this from?

    • Romana Castro
      Romana Castro Day ago

      eBay item number:401627843432
      This is what you need.

    • Romana Castro
      Romana Castro Day ago +1

      I bought it,too.I can share link.

  • Tonio Reyes
    Tonio Reyes 3 days ago

    so you bought a spray booth because of the insects flying into your spray work. Then you set it up in your garden and open the spray booth door to let the insects in before you paint spray.

    • Marco Chavez
      Marco Chavez 3 days ago

      So negative man, once the car is in and the door is zipped back up you can kill the ones that got in, and you don't have an entire world of insects that can get it in while you work.

  • Marshall Mclaughlin
    Marshall Mclaughlin 4 days ago

    What's the name of the company

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams 5 days ago +2

    Why isn’t nobody talking about how he didn’t lay some drop cloths before painting all this? 😳

    [DATA EXPUNGED] 5 days ago

    This out of tune piano shit is pissing me off so much

  • Ken Despain
    Ken Despain 5 days ago +1

    He had it custom made. So... You can't buy that one.

  • Kevin Gorman
    Kevin Gorman 6 days ago +1

    you need a motor to suck the air out. most inflatable pumps work both ways.

  • Acie Spencer
    Acie Spencer 6 days ago +2

    Loved the video and wasn't even interested in painting, priming. Thanks for another GREAT demo!!!

  • Research and Build
    Research and Build 7 days ago

    How do you have a Focus RS in the states? You must have some money

    IRON60 BITCH 7 days ago +1

    You need to lay down and interior tarp to catch the extra it will build up and destroy your paint booth

    IRON60 BITCH 7 days ago

    I had a tremendous amount of success building a paint booth not portable but yet not permanent your inflatable one will be great make sure you tie it down with ropes and weights when gust of wind and it will pass your neighbors front yard good luck

  • John Mooe
    John Mooe 8 days ago +1

    How much did this inflatable jumper car paint garage cost?

  • Schnarlz
    Schnarlz 9 days ago

    It says “lead paint” in Chinese

  • YellowBrick Productions

    Look up some vids how to use that gun. Long strokes not sections lmao

  • sheppymcshep
    sheppymcshep 10 days ago

    turn your blowes around to suck the air out of it.

  • AwesomeBlackDude
    AwesomeBlackDude 11 days ago +1

    I went to his house and pop it with an Barbie pin but hey don't tell nobody.,😁

  • Juice27FromGA
    Juice27FromGA 12 days ago

    Could make a easy to break down frame for inside if power trips. Would be great for car detailing or furniture/art projects.

  • Ernie Martin
    Ernie Martin 13 days ago

    I can read Chinese and the writing says, “Assume the position”

  • Notonebuttwo Othman
    Notonebuttwo Othman 13 days ago

    Where did you get the five stage electric turbine and how much

  • Mike Wilhelmson
    Mike Wilhelmson 13 days ago

    Why is it like standard procedure to put super annoying music on youtube tutorials?

  • jeremy orourke
    jeremy orourke 15 days ago

    I used to work for an inflatable bounce house company and what you have to do when you put those away you must open all zippers unplug the blower's so the air can vent out easily As it's falling Pull the front and the back toward the middle 10 fold 1 side to the middle the other side to the middle then roll from the front door toward the back ... If there's any air it's OK it should exit out where the fan tubes insert

  • alto Visuals
    alto Visuals 16 days ago

    Where do I buy this???

  • Jrg Vsqz
    Jrg Vsqz 16 days ago +2

    Do they make the house to go with the garage.

  • J Israel
    J Israel 17 days ago

    You must be lil dicky’s brother 😂

  • 63 Impala rag Dude
    63 Impala rag Dude 17 days ago

    You can rent spray booths for under $200 a day. But this way you will always have one.

  • Matthew Shanks
    Matthew Shanks 17 days ago

    Notable problems, driving across door opening, inflatable never a good idea for someone doing a lot of work. Missing a bench top to mix product. Weekend warrior not much else if you have time to set and take down. Possibly of puncture. I see a good deal of issues that would preclude purchasing this unit. Letting off a bug bomb would solve the bugs getting in the substrate.

  • gettingitfirst4
    gettingitfirst4 18 days ago

    Samcrac, could you tell us what size that is? Possibly where you got it?

  • Fabian Duenas
    Fabian Duenas 18 days ago

    How much does one of those cost

    • Romana Castro
      Romana Castro Day ago

      $1359 Size:26*13*10FT W/ 2 UL Air blowers. Share link:eBay item number:401736374425 US STOCK.

