Pro Climber Tries Ninja Warrior *1ST TIME EVER*

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
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    We take Magnus Midtbo to a ninja warrior course and he does pretty well. Watch how he picks up the obstacles quickly!

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Comments • 5 206

  • Super Di
    Super Di 18 hours ago

    Magnus "did you just do that with one hand?" Midtbø

  • Quantum Baboons
    Quantum Baboons 7 days ago

    Magnus is single and chalked up!

  • Nicholas Chandler
    Nicholas Chandler 8 days ago

    I forget Tom is a low-key gymnastics beast. And also, thanks for all you do tom and all the amazing content.

  • kezzler
    kezzler 12 days ago

    Buy some ice balsam for Tom, takes the worst pain away.

  • Hrothgar 85
    Hrothgar 85 17 days ago

    Was that real crying?? 😂😂😂

  • Michael
    Michael 18 days ago

    Magnus is the real life Tarzan

  • Jill Sanders
    Jill Sanders 19 days ago

    Why is rock climbing a male dominated sport

  • NJ Gurl
    NJ Gurl 20 days ago

    Magnificent Magnus, he so rocks it!

  • Madeleine Waslander
    Madeleine Waslander 22 days ago

    Struggling to believe Magnus isn’t single. Shame that I’m much younger then him...

  • RyanGMZ
    RyanGMZ 23 days ago

    28:09 he's close to tears, console him don't put 'lul' that's just such a cunt move

  • BJMod z
    BJMod z 23 days ago


  • BJMod z
    BJMod z 23 days ago +1

    Hey ive been there before. Its in North Cae9lina

  • Bass P.
    Bass P. 24 days ago

    Und wer ist hier alles deutsch?😂

  • RoseCitytid16
    RoseCitytid16 25 days ago

    Looked like he just took the ibuprofen and snorted it

  • bcutterSheets
    bcutterSheets 25 days ago

    Okay so Juji taught me the kipup and backflip back in 2002 or so, haven't seen him since then.. Didn't know he was still alive. Took me a while to realize that it was actually him, but I recognize his voice. His hair has grown...

  • justmemy1banana
    justmemy1banana 26 days ago

    Glad to be in the 5%.

  • Lyriko01
    Lyriko01 26 days ago

    He makes the other two guys look soft 👀😂

  • Samuel Lefler
    Samuel Lefler 28 days ago

    I wanna smoke weed with this dude so bad

  • Fosie Jo
    Fosie Jo 29 days ago +1

    guys i´m german AND female*0* kann ich Magnus Nummer haben ?

  • Wes Ruiz
    Wes Ruiz Month ago

    Trying too hard vs being a normal person in one video

  • W Reams
    W Reams Month ago

    Legend has it that magnus seasons his food with chalk instead of salt.

  • christine aquino
    christine aquino Month ago

    Female commenter lol!!
    I actually feel inspired when I watch your guys videos, especially Magnus videos :)
    As a beginner climber I find his techniques useful from his channel! Plus , I think he’s cute to watch.

  • thinkbottom
    thinkbottom Month ago +1

    can someone pls link background music used in this video! thanks

  • colderquicker
    colderquicker Month ago

    "I have to do this. Im gonna do it now, actually" and immediately just,,, gets it

  • Kayla Sharp
    Kayla Sharp Month ago

    I guess I'm one of the 5%! Love you guys :)

  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones Month ago

    1:02 it worked y'all!

  • FW Poon
    FW Poon Month ago +1

    When Magnus gets a one handed grip on anything, he is there.

  • Simon Larzn
    Simon Larzn Month ago +1

    Why are they so impressed by this? Dont they know what climbers go through?

  • Hecter42
    Hecter42 Month ago

    This was on ma bday

  • spuge hengi
    spuge hengi Month ago +1

    It would be really nice if anyone could hit the like button more than once cause these vids are so good.

  • Marko Smiljanic
    Marko Smiljanic Month ago

    influencer lmao, wtf is that

  • Mioto
    Mioto Month ago

    Tom is that u?

  • ZT Super22335566
    ZT Super22335566 Month ago

    Felt so bad for Tom they need a break

  • Matt Snider
    Matt Snider Month ago

    in that case of pain, thats when you just get high to help with that pain

  • Blake Martin
    Blake Martin Month ago

    Thanks for inspiring my climbing magnus! You are going to crush!

  • Nesar
    Nesar Month ago

    And now he’s going to Cincinnati for Ninja Warrior

  • The7mgte89turbo
    The7mgte89turbo Month ago

    Ninja worrier Mangus!!

  • Matthew Quach
    Matthew Quach Month ago

    any idea what song is playing at 14:15?

  • Curve
    Curve Month ago

    No fap fryday for tom... i feel him

  • Thierry T
    Thierry T Month ago

    U should skate this ramp!

