Vegas Likes Warriors Over ‘95-96 Bulls | First Take | June 6, 2017

  • Published on Jun 7, 2017
  • The First Take crew debates if most Las Vegas sportsbooks are correct when they predict the Golden State Warriors would be the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls.
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Comments • 462

    BIG BIKE FARANG 2 days ago

    Jordan never lost in the finals the warriors lost twice....

  • Adrian Brown
    Adrian Brown Month ago

    Dude imagine Jordan without hand checking 🤣🤣 40 ppg aint don't nobody on the warriors can guard like pippen and Jordan or harper or rodman 💯

  • Sijan Grg
    Sijan Grg 2 months ago +1

    The bias with the bulls I tell ya🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Rally Raw
    Rally Raw 2 months ago

    How much would MJ average without hand checking...???

  • Let'sAllLove Lain
    Let'sAllLove Lain 2 months ago

    Players don't get better and stronger, science does. Said science has demonstrated that if Olympic sprinter from the 40's Jessie Owens had been running on the same surface as guys today he would have been only 1 step behind Usain Bolt's record 100 meter dash. That doesn't even account for the benefits he would have reaped from modern nutrients, and, I'll just be blunt... PED's. If so he may have set a record that still stands 80 years later.
    This notion that athletes are better today is a fallacy based as much on cognitive dissonance as it is ignorance. Same with the people who think everything was better in their day.
    Who would I take? Objectively, Bulls in 6. These Warriors teams have shown vulnerability against physical teams, and the 90's Bulls are as physical as they get. Harper, Jordan, and Pippen are 3 of the best wing defenders in NBA history. Rodman can guard 1-5 and would kill Green on the boards and frustrate him to detriment. Kukoc is the type of player that would benefit greatly from today's landscape... 6'11" with unlimited range and can get up and down the court. And if the game is close late the Bulls have the best finisher in NBA history. It's a game of matchups and it'd be a bad one for the Warriors.
    The 86 Celtics are a team that'd test those Bulls.

  • jim boukis
    jim boukis 2 months ago

    hahaha wow this white guy and vegas are jerkoffs, ah so simple bulls in 4, mj will have 60-70 EASILY pippen would have 30-40 EASILY and defensive GOODBYE the warriors are to small to tiny, little kids compared the bulls, rodman is gonna have 20 rebounds EASILY uh lord so sad and pathetic these warriors faggots

  • meex Amillion
    meex Amillion 2 months ago

    Will Cain is the best!.....they make it seem like Jordan couldn't be beat....abdul rauf smashed the 90's basketball wasn't basketball, it was tackle basketball compared to skills ...other than jordan they have no one sorry scottie warriors dont play iso ball they pass better than any team..last time I checked the ball is quicker than your defensive feet...

  • Neal Pakoti
    Neal Pakoti 2 months ago

    Wow another question to bring the Almighty down. Both teams were great in there eras thats for sure. Las Vegas bet against Jordan, laughable but not true. Everyones knows if you bet all in who they will pick. Jordan will drop 50+ avg in todays game no problem then limit others teams output by sheer will to win. In todays game there isnt anyone matching that description unfortunately. Refer to Hubie Brown for reference or the great Hakeem or just every hall of famer in Jordans era. Peace on Earth.

  • ItsMax
    ItsMax 3 months ago

    Warriors would eat the bulls alive ❌🧢

  • Norman Lauron
    Norman Lauron 3 months ago

    96 Bulls would have made these Warriors look silly.

  • Norman Lauron
    Norman Lauron 3 months ago

    Heart beats metrics any day.

  • Eschatonx
    Eschatonx 4 months ago

    I side with Vegas 100% of the time. Nobody wins against the house.

