Inside a raid on Texas home with 62 undocumented immigrants

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
  • Near the U.S.-Mexico border, federal agents in Edinburg, Texas, allowed CBS News' David Begnaud inside a home during a raid of smuggled, undocumented immigrants. Inside were 62 people mostly from Central America.
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Comments • 5 576

  • Charlie Keiner
    Charlie Keiner Day ago +1

    Should have set fire to it

  • Robert Nelson
    Robert Nelson Day ago

    Hey mesos the us isnt your wet nurse. Entiende "amigos". Cant even feed your children. Its because u have too many of them. Medevil fools. The sword of modern logic is sharpening against you as we speak.. And when time comes to strike it will with a vengence. Latin: english for uninvited violator

  • Dam Big Foot
    Dam Big Foot 5 days ago

    This should be the kitchen of every virtue signalling cuckold. 60 smelly brown men in every house of the Jew or Democrat.

  • Alias1983
    Alias1983 6 days ago

    Deport the Chinese too. And put an immigration ban on people with PRC passports.

  • Jg 003
    Jg 003 7 days ago

    The u.s. will be asia very soon!

  • iHeartOiSkanks
    iHeartOiSkanks 8 days ago

    3 and 4 children. Why have any kids if you can’t afford them?

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 2 days ago

      @Devin Peirce where does it say illegally get money from tax payers? Whatever they do with their lives here is still nobodies business. Just like when white women open their legs all the time have all this kids while living off of welfare. Enjoy checks from the goverment while still having more kids. You don't know where all these kids go. Some get adopted and majority of them are in the foster care system. There's really no where to judge in this situation because at the end of the day everyone human being on this planet have more then 4 kids. 🤷‍♀️

    • Devin Peirce
      Devin Peirce 2 days ago

      Julissa Flores I'm not a Christian but I just think if they are poor , they should not be having lots of kids . How will they afford to care for them ? Will they depend on tax payers. They can use birth control which should be free in my opinion

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 2 days ago

      @Devin Peirce okay ? And your point is what? Christian don't believe in abortion either so your comment doesn't quite make sense . 🤔 people are rich and can afford abortion can abort many arent so lucky. That's why there is so many children being killed, rapped, abused, and left in foster care with parents who can't support them or don't want them. Don't try to blame immigrants for having more then 4 children being poor when American do the same exact thing and end up on welfare and other benefits. But

    • Devin Peirce
      Devin Peirce 2 days ago

      Julissa Flores well usually immigrated are very catholic and don't believe in abortions so they don't lol. I don't believe in anyone abusing the welfare system but I do believe in abortions even until 9 months

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 2 days ago

      @Devin Peirce you act like brown people don't do abortions lol. Funny because majority gringos can afford things other don't. But yet some gringos are on welfare buying Gucci hand bags while acting like "their poor" lmao 😂😂 thought Americans are opposed from women having abortions before the 6 week mark. Lol

  • lilliwolf1
    lilliwolf1 9 days ago

    Send them back

  • velda Jacobs
    velda Jacobs 9 days ago

    Good for her.

  • Edward Snowden
    Edward Snowden 14 days ago

    There are a lot of houses used for such, at times people are actually coerced and blackmailed (young women) (and also everyone else) for more money and services. For one it puts a pause on the cartels and other criminal organizations economy. Also saves a lot of lives coming here legally.

  • John Fitzgerald
    John Fitzgerald 15 days ago +1

    What's wrong with single fed up with American ladies heterosexual men? Lets marry the single ladies from Mexico, then you can folk all day long......for free!
    Hook it up