  • Wells And Car Go's
    Wells And Car Go's 18 days ago

    When you paint you need to either go side to side or up and down not both it will turn out better

  • Jaiden McElyea
    Jaiden McElyea 18 days ago

    I would get a generator because you don't want that losing air while your painting because the power went out.

  • Tony Meehan
    Tony Meehan 18 days ago

    what's going on with that music???

  • Paint Asylum
    Paint Asylum 18 days ago +1

    What about a wind storm? That thing would go flying away!

  • Always Flying
    Always Flying 19 days ago +1

    I'm a Automotive painter and this is a joke

  • Jason Swader
    Jason Swader 20 days ago +1

    BTW that writing on the product reads "sucka!"... jk awesome!

  • Reece Johnson
    Reece Johnson 20 days ago +1

    Rumor has it he is still out there rolling around in his lawn trying to deflate that booth😆😆🤦‍♂️

  • Alex3745
    Alex3745 20 days ago

    Supposed to use vac to put inflatables away.

  • William L.
    William L. 20 days ago

    I think you need to learn how to paint correctly before buying a spray booth, smdh...

  • truthornothing
    truthornothing 20 days ago

    Chinese writings says no refund mutter ducks - yours truly
    Kim ho.

  • TheMadRatter
    TheMadRatter 21 day ago

    That looks pretty sick and, if I didn't have access to a British army mess hall tent for spraying, I'd probably get one myself! One suggestion - a bit of string on that outter zip will make life a lot easier and allow you to retire the mini step ladder :P

  • Daniel Tiensuu
    Daniel Tiensuu 21 day ago

    Why didnt you just suck the air out with your blower? Putting the ends on the inlets?

  • Josh Mcsweeney
    Josh Mcsweeney 21 day ago

    can you revers the blowers to take the air out?

  • J Ca
    J Ca 21 day ago

    Where can I get a booth custom made like yours? All the ones I found are about 4 k :(

    • Romana Castro
      Romana Castro Day ago +1

      eBay item number:401665095822
      This is what you need.Within $2,000.Various specifications. w/ UL Air blowers.

  • Juan Fernandez
    Juan Fernandez 22 days ago +20

    Spray booth $1000
    2 air blower $100ea.
    It works. thank me later 😁

  • J P
    J P 22 days ago

    $1000 booth The turbine system was another $1300 + id say easily another $500 for Paint, clear coat, primer, reducer, hardner, sandpaper, resperator, paint suit, tape. You couldve had the whole car done far cheaper.

  • Free & Divided
    Free & Divided 22 days ago

    I’m at 1:02. What kind of 70’s hippie shit music is this :/
    Anyway. I’m hoping I will see a what it is or where to get it.
    I looked in description first and nothing. I hope your not going to promote the shit out of this (I want one already) without telling where you bought it. China’s a pretty big country.

  • Drivermod_00
    Drivermod_00 22 days ago

    link for the booth?

    • Romana Castro
      Romana Castro Day ago

      eBay item number:401665095822
      This is what you need.

  • Zach Colford
    Zach Colford 23 days ago

    This is the worst music EVER! I can't even..

  • Sebastian Furstenborg
    Sebastian Furstenborg 23 days ago

    Can't the blowers be reversed to suck out the air when deflating?

  • Jessica Opal
    Jessica Opal 24 days ago

    I have to paint my E150... I'm going to kill all the bugs first.

  • Headshot Louie Bfm
    Headshot Louie Bfm 24 days ago


  • houston horse
    houston horse 24 days ago

    The easy way to deflate, and store these inflatables, is to take the fan off the intake tubes, and, starting from the furthest corner away from the intake tubes, start rolling it up. Work towards the intake tubes, and it will deflate very quickly as you roll it up. Some of these also have zippers placed in various sections. just unzip all the zippers, and it will deflate very quickly.

  • Mutha Trucker
    Mutha Trucker 27 days ago

    Thats your address in Chinese 😂 jokes

  • Keith reed
    Keith reed 27 days ago

    I should buy one of these for in my garage

    • Romana Castro
      Romana Castro Day ago

      eBay item number:401665095822
      This is what you need.

  • Formless Like Water
    Formless Like Water 27 days ago

    there's vinyl wrapping you know

  • Dan Desjardins
    Dan Desjardins 29 days ago

    In the summer, you will bake faster than the paint. Wouldn't want it in Arizona or anyplace hot

  • dane fenton
    dane fenton 29 days ago

    What about lighting in that thing?

