KUWTK | Was Kim Kardashian Being Watched Before Paris Robbery? | E!

  • Опубликовано: 15 мар 2017
  • The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star details her terrifying experience to sisters Kourtney and Khloé. Listen in.
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    KUWTK | Was Kim Kardashian Being Watched Before Paris Robbery? | E!
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Комментарии • 150

    NOT YO MAMA 4 месяца назад

    This is why shouldn't share almost everything on social media.But I feel bad for kimmy

  • Alexis Robbins
    Alexis Robbins 5 месяцев назад

    What’s the ending theme song ?

  • M. A.
    M. A. 5 месяцев назад

    What a liar. 100% inside job. Watch Steve Stanulis Good Morning Britain

  • Ocean lights
    Ocean lights Год назад +1

    Kim do you really think you can flash a 4 million dollar ring to the world, and people won't come after you? Lol

  • Jaime Fucking Lannister
    Jaime Fucking Lannister Год назад

    Lesson: You need two big scary dudes not just one.

  • tiredmoon
    tiredmoon Год назад

    you guys know where can i watch/download the whole episode?

  • KeLonely
    KeLonely Год назад +1

    I really don't understand how yall think she is lying my friend just went to Paris and got robbed also

  • CatTee V
    CatTee V Год назад

    Kim is SOOOO pretty without too much makeup. I mean go for it, I'm all for makeup, but she's got so much ethic beauty that gets washed out with the heavy contouring in my opinion

  • danielangel vega
    danielangel vega Год назад

    Women who support or watch this drivel of a show are seriously ill and easily to bed🤔#fact

    DYNAMIC Год назад +1

    People actually take this seriously, can't recognize lies and it's adorable, this women is desperately clinging to her last minutes of fame, this is no surprise if your not apart of the plebs who mindlessly listen to this drivel, enjoy your final moment in the spot light before the sheeples attention span runs out and they search for other sources of novelty.

  • Edwin Reynoso
    Edwin Reynoso Год назад +1

    I am sorry this happened to her 😭

  • siej Lv
    siej Lv Год назад

    She's so beautiful even without makeup! 😍

  • klimtklavier
    klimtklavier Год назад

    She instagrams her jewelry wtf does she expect ? Flash your millions of dollars in jewelry and then expect to NOT get robbed ? Honestly I'm betting the whole thing was bullshit... they needed something for their shitty show. I HATE THESE PEOPLE MAKE THEM DISAPPEAR.

  • KungFuHusky
    KungFuHusky Год назад

    and she's making money out of this now...

  • Yahuwah
    Yahuwah Год назад +1


  • Kera Mo
    Kera Mo Год назад

    Paris is trash, what do you expect.

  • TheRachag
    TheRachag Год назад

    Does She looks like Cher?

  • I got a little Pecker
    I got a little Pecker Год назад

    I Hope all the Kardashians and Jenners Die I hope they get shot

  • master25
    master25 Год назад

    like we need this like fake robbery like for our storyline because everyone hates us and like we need this like for the ratings

  • 55giantsfan22
    55giantsfan22 Год назад

    trash whores

  • Love Love
    Love Love Год назад

    Even when I'm not her fan I still feel sorry for her and the people who have to go through this wow scary

  • Chiraq TookaPack
    Chiraq TookaPack Год назад

    Hi everyone! I'm having girl problems and would like some advise. I figured this would be a good video to get a woman's point of view lol

  • TheUnDrunkPCBastard _
    TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ Год назад

    A better question would be: Is she still trying to make money off of this hoax.

  • Frank N. Stein
    Frank N. Stein Год назад

    She was lucky she didn't encounter a rapefugee.

  • Gina A
    Gina A Год назад

    I am not much of a fan of the kardashians and I know they may not be everyone's taste however Kim is a human being someone's mother, sister, wife and daughter and regardless of what people might think no one deserves to be robbed, they are not bad people they do what they have to do make money and we may not like the fascination with them, why or how they are famous but no one should have to face a gun pointing to their head I can only imagine how scary that must have been for her and thank god it didn't end in a tragic story. I really hope that situation put a lot into perspective for them.

  • sage moore
    sage moore Год назад

    Why would you air a show eating placenta? Have you all went mad? For money and fame on this world? Admitting it was flown in, because its illeagal? Not telling anyone? So,, I guess you should change the name of show to "The Cannibles". SICK

  • De/ReIrond
    De/ReIrond Год назад


  • 13furnace
    13furnace Год назад +1

    They're mom started the whole Kardashian brain wash. Kris Jenner is the 3rd anti-christ

  • superhiro Na
    superhiro Na Год назад

    ET U KNOW good and damned well she like ya know like totally like ummmm made the whole thing up because like u know u taped her like ummm confession that she like ummm ya know did it to get like ummmmm attention.