  • Farmer Bold
    Farmer Bold 16 days ago

    1. OBAMA was right at the time.
    2. TRUMP is right at this time.
    America must survive against a rising mafia-China & Putin, and ENDLESS (AS IN "ENDLESS") millions upon millions of super-fast breeding ILLEGAL-aliens or ILLEGAL-migrants DISRESPECTING American laws: Paying 7-9 thousand dollars to criminal traffickers of aliens and drugs for illegal entry into the US, stealing a reported 39-million social security numbers (that's more than 11-12 million illegal-aliens falsely-reported to be in the US), committing millions of opportunistic-thefts myself as a victim of multiple opportunistic-thefts (guns, latter, extremely-slow contractual-work on my home and etc), and endless lawlessness not being caught or reported by US media. The new open-border policy of the liberal city mayors and Washington DC representatives is traitorously surrendering America's sovereignty and identity to lawless illegal aliens/migrants. They number in the endless-millions due to proximity to the US. And it is relatively easy to game or trick American laws & enforcement or lack thereof. For decades, they have been breeding literally like rabbits without any restraint or regard for affordability but paid for by US tax payer funded welfare. Loss of millions of jobs needed by hopeless American citizens (White & Black but esp Blacks) not counted or news-reported in recorded statistics and costing about one-trillion dollars per every decade (10-years) to illegal immigration. Now this does not include the 7-million per Latino couple over a ten-year period that is traditional of "anchor babies" paid for in free money, food, education, housing etc and growing up to vote for democrats wanting their votes by fighting hard for NO border wall and no border enforcement and no US sovereignty.
    And, by-the-way, the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution was eventually ratified in 1868 (NOT 1968) following the American Civil War ending SLAVERY and unifying America into ONE nation. That context clearly indicates it was designed and ratified to help stop the torture and murders of ex-slaves and their children/descendants ... by granting them CITIZENSHIP! not for endless-millions of Latinos paying thousands of dollars to criminal traffickers to get illegal aliens/illegal migrants illegal-entry into the US TO BREED ENDLESS MILLIONS OF "ANCHOR BABIES" UNDER THE >>>>>>>"JURISDICTION"

  • Edwin Monterroza
    Edwin Monterroza 18 days ago +1

    Coming soon to a neighborhood near you to build your house and pick the food you eat from the fields something Americans don’t wanna do.

  • Eliza t
    Eliza t 18 days ago

    Stop making up stories cartel don't deal with smuggling stupids!!! It's a cover up behind all this is trump some of the caravans leaders have said it all comes from the U.S goverment.

  • Audrey Delphia
    Audrey Delphia 20 days ago

    Checking back in. I'm not about cruelty. Just not benefits for illegals.

  • Michelle Green
    Michelle Green 21 day ago +1

    Now how do we do this to the rest of these ALIENS 👽!!!

  • Jeep 4low
    Jeep 4low 21 day ago +1

    Obama's private army . People wonder why Americans are buying guns and ammo . We are being invaded and the government is letting it happen .

  • Gone2Texas
    Gone2Texas 25 days ago

    Texas looks like old Mexico now. 🤠

  • Edwin Monterroza
    Edwin Monterroza 25 days ago +1

    I see more white homeless people on the streets on the off ramps asking for money. These illegals like you all call them come to work on the fields and construction.

  • kay manning
    kay manning 25 days ago +1

    Send them back already

  • kay manning
    kay manning 25 days ago +1

    Nothing but men. Send them back

  • Lonewalker
    Lonewalker 25 days ago

    We have a global problem, of nordic viking europeans that have 100% (ILLEGALLY) with organized terrorism, invaded, and illegally with racist terrorism, occupy, america, africa, australia, and parts of asia. Why people of africa run to europe, which is a dumb with no natural resources, everything in europe has been stolen from america, asia, and africa,. why the indigenus peoples in central and south america, whom european have traded places with, run from their lands, these european terrorists invaders, have invaded each and every single country in central south america, and the islands on the pasific, and atlantic oceans of our american continent. these european have destroyed the occonomies of central south america, and africa, assasinating leaders that stand against their nordic viking global terrorism, those people are not invaders, those people run for unnatural occurrences cause by unnatural european terrorist invaders in america, africa, and other non-european lands across the globe. america, and the planet has global problem, of the nordic viking european global paracite=facts, a problem that humanity, globally will gave to deal with sooner than later, weather some of us like it or not....

  • Misha Rasic
    Misha Rasic 26 days ago

    must watch

  • africa the great
    africa the great 26 days ago +1

    What if hillary won. these illegals people would still be here taking our jobs and naborhoods, go backhome.... its the law.

  • Bob Suyak
    Bob Suyak 28 days ago +5

    Immigrants my a.s, they are illegal aliens no more PC for me.

  • It's Live Meow
    It's Live Meow 28 days ago

    Notice the traffickers took better care of them than Trumps detentions centers.

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 26 days ago

      It's Live Meow as saying traffickers rape women and beat them that doesn’t sound like better care to me.

  • James Jones
    James Jones Month ago +3

    Keep families together in their own country. Build the wall.

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 3 days ago

      @James Jones lol he's replacing the two wall that's stands and making more to it where there isn't anything. But funny part is half the lands who have nothing like a wall are private property and have restricted rules in order to have a wall there. But yet again What I say is false right ? My family has lands on where the border is supposed to go through but can't because its private property. Lol

    • James Jones
      James Jones 3 days ago

      @Julissa Flores I live in South Texas and see the new wall going up where there has never been one. How close to the border do you live? Shouldn't spout off when you don't know what your saying.

