Frank Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Michael Fassbender, Maggie Gyllenhaal Movie HD

  • Published on Jul 30, 2014
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    Frank Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Michae Fassbender, Maggie Gyllenhaal Movie HD
    Frank is a comedy about a young wannabe musician, Jon, who discovers he's bitten off more than he can chew when he joins a band of eccentric pop musicians led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank and his terrifying sidekick, Clara. Frank's uniqueness lies in the fact that he makes music purely for the joy of creating...and because he wears a giant fake head. After a rocky start, Jon ingratiates himself with the band members, and they retreat to a cabin in the woods to record an album. As his influence waxes, creative tensions mount, and the band's entire raison d'être is called into question.
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Comments • 152

  • محمد علي
    محمد علي 4 hours ago

    The movie was extremely funny, Michael's body movements and line delivery were insanely hilarious

  • Connorscooldrawings
    Connorscooldrawings 2 months ago

    What will this movie be about

  • Reothadh
    Reothadh 2 months ago +1

    They just ripped the head from frank sidebottom and made the movie have nothing to do with him

  • Scorch428
    Scorch428 3 months ago +4


  • Scorch428
    Scorch428 3 months ago

    why hire Fassbender, one of our generations best actors if you dont even need to show his face....

  • princeminski47
    princeminski47 6 months ago +3

    A terrific movie, but maybe not for people who only know Fassbender as "Magneto."

  • Edd Sou
    Edd Sou 6 months ago

    Whats the name of the mental problem Frank have?

  • findashley bot
    findashley bot 8 months ago


  • zact lee
    zact lee 9 months ago +2

    Love how they put micheal fassbender in this trailer. Its like 'oh and this weird guy with papermache fake head, its micheal fassbender..
    So yeah. Better see it.'

  • Alex Tapisevic
    Alex Tapisevic 10 months ago +1

    Cast one of the most talented and handsome actors today... put a mask on him.
    I´ll be the one wearing a mask if I where an actor.

  • attckonutube
    attckonutube 11 months ago

    This is my 28th favorite movie

  • SourLaser
    SourLaser Year ago

    Movie sucked. Just a crazy lazy manipulating a mentally ill man.

  • fcukausername
    fcukausername Year ago

    unfortunately the funniest parts of the movie are right here in this trailer.

  • ProtestSong68
    ProtestSong68 Year ago +2

    how can someone have a masterful performance without a face

  • ed mndz
    ed mndz Year ago +1

    At first i thought he was Elijah wood

  • Carl Bochanski
    Carl Bochanski Year ago +1

    this movie came out right around the time my life started to fall apart

  • Jogoc
    Jogoc Year ago

    Imagine what if they added a "Filthy" to "Frank"? What kind of movie would that be?

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor Year ago +1

    Maggie Gyllenhaal is so disturbing to look at. I WISH she could have played Frank.

  • kara badger_ironsight

    nice1 chris... really thank you.. totally understood you...

  • oui oui
    oui oui 2 years ago

    This is good, watch it

  • LaDracul
    LaDracul 2 years ago

    Why do I feel this should be a factor in casting Michael Fassbender as the Phantom of the Opera in Dark Universe?! He's a strange musical genius in a mask as well...

  • UniQueLyEviL
    UniQueLyEviL 2 years ago

    Heeeey that guy from Black Mirror! I need to see this.

  • Karla Edith
    Karla Edith 2 years ago

    I need more movies with this kind of style. Melancholic and funny. Recommendations?!?!?!

  • Lesleigh Hart
    Lesleigh Hart 2 years ago +24

    Just watched it and it was brilliant :)

    • ITUpgrades
      ITUpgrades 2 years ago

      ɷ I Haveeee Watched Thisss Moviee Leakedddd Versionnn Hereeee : -

  • Blind D00m
    Blind D00m 2 years ago +1

    dose anyone know what the song is that plays in the background ??

    • terriblelove1
      terriblelove1 27 days ago

      It's called Swamp Stomp (don't know the name of the artist). Found it on Altitude Music (0203 051 7936) - ALT 047 Indie Fest's album. Hope that helps!