  • sleepy ashe
    sleepy ashe Год назад

    thats the cameraman watching you!

  • G7130
    G7130 Год назад

    Unfortunately yes...her viewers keep watching her and keeping this family on Cable...

  • Tosh Mcflury
    Tosh Mcflury Год назад


  • nacho business
    nacho business Год назад

    why people acting like this is fake? anybody can get touched. no matter who you are or how much money you have. famous people get murdered robbed and raped just like everybody else.

  • EpicGift
    EpicGift Год назад

    Why are people interested in these fake humans?

  • BananaBoat629
    BananaBoat629 Год назад

    I feel like she had it coming...

  • The Matt
    The Matt Год назад

    that Paris robbery was all staged to get clicks n webpage hits to make money

  • Jessica Magana
    Jessica Magana Год назад +2

    I sometimes don't agree with things Kim does but I do believe her and feel really sorry for what she prob had to go through no one deserves that

  • 6TeenCartoonsRock
    6TeenCartoonsRock Год назад

    What's the song at the end called ?

  • Red
    Red Год назад +1

    people in the comments be supporting her when they don't even realize that is all fake and set up Reality shows are fake pretty much everything celebrity out there fake a lot of stuff I don't see how you guys think this is actually really

  • Red
    Red Год назад

    their voices are annoying af

  • Red
    Red Год назад

    how is this trending

  • Coopermaddee Channel
    Coopermaddee Channel Год назад

    You ort the best🤣😂😅

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Год назад

    Idk what was worst this or her sextape...

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Год назад

    Why didnt they kill u? All 3 of u. Dammit!

  • fred
    fred Год назад

    Kim Kardashian has vaginal warts..............

  • Juliano
    Juliano Год назад

    Kourtney's eyebrow's are so uneven

  • SadButTrueHD
    SadButTrueHD Год назад +13


  • sean
    sean Год назад +4

    its honestly disgusting that people are saying Kim faked the robbery.
    No one deserves that.

  • Manuel Arauz
    Manuel Arauz Год назад +1


  • H. Montakhab
    H. Montakhab Год назад

    Can we just talk about how gorgeous her eyes and lashes are

  • Teck Rylee
    Teck Rylee Год назад +13

    was she being watched I don't know she has every f****** minute of her life on every social media app available including TV writing about what she has showing off millions in jewelry what you think was going to happen you dumb b****

  • FAYMprod
    FAYMprod Год назад

    i don't think so judging by her ratings BOOM ROASTED

  • jujucakes
    jujucakes Год назад

    i thought i read that the security guard was asleep. she's saying now that he was out with kourtney.
    dont troll me. im trying to get facts right. what did happen?

  • Soma _
    Soma _ Год назад

    I see you did more with your face Kim

  • ryan bradley
    ryan bradley Год назад +24

    She's a fat troll no talent ignorance of America

    • Ahmi Sees
      Ahmi Sees Год назад

      ryan bradley it's been a week mate . . . move along

    • Ahmi Sees
      Ahmi Sees Год назад +2

      ryan bradley I feel like this comment really summarizes who you are. Fat and a troll

  • Amberly love
    Amberly love Год назад +1

    That's why you don't put your Business out for the world to see there is too many bad people in the world. Smh you just can't .

  • ale f.
    ale f. Год назад +6

    Am I the only one that thinks this is a hoax just so they can be the center of attention once again. They are so good at it lol Kardashian fans are so brainwashed! they really don't get that when they are "trending" (for example this robbery) they are getting $$$$$ 😂

    • Fernando
      Fernando 8 месяцев назад

      exactly but followers are so dumb, these bitches look dumb but they're not but it's amazing the lengths they will go through to get attention and money.

    • hichkas021
      hichkas021 Год назад +1

      ale f. exactly!! kardashians will kill for attention and money..people need to wake up

  • wannabe greek
    wannabe greek Год назад +5

    true paris is a beautiful city and amazing for many reasons but it is dangerous also like I believe it's the capital for pick pocketers and criminals in general . However this was real sad I wouldn't like that to happen to nobody but if this was done for ratings then this is sad .

  • Kasandra Howaniak
    Kasandra Howaniak Год назад +124

    If you have seen any of the few movies/series Kim has appeared in you will know that she is a HORRIBLE actress, and you can't fake the trauma and pain that's in her eyes. The fact that people think this is still fake, after people have been charged and imprisoned, is ridiculous. Please separate your hate towards this family, from reality. She was robbed at gunpoint, it was traumatic and poor or rich, that's something that is traumatic for everyone. And yes there are millions of people who go through that yearly, but that doesn't make it any less traumatic for her.

    • Love Mac
      Love Mac Год назад

      Kasandra Howaniak it's b'cos she's So fake in and out, that's why ppl don't take her /and her stories serious. It's no one's fault, everyone lives his /her life differently, she chose the fake way, let her do. No matter what's happening around life goes on....fake or real....