    • Devin Peirce
      Devin Peirce 8 days ago

      Julissa Flores so what is the solution to this ?

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 8 days ago

      @Devin Peirce of* lol nah honey wall won't help or solve the problem with immigrations. There is already two wall standing down south. Plus trump isnt building another he's just renovating the two down south. Thought he said it would be made out of concrete lol lies. You assuming I'm latina 😂 lol funny.

    • Devin Peirce
      Devin Peirce 8 days ago

      Julissa Flores only Latinos say that lol offcourse they do

  • MidwestCountry314 Stl

    They told on they self by calling 911 😀😀😁😁😂😂💀💀

  • marcus peters
    marcus peters Month ago

    Send they back to their home land, Animals.......................neighbors are dumb. House over crowed packed with people yet I don't know ............... strupid................

  • Joyce Jackson
    Joyce Jackson Month ago +2

    62 people using 1 bathroom
    come on. how wicked. 9k per person. human rights violation I guess . however there is no crisis. just kick back and relax. ice, ice, baby. I want to thank the ice agents for being so brave.

  • sawlovesyou52
    sawlovesyou52 Month ago

    Europe is also experiencing these issues .... there are many, many issues crashing down on the public. This is being done to enact New World Order. Soon you will not be able to buy or sell for the one who will do the miracles of Christ Jesus ....if you are in the flesh and see these things ..... the miracle doer will be Satan mocking Christ Jesus ....for when Jesus comes evil will be no more

  • veronica flores
    veronica flores Month ago +2

    WHERE theF🤬🤬🤬 are they getting $9000.00!! I thought they had no money? See they have money?!! Want to come over to syphon off the government!! Wake up!!!halt this it’s already out of hand!!!

    • veronica flores
      veronica flores 19 days ago

      Why do they endanger themselves! Send small children! How cowardly to do this !! Where’s department of child protective services? This is an atrocity!

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 26 days ago

      veronica flores lol that’s how much it cost to be able to be smuggled into the us. $9,000 dollar could be in pesos which is roughly around 100-200 bucks here. It depends on what the coyote wants some preferred to be paid in dollars some don’t care. It’s either them personally paying for it or their families on the US side. They pay off and once they are over on the US side they pay the other half of not their killed. Lol

  • Błånćo
    Błånćo Month ago +1


  • Sharon Lawrence
    Sharon Lawrence Month ago

    You people will be facing the same and worst to come very soon,⌛

  • Cecilia Moncada
    Cecilia Moncada Month ago +1

    Why are you surprised? The liberals are the reason this is happening idiot.

  • MadWorldUSA
    MadWorldUSA Month ago

    Cut their feet off and send them back to Mexico.. Ha aha

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 26 days ago

      MadWorldUSA would you rather be shot to death by an ice agent or be cut in pieces alive by a cartel ? Nothing is funny here.

  • Marge Regan
    Marge Regan Month ago

    What's sad is they had money to start a life here but had to hand it over to cartels. If they had come over legally asked for sanction and had money to support themselves, it may have worked out better for them.

  • Mud Dirt
    Mud Dirt Month ago


  • watchingyourback100
    watchingyourback100 Month ago +1

    If no jobs the won't come but they come because they can get a job as soon as they get here or later but they get one when most Americans can't, married get food stamps free medical , free housing
    i live in a town where if you dont speak spainish you are less likely will get a job and this is in california all the stores gas stations and manufacture her will less likey hire you if you are not spanish crazy and the Koreans work for each other too crazy crazy crazy everyone needs a job and they should not have to speak spainish to get it l

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 26 days ago

      watchingyourback100 if you speak more then two languages some jobs pay more don’t have to be Spanish don’t be that ignórate. Plus once you marry a white person you don’t automatically get your papers it’s a long process.

  • Karen Carr
    Karen Carr Month ago +1

    OUT !!! ALL people, ; C.A.R.E. and all muslims/ Indians/ Spanish/Africans/ all ILLEGAL INVADERS HAVE TO GO> ALL ILLEGALS OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT !

    CHECK MATE Month ago


    CHECK MATE Month ago +1

    W-H-A-T????????? 62 IN 1 HOUSE??? 9K PER PERSON??? 🗽

  • Fred Flynstone
    Fred Flynstone Month ago +1

    there were about 60 people in each 2 bedroom apartment at the apartments I used to live at. The entire complex changed into a mini van junk yard, children's toy area and trash collection site over night.