  • Your Wellness Nerd
    Your Wellness Nerd Month ago

    I'm obviously late to the party here and I'm sure Tom's arm has settled since (I hope!), so this is more for anyone who gets those same symptoms - or Tom if they come back. As a PT the migraine in the arm feeling wreaks of a referred pain from the neck. Just wanted to mention that as it can often get missed once the symptoms settle, but its important to fix up any neck stiffness so it doesnt come back or cause other issues with those forearms and hands. I've written a piece specific to the neck's role in tennis elbow, but it's the same idea. Again hope Tom's been great for a while but food for
    P.s. Amazing to see Magnus do his thing. The best always make the difficult look easy!

  • Sarainia Angelsong
    Sarainia Angelsong Month ago

    I would date any man in this vid but if I needed a guy in a pinch to get to me faster I guess I would take the pro climber as he is nimble and fast at what he does and that could spell the difference of someone saving my life in the event something unexpected happened when out hiking in the mountains! However 2nd choice would be the big beefy man and everyone else would be after :)

  • Shane Brewer
    Shane Brewer Month ago

    One like = prayer for there arms

  • Robert Day
    Robert Day Month ago

    Good vid

  • TheDaringPastry1313

    When you look at the warped wall and can see how much each height has been worked based on how much paint is missing :)

  • TheDaringPastry1313

    I am new here, but the body builder reminds me of a buff seth rogen. His voice more than anything else

  • Saskia Portman
    Saskia Portman Month ago +55

    When Magnus goes camping, he sleeps in a chalk bag

  • Alan Brownjohn
    Alan Brownjohn Month ago

    11:00😂. Try turning on the captions.

  • Virus_v73 Plays
    Virus_v73 Plays Month ago +17

    Take a shot every time Magnus agrees with someone

    • Sunday
      Sunday Month ago +1

      :D I think that's kind of a scandinavian thing. My swedish sister in law and all her family does that too

  • C.E. Parks
    C.E. Parks Month ago +1

    So the pro climber has never been injured? Is he here looking for John Connor?

  • DXZ Z
    DXZ Z Month ago

    dislike for sunglasses indoors

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson Month ago

    He makes us look so easy

  • Captain Campion
    Captain Campion Month ago

    ninja warrior is my fav

  • Nathaniel Walker
    Nathaniel Walker Month ago

    2:17 yeah counter: 7

  • William Farner
    William Farner Month ago

    I'm sorry but crying is a little much..I know the pain but it's not that bad

  • Sage
    Sage Month ago

    i'm a male with female name aha

  • ChickenSpy
    ChickenSpy Month ago

    If this is like long jump, there'd be a little dip before the first step. That way you angle your momentum up just a little bit by adding some spring from your starting leg. It's the same concept in free-running and dynamic moves in climbing. Use muscle memory and technique to direct your momentum in the direction you want to go.

  • Jonas Nordli Bamrud

    Jk Im feeling you man

  • Rk Gaming
    Rk Gaming Month ago

    Toms a pussy

  • Captain Neo
    Captain Neo Month ago +1

    I love how humble he is.

  • J Fuyuki
    J Fuyuki Month ago

    Am I the only one who's got an earworm? *hums 'broken wings'*

  • Evan Sweeney
    Evan Sweeney Month ago

    Cry, I get it, if it hurts that bad. Don't post it though... It's like the guy that cries on the football field, or the guy that hurts his ankle and just lays there... If you cannot move, I get it, but if you can, don't be a turd... Get up and walk off the field like a man.
    I'm not making fun of you, Tom, I'm really not. Just some advice.

  • Frank Hernandez
    Frank Hernandez Month ago

    Why is his name jujimufu??

  • Freddie Herbert
    Freddie Herbert Month ago +108

    Crack dealer : you want some
    Magnus thinking it is chalk yeah
    Magnus rubs hands together
    Crack dealer wtf r u doing

  • Mica Hart
    Mica Hart Month ago

    Me being that awkward one female that happens to be watching because she generally loves climbing and happens to actually be strong. Huh

  • Lydia Hammond
    Lydia Hammond Month ago

    yay female viewers:)

  • Júlio Salotti
    Júlio Salotti Month ago

    This guy destroys!

  • Michael Zak
    Michael Zak Month ago +1


  • drifter 247
    drifter 247 Month ago

    What have they done prior to make them hurt??

  • Mr. Soulless
    Mr. Soulless Month ago +3

    How many powder you want in your hand?


    • Mr. Soulless
      Mr. Soulless Month ago

      SuperBea5t I didn’t ask you to read my joke.... plus i’m 33 years old if you call that lil boy....