    • danielangel vega
      danielangel vega Год назад

      Kasandra Howaniak did she not do exactly the same thing to (Kris Humphrey?) without a gun ,she did exactly that,I only wish she would have been shot(and I'm a bad person for wishing that? No ) morons that flaunt their wealth,should be robbed!🤔

  • JessePinkman
    JessePinkman Год назад +54

    i honestly don't know whats worse.
    Kim: media personality
    Rest of the world: wishing death upon someone.
    ? ...I'm done with people acting high and mighty. you're faker than the person you're pointing to who you want dead.

    • Pat.is.online
      Pat.is.online Год назад +1


    • Pat.is.online
      Pat.is.online Год назад

      VengieanceSake5 You don't really know what Kim's life is when he cameras are off.

    • Michelle T
      Michelle T Год назад +4

      I believe people who wish death on celebs, like the kardashians, are having a lot of trouble defeating their own personal challenges, and need someone with a better life to blame it on.

  • Angel Swaz
    Angel Swaz Год назад

    How was she "all alone" though??? Doesn't she always have a huge team of people with her like her glam team all that other BS

  • Francesco Cardillo
    Francesco Cardillo Год назад


  • Ylva Bjarnson
    Ylva Bjarnson Год назад +2

    She fired Pascal for no reason before the holidays. He has children! He had nothing to do with it and couldn't be in two places at once. Either go to the club with her sisters or stay home with her. If they needed more security, that was up to Kim's mother Kris, who is after all her manager. Kris should have been fired - not Pascal!

  • Ann Moore
    Ann Moore Год назад

    Yeah! Some one was watching! TRUMP! 🤔

  • Bieber HQ
    Bieber HQ Год назад +13

    Hate Kim or not, you have to respect her for saying so strong after this. She is a beautiful mum, and daughter.

    • Andrew Medina
      Andrew Medina Год назад

      Ziya J you're a sick sheep

    • Ziya Jalon
      Ziya Jalon Год назад

      Y'all are some sick people thinking it's fake...

    • Cobolt Blue
      Cobolt Blue Год назад

      +Brianna S. yes I would get over it because it was a robbery and I wasn't shot. We're not all rich sensitive snowflakes.

    • Brianna S.
      Brianna S. Год назад

      Trolololol !!! If you had a gun pointed at you and your life was in danger would you just get over it. No! It will haunt you for the rest of your life. It is also a possibility that it could happen again. Until you have been in her position you have no reason to judge someone.

    • Cobolt Blue
      Cobolt Blue Год назад

      +Bieber HQ "few weeks" that's still a long time.

  • K Kkkk
    K Kkkk Год назад +4

    I'm sorry but it is so shady and sketchy to me that they did all of this to her and did not kill her. Like you are Kim kardashian we've seen this before with celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton the bling ring I mean how do you have oneeeeee security with you?? Is that a joke? Just the whole thing seems so shady

    • Red
      Red Год назад +1

      K Kkkk I'm pretty sure it was a setup to give herself attention cause she is irrelevant

  • Mynymal
    Mynymal Год назад +35

    Everybody knows that Paris it's not safe ! I knew that the moment Chuck Bass was shot and Blair's engagement ring was stolen so sad.

  • Cheektowaga Music
    Cheektowaga Music Год назад

    People who care have no lives of their own. They had no idea of who her father was, yet they support women's rights, what a messed up world. Her father made a career of defending rapists and murders i.e. OJ Simpson you morons.

  • Alexa N
    Alexa N Год назад +19

    omg they are still talking about this fake robbery

    • Ayah Bakr
      Ayah Bakr Год назад +1

      Harely Morenstein wow sooo delusional... Idk if u know this but.. BAD THINGS HAPPEN SOMETIMES just because they're famous doesn't mean nothing happens to them

    • Harely Morenstein
      Harely Morenstein Год назад +2

      Fake indeed. They got the idea from those swimmers from the Brazil Olympics last summer who made up the story that they got robbed. They knew how much attention it would get them so they set it up.

  • OS M
    OS M Год назад +170

    NOBODY deserves to have their own personal & private living space, be violated, intruded upon by total strangers, all to be held at gunpoint & robbed JUST for MATERIAL POSSESSIONS. It's beyond sickening how there is actually hateful people who, because of their hatred for Kim & her family, they're cheering on for a sick & perverse, twisted invasion by intruders! There are hateful people who are so happy this happened to Kim, saying that she actually "deserves it"!!! NOBODY DESERVES TO BE INTRUDED, INVADED OF THEIR PERSONAL SPACE, HELD AT GUNPOINT, SCARED FOR THEIR OWN LIFE. NOBODY.