  • Luckyduck XoXo
    Luckyduck XoXo 2 years ago

    What is this movie about

    • Aidan Xavier
      Aidan Xavier Year ago

      Luckyduck XoXo a lot of things. Wacky misadventures of some band whose name no one can pronounce. Themes of inspiration, music, self expression, and a few other things

  • Erika
    Erika 3 years ago +14

    got stoned and started watching this movie and i am so tripped out and feel so sad

    • Allison M.
      Allison M. 6 months ago +1

      I’m here debating whether I might join the club

    • MrDiamondism
      MrDiamondism 7 months ago

      Hahahaha man I feel you. Did exactly the same thing and it was a crazy experience

    • princeminski47
      princeminski47 8 months ago

      Perhaps there should be a warning label.

  • Astoria Vaelarys
    Astoria Vaelarys 3 years ago +24

    So that's how Magneto and General Hux met. Through music and a bigger helmet head to block Charles Xavier while his going to Texas. I'm pretty sure Hux already ditched Kylo somewhere.

  • DNexusYT
    DNexusYT 3 years ago

    Helmets are cool

  • Le Fleur Golf
    Le Fleur Golf 3 years ago +7

    I'm only going to be watching this movie for Domhnall Gleeson.

  • Varvara G
    Varvara G 3 years ago +4

    Maybe I'm strange but I was crying during of laught this movie X) It's so hilarious ! Lots of people find it strange, sad, dark... But I just love it and I found this sooooo fun !

    HIGHTONE 4 years ago +100

    I hate how they try to make it seem like a comedy when the movie is actually really dark.

    • miranda b
      miranda b 2 months ago

      HIGHTONE I love how they tried to make it seem like a comedy when the movie was actually really dark.

    • Mary007
      Mary007 3 years ago +5

      i actually found it hilariously funny and sad!appreciative smile followed by a wistful tear😢

    • Dao Yang
      Dao Yang 3 years ago +11

      @caz dark humor is very niche. it's hard to enjoy because you don't come to appreciate it, you're just born with that kind of taste.

    • caz
      caz 4 years ago +16

      It is a comedy, its a dark comedy. its not funny to most people unless you appreciate this sort of humor

  • Jasmine B
    Jasmine B 4 years ago +2

    This movie is hilarious

  • 2 D
    2 D 4 years ago +3

    Saw it ...Fell asleep...Woke up naked

  • MovieFreakGirl89
    MovieFreakGirl89 4 years ago +1

    I have no idea what I just watched but I want to watch it again!

  • Peter Leonardo
    Peter Leonardo 4 years ago +4


  • RJD
    RJD 4 years ago

    The movie was excellent. Definately suprised me.

  • renevp2
    renevp2 4 years ago

    This is a very good and enjoyable movie, didn't know what I was about to watch, but what a surprise.

  • vqdyonzwet
    vqdyonzwet 4 years ago

    worse movie ever. I watch this movie yesterday. had a terrible night watching this movie.

  • Tim Schweizer
    Tim Schweizer 4 years ago +2

    The most likeable movie of the year... ;)

  • Clive Cox
    Clive Cox 4 years ago

    i thought it was great

  • Andrexthor
    Andrexthor 4 years ago +6

    If you are one of those well trained musicians who absolutely HATE to hear people singing /playing out of tune, do not watch this movie.

  • tirant loblanc
    tirant loblanc 4 years ago

    Is that the drummer from autolux???

  • Elias Solis
    Elias Solis 4 years ago

    "Frank Sidebottom", that is the only thing that I’m going to said.

  • Mary Jane Prothro-Jones
    Mary Jane Prothro-Jones 4 years ago +4

    So tragic for all of you who didn't "get" this movie. OMG. Go see Star Wars 13.

  • Natalie Rose
    Natalie Rose 4 years ago

    This movie made me laugh like crazy, but I did cry a bit in the end. Top-notch stuff. Maybe a little weird for your average audience, but it was clever and funny with some great writing and acting.

  • Samantha Erika Goyagoy
    Samantha Erika Goyagoy 4 years ago +1

    Could also humor Daft Punk.

  • Robby Cabana
    Robby Cabana 4 years ago +2

    this is so weird but i want to see it...

  • Veggie Gamer
    Veggie Gamer 4 years ago +2

    OK, I know that this isn't meant to be an exact representation of Frank Sidebottom, but they could have at least given the movie the same kind of humour :( Also, having him with an american accent is just... wrong.
    If you don't know of Frank Sidebottom's work, google him and you will see what I mean. I liked the idea of the movie when I first heard of it, but this isn't a proper tribute to the man imo.