  • David Dominguez
    David Dominguez Month ago +3

    More ICE PLEASE !!!!!!!! Give em a raise !!!

  • Rosario Campos
    Rosario Campos Month ago

    Yea right, lie after lie, they don't pay that much money.if do you think they would not get legal. They day that to come across as they got rip off. No don't come in hide and put your self in danger.

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith Month ago +2

    I don’t see any kids. Looks like a bunch of self entitled uneducated males

  • Diane
    Diane Month ago +1

    None of you are wanted here! Get over it! We don't want you here at all!

  • Shipwreck Hubbard
    Shipwreck Hubbard Month ago +1

    If you bring your children into a illegal lifestyle then you are the problem not the people up holding the law you broke.

  • Tarzan Ape King
    Tarzan Ape King Month ago +1

    Send em to San "Fransicko" the libs there just love them

  • nevets
    nevets Month ago +1

    I will never understand why white brown black or purple people have kids with no jobs or money around?

  • yvette wilson
    yvette wilson Month ago

    This is going on downstair from me 25 to 30 at times, the property owner are supplying the with shelter charging them extra money

  • Carissa shorty Shorty


  • Gerardo Villasenor
    Gerardo Villasenor Month ago

    The party is over for the illegals!!!
    God bless president Donald Trump

  • Voice of REASON
    Voice of REASON Month ago +4

    "WE dont have any work." YET you pop out 3-5 kids :facepalm:

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 26 days ago

      Voice of REASON everyone does what’s your point ? You don’t say that to white Americans

  • Angel Lopez mejia
    Angel Lopez mejia Month ago +1

    People say it’s a free country wtf is trump doing he is taking that liberty and he says “let’s make America great again “ when in America was great huh, when we were British colanys with unfair taxes, when we practiced slavary, when there was racism, when we ignored the holocoust, when we dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan for no apparent reason how or when was America great guys pls share this

    • Bird
      Bird 9 days ago

      It was pretty great when we created the airplane, and made it into space, and raised the poverty standard way above any other country, and connected the entire world with telephones and the internet. It was going very well right up until the 60's when w started letting brown people in. Crimes went up, grades went down, poverty rose again.

  • patriot Reno
    patriot Reno Month ago

    Take them to Spain. They have no population growth give them back to Spain

  • Mr. Mike
    Mr. Mike Month ago +1

    Hmmmm, there's certainly a bunch of fat people who are said to be starving.

  • ESS19 Services
    ESS19 Services Month ago +2

    These are illegal aliens, not "undocumented ""immigrants"""!

  • Eric Schoolcraft
    Eric Schoolcraft Month ago +1

    Most of them only come here to rape our economy and bring in drugs the ones that are not bringing in drugs are working here and just sending money back to there country where it's worth more then when they get caught it's ok they have enough money to retire back home and meanwhile I work my whole life away to pay taxes and have nothing ...seems fair right?

    • Eric Schoolcraft
      Eric Schoolcraft Day ago

      @Julissa Flores besides never said anyone is raping our jobs I'm glad you work that's all good and well it's the ones that make money here and send 80% of it back to there country that's not good for the economy money made here should be spent here I have no problem with anyone that wants to come here to better themselves or their family as long as they plan to stay and be lawful I work hard for my money as well and always have I've been a coal miner oil field worker ect. I know what hard labor is and yea your right there's a lot of folks who just can't do it and whine and complain about it most of them were handed everything in life ...I was not

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 9 days ago

      @Eric Schoolcraft you assumed lol.

    • Eric Schoolcraft
      Eric Schoolcraft 9 days ago

      Never said u were but ok

    • Julissa Flores
      Julissa Flores 9 days ago +1

      @Eric Schoolcraft I'm not illegal. Nice try assuming I am. Lol

    • Eric Schoolcraft
      Eric Schoolcraft 9 days ago

      @Julissa Flores there are a few good ones like ur self that just come here to honestly make a life for yourself and your family I don't mind that

  • Eric Llanos
    Eric Llanos Month ago +1

    I feel sorry for these Indians, they cant take care of themselves, Spain should of never left them, they cant even run their own country.

    • Devin Peirce
      Devin Peirce 8 days ago

      Eric Llanos exactly like you ""Eric Llanos""

  • John Garino
    John Garino Month ago

    They pay