  • Jonny zealana
    Jonny zealana Month ago +4

    OK I'm selling my house tomorrow for this!!

  • H Max
    H Max Month ago +8

    Couldn't you make a similar spray booth out of pvc tubing and tarps?

  • mrchow489
    mrchow489 Month ago

    That is awesome. I want it

    • Romana Castro
      Romana Castro Day ago

      eBay item number:401665095822
      This is what you want.

  • ygtcbee23
    ygtcbee23 Month ago

    Chinese translation = Deliver to Sam Crac he's Cracked!

  • -
    - Month ago

    Well. U cant paint thats for sure....

  • Mike K4ISR
    Mike K4ISR Month ago

    Closest translation I could find is "gas court" or possibly gas translating to air, and court meaning garage??? So air garage?

  • Antwan Stevenson
    Antwan Stevenson Month ago

    Bro you could build a booth for probably half that cost if not more. Clear tarps with a wood or pvc frame 4, 5 gallon cement buckets and you are good to go

  • tony1967ify
    tony1967ify Month ago

    Those windows aint lasting, youre gonna need something replaceable to put over them.

  • UmmYeahOk
    UmmYeahOk Month ago

    $1300? Couldn't you get a professional to fully paint an entire car for that?

      UNTITLED*RECORDZ 27 days ago

      +UmmYeahOk interesting

    • UmmYeahOk
      UmmYeahOk 27 days ago +1

      UNTITLED*RECORDZ depends on the color and type of paint. I wanted to paint my mustang which is a 94 color and was pretty basic. No metallic, no pearl. We had something cheap mixed and got a gallon because at the time we were going to give another car a full resprayed and didn’t care about it having the correct red. It was about $150 for a gallon. After 5 years the paint started flaking. After 10 years it became to embarrassing to drive, which is a pity, because it’s now a classic.
      I also have a 1967 Triumph GT6. That thing is tiny! Like half the size of my mustang. So clearly it didn’t need a full gallon. So we bought a quart. Wasn’t enough, so we bought another quart. Still not enough. It remains with dry spots all over. You can see the primer in some places.
      The other reason we didn’t go with a full gallon was because the paint was super expensive. I wanted a modern color, and Ford’s Sonic Blue was $800 a gallon. Mazda’s Aurora Blue was $600 a gallon, so we went with that color. I just really wanted that deep blue, with the purplish tint and knew it would compliment the chrome very well. 2 quarts should’ve been enough!

      UNTITLED*RECORDZ 27 days ago +1

      +UmmYeahOk a gallon of paint is no where near 800 dollars. One gallon wouldn't be more then 300$ tops, (average 250$)
      it does not take a gallon or a quart to paint a car bumper.... 1 Pint in a gravity (HVLP) gun will do.
      You can charge about 200 dollars too paint one car (bumper).
      That means if it takes 1 pint too paint a car , 1 gallon can of Paint can paint 8 cars,
      8 cars for 200$ = 1600$
      One gallon of paint will pay this off.

      A little research can come along way!

    • UmmYeahOk
      UmmYeahOk 28 days ago

      UNTITLED*RECORDZ but the problem is that he was demonstrating its use for bumpers, which does not cost $1300 to paint. (Ignoring cost of the actual paint) He would have to paint so many whole cars to make it worth wild. The average viewer won’t do that. We personally would use that to paint 6 cars, but there is no way we would paint those 6 within one decade, so the idea of it paying off, and eventually becoming an investment that saves you money, but within that decade, odds are high that one of the two blower motors will break, or the tent will become damaged during storage.
      Also, he points out several of his own paint flaws, indicating that he is a novice, which is fine, we all are, or we wouldn’t be watching this video. But all that work and wasted paint is not worth the savings, especially if your paint costs $600-800 a gallon. With this in mind, it may still be better to hire a professional.
      What needs to be done is have a company that rents out these booths, like the bounce houses and inflatable signage companies do. $200-400 to rent this thing by the day. That way the consumer does not have to worry about a $1300 product that can get damaged. This guy should consider renting out his, and eventually it may pay for itself.

      UNTITLED*RECORDZ 28 days ago

      That's dumb. Then you have to constantly pay 1300 to have someone paint. Rather then a one time investment of 1300 and now he can paint as much cars as he can.

  • Frank Mayer Studios

    hook up a shop-vac...problem solved

  • Frank Mayer Studios

    excellent review !