    • Scorch428
      Scorch428 3 months ago +1

      He was in Filth, one of the best movies ever!!

    • Natalie Rose
      Natalie Rose 4 years ago

      I think Frank Sidebottom would've liked the little tribute, to be honest. I don't think he would've liked to have his identity over-analyzed and picked apart. Just a little homage, I think. But that's just me. I love Frank Sidebottom and also loved to movie, but it takes all kinds. :)

  • aiko ponce
    aiko ponce 4 years ago +12

    frank scared the crap out of me.

  • Rebekah Lin
    Rebekah Lin 4 years ago

    Whats the song that starts at 0:19?

    • terriblelove1
      terriblelove1 27 days ago

      It's called Swamp Stomp (don't know the name of the artist). Found it on Altitude Music (0203 051 7936) - ALT 047 Indie Fest's album. Hope that helps!

  • Kate The Great
    Kate The Great 4 years ago

    I can't find this anywhere. :-[

  • FrontalNgagemnT
    FrontalNgagemnT 4 years ago

    Whats in his armpit????

  • DJ Calzar
    DJ Calzar 4 years ago

    Looks shite

  • freddy gaspar
    freddy gaspar 4 years ago

    que acabo de ver? de que se trata la pelicula?

  • Saania Zehra Jamal
    Saania Zehra Jamal 4 years ago +6

    This is so weird.
    I love it.

  • S Obma
    S Obma 4 years ago

    I'm not unique enough to understand this trailer. Seriously!

  • Tracy Marten
    Tracy Marten 4 years ago +2

    Loveee Michael Fassbender

    SMAYE 4 years ago

    Stupid ending to the movie

  • tyronecurlew
    tyronecurlew 4 years ago

    She's more unattractive to put in a lead role

  • Maddie Bretz
    Maddie Bretz 4 years ago +1

    one word to describe it WIERD

    • Martin Lee
      Martin Lee 4 years ago

      Well yea cause of judge mental people like u should die

  • MrThehammer171
    MrThehammer171 4 years ago +1


    • Scorch428
      Scorch428 3 months ago

      Only God Forgives wasnt that great...just a pretentious mess...

  • Giselle Silva
    Giselle Silva 4 years ago

    It looks good!!

  • toobasaurus23
    toobasaurus23 4 years ago


  • Kyle Money
    Kyle Money 4 years ago

    Wow, over 28 thousand views and not a single comment yet

  • phartonoable
    phartonoable 4 years ago +21

    So... Frank NEVER takes off that head thing??? So... We'll never see Michael's sexy ass face??????

  • Prince Blake
    Prince Blake 4 years ago

    Frank is ripped

  • CorvixEyes
    CorvixEyes 4 years ago +84

    Nice helmet, Magneto. It really gives you character.

  • Tuan Lam
    Tuan Lam 4 years ago +9

    Frank is Magneto. Cough cough

    • Tuan Lam
      Tuan Lam 4 years ago +1

      @Martin Lee I'm sorry that I used Magneto as a reference once. l o l

    • Martin Lee
      Martin Lee 4 years ago

      Stop mentioning x men

  • Jamie Locke
    Jamie Locke 4 years ago +1

    So has anyone watched this? Does Frank take his mask off?

    • Mad Sin
      Mad Sin 4 years ago

      @Jamie Locke oh dont mention it brother

    • Jamie Locke
      Jamie Locke 4 years ago

      @Mad Sin
      Thanks for getting back to me Mad Sin.

    • Mad Sin
      Mad Sin 4 years ago

      yeah he does...i loved the movie tho

  • godzillakiller1
    godzillakiller1 4 years ago +159

    People didn't care who he was until he put on the mask

    • Captain Z
      Captain Z 9 months ago +3

      godzillakiller1 🤦‍♂️

  • a productive use of my time | Socratic irony

    He ends up being an already famous musician that faked his death spoiler alert.

  • Sanah Anjum Shaik
    Sanah Anjum Shaik 4 years ago +1

    Gotta watch his eating skills 😝😝

  • Hollis Mills
    Hollis Mills 4 years ago

    Looks hilarious

  • commentcomingthrough
    commentcomingthrough 4 years ago +4

    Saw it at the LA Film Festival, it was awesome!

  • Shameless Player
    Shameless Player 4 years ago

    huh? first

  • Daniel Andrade
    Daniel Andrade 4 years ago

    i expected this as a scary movie

  • nileyfan1998
    nileyfan1998 4 years ago

    Only at Sundance....