  • Micheal Johnson
    Micheal Johnson 4 months ago

    Dude was right GSW will win

  • RairLamb OneSeeks
    RairLamb OneSeeks 4 months ago

    Warriors of course.
    1. Rules doesn't matter much, since if we talk about handcheck rule, warriors can also use it to defend. And if they can contain a much bigger lebron without handcheck, surely they can find a way to contain a much smaller jordan and pippen. (I'm talking about physical built btw. As of now, i'll still pick mj over lebron. Added to that, i don't hate them, but i don't like them neither, but they've earned my respect as players)
    2. Utah forced the bulls to a game six with only john stockton as the sole playmaker, with the favorite 'stockton to malone' pick and roll. Whereas, the warriors has a LOT of playmakers, and all their starters, and even shaun and iggy and bell, can execute the pick and roll easily.
    3. If you know how to play basketball, you'll know how it is harder to guard a player coming off a screen (miller and co. forced the bulls to a game 7 at the ECF, and that was with miller the only one effectively shooting threes). The warriors get most of their points from players coming off the/ out from screens.
    4. Bear in mind also, as per no. 2 and 3, players like curry and durant give picks to each other, and they're willing to do the same to the likes of livingston and iggy. To quote Shaq: "They have all-stars who play the game the right way." Not saying the bulls didn't play the right way, but it's hard to put down a team whose players are willing to do everything and are ready to to help each other.
    5. Jordan and company haven't met a team with players like durant, steph, and klay. Guys who can shoot the lights out, and provide points, from almost anywhere, even from beyond the three point line, which is far from the hacking, by the way(where the physicality won't matter much). Whereas, the warriors have proven that they can match up and withstand an onslaught from a lebron, and that is without the handcheck. Though I have to say bulls have an edge with rodman, since the warriors haven't met anyone like the worm(but I am sure they'll find a way to put dennis out of his comfort zone) Klay, steph, and kd can pour in points cleanly, without needing to push their defenders in their butts (just like what mj did to russel, remember).
    6. Maybe the only reason that the bulls will win is because of steve kerr playing for them. Because no one will call the shots for the warriors.

  • ronald ramos
    ronald ramos 4 months ago


    BOSS BOSS 4 months ago

    It was physical back then Kevin Durant is 6”9 not 6”11 nice try though

  • Video-Gamer-9000
    Video-Gamer-9000 5 months ago

    If this warriors team played in Jordan’s area. The warriors would off got eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs if they even made the playoffs

  • francis lindayag
    francis lindayag 5 months ago

    Lol... Who would guard Jordan, Pippen and Kukoc... All are elite scorers... Plus there is the mental toughness that is so lacking with the Warriors...

  • Deans Kingdom
    Deans Kingdom 5 months ago

    01 Lakers >> Golden State 😂😂

  • Jeff Berg
    Jeff Berg 5 months ago

    Jalen Rose: "They might not win the championship this year". Or they might go 15-1. Either one right Jalen.

  • David Merrick
    David Merrick 6 months ago

    2001 lakers would smack the warriors.

  • Cristian A
    Cristian A 7 months ago

    is this the day Jalen seduced Molly, and smashed? 😁

  • ddd sssef
    ddd sssef 7 months ago

    People forget how unneficient iso game is. Bulls would get killed by screens

  • joey coronado
    joey coronado 8 months ago


  • WuuF466
    WuuF466 8 months ago

    Of course vegas would say that. They want you to bet on the loser. So they would win your money.

  • Litty Titty
    Litty Titty 9 months ago

    Finally someone mentions the evolution of sports
    Players just get better over time in every sport
    There is no debate
    WHO cares about handchecking when you can‘t play zone defense
    Please don‘t think hands would stop Kd, (who is better than mj and it‘s not even close) curry, draymond and klay
    You need body’s to stop them and one player can‘t stop none of those guys on his own
    Mj can‘t defend Kd neither can pippen

  • tagious Cha
    tagious Cha 9 months ago

    "If you want to get rich betting against Vegas, I wish you luck. There are a lot of poor man out there that thought they can get by that way..." Game Over!

  • Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD

    Will trying to look tough in front of Molly

  • meex Amillion
    meex Amillion 9 months ago

    I've seen both teams in my time. I think the bulls would struggle against the Cavs with kyrie and Bron. Warriors beat them 4-1 in finals..that said Warriors!!...and I'm a bulls fan. Now a warriors fan as well. been following since that kid from Davidson started draining 3's and got drafted to golden state. Was a fan from beginning for those thinking bandwagon.

  • 144Soldier
    144Soldier 9 months ago

    The warriors would shower the bulls with 3s and blow them out by half time. Folks got remember the bulls weren't even shooting 3s like that back in the day. Those lil mid range from jordan wouldn't be enough when you literally have 3 of the best 3 pointer shooters in the league on the same team. Ill take warriors in 6 and i hate the warriors and watch the bulls in the 90s.

  • Dean Graham
    Dean Graham 11 months ago +1


  • Dean Graham
    Dean Graham 11 months ago +1

    crazy, nba has gotten softer, weaker, afraid of contact,plus way overrated, fast, stronger, more athletic! but no one is putting up better scoring averages, wtf, recall,rewind,reinstall, MJ RETURN

  • Great Clipz
    Great Clipz 11 months ago

    The thing is. MJ, Pippen would have completely shut down Durant and Clay. Durant couldnt shut down Jordan, clay couldnt shut down Pippen. Ron Harper was 6'6 and would have severly limited Steph. We have seen steph have Horrible shooting nights, On the other hand, MJ is the GOAT.

  • Mike Peter
    Mike Peter 11 months ago

    Bulls would win. MJ in his prime is better than any player from any era.

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Year ago

    The 2 dudes at 5:12 had me 😂😂

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Year ago

    Will is wrong

  • Vernon Robinson
    Vernon Robinson Year ago +1

    The Warriors would win; People need to stop exaggerating Jordan

  • Charles Eduard Quisio

    Will Cain = trash analyst ever

  • Blumpkin Pumpkin
    Blumpkin Pumpkin Year ago

    Imagine telling Jordan,Pip, Worm. You guys can't beat that Warriors team. They're too good on 3s. Lol. Lets see how they are perform.

  • Deans Kingdom
    Deans Kingdom Year ago

    Hi Bandwagons let’s be honest 17 Warriors would lose to the 96 Bulls Pippen would slow down Durant Jordan would smoke Curry Rodman would punish Draymond Ron Harper and Klay Thompson is a good matchup defense is a issue for the Warriors remember game 1 in the Western conference finals where Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs Locked up the Warriors the warriors were down by 25 points when Kawhi got injured and left the game the Warriors started doing good Jordan,Pippen and Rodman is like 3 Kawhi Leonard’s Warriors would not beat the 96 Bulls

  • Andrew Yates
    Andrew Yates Year ago

    "People get bigger, better, faster" ye some people Will but I'm pretty sure Steph, Klay, Draymond and Livingston aren't bigger, stronger and faster than Jordan, Pippen, Harper and Rodman. You have Iggy who could compete on that front and Durant is only taller, he isn't faster or stronger. Total strawman argument. Rodman would pound them on the boards. Pippen would wrap them up and MJ did everything Westbrook did but with a basketball brain and Westbrook is the best pure athlete in the NBA today. Max did give a semi rebuttal to that by pointing out Jordan and Pippen would be the best athletes on the court but he should have hammered it home that the Bulls would suffocate the Warriors as they also had Rodman who was relentless. I guess they were close to saying that at the end but time run out.

  • suirad69 batistA
    suirad69 batistA Year ago

    He forgot that Kukoc shot 3s too.

  • Gnev Gnok
    Gnev Gnok Year ago +2

    The Warriors didn't even win in 2016 gtfoh. Talk offense all you want, but defensively Curry Thompson, and Durant would get exposed bad vs the Bulls. Three guys with no upper body strength at all vs three guys in Pippen, Mike, and Rodman who were some of these most physically gifted athletes ever? Please....

  • Zeyaad1000
    Zeyaad1000 Year ago

    Warriors would win. It’s not a popular choice because everyone hates the Warriors, but it’s the truth. If they played each other the Bulls would execute well designed plays for two points, but then Klay/Curry/Durant would just go back the other way and hit threes all game long, just like how they destroy teams now. The Bulls might be able to beat the 2016 Warriors, but no way are they beating the 2017 Warriors, mostly because of that coward KD.

  • Uptowngunna From da b

    A lot of people don’t know b-ball Steve Kerr changed the warriors system when he came in as a coach because before he he was there mark jackson was the coach and none of you were on this topic Kerr’s dna is the bulls and Phil Jackson and also other teams that Kerr went against he uses it all screens from Utah ball movement from the Phoenix suns and most important the triangle he mixes it all up so without Steve Kerr as a coach warriors stay a regular 3 point shooting team and let me not forget the defense it comes from Kerr’s knowledge from being on the best defensive team period

  • Cmindless
    Cmindless Year ago

    3s vs 2s simple

    • bwink23
      bwink23 Year ago +1

      Cmindless Michael Jordan. Simple.

  • pud lah
    pud lah Year ago

    The fact that it had to take Vegas 21 years to make a conclusion like a testament to the '96 Bulls. 21 years after the 1996 season the 3-point shot has evolved and has now become the preferred default weapon for all NBA teams. It also had to take all 5 positions to be more clinical with the 3 point shot so we could have this debate right now

  • Yugi Motou
    Yugi Motou 2 years ago +3

    I'm a Warriors fan, I don't care if we are the greatest team or not, having a seat at the table in that conversation with 90s Bulls and showtime etc makes me proud enough. How can Cavs fan cheer when Jalen says MJ is the GOAT if they are the only ones in the league saying LeBron is the GOAT?

  • Choppaaah
    Choppaaah 2 years ago

    16-17 Warriors > 95-96 Bulls

  • Dylan Neville
    Dylan Neville 2 years ago +1

    if the 96 bulls r better how come no one complains about them being a super team. thrn showtime lakers and the celtics. super teams have always existed why do people act like its a new thing

  • Sean
    Sean 2 years ago +1

    in today's rules draymond would get ejected if Rodman covered him. I take MJ and Harper over Play and stef especially on the defensive side. Durant over Pippen but kukoc hits more 3s

  • Steven Pace
    Steven Pace 2 years ago

    Warriors in 6 against them
    Fucking fight me

  • gberluz
    gberluz 2 years ago +1

    you guys forget that the modern defensive schemes were illegal back then, which allowed Jordan to take advantage of one on one match ups.... Warriors would win in 5 or 6

  • Athena Cinca
    Athena Cinca 2 years ago +1

    BULLS will lose. Steve Kerr old self convinces young self he ain't good.

  • timmy Turner
    timmy Turner 2 years ago +1

    how do you jordan fans feel about this one and kd or curry will never be as good as jordan

  • Satyan Telikepalli
    Satyan Telikepalli 2 years ago

    Wow, every argument Will had was stupid. Seriously, what does Jalen picking the Warriors to win THIS YEAR'S title have to do with them playing against the '96 Bulls? Most people agree the Warriors are the better team THIS YEAR. That's not the argument here.

  • JustMeIvanGe
    JustMeIvanGe 2 years ago

    People will say Bulls for nostalgia purposes then go on to say the league is soft. True, they had Jordan but these Warriors can beat LeBron who's neck and neck with Jordan for the title of GOAT. They have shooters in Curry and Klay. Curry is one of the best shooters in NBA history, if not the best. The game has evolved. It's like comparing an old phone to a new phone. The mechanics have changed so much and have become much more advance. Of course, we'll never know who's right or wrong for sure.

  • Matthew Jacobs
    Matthew Jacobs 2 years ago

    As usual Will Cain is stupid

  • Robs Commentary
    Robs Commentary 2 years ago

    His name is MICHAEL JORDAN

  • UnSelfRighteous .Monk
    UnSelfRighteous .Monk 2 years ago

    I see the bulls bench players being a problem. GS has a much better 2nd squad.... it would've been tough for the bulls to run all game with the warriors.... the bulls bench were dudes like bill wenington, tony kukoc, luc longely etc they were big unathletic guys
    Offensively, I see the Bulls size as a problem for GS

  • Tre Arobinson
    Tre Arobinson 2 years ago +5

    golden state is too soft

    • meex Amillion
      meex Amillion 2 months ago

      Not soft...they wouldn't be champs if they were soft....if they played in bulls era they would adapt as bulls would adapt to this era,....its simple basketball you push me I push you back . Tbh...I rather play basketball than tackle

  • Wrongthink Machine
    Wrongthink Machine 2 years ago

    The only teams in history I'd say MIGHT be able to beat these warriors is the '13 heat, the '16 Cavs or the '17 Cavs, not because I'm saying these are the best teams ever, but because they're the best teams that the greatest basketball player ever has played on. I'm sorry people, but I'm taking LeBron over Jordan every day of the week.

  • Antoine Johnson
    Antoine Johnson 2 years ago

    Harper was the truth on defense plus 6'6

  • Antoine Johnson
    Antoine Johnson 2 years ago

    I got bulls in 6..
    curry vs Harper
    klay vs Jordan
    Durant vs pippen
    green vs Rodman
    pachulia vs longley
    iguadala vs kukoc 6th man match up
    bench shooters
    Livingston and Clark
    Kerr and j buch

  • eric brown
    eric brown 2 years ago +1

    One team had M I C H E A L J O R D A N

    • Lazy to Type
      Lazy to Type Year ago +1

      eric brown so? Thanks for spelling his name btw

  • White Knight
    White Knight 2 years ago

    who give a fuck about the bulls and MJ..these commentators need to stop compared them to who's better then and just let the players prove themselves on the court. The commentators sound like a bunch of cock whining hoes on a nuts.

  • Napoleon Lee III
    Napoleon Lee III 2 years ago

    when are people going to give credit where it really do.............players play but what makes any team work no matter what kind of great players you got it takes a great coach to win games.cavaliers would be the best team in the NBA today with the best coach ever MR. PHILL JACKSON.........COUNT THE RINGS..........take the spurs today with one prime great player with the best coach thats coaching now would have won a least 2-3 games against these worriors .......SO HANDS DOWN with PHILL JACKSON bulls ALL DAY any DAY.... MIC DROP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Perellie
    Perellie 2 years ago

    why am I wasting my life listening to these morons debate crazy hypotheticals

  • zaprianovbg
    zaprianovbg 2 years ago

    Don't care about matchups, or whatever. If you allow over 100ppg against Jordan and the best defensive team in the league history(1996 Bulls), you are simply not winning a series. Basically the only way Warriors can win even a single game is if they get really hot from downtown. Otherwise, they simply doesn't stand a chance. Not to mention that Bulls would crush GS on the boards on any given night and would just physically dominate them. Throw in the mix Rodman psycho games and and it becomes unfair.

    • Lazy to Type
      Lazy to Type Year ago

      zaprianovbg Nah.. how wud u know that Pippen, Jordan, Rodman etc wud crush Green, Mcgee, Zaza, Klay & Iggy on the board? Note to mind that GSW plays in an era where they are not allowed to be overly physical, let them play in 90's era and lets see how many nuts Dray wud kick, lets not even talk about Zaza lol people needs to realize the player evolve they are much stronger, faster, wiser & more skilled. Just bcos they play in an era where rules limits their physical capability doesnt mean they are not capable lol and lets not talk about other players like AD, PG, WB, Boogie, D' Andre, Wall, etc people needs to stop living in the past and just accept the fact that players evolve, these players are the better version of the past.

  • Jonathan Garibay
    Jonathan Garibay 2 years ago

    is jalen rose high honestly , because warriors gonna sssssswwwwwwweeeeeeeppppppp

  • Haroof
    Haroof 2 years ago

    These Warriors would take a seven game series from that Bulls team and quite honestly it wouldn't be that close.

  • bernard lazo
    bernard lazo 2 years ago

    Michael is the only one who could beat this warriors team

  • Tren Clen
    Tren Clen 2 years ago

    Anyone that says the Bulls would sweep the Warriors are just stupid. The Sonics took the Bulls to 6 games that year and these Warriors are significantly better than the Sonics. I think it would come down to whichever team had home court advantage because I don't think either team would lose at home. Since the Bulls won 72 and the Warriors won 67, I'd go the Bulls in 7.

  • liareschi
    liareschi 2 years ago

    Bulls would win !! They have Jordan..

  • Marquis De Sade
    Marquis De Sade 2 years ago

    These debates are so stupid.

  • Aryaman Gupta
    Aryaman Gupta 2 years ago

    Jalen has made this atleast entertaining without stephen a smith

  • Josqueze Thomas
    Josqueze Thomas 2 years ago

    Molly had to bring her Boyfriend Jallen in to destroy these guys I LOVE IT keep it up Jallen

  • Aryaman Gupta
    Aryaman Gupta 2 years ago

    Molly Is soooo hot man im melting right now

  • D BB
    D BB 2 years ago

    David west or dreymond wouldn't be laying ppl out under the old rules? wtf

  • Samuel Fernandez
    Samuel Fernandez 2 years ago +1

    Draymond green is wayyy better than Rodman, come on now lol. Green can actually score the ball, plays comparable defense, solid rebounder, and is a playmaker. This is a joke

  • Samuel Fernandez
    Samuel Fernandez 2 years ago

    Jalen rose is contradicting himself. He says there is no guarantee that the Warriors will win this league, yet in another segment says this series is over lol. What an idiot!! 😂😂😂

  • Choua Vue
    Choua Vue 2 years ago

    Would ref call knocking you over the head... Had Max been watching this year Final?

  • Julio Zamora
    Julio Zamora 2 years ago

    trying to compare teams like this has to be the stupidest shit ever. you can't compare 2 teams that played in two diffrent eras man have the rules and style of playing change since back then. the 3 wasn't a big thing back then and you can say curry best shooter that's fine I seriously doubt he would even play back then his so skinny and fragile somebody like Rodman would problably throw him in his mouth chew on him and spit him out they would probably break his arm hand checking him. they use to play the game the correct way back then and most of curry shots are horrible shots that he makes and if you play in today's Era the soft pussie Era you can't even touch these guys that's why you have 2 guys that weight about 90 pds dominating the league. like I said is pretty stupid to compare the old with the new especially since so much has change in the game if nothing had change from then it would be understandable

    • Lazy to Type
      Lazy to Type Year ago

      Julio Zamora "play the correct way" then go proceed to "they wud break his arm" etc etc the living contradiction

  • Robert Payams
    Robert Payams 2 years ago

    I would like to know who's the fuck is going to defense mj one on one ???

    • Lazy to Type
      Lazy to Type Year ago

      Robert Payams i also wanna know how much minutes Bulls wud manage to keep up at Warrior's pace

  • c0oc0obird
    c0oc0obird 2 years ago

    Warriors are the GOAT! Scotty pipan is trash

  • kevinkc75
    kevinkc75 2 years ago +1

    Kukoc and Klay is not that far off. And the Bulls could run a lineup of Harper, MJ, Pippen, Rodman, Kucok. Yeah that is versatile and a lockdown defensive team. They would beat the Warriors. Sorry.

  • Phaedon Wallace
    Phaedon Wallace 2 years ago

    Will,come on!!!!!We don't know who will win that match.I'll give you simple maths:Will Cain=Full of shit

  • LarryKing
    LarryKing 2 years ago +3

    Lets be honest here, The warriors are an all time great team but the only reason most media guys are hyping them to this extreme is because it wont look as bad on Lebron's resume.

  • SuperMillwall1885
    SuperMillwall1885 2 years ago

    People lick Jordan's ass so much it's embarrassing, you'd think this guy doesn't miss a shot or lose a game.

  • Wavvy Beats
    Wavvy Beats 2 years ago

    Molly can catch this dick

  • MrThrock09
    MrThrock09 2 years ago

    The idea that the bulls would sweep Golden State is laughable the bulls would have to try to figure out how to guard the three line which even to this very moment no team has figured out guarding two players is do-able but that third guy Klay Thompson I predict he's going to have a monster night tonight. I'm confident that Michael Jordan would not be able to check Curry and certainly Ron Harper and Steve Kerr nor Pipin could never stay with curry forget about KD nobody on that Bulls team is going to stop KD and DraymontPippin and Jordan that'd be interesting …

  • Atiba Gaskin
    Atiba Gaskin 2 years ago

    I don't like the Warriors but they would win

  • Felix Diaz
    Felix Diaz 2 years ago

    I don't even think the Warriors 17 would beat the Lakers 10 fuck outta here

  • Smittywerbenjagermanjensen -

    Dennis would drive green Insane

  • xbravo13805
    xbravo13805 2 years ago

    Game winning shot by mj

    HG5TIMES 2 years ago +4

    Did max say Scottie isn't THAT far away from Durant? Wtf kinda drugs he using I need that

  • xbravo13805
    xbravo13805 2 years ago

    In paper warriors do appear that they would win. Utah was favored to win in that last game mj played in and look who won bulls. The data and numbers are great but they don't take into account emotional factors and etc. bulls would win game winning shot mj

  • JaySw34
    JaySw34 2 years ago

    how is this even a thing in Vegas??? you can't bet on this. Stupid

  • john paul Alojado
    john paul Alojado 2 years ago

    Rodman will destroy the GSW he is the real goat LMAO

    • Lazy to Type
      Lazy to Type Year ago

      john paul Alojado Green wud kick Rodman's nuts he's the real GOAT LMFAO and lets not even talk about Zaza and West xD

  • David3188col
    David3188col 2 years ago +1

    Toni Kukoc was better than klay thompson. lol What the fuck is that idiot talking about?