    11THEFEZMAN11 Month ago

    How long did it take to show up? I’m trying to order one and keep getting the run around including getting ripped off for $1600

  • Eyvindur Leo
    Eyvindur Leo Month ago

    it says instant noodles

  • spaggard
    spaggard Month ago

    Hey guys! I'm Sam Crevice.

    PJZ MSV Month ago

    You can also put your weed in there

  • chris johnston
    chris johnston Month ago

    @2:59 That’s what she said!

  • Elizabeth Francis
    Elizabeth Francis Month ago +25

    Imagine throwing a mini party with flashing colorful lights and trap music at night! LIT 🤩😂

    • Boss Dogg
      Boss Dogg 14 days ago

      Yes, very lit, work by day, partying in there at night. 😁😁😀

  • ConfusionDistortion

    If Walter White could have, he'd have ordered a fuck ton of these. I mean, this is basically a Heisenberg meth lab starter kit.

  • mauy Thai life
    mauy Thai life Month ago

    Supposed to seal them first so you don't waste paint

  • carlos n
    carlos n Month ago

    Very very cool but very impractical!. Thanks for the video..

  • Sasha Mills
    Sasha Mills Month ago

    You could get quite a few homeless people in there....👍👍

  • Tremor244
    Tremor244 Month ago

    buy a reverse blower, that sucks all the air out , easier to roll it up haha

  • toothybj
    toothybj Month ago +2

    Good luck rolling it back up. If left out, it probably wouldn’t last a year without getting a hole or cracking from the sun.

  • Justin Robichaux
    Justin Robichaux Month ago +1

    Are you related to John C. Riley at all?

  • Walter Payton
    Walter Payton Month ago


  • Adelina Docanto
    Adelina Docanto Month ago

    Man ..i would have a big 🎉 backyard party....

  • Muc SALTO
    Muc SALTO Month ago

    Maybe you get a better job done for half the price if you give your bumpers to the local repair shop? But maybe you would miss the youtube fame?

      THE MESSENGER Month ago

      Sometimes, it's not just about saving money. Sometimes, we work on cars because it's fun and there's no better way to learn, than to do.

  • dimyata
    dimyata Month ago

    Hi, can I use this inflatable room bit.ly/2Cm6Ppw for pure dyeing? Is this good to?

  • Miguel Alvarez
    Miguel Alvarez Month ago

    I’m in love

  • Julien
    Julien Month ago

    I not those are Illegal in Europe regarding the regulation about air flow in spray booth. and I am pretty sure it's also illegal in USA. You also have no temperature and humidity regulation it may create some problems in the paint.
    But sure,if it's just to paint few parts in your backyard, it can do the job.

    • Muc SALTO
      Muc SALTO Month ago

      it is not "illegal" - not in Europe and not in the US. This is for private use, not for a professional workplace. Cool down.

  • 112477fm
    112477fm Month ago +1

    Damn what these weekend warriors always seem to amaze me on how far they are will to go and invest to try be skilled trade auto body techs

    THE MESSENGER Month ago

    Not bad...but be sure to vac up the dirt tracked in by the car's tyres, before you paint and again before you pack it away. It would be good insurance as well to internally install some basic "PVC" frame work on the inside to protect what you are painting, from deflation by loss of power or something, the "PVC" would be a great anchor point for weights as well. Oh...and don't glue the "PVC", or you won't be able to pull it apart again. Just thoughts, I have zero experience with these paint booths. But I'd try one.

      THE MESSENGER Month ago

      +Muc SALTO Not lessons, just ideas and suggestions with a touch of common sense.

    • Muc SALTO
      Muc SALTO Month ago

      zero experience, but giving lessons. My hero!

  • Elenny
    Elenny Month ago

    Hope rolling on it didn’t ruin it, body weight + ground = possible tear.. all it takes is a stubborn little rock

  • Ron Colorado
    Ron Colorado Month ago

    How much was it and where did you buy it? Would love this for car detailing.

    • Romana Castro
      Romana Castro Day ago

      eBay item number:401665095822
      This is what you need.

  • Matt T
    Matt T Month ago +1

    Smaller version of that would be awesome for cars in a hail storm

    • StarGehzer
      StarGehzer Month ago

      Hail would probably shred the tent.

  • Chainsaw Billy
    Chainsaw Billy Month ago

    The Chinese says: “You idiot”

  • Mari577
    Mari577 Month ago


  • James Merritt
    James Merritt Month ago

    I'm sure a person could find a decent paint shop to paint a small car for the ~$3k invested in doing it at home. I guess if you wanted to paint ten cars, you have the largest expenses taken care of but one car might not be worth it.