  • MildManNerd
    MildManNerd 4 years ago +58

    Featuring the voice of Michael Fassbender.... 0_o

  • Queen EpicStory
    Queen EpicStory 4 years ago

    toooooooooo funnnnny

  • Ricziden
    Ricziden 4 years ago


  • Tatiana Apelian
    Tatiana Apelian 4 years ago

    I saw it on the plane. It's awesome.

  • Ash
    Ash 4 years ago

    What's the song that plays at the starting?

    • terriblelove1
      terriblelove1 27 days ago

      It's called Swamp Stomp (don't know the name of the artist). Found it on Altitude Music (0203 051 7936) - ALT 047 Indie Fest's album. Hope that helps!

  • Xavier Taylor
    Xavier Taylor 4 years ago

    Alex Shuffell knows what's up.

  • dumbodonus
    dumbodonus 4 years ago +66

    That's It.
    That was the last idea for an original movie.

    • Reothadh
      Reothadh 2 months ago

      They just ripped the head from frank sidebottom and made the movie have nothing to do with him

    • kyle pevensie
      kyle pevensie 3 months ago

      Based on a true story tho

    • funkybub
      funkybub 5 months ago +1

      @Dariush Asadi Literally the film had nothing in common with the real life story

    • sandwich gaming
      sandwich gaming 7 months ago

      @Dariush Asadi thats cool

    • Dariush Asadi
      Dariush Asadi 7 months ago

      @sandwich gaming yeah the screenwriter of the film wrote an autobio about his experiences with the band and his fascination with Frank.

  • Real Movie Fans Don't Watch Twilight

    Looks fantastic

  • The Purg Podcast
    The Purg Podcast 4 years ago +45

    Thought this was a horror movie

    • FeedCola
      FeedCola 4 years ago

      @Joe Smith no it sucks you in and spins you around dumbass

    • FeedCola
      FeedCola 4 years ago

      @Joe Smith how do I get kicked by air?

    • FeedCola
      FeedCola 4 years ago

      @Joe Smith I'm human air will go right through me. P.s you can't bend what you can't see ;)

    • FeedCola
      FeedCola 4 years ago

      So is avatar

  • Daniel Henry Silver
    Daniel Henry Silver 4 years ago +7

    Saw this weeks ago. This and Boyhood are both two of the best films in the last 10 years. It is so incredibly funny and depressing at the same time. Plus the music is fantastic!

  • SoundtrackFanGirlFa
    SoundtrackFanGirlFa 4 years ago

    didnt this trailer come out in March?

  • Androe Sensei
    Androe Sensei 4 years ago

    Well it's unique

  • Leviathon672015
    Leviathon672015 4 years ago +9

    White people will love this movie. It's written in between the scenes: Specially made for white people.

  • Marvin Pacay
    Marvin Pacay 4 years ago +4

    Frank Punk...

  • LordAugastus
    LordAugastus 4 years ago +2

    It stopped showing in cinema (only one who showed it) in my city today.
    Watched it, still conflicted about it.

    • Lambpika
      Lambpika 4 years ago +2

      @Jamie Locke michael bloody fassbender that sexy man

    • Jamie Locke
      Jamie Locke 4 years ago +2

      Can you tell me if we get to see the Frank under the mask??

  • Xenia
    Xenia 4 years ago +1

    i'm so disappointed(
    it wasn't good at all.

  • daisypizza
    daisypizza 4 years ago


  • sunny poudel
    sunny poudel 4 years ago +4

    this is shit movie

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen 4 years ago +14

    This hasn't come out yet? I swear I saw a trailer for this a while back?

    • Irvin Kabasele
      Irvin Kabasele 4 years ago

      172 .Dsccfg yobssi qm

    • Daniel Thureskog
      Daniel Thureskog 4 years ago +1

      You are correct, but last time this trailer was released it was for a film festival. This is for the limited U.S. theatrical release and it will be shown in Sweden and other countries soon.

    • Bryan Andrade
      Bryan Andrade 4 years ago

      It's for the US release. It was only released in the UK.

    • Tim Summers
      Tim Summers 4 years ago

      I think there are a few clips that have been changed in the trailer

  • Ricardo Rivas
    Ricardo Rivas 4 years ago +1

    WTF is this?

  • Kervens B
    Kervens B 4 years ago