    • SuperBea5t
      SuperBea5t Month ago

      Dumb lil boy stop this danm joke yu joke

  • ProdigyRova
    ProdigyRova Month ago +9

    No one:


  • nelsonta00
    nelsonta00 Month ago

    The messed up thing about Ninja Warrior is that the last stage is usually nothing but upper body strength, momentum, and stamina. The hardest 1st stage stuff is probably the warped wall for short ppl and/or people that just sucks at footwork. Magnus should be doing 3rd stage stuff than 1st stage challenges.
    Much props to Jujimufu for introducing other types of workout!

  • Krawll Unchained
    Krawll Unchained Month ago +1

    Ok so i didn't know Magnus 2 days ago. Since i saw the first video of him doing a 1 handed muscle up , he just keeps doing impressive things.
    Now i'm starting to think that there is nothing he can't do when it comes to strength and endurance related challenges and he makes everything look easy.

    TKG BRENO Month ago

    i feel bad for tom. like he was genuinely crying so thats gotta be A LOT of pain

  • Anna Schueller
    Anna Schueller Month ago

    Imma female

  • Rapidfire Gaming
    Rapidfire Gaming Month ago

    I gave the vid a dislike not because juju or magnus they are both dope but that the bleach blond pussy is a bitch

  • Paul Rønning
    Paul Rønning Month ago

    You guys are really inspireing

  • Sam Wyler
    Sam Wyler Month ago

    He's a little guy, but his forearms are HUGE

  • Lee102
    Lee102 Month ago

    How many times does magnus say yea

  • xXelitegpXx
    xXelitegpXx Month ago

    Why is Juji not the one speaking to Magnus in the beginning of the video, it is very very akward. If Juji didn’t want to be the one explaining everything , he should at least not be in the shot.

  • David Slokar
    David Slokar Month ago

    Rip arm 😞😞😞

  • Drunkenmonster33
    Drunkenmonster33 Month ago

    Poor Tom. Please feel better.

  • Josiah Heng
    Josiah Heng Month ago

    Bring Jackie Chan in to try the course!

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Month ago


  • Beesus Christ
    Beesus Christ Month ago

    Tom looks like if Dax Shephard and Zach Levi were merged into one being

  • greyman003
    greyman003 Month ago

    Tom I feel your pain. I have had terrible arm pain to the point where I have needed pain killers to help.

  • Steve pop
    Steve pop Month ago

    You can buy thc pain relief cream it helps a lot with muscle pain works better than ibuprofen

  • Freedom Of Motion
    Freedom Of Motion Month ago

    If my best normal wall run is 12 feet, could I do a 14 foot warped wall?

  • BigPaaryna
    BigPaaryna Month ago +3

    unknown fact but magnus can perform circumcision by just squeezing..

  • Stevo nymo
    Stevo nymo Month ago

    He looks like Lionel Messi with blonde hair!

  • Sammy Bray
    Sammy Bray Month ago

    Jimfu‘s friend a bitch

  • Wahsatch Outdoors
    Wahsatch Outdoors Month ago

    Anyone figure out what was wrong with his arm?

  • Mr Screamer
    Mr Screamer Month ago

    @22:30 just leaves him crying on the ramp holding his arm.

  • Nicole Hehn
    Nicole Hehn Month ago +6

    I’m surprised the female percentage is that low!! I found this channel today and love it! The athleticism shown is insane! Thanks for the cool content💪🏼

  • Leonardo Lanza
    Leonardo Lanza Month ago +1

    Climbing is lyf. Honestly, shit seems so effortless for him because climbers train patience and endurance. Not like his level in both of those isn't commendable, but rather, man's a beast at this cause he trained for it. Maybe not so specifically as many of the folks who do Ninja Warrior, but rather in-natura, organically. Imagine climbing for literal HOURS on end. That's how shit be out there when rock climbing gets serious... Props to him on the mad skill and training that got put into this.

  • Rhett Hamilton
    Rhett Hamilton Month ago

    Magnus looked like he was training yall or some shit he seriously is a ninjawarrior

  • MrKangdoohan
    MrKangdoohan Month ago

    I know your pain now! I had several arm wrestling matches in a row for training for my first competition and the next day I went climbing on endurance and power endurance sport climbing and I was in so much pain! Going to my first arm wrestling comp in hot springs AR hosted by Monster Michael Todd.

  • Rone Johnson
    Rone Johnson Month ago

    @ 22:06 dude turns back and is like "IS THIS MOTHERFUCKER STILL CRYING?" lmfao

  • TommyBro14
    TommyBro14 Month ago

    Juji and who ever the other dick is, yous are pathetic putting him down picking out any of the imperfections but look at yourselves, ones a loser that thinks he can sook to get girls and the other is brain dead and thinks he knows everything but then sooks he can't do it and tries so hard for attention and has to explain is complete grasp of reality and a liar
    Bunch of actors
    Magnus you're cool 👌 yeah juji you'd do nothing you're a tool and Tom go suck a dick

  • Rose Frost
    Rose Frost 2 months ago

    The ladies are here wooo