    • blastercombo audio
      blastercombo audio Год назад

      Daughter of Jesus Christ 7 yes some people do. People who kill innocent children deserve it and so do many others.

    • danielangel vega
      danielangel vega Год назад

      Daughter of Jesus Christ 7 Ummmmm she does, does she not do exactly what you just wrote down? The answer is YES , you to stupid to notice cause of this show #Fact

  • Diamond Silva
    Diamond Silva Год назад +18

    And they couldn't kill her smh🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Harely Morenstein
      Harely Morenstein Год назад +2

      Princesses...*sigh. Kim is irrelevant and set this robbery all up.

    • Scorpion_
      Scorpion_ Год назад +3

      DYW Videos I agree even though I hate her I'm glad she she's okay, she's a mother and wife and that's what's important

    • RoundFace
      RoundFace Год назад +1

      +Havoc Z no its hilarious.

    • BB Bish
      BB Bish Год назад +4

      She isn't just "Kim Kardashian" she's an actual human being.Even if you were joking that's mest up

    • vivelafandom
      vivelafandom Год назад +14

      Amy Rodriguez youre disgusting...

  • Hasan Iqbal
    Hasan Iqbal Год назад +14

    this is so fake where was her security and why tf u makin a big deal out of being robbed. most people just get insurance done and keep it off social media. but she likes to create new stupid drama.

    • tammyot
      tammyot Год назад +1

      Genium BlaZe being robbed at gun point and tied up is not your average robbery...

    • klimtklavier
      klimtklavier Год назад

      It's a living ! LOL...

    • Xavier Salazar
      Xavier Salazar Год назад

      Alicia inside job smh

    • Harely Morenstein
      Harely Morenstein Год назад +2

      So much Kardashian princess here. Go watch your Jersey Shore because reality is too much for you to comprehend.

    GORDON RAMSAY'S GIRL Год назад +8

    lmao at this being buzzfeed unsolved mysteries for a second


    Some Americans laugh at her but as long as one live one never knows😊😊Good courage Kim I believe you I live in Paris since 1996 they broke my door caught all my jewels,my computer,all yet I'm not known😥😥

  • Antonio Leyva
    Antonio Leyva Год назад +42

    I may not like and praise Kim but She didn't deserve this or anyone actually

  • Sarah Abdelkebir
    Sarah Abdelkebir Год назад +1

    Paris dit qu'on ta attacké parce que t'est était trop deguelase toute ta vie il faurrait arrêter ça

  • teresa albin
    teresa albin Год назад +7

    This is so 😭 sad...Kim I love you

  • Denz Khalifa
    Denz Khalifa Год назад +414

    I'm sorry but no matter who you are, rich or poor, famous or not, wheter you hate or love the Kardashian family, no one deserves to be held up at gun point and robbed of some of their most prized possessions and things that mean the world to them.

    • Kaylea Miller
      Kaylea Miller 11 месяцев назад

      Danilo Luna Campos to

    • Jaime Fucking Lannister
      Jaime Fucking Lannister Год назад

      Danilo Luna Campos I saw this on twitter and wanted to say it again XD

    • Danilo Luna Campos
      Danilo Luna Campos Год назад +1

      Gunpoint is a what not a where. When people say ¨robbed at gunpoint they mean that someone put a gun to their head and robbed them. I also thought gunpoint was a place and thought why do people still go there.

    • Jaime Fucking Lannister
      Jaime Fucking Lannister Год назад

      Kylie-Ariana Khalifa Where is this gun point?

  • Adama Kanu
    Adama Kanu Год назад +519

    I have lived in Paris... trust me as romantic as it is, people are always robbing and plotting to steal your things. Paris is beautiful but it can get real ghetto real quick. I am sorry this happened to her.

    • ELLE B
      ELLE B Год назад

      My parents left. Our culture never used to be this way. Thanks mass migration.

    • Cheeto Bandido
      Cheeto Bandido Год назад

      Adama Kanu get on subway after dark

      NOTHING BURGER Год назад +3

      Too bad they didn't murder her, E! would be forced to think of something else for a change.

    • Saige Kupihea
      Saige Kupihea Год назад +3

      Same thing in Hawai'i. Its beautiful and all but it ain't. I'm a local from da island of O'ahu. Alot of people steal, rob, kidnapped, sexual assault people, fight, harass people and many other horrible things.

    • RED ROSE
      RED ROSE Год назад +1

      +Hugh Janus 👌👌👌👌 ya mad

  • eboy94
    eboy94 Год назад +74

    It hasn't even started and I can't handle it 😭😭

    • lee Linde
      lee Linde Год назад

      blastercombo audio that's not o.k. firstly you don't know the Kardashian enough to support that much to tell someone to kill themselves!like bro that's disgusting

    • lee Linde
      lee Linde Год назад +16

      eboy94 Then